Missing Post: Tim In L.A. Edition

Sorry all, I was in L.A. for the day, and while I was hoping to squeeze in some time this morning during the six o’clock hour to post the Reporting Roundup, I obviously failed.  It will be up for tomorrow morning & your regularly scheduled programming will resume thereafter. For now though. I’ve got to […]

Get Connected to Seattle Bubble Extras

Occasionally I like to spend a little time highlighting some of the lesser-known features that exist for readers to connect with various local real estate content. Now is one of those times. First up, there’s the RSS feed for blog posts. Also, although only a few people know about it (before now), you can subscribe […]

Some Noteworthy Personal News…

Well, it finally happened. You knew it was coming eventually. Yes, that’s right. The Tim is now officially on the payroll of the real estate industrial complex. No, I didn’t break down and become a real estate agent (but don’t think I haven’t thought about that in the past). Last Thursday, yours truly started a […]

New Seattle Bubble Layout!

You may have noticed something a little… different. As of Monday night, I have switched the blog half of Seattle Bubble over to a brand-spanking-new layout. Highlights: News Wire on the sidebar (via Twitter) Market charts updated daily on the sidebar courtesy Altos Research Better category organization w/ dropdown menus Less wasted space at top […]

Official Seattle Bubble Twitter Feed—New! Shiny! HIGH TECH!

FYI, for those of you that are into this sort of thing, Seattle Bubble now has an official Twitter feed: @SeattleBubble. In addition to piping the latest blog posts to it, we’ll also be using it to post links and general musings on the local real estate scene, basically all the stuff that isn’t meaty […]

Tim on the Radio Today (for real this time)

Let’s try this again… Tune in to the Weissbach show today at 5:30 PM on AM 570 to hear me (The Tim) discuss the local real estate market with host Peter Weissbach. See Tuesday’s post for a little more info on Weissbach’s program. If you’re at a computer, you can listen online here. Update: If […]