New Exchange Turns Market Foresight Into Pure Profit

Five and a half years ago, I launched Seattle Bubble with a simple goal in mind: Analyze the Seattle-area residential real estate market and provide a forum for people to discuss ideas and share insights. While the housing market has had it’s ups and downs (and way downs) over the years, growth at Seattle Bubble […]

New Data Conclusively Proves April 2010 Is The Bottom

Just-released data on open house traffic, phone calls placed to realtors, and casual searches at online listing sites, all point to a single, undeniable conclusion: April 2010 is the bottom of Seattle’s minor real estate adjustment. Look at this highly reliable chart of OPEN HOUSE TRAFFIC©®™ sent to me by a trustworthy leading industry representative: […]

Seattle Bubble Concedes Defeat

Well everyone, it’s been a fun couple of years, but the time has finally come for Seattle Bubble to throw in the towel. Paul Campbell, Some rights reserved. We’ve analyzed the local market from every conceivable direction, explained all the logical reasons why today’s Seattle home prices are not sustainable, watched the national housing market […]