Vote for Seattle Bubble in the Semi-Finals

Thanks to your support, Seattle Bubble has now bested seven foes across three rounds, to advance to the semi-finals of Metroblogging Seattle’s blog tournament. This round we’re up against two sports blogs that got busted for cheating in the previous round. To make it even easier to help us win this round, I’ve embedded the […]

Vote for Seattle Bubble Yet Again!

It’s time again for me to come begging for votes in the Metroblogging Seattle blog tournament. We’re in a close race in the quarterfinal, but I think we can win it. I’m not so sure of our chances should we make it to the next round, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to […]

Vote for Seattle Bubble (again?)

Just a quick note to remind you that Seattle Bubble advanced to round 2 of the little blog tournament they’ve got going on over at Metroblogging Seattle. They put us up against last year’s winner, but so far we’re actually slightly in the lead. Voting closes Sunday, so a little boost going into the weekend […]

Time for an Announcement (or: What’s with the ads?)

Observant readers of Seattle Bubble have noticed that the last few weeks have brought some fairly major changes—a new, cleaner layout for the blog, avatars in the comments, a redesign of the forum to match the blog, a fancy new sidebar section: “Recent Forum Posts,” the addition of tags to stories, and oh yeah… ads. […]

Vote for Seattle Bubble?

Apparently Seattle Bubble is involved in some sort of contest over at Metroblogging Seattle. At the moment it looks like we’re getting trounced. [Update: Now we’re the ones doing the trouncing, thanks!]  Maybe if you care about that sort of thing you could take a few seconds to go vote. Not that I have any […]

Doom and Gloom, Stereotypes, and Predictions

I’d like to take a little time to address a few things that keep coming up here and elsewhere in online real estate conversations that are starting to bug me. So that’s what I’m going to do. Doom and Gloom Apocalypse Fun Time First up is the incessant refrain that anyone predicting a decline in […]