The Mythical Equity Locust

There are many arguments to be had between the Seattle Bubble housing bulls and bears, but one belief that seems to be commonly shared is that one of the primary drivers of demand and pricing in our market is a steady stream of rich Californians moving up and driving prices up. The bulls argue that […]


Seattle Just Maybe “Behind the Cycle”

The latest Case-Shiller Home Price Indices data came out yesterday. The data runs a few months behind, so this release covers April. Here’s Aubrey Cohen’s take on the numbers in the P-I: Seattle continues to defy a national trend of declining home values, but city house price increases are slowing, according to a Tuesday report. […]


A California Comparison, Part 2

Yesterday I compared King County to San Diego County in order to address some of the reasons we commonly hear that the Seattle housing market will remain strong. The focus of this post is slightly different than Part 1, where I used San Diego as an example to show that certain positive local attributes will […]


A California Comparison

Since Mr. Kelly did such a poor job of actually comparing the Northwest to California, I’d like to get my own idea of how the two compare. For the illustrative purpose of this post, I’m going to be comparing the regions of Seattle and San Diego. Here in King County, the median home price (condos […]