Economic Conditions Open Thread

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Since most readers are probably on holiday today, here’s a semi-open thread to discuss the economy. To kick things off, here are a few charts from Calculated Risk: So what do you think? Are we on the path to a full recovery, stalling just above the bottom, or headed for a […]

Job Loss Crash Comparison Update / Stimulus Rant

A reader wrote in requesting an update to this February post, in which I criticized Nancy Pelosi’s misleading chart of job losses. Here’s an update to the post-WWII job loss chart, courtesy of Calculated Risk, in which I’ve added a mark so you can see where the “stimulus” was passed. Wow, good thing we changed […]

Crash Comparisons: Job Losses & Dow Jones

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently posted an alarming chart of job losses that has been making the rounds. What jumps out to me when I look at her chart is the fact that the y-axis shows raw number of jobs rather than a percentage loss, and therefore fails to account for the increased size of […]