February Neighborhood Months of Supply Update

I was going to spread out the stats posts a bit, but since people have been asking for months of supply (a.k.a. “absorption rate”) data after yesterday’s inventory post, I’m posting it today. For an explanation of what months of supply means, please refer to the original neighborhood MOS breakdown post. Keep in mind that […]

February Neighborhood Inventory Update

Here’s an update to the King County single-family neighborhood inventory growth charts I first posted last month. The data that makes up these charts is publicly available from the NWMLS, and can be found in the NWMLS King County Breakout pdfs. Keep in mind that what’s being plotted here is total percent growth since January […]

NWMLS Statistics from Around the Sound

A number of readers have pointed out that despite what Seattle residents may think, there is in fact a world outside of King County. These inquiring readers are interested in seeing what the stats we discuss on Seattle Bubble look like for other local counties around the Puget Sound. Well, this post is for you. […]

2007 Neighborhood Months of Supply Breakdown

Let’s do some more number-crunching and neighborhood analysis. Here’s a detailed look at single-family house “months of supply” (MOS) over the last year, broken down by neighborhood. “Months of supply” is just a way of looking at the relationship between the number of homes on the market and the number of sales taking place. To […]

2007 Neighborhood Inventory Breakdown

In a lot of the feedback we’ve been getting lately, two recurring themes are a desire for more number-crunching and more neighborhood analysis. So, let’s have some of both those things. Let’s take a more detailed look at single-family house inventory over the last year, broken down by neighborhood. What I’ve done below is to […]