Weekend Roundup: Fence-Sitters, Incentives, Office Vacancies

Here are some stories from the last few days that didn’t make the cut for their own posts. Aubrey Cohen, Seattle P-I: Home buyers getting off the fence “There’s still a lot of people who have jobs and a lot of people who’ve moved into the market area and have been sitting, waiting to have […]

Link Roundup: Incentives, Economic Woes, Alt-A, and More

Here are a few stories from the last week or so that are worth pointing out. First up a TV report from KOMO News: “Open House” — sign of the times in Snohomish County Real estate agents in Snohomish County are now resorting to a “shock treatment” for slouching home sales in their area. Realtors […]

Seattle’s Condo Market: Where are the buyers?

It’s official: The Seattle condo market has hit finally a wall. Here’s a little article from the Puget Sound Business Journal on Friday that goes into all the details: With more than 400 condominiums under construction in a faltering housing market, Seattle-based Vulcan Real Estate has decided to sweeten the deal for potential home buyers. […]

Pierce County Home Builders Feeling the Pinch

Yesterday’s Tacoma News Tribune had an article about new construction in outlying areas, which is becoming front line of the Puget Sound housing bust. In short: it ain’t pretty for builders. Facing fewer buyers and many, many homes for sale, South Sound builders are pulling back and getting extra promotional. Builders have slowed construction schedules […]


Developers spell “price drop” I-N-C-E-N-T-I-V-E-S

Elizabeth Rhodes hits us this morning with a fun little morsel: Developers dangle discounts, toys to lure home buyers. (I wonder why this article wasn’t in the big weekend real estate section? Hmm… Edit: It would appear that the answer to that question is that they were saving it for the front page [pdf].) Puget […]


News Quickie: Sellers Getting Desperate Out There

A pair of articles today from the Seattle P-I and King 5 News focus in on those poor, poor sellers that actually have to work to sell a home in today’s slow market. No longer are run-down shacks full of years of accumulated junk being bid up to ridiculous heights. Now, you actually have to […]


Vulcan Ridiculous @ 2200

Ah, the joys condodebtorship. When Jerry O’Leary, 54 and retired, put down over $100,000 dollars toward a new million-dollar condominium in February 2005, he thought he was buying his way into an innovative downtown lifestyle proposed by Vulcan Inc. Vulcan Real Estate’s $200 million 2200 project on two and a half acres at Westlake Avenue… […]