PNWHS & REBarCamp Audio Pencasts

For anyone who is interested in listening to some straight audio from yesterday’s PNWHS event and one session from today’s REBarCamp event, I present the pencasts below. Lennox Scott’s rousing main talk begins on page three of session 2. Float over the number in the lower-right of a pencast to jump between pages, then click […]

Morsels of Market Musings from PNWHS

Rather than editorializing on everything I heard at the Pacific Northwest Housing Summit today, I thought you all might just enjoy some unfiltered quotes from the industry professionals. Bret Bertolin Senior Analyst, Washington State Economic and Revenue Forecast Council On the broad economy… We believe that the economy has turned the corner, and it pick […]

Local Real Estate Insiders Brainstorm the Market

I’ll be spending all day today and tomorrow attending a pair of local real estate events. Today is the Pacific Northwest Housing Summit, at which a distinguished panel of industry insiders will be discussing the current market, the future of the market, and probably a bunch of sales tactics for sellers of various real estate […]

Ask the Industry Insiders: Dan Klusman of

For the first interview in our “ask the industry insiders” series, we turn to Dan Klusman, Director of Communications for the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties, the group behind the website Right Time to Buy. Rather than pick and choose what portions of the interview to share, I’m just going to include […]