Today: Fed announces $750 Billion to purchase Freddie & Fannie MBS.

Opinion: Today the Fed announced a significant plan to purchase an additional $750 Billion in mortgage backed securities from agencies Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. The proposal is hopeful in that it will stimulate the housing market and refinance business by producing exceptional mortgage rates lower than where they are today. Will this impact the […]

Interest Rate Watch APB

Interest rates have fallen into the 5.5% 30 yr fixed range.  This is quite a sweet spot for those who are considering refinancing and purchasing.   At the beginning of this year, when rates were around 5% for a 30 yr fixed, many people took advantage of the opportunity. Please contact your local loan officer.  Our […]

Interest Rates vs. Home Prices

Let’s talk about interest rates for a while. As we have discussed before, when most people buy a home, they tend to determine how much they will spend based on the monthly payment they can afford. Two components make up your monthly payment when you buy a home: loan amount and interest rate. A common […]