Welcome KOMO 1000 Listeners

I had a brief live appearance on KOMO 1000 Newsradio this afternoon to discuss where home prices around Seattle might be headed in the next year or two. Here’s the audio: https://seattlebubble.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/KOMO-1000_2010-06-09.mp3 If you’re visiting for the first time after hearing the interview, here’s the post I mentioned on the air: Goldman: Seattle Home Prices […]

Ask the Industry Insiders: Dan Klusman of RightTimetoBuy.org

For the first interview in our “ask the industry insiders” series, we turn to Dan Klusman, Director of Communications for the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties, the group behind the website Right Time to Buy. Rather than pick and choose what portions of the interview to share, I’m just going to include […]

Ask the Industry Insiders Why “It’s a Great Time to Buy”

I’m in the process of sending interview requests to some of our area’s prominent industry insiders that we frequently see quoted in the local media proclaiming that “now is a great time to buy” or other such sales pitches. We give these people a hard time on here for their comments in the local press, […]


Seattle Bubble on Inman News

The remaining portions of Glenn Roberts’ piece on Bubble Blogs have been posted to Inman News. I recommend you read it today, because after today it is only accessable to subscribers. Read about Glenn’s conversations with a “Bubble Debunker” (real estate agent), John Doe of Southern CA, Bill Bond (Housing Panic contributor), an anonymous blogger […]


Dead Tree Press For Seattle Bubble

I know you all totally keep on top of all the popular Canadian magazines, so this is probably totally old news to you,* but Seattle Bubble got its first mention in a mainstream dead-tree publication last week, in an article in Maclean’s titled Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. As with politics, the real-estate blogosphere is […]