Credit Crunch to Determine Who Flinches First

More words of wisdom from the P-I’s Mark Trahant, who seems increasingly out of place in the stubborn, denial-prone local media. I’ve been on vacation and had a chance to travel around the West. In many of the places I visited, concerns about a real estate crisis are growing. People are starting to fear what […]


Miscellaneous Non Sequiturs

Inventory Reaches Big Round Number As some astute readers have noticed, as of noon today, the number of single-family homes on the market in King County passed the big round 10,000 mark (see the left sidebar—which I am continually working to improve based on your suggestions). Since surpassing the previous confirmed high (Sept. ’02 – […]


Like a Broken Record: Listings Way Up, Sales Slightly Down

The ever-progressive NWMLS has finished compiling June statistics. The recap sheet does not appear to be available just yet, but thanks to my source “on the inside,” I have obtained the pertinent information. I will update this post when the publicly-available recap sheet is posted. [Edit: Here it is.] Here’s your King County SFH summary: […]

Seattle’s “Seller’s Market” Status Rapidly Eroding

Forbes has come out with yet another real estate “Top 10” list, this time gabbing on about the “Top Home Sellers’ Markets.” Interestingly, Seattle is conspicuously absent from the list. They explain: The MethodologyTo measure inventory glut, we used Moody’s Economy.com and National Association of Realtors data that tracked a market’s current sales rate by […]


New King County SFH Inventory Record

For those of you that are not Seattle Bubble forum readers (but should be), it is worth noting here that yesterday the total number of King County single-family homes on the market passed its previous (September 2002) high of 9,176, setting a new all-time record high. According to Windermere property search, the MLS (as of […]


Inventory Soars, Sales Sag

Update: The Recap sheet has been reposted with a different filename, almost as if they’re just trying to mess with me. Anyway, here is the King County Statistical Report as well. The numbers I’m interested in match what is in the Recap report. May statistics from the NWMLS have been posted. Here’s the recap sheet. […]