Unemployment Reaches Record Levels, But Rate of Increase Slows

Here’s a chart to help put the latest local unemployment statistics in perspective: You can see that yes, unemployment reached yet another record high in March. However, the good news is that the rate of increase in the unemployment rate has slowed significantly. For the last six months or so the unemployment rate had been […]

Local Unemployment Nearly on Par with National Rate

Washington State’s latest unemployment statistics came out yesterday, and King County came in with a staggering 8.0% unemployment rate. To put this in context, I created the following graph, which charts local unemployment back to 1990 (as far as I can locate data), and compares it to the nationwide unemployment rate as well as “official” […]

Crash Comparisons: Job Losses & Dow Jones

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently posted an alarming chart of job losses that has been making the rounds. What jumps out to me when I look at her chart is the fact that the y-axis shows raw number of jobs rather than a percentage loss, and therefore fails to account for the increased size of […]

Local Companies Tighten Belts, King County Cuts Jobs

As the far-reaching economic consequences of the popping of the housing/credit bubble unfold, local governments are feeling the pain. Snohomish County faces a $9 million shortfall for 2009, forcing a hiring freeze. While down in King County, Ron Sims just announced that 255 jobs will be cut. Financially ailing King County will send layoff notices […]

Job Growth Turning to Losses, Rents Holding Steady

Here’s a pair of interesting articles from the Puget Sound Business Journal this weekend. Puget Sound job growth slowing to trickle The [Puget Sound] Economic Forecaster, published for the last 15 years and used by companies and governments across the region, is predicting the four-county region will add just 5,900 jobs in the third quarter […]

Local Unemployment On the Rise (Wait, Still?)

The last time we checked in on unemployment data for the Seattle area, local data was rapidly catching up to national stats, with statewide unemployment jumping from 4.7 percent in April to 5.3 percent in May, and Seattle-area unemployment bumping up seven-tenths of a percent to 4.1 percent. Well, it didn’t take long for Washington […]

Local employer Intermec announces 180 to lose jobs.

Mike Benbow reports from The Everett Herald. [Addition from The Tim] As noted in the forums, local construction equipment manufacturer Genie Industries is also laying off “120 full-time workers and an undisclosed number of temporary workers.” The P-I has the story. Genie employs roughly 3,000 people, making it the second-largest employer in Redmond. For what […]