How-To: Challenge Your Property Taxes

It’s been tough to post here and at Rain City Guide because of work and family obligations, but here is some helpful information about petitioning to reduce your property taxes: In escrow, now is the time we start seeing some (not all) 2009 property tax assessments show up in title reports when working on transactions.   […]

In the trenches update

First, something to lighten the spirits of everyone: Tales of homeownership: If you are on a septic system, don’t drive over a waste line with a 10 ton truck loaded with gravel.  I did and just learned that PVC waste lines will indeed pancake.  The result is rather disgusting.  – SCrow No one is lending […]

Interest Rate Watch APB

Interest rates have fallen into the 5.5% 30 yr fixed range.  This is quite a sweet spot for those who are considering refinancing and purchasing.   At the beginning of this year, when rates were around 5% for a 30 yr fixed, many people took advantage of the opportunity. Please contact your local loan officer.  Our […]