Stalled Development Map Update, Developments in Foreclosure

Just a quick update on the Seattle Bubble interactive stalled / slow development map. So far readers have contributed 48 stalled and/or slowed residential developments in the greater Seattle area. The greatest concentration by far is in the Bothell area, which may be due primarily to the fact that that’s where a few especially prolific […]

Mapping Stalled / Slow Construction Around Seattle

With the housing downturn in full swing, it’s interesting how many housing developments have slowed to a near stop or stalled completely. I’ve begun mapping out some of these fallow construction sites in the areas that I frequent (north King / south Snohomish), and I thought it would be interesting to open the process up […]

National Interactive “Stress Index” Map from AP

The Associated press published an interesting interactive map recently that is worth checking out. They took a handful of economic measures such as the unemployment rate, the foreclosure rate, and the bankruptcy rate, and calculated an “Economic Stress Index” for every county in the country. Here’s a snapshot of their March 2009 map (click to […]

Global Insight: Seattle Still Overvalued (by 23%)

P-I Real Estate writer Aubrey Cohen had a nice post on his blog yesterday that pointed me toward a recent report that is worth mentioning here as well. The report is titled House Prices in America and is published by Global Insight. According to their About page, they provide “comprehensive economic, financial, and political coverage […]

NWMLS King County Area Map

Whenever we talk about the detailed NWMLS stats for King County, someone inevitably asks for a map of the various areas. While I have had a map from the Seattle Times posted on the KC Breakouts history page for quite some time, I’ve never been all that satisfied with the imprecise nature of that solution. […]

Correction: Income Decline Map

I’d like to make a correction to an earlier post. It was pointed out to me by the ever-vigilant Richard that the income map I posted earlier this week used data sets from two different sources for the two years they compared. The discrepancy was discovered by a pair of reporters at The Examiner. More […]

Mapping Housing Market Health

A pair of maps containing interesting statistics surfaced in the past few weeks that are worth sharing here. First is the “Map of Misery” from BusinessWeek, showing “the percentage of new and refinanced mortgages into loans with payment options.” This is important to note, because as BusinessWeek explains: The option adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) might […]