Boeing Still by Far the Biggest Player in the Puget Sound Economy

Quick note on the potential impact of a long-term departure of Boeing from the Puget Sound. The Seattle-area economy is definitely more diverse than it was in the ’70s, but Boeing still dominates the employment base by the numbers. A 2003 table from the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce shows Boeing employing more people than […]

Official Word on Microsoft Layoffs: 1,400 Now, 5,000 Total

Here’s the official word on the long-rumored layoffs at Microsoft, courtesy Todd Bishop at TechFlash: Microsoft this morning announced earnings well below its previous estimates and said it will be cutting 5,000 jobs over the next 18 months to adjust to the new economic reality, including 1,400 positions today. The company isn’t saying how many […]

More Signs of Shrinkage at Microsoft?

A couple more notes on Microsoft before we get to our big year-in-review / 2009 forecast post tomorrow. First off, for those that didn’t catch it, this is worth mentioning: Microsoft forgoes South Lake Union lease Microsoft Corp. has put on hold any interest in further expanding its operations in Seattle because of the deteriorating […]

Pre-Weekend Potpourri: Microsoft Layoffs, Foreclosure Aid, Downfall

It’s a pretty slow news day today, what with most people still taking time off for the new year. So I thought this would be a good time to throw a bunch of smaller stories together into one post. First off, let’s hit a topic that has been on a lot of people’s minds lately: […]

Weekend Roundup: 1873, Hiring Freeze, Un-Sale…

Here’s a brief roundup of a bunch of noteworthy items that have popped into my inbox and RSS feeds in the last day or two. Aubrey Cohen: Current economic woes more like 1873 than 1929. “When commentators invoke 1929, I am dubious,” writes Scott Reynolds Nelson, a professor of history at the College of William […]

Boeing & Microsoft Holding Up the Market?

Here’s a thread to discuss some of the not-so-great big news that has come out recently for the Seattle-area’s two biggest private employers. Boeing: Loses out on $40 billion Air Force tanker contract Microsoft: Facing class-action lawsuit for Vista hardware requirements Cutting boxed Vista prices (possibly due to disappointing sales?) Still trying to buy Yahoo! […]

Will Seattle avoid recession, or feel the brunt?

It seems to be a foregone conclusion lately that the US is currently entering recession. Of course, much like the housing market, the some aspects of the economy are local, so we can’t assume that what’s going on nationwide will necessarily hit us here. Following are a couple of articles from the last few days […]