Depends on what the meaning of “stable” is…

Forbes just loves to frame their articles around lists. You may recall Seattle showing up frequently on previous such real-estate-related lists, such as Best Places to Flip a Home (#1), Richest Cities In The U.S. (#8), Best Cities For Jobs (#34), and Most Overpriced Places In The U.S. 2005 (#1). Well, lucky us, we made […]


More Local Stories of the Slowdown

You know that the local housing slowdown is essentially undeniable when even the local TV news starts to pick up the story… It’s not exactly a slump, but some of the wind has left the sails of the local real estate market. What used to sell in two weeks is now taking as long as […]

Sub Prime fallout: Ok. Really. How many sub prime originations took place in the Puget Sound area?

I’m weary of hearing that the sub-prime market is or was a small portion of the pie in the Puget Sound Region. Certainly, there are many prime conventional loans that were made. But the idea that the originations of sub-prime loans being reduced or eliminated will have a less than meaningful impact is just not […]

Mortgage Mess Difficult to Ignore

Take a look at the front page of the Seattle Times website this morning: Click to enlarge That’s Coalition warns of “mortgage tsunami”, followed by Accounting, executives at lender New Century investigated, Fraud charges at Metropolitan Mortgage & Securities settled, and of course Mess unlikely to break economy. First off, I don’t think the term […]