Bottom-Calling Checkup: Nope, Still No Bottom Sighted.

Let’s take some time to do another checkup on our February 2009 bottom-calling series. In our last checkup back in October we hadn’t found a bottom yet. Let’s see if we’re there yet. First up let’s have a look at an updated version of the “Blind Optimism” forecast chart: Oops. So much for blind optimism. […]

CNN Money Still Throwing Around Random Predictions

Here are a few real estate headlines over the last few years from CNN Money: May 2006: Next hot market…think Washington (woo! everybody party!) June 2007: Where the housing boom goes on (Seattle, of course) May 2008: Bulletproof housing markets get hit (oops, we were wrong) May 2009: When it makes sense to rent (hope […]

Predictions: Will 2011 Finally be the Bottom?

With 2010 well behind us now, it’s past time for another roundup of yearly Seattle real estate market predictions. Here are our past prediction posts for 2007, 2008, 2009, & 2010. Rather than playing the usual game of scraping and searching through the local papers for notable prognosticators going on the record with someone else […]

Best, Worst, & Most Likely: End of 2010 Edition

Back in late 2007, I ran a post where we all postulated about what the coming years would look like for the Seattle-area housing market. Here were my best case, worst case, and most likely cases: Best Case Prices flat to +3% for ten or more years. Local economy keeps chugging, population gradually grows (but […]

Bottom-Calling Checkup: False Bottom Psych-Out

I received a reader request via email a few days ago for an update on the Radar Logic dollars per square foot home price bottom chart from our February 2009 bottom-calling series. In our last checkup back in March, prices were still falling, and had almost reached the “bottom” from the February 2009 forecast of […]

There’s a Reason They’re Called “Moody”

A few readers were questioning why I didn’t write up a full post last month on Moody’s forecast that U.S. home prices will rise 7.2% between today and 2014, with prices in Seattle rising 26% and Bremerton shooting up a whopping 45%. Here’s a brief excerpt from the August 3rd Bloomberg article about the forecast: […]