Are Seattle List Prices Especially Unrealistic Compared to Other Cities?

Here’s a weekend data quickie for you. I just finished up a series of posts regarding price reductions on Redfin’s ten local blogs around the country, and I noticed something interesting in the data. The data they sent me is pulled directly from their database, and so includes MLS, FSBO and REO listings. We calculated […]

Great Reports from Redfin and Zillow

There has been some great stuff coming out of our Seattle-area “alternative” real estate businesses Redfin and Zillow this week that deserve to be mentioned. First up, Redfin came out with a great paper called Seven Tactics for Real Estate Bargaining. Check out their blog post announcing the study here. They analyzed recent sales data […]

$100,000+ Price Cuts in Suburbs Around Seattle

Aubrey Cohen is on a roll lately, doing a great job of reporting what’s really going on with the Seattle-area real estate market, instead of just painting the rosy picture that agents and builders would like to see printed. Here is Cohen’s latest, on the drastic price-cutting measures that builders just outside Seattle are taking […]


Everett Makes BMIT’s “If Only I Waited”

Over at the Bubble Markets Inventory Tracking blog, they’ve got an ongoing series titled “If Only I Waited,” where they highlight purchases in which a home is sold (or for sale) at a significant discount to recent sales in the same neighborhood. For the first time, the Seattle area has been featured, with a pair […]