ValueAppeal: Drops Property Tax Appeals Business

The minds behind ValueAppeal, a long-time friend of Seattle Bubble, have decided to get out of the property tax appeal business. From the GeekWire story: ValueAppeal CEO Charlie Walsh made the tough decision to shut down the service earlier this year, saying the economics of helping homeowners challenge their tax bills for as little as […]

Why are property tax assessments often so inaccurate?

As a follow-up on last week’s post about how falling home values can still lead to an increasing property tax bill, I thought I would go a little more detail on how the county assessor comes up with that magical home value number on which they base your tax bill. Here’s how the King County […]

How can falling home values = rising property taxes?

Since property tax season has rolled around here in the Seattle area again, I thought it might be a good time to demystify one aspect of property taxes that has often confused home owners during this housing bust. If you’re like many local home owners, the county’s assessment of your home has probably dropped around […]

Avoid Pitfalls When Appealing Your Property Tax Valuation

Note from The Tim: The following is a guest post from Charlie Walsh, the Founder and CEO of ValueAppeal, a new startup based in Seattle. ValueAppeal is a simple online tool that homeowners can use to help them appeal their property tax assessments. King County Property Tax Appeal Deadline Is Soon! Each year counties around […]

How-To: Challenge Your Property Taxes

It’s been tough to post here and at Rain City Guide because of work and family obligations, but here is some helpful information about petitioning to reduce your property taxes: In escrow, now is the time we start seeing some (not all) 2009 property tax assessments show up in title reports when working on transactions.   […]