Reader Comment: “Now all I seem to be able to afford are the meth houses!”

A reader going by the handle “JustSomeDude” left a comment this morning that is worth highlighting:

Came upon this website a couple months ago and find everyone’s perspectives interesting. I see a lot of wondering on what potential regular, non-speculating, non-investor sellers and buyers are thinking and doing. People who just want to live in a nice house.

I can’t speak for others, but I can share my thoughts / experiences recently as well as some anecdotal stories…

You’ve Got Questions, Seattle Bubble’s Got Answers

Some of the top user-submitted ideas for Seattle Bubble on my recently-established User Voice page are great suggestions, but require some input from you, the reader: A new segment called “Should I stay and Pay or Should I walk away?” How about a segment "What should I list my house for?" A segment called: "Should […]

Reader Story: Renting Gave me the Freedom to Buy Today

I received the following in an email from a reader: I’m writing to thank you for your tireless work keeping my wife and I informed and entertained about the Seattle housing market. I specifically remember asking my real-estate agent friend in 2007 if she thought there were legitimate concerns about the housing market and her […]

Reader Story: The Demand is There, But the Supply Isn’t

Let’s reach into the Seattle Bubble mailbag for today’s post. Today’s email is from a reader that has been shopping for “investment” property on the Eastside. Just thought I’d give you a heads up on a buying experience in Bellevue. I’ve been looking for an investment property for a while, finding nothing but garbage and […]

Strong Emotions on Both Sides of the Housing Bubble

Here are a pair of noteworthy comments from yesterday’s discussion about large price haircuts. photo by Flickr user allyaubry By Guest: 1. What’s up with the sudden popularity of phrases regarding debt and suffering that include the word “haircut.” 2. A “FUN” property? What exactly is “fun” about this situation. How is an inflated “boom-era” […]

Reader Stories: Patience and Market Analysis Pay Off

A few months ago I had the privilege of sitting down at a local coffee shop with a long-time Seattle Bubble reader as he shared his home buying story with me, and now I’d like to share his story with you. “Bruce” got married in 2005, and like many young couples, he and his wife […]

Reader Stories: I Avoided the Debt Trap & Saved 55%

A reader posting under the name Sara shared her home buying story last week in the comments, and it was just too good not to re-post here on the front page. In 2007 I was 28 and decided It was about time to buy my first home. My partner was game and everyone was buzzing […]