Smith Tower Foreclosed

In case you missed it Friday, the Smith Tower was sold (back to the bank) at foreclosure auction. Here’s KING 5’s report: Historic Smith Tower sold for $36.9 million That’s what happens when you make a big public announcement about intentions to convert to condos, scaring away all your good tenants, then fail to follow […]

Weekend News Roundup

Lots of local real estate related news over the weekend worth mentioning. Here’s a brief roundup of the stories you might be interested in. Let’s kick things off with some good news via Aubrey Cohen at the P-I. Looks like the state’s irresponsible plan to pre-distribute $8,000 tax credit is dead in the water, thanks […]


Condo Conversions and Increasing Density

There have been a few mildly-interesting articles in the last couple days on the subject of condo conversion projects and Seattle’s increasing density. Here are a few highlights. Aubrey Cohen updates us on the status of the proposal to condo-ify the Smith Tower: Owners of the Smith Tower have one of two key city approvals […]

Latest Condo Conversion: Smith Tower?

If the owner of the Smith Tower gets what they want, you can add yet another condo to dozens already planned for downtown’s future. Walton Street Capital is hoping to convert the Smith Tower into condos: Ninety-three years after Pioneer Square’s Smith Tower was built as an elegant business address, its new owner hopes to […]