Pop Quiz Time: Fundamentals or Speculation?

Here’s a pop quiz for you. Take a look at the following two tables and try to determine which one more closely resembles a market based on fundamentals, and which one represents a market based on speculation. Median Household Income vs. Average Rent: 2000-2005 Year Med. Income % Chg Avg. Rent % Chg 2000 $53,200 […]

Slowing Condo Market? Not Here! Not Here!

The New York Times yesterday ran a story about the struggling condo market in many parts of the country, and with as much attention as it received, you just knew the local news couldn’t let it go unanswered. Enter Aubrey Cohen of the Seattle P-I with Seattle bucks trend on slumping condos. Seattle’s market was […]


Seattle Light On ‘Flipping’

An oft-cited argument by those who believe prices in Seattle are totally justified is that the number of “investors” here is not at the level of other, more obviously bubbly cities. However, no one ever seems to be able to provide any actual statistics to back up this assertion. While it does not actually answer […]