Terrible at Math, You Poor, Filthy Renter? YOU CAN OWN!

I spotted the ad at right on the Seattle Times homepage yesterday. It’s not as patronizing as Quadrant Homes’ old “down payment latte” ad was, but the claim of buying for just $800 a month immediately jumped out at me as unlikely. Running some quick numbers through my Simple Affordability Calculator indicates that to have […]

“New levels of creativity” in listings

Aubrey Cohen comes at us today with a frank and sometimes amusing look at real estate agents’ habit of massaging the English language to attempt to make their listings stand out in an increasingly larger sea of properties for sale. Of special note in today’s article is the copious quoting of local agent Ira Sacharoff, […]


Newspaper Earnings Sink with Housing Market

Some of you may recall the Rhodes / Gardner real estate Q & A a few months ago in which the following question was asked by a Seattle Bubble reader: I can’t help but notice that the Times’ take on local real-estate prices is often excessively optimistic. For example, during the last NWMLS report, we […]


Condo Shoppers Lie Low

This article appeared on the front page of the Puget Sound Business Journal early this month. While typically not read by the general public, “Biz Journals” are widely circulated throughout the business community. Local businesses use the publication to keep tabs on their customers and competitors and to stay abreast of local business news. I’ve […]