Confidence Slows Recovery, Housing Bottom Still to Come

It would appear that our old friend Bill Virgin (formerly of the print P-I), is now writing a weekly column for the Tacoma News Tribune. Here are a few excerpts from his latest piece regarding what we may expect to see in store for the local economy in 2010: 2010 recovery will hinge on confidence […]

Poll: Will you miss the (printed) P-I?

See the forums for a related discussion: What’s so great about daily print newspapers? Update 03.16.09: Via Monica Guzman at the P-I: Publisher Roger Oglesby just announced in the P-I newsroom: Tomorrow will be our last print edition, but will live on. Update 2: Aubrey Cohen will be staying on with the online-only P-I. […]

Bill Virgin: Will Recession Hit Seattle Harder than Elsewhere?

Yet another great editorial from Bill Virgin: Once considered recession-proof, Seattle no longer is Recessions, Seattle has long believed, were phenomena that happened to other, less fortunate, less blessed and, frankly, less gifted parts of the world. … Until now. As recently as the first half of 2008, you could find plenty of people who […]

Virgin: Maybe no bottom in 2009 after all

A couple weeks ago we mentioned a recent Bill Virgin column in which he sorta kinda called a bottom for housing (and the economy) in 2009. Well, a lot has changed in Bill’s world in the last few weeks, and his tune has changed slightly. Forecast of short recession looks shaky It is a sobering […]

Pre-Weekend Potpourri: Microsoft Layoffs, Foreclosure Aid, Downfall

It’s a pretty slow news day today, what with most people still taking time off for the new year. So I thought this would be a good time to throw a bunch of smaller stories together into one post. First off, let’s hit a topic that has been on a lot of people’s minds lately: […]

Link Roundup: Incentives, Economic Woes, Alt-A, and More

Here are a few stories from the last week or so that are worth pointing out. First up a TV report from KOMO News: “Open House” — sign of the times in Snohomish County Real estate agents in Snohomish County are now resorting to a “shock treatment” for slouching home sales in their area. Realtors […]

Bill Virgin: Homeownership has been oversold

Over at the P-I earlier this week, Bill Virgin chimed in on the housing mess again with yet another well-reasoned column: Homes are good investments, not slot machines or ATMs. In the great American sport of finger pointing and blame shifting, a new villain has emerged to explain the mortgage-finance crisis. The fault, it turns […]