Link Roundup: Incentives, Economic Woes, Alt-A, and More

Here are a few stories from the last week or so that are worth pointing out. First up a TV report from KOMO News: “Open House” — sign of the times in Snohomish County Real estate agents in Snohomish County are now resorting to a “shock treatment” for slouching home sales in their area. Realtors […]

Forbes: Seattle 5th Best Market to Invest In

Believe it or not, Matt Woolsey is still writing bullish real estate pieces for Forbes (some of his previous work). His latest gem: Top U.S. Real Estate Markets For Investment Encouraged by a weak dollar and a belief in the resiliency of the U.S. economy, individuals like [Australian dentist Rahul] Reddy, along with institutional investors […]

Forbes: Seattle a “Down Market” & also 8th Best

I’m a bit confused. Just two weeks ago, Matt Woolsey’s latest real estate list in Forbes placed Seattle as the 8th best real estate market in the country. Now this week, Forbes writer Joshua Lipton pens an article titled Selling Your Home In A Down Market, which highlights the difficulty many people are having in […]

Forbes: Seattle “Continues its Ascent”

These “top real estate market” lists by Matt Woolsey in Forbes are really starting to seem pointless and repetitive, but I suppose I should at least mention the latest one, since it will probably be proudly touted in local real estate marketing material for the next few months. The latest fill-in-the-blanks list from star reporter […]

Depends on what the meaning of “stable” is…

Forbes just loves to frame their articles around lists. You may recall Seattle showing up frequently on previous such real-estate-related lists, such as Best Places to Flip a Home (#1), Richest Cities In The U.S. (#8), Best Cities For Jobs (#34), and Most Overpriced Places In The U.S. 2005 (#1). Well, lucky us, we made […]

Flipping in Seattle for Fun and Profit

Are prices in Seattle based on strong fundamentals or speculation? While we can certainly look at the data and draw conclusions for ourselves, there is little to no hard information out there about how many people are buying merely to turn a quick buck. There are those that treat the lack of hard data regarding […]

Seattle’s “Seller’s Market” Status Rapidly Eroding

Forbes has come out with yet another real estate “Top 10” list, this time gabbing on about the “Top Home Sellers’ Markets.” Interestingly, Seattle is conspicuously absent from the list. They explain: The MethodologyTo measure inventory glut, we used Moody’s and National Association of Realtors data that tracked a market’s current sales rate by […]