Housing Crisis Not Over, Just Starting in Seattle

A couple people pointed out a piece in the Wall Street Journal yesterday titled The Housing Crisis Is Over. I don’t doubt that the mere fact that it was printed in the WSJ makes it gospel to some folks. I am not interested in writing a rebuttal to this piece, as that has already been […]

Redfin Flourishing Despite Downturn, Dirty Tricks

A couple of national outlets have had interesting stories about Redfin in the last few days. Since you’re not likely to read about it in the “we pretend Redfin doesn’t exist” local agent blogs, I thought I’d highlight them here. First up is a New York Times story that claims the bursting of the real […]

Zillow-rific… Or Something

Yeah I know, I’m way behind the curve on this one (that’s what I get for starting a new job), but it doesn’t really directly relate to a bubble, other than perhaps being an interesting way to watch things go down. Anyway, as you surely know by now, the much-hyped, formerly super-mysterious, Zillow.com is now […]