Posted by: Timothy Ellis (The Tim)

Tim Ellis is the founder of Seattle Bubble. His background in engineering and computer / internet technology, a fondness of data-based analysis of problems, and an addiction to spreadsheets all influence his perspective on the Seattle-area real estate market.

53 responses to “New Seattle Bubble Layout!”

  1. Ira Sacharoff

    Did the look of Seattle Bubble just change, or am I trippin’?
    I never noticed the toppled Space Needle at the top of the page. Please don’t tell me it’s been there for months.

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  2. Scotsman

    Wow! Looks like Seattle had a 10.0 quake and the needle is headed for the ground!

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  3. Ray Pepper

    Well…………………….For whatever reason it just doesn’t hit me in the face when I arrive. I believe its the lack of color scheme or the shrinking of the Seattle Bubble Picture of the past. I’m happy you are keeping the name……The fallen needle is cool. I’m happy you retained the column for recent posts. It just seems like its missing something. Maybe some KING 5, KIRO, or endorsers that state “as heard on”….All these places where you have been quoted. It gives the new Lurker the impression “I HAVE ARRIVED.”

    I just have to get used to this one I suppose. The drop downs are fine but the “extras” section just has 2008 coupons for the Seattle Home Show(which was a BUST BTW).

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  4. corncob

    looks slick! it is a much more modern web design aesthetic, I like it. when you mentioned a few weeks ago about the “magazine” format I puked a little in my mouth, but it looks like that was unwarranted.

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  5. Ray Pepper

    “local real estate news, statistics, and commentary without the sales spin”

    oh we got sales spin going on all the time here……………………………..I love new people attempting to push themselves and their products here on this Bubble Crowd. They tend to get shredded!

    BTW where is Kary? I don’t see him 30x a day here anymore. Vacation? Sick? Moved over to the Dave Losh Blog? Forming a partnership with Steve Tytler?

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  6. Tyler


    The site is looking good. Congratulations on a successful migration, and I am glad the name has remained.

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  7. singliac

    Great job, Tim. The site looks really nice.

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  8. Hugh Dominic

    Those altos graphs are garbage. You know what would be way better? Thumbnails of the five of your own most recent, or your own recurring.

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  9. Hugh Dominic

    Site could use some padding on the left for iPhone viewers. The pages render right up against the left side of the window.

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  10. Scotsman

    Tim- I love it! It’s much easier to read as it presents on my screen, and the organization/access is also easier to navigate. I think the header is fine- while it may not be as “jazzy” as some would like, it’s professional looking and gets the message across on several levels. Thanks!

    So, was the photo taken over a curb, or how did you get that perspective?

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  11. Scotsman

    RE: Ray Pepper @ 7

    Ray, you seem a bit grumpy. Don’t tell me you wound up the three day weekend with a visit to Claim Jumper…

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  12. Ray Pepper

    RE: Scotsman @ 14

    Grumpy…………To say the Least…………My Girls Soccer team lost 8-0 the last two weeks in a row. When I exited the field I approached all the parents and I know they wanted my head.

    If thats not bad enough I agreed to Coach a 15 year old group of boys BBALL players in Gig Harbor. None can make a consistent lay up, our two centers our soft, and our guards consistently lose the ball. We have NOT had a game yet but I know how this picture ends. I hope I can maintain my “grumpiness”

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  13. Markor

    Looks great Tim.

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  14. Kary L. Krismer

    RE: Ray Pepper @ 7 – Most the topics recently have been predictions and such. Stuff I’m not really into.

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  15. Kary L. Krismer

    As to the changes, I don’t mind them at all. The graphs of data really aren’t that useful though because they’re too short of time frame on too compressed of a scale, and is that really data for just Seattle or is it King County. The latter would be preferable.

    One additional change I’d like to see is the recent comments starting out with the name of the thread rather than the person posting the comment.

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  16. David Losh

    RE: Kary L. Krismer @ 18

    I only come here to see what Ray Pepper of 500 Realty has to say, so it’s nice to be able to watch for his comments.

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  17. dancingeek

    I like the new look, The Tim. Very well done.

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  18. AndySeattle

    As Larry David would say: Pretty good… pretty pretty pretty good…

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  19. softwarengineer

    Loads Faster Tim

    That makes it better :-)

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  20. Everett_Tom

    As a self described “Fuddy Duddy” who usually spends his lunches complaining about how the “new layout” on his regularly visited web pages make them unusable (see the new CNN, Reuters, Rain City Guide, etc sites )

    I thank you.

    You were able to add a smoother feel to the interface without loosing the features that make the site easy to navigate.

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  21. Ray Pepper

    RE: David Losh @ 19

    Now, thats a funny one. Keep trying to butter me up for a free lunch with Ira at Claim Jumper.

    Tim has been too busy working on this website and NOT OUT LOOKING for a GEM!

    I’m toast!

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  22. Kary L. Krismer

    Did the change cause the RSS feed to stop working? I’m only showing two posts, but they are from today.

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  23. Willy Nilly


    Looks and feels great! Thank you. Is the elevator really going up in your picture,
    or is it on the way down? Again, well done!

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  24. AMS

    RE: Willy Nilly @ 28 – I don’t know how you can imagine it going up… Looks like it’s going to hit the ground in less than a second.

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  25. Kary L. Krismer

    RE: The Tim @ 27 – Here’s the link I’ve been using:

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  26. Dave0

    RE: Hugh Dominic @ 11 – I agree with Hugh. The graphs on the right look to be pretty worthless. They should be replaced by the latest graphs of NWMLS stats.

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  27. AMS

    RE: Kary L. Krismer @ 30 – I will confirm that feed isn’t working on my end too.

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  28. Drone

    Layout looks great. Thumbs way up.
    Trying to load the comments took a loooooooong time for me though. I’ll see if it continues.

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  29. Tyler

    RE: Hugh Dominic @ 12

    I checked on my iPhone as well, and it could use a little padding inside the left content DIV

    However, this is almost a non-issue, and may not be worth the time and trouble for you. It is more a side effect with how the iPhone browser zooms into a container.

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  30. AMS

    RE: The Tim @ 35 – The feed didn’t work before I posted that comment, but the feed is working now.

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  31. AMS

    Blank page: “Most Prolific Commenters”

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  32. Lake Hills Renter

    Like the new layout, and glad to see the name has survived thus far. =)

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  33. Greg

    FYI Tim, just as a warning using the space-needle can be viewed as trademark infringement, they are pretty serious about going after people for using it unless you have permission.

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  34. Fran Tarkenton

    RE: The Tim @ 41

    (a) I wouldn’t worry about it.
    (b) If I were representing the Space Needle, my case against you would include a claim of trademark dilution – that the Space Needle is so famous that it hits a bonus level of trademark protection where even non-competing uses of the mark are prohibited as hurting the mark’s uniqueness.
    (c) The question isn’t what the law says. The question is, would this cause these people with much more money than me to start legal proceedings and make my life un-fun?
    (d) I’m Fran Tarkenton, a simple quarterback-turned-businessman, and you shouldn’t rely on me for legal advice.

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  35. AMS

    RE: Fran Tarkenton @ 42 – The Flatiron building is full of this stuff too:

    For example:

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  36. Fran Tarkenton

    RE: The Tim @ 44 – Trademark law as a whole has a requirement that you defend your mark or lose it (the doctrine of laches – similar to how you can lose real property through adverse possession). I don’t know offhand whether dilution has a special standard – I focus on a different obscure area of the law.

    But not specializing in it isn’t going to stop me from opining out of my behind even further. Buildings as trademarks are a tricky issue – they’re a part of the city’s skyline, and no court is going to go as far as preventing people from a company using a city’s skyline – that’s where you’re from and almost something put in a public trust (similar higher TM standards are given to people’s names and geographic identifiers for similar reasons). In the R’N’R HOF case referenced above (which I haven’t read in years, so I hope I’m right), the court found against TM infringement, saying “you can’t just say a building is a TM, full stop. It has to be a specific view or views of the building that you’ve used consistently to identify your goods or services (the HOF contained within).” The writer on the Space Needle said, “hey, since the Space Needle looks roughly the same from any angle, maybe this is a special case where a building is a TM, full stop.”

    My guess, based on how courts have found only very narrow protection for buildings as trademarks, is that they would disfavor finding infringement for the use of a non-photo depiction of the Space Needle (all the uses above but King 5), unless the Space Needle entity were using a similar non-photo depiction itself (and then, really, its not that the building is a TM, but that a particular depiction of the building is a TM, but I digress). I further guess that King 5 might be OK by saying something like, “we’re showing a distinctive portion of the Seattle skyline which includes, but isn’t limited to, a portion of the Space Needle, and we’re doing this because we focus our news reporting on the Seattle metropolitan area.”

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  37. Nixy

    I second the request for more padding on the left. My Mac loads with the writing all the way up against the margin as well.

    Also, I’ve been getting an error message for the site all day and was just able to get on…

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  38. Tim McB

    RE: Nixy @ 46

    Yeah Nixy, Same problem here. I haven’t been able to get on and I get a Seattle Jo wordpress blog when I go to Seattle Bubble. What’s up?

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  39. softwarengineer

    I Loved Your New Website Until It Went Down All Day

    Just teasing you Tim; you deserve a pat on the back just keeping it going :-)

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  40. Jillayne

    The Tim,

    Love the new look! It seem to load slightly faster on my Win Mobile enabled Palm than the previous version of SB. Thanks.

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  41. AMS

    RE: The Tim @ 38 – I know you recovered from the crash (Space Needle Police/Realtor Police), but don’t forget the top commenters page.

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  42. AMS

    RE: The Tim @ 52 – Thank you.

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