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18 responses to “Thornton Place Throws in the Towel on Condo Sales”

  1. Cheap South

    Obvious; but here it goes.

    Next headline: “Lose your job, they pay your rent”

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  2. Lurker

    I’ll give this to them, they have great titles in their rental listings on craigslist

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  3. .

    talking about pent-up demand without specifying a price is not useful.

    demand (and pent-up demand) is a function of price.

    there’s always pent up demand at a low enough price point. if you made the condos free with no strings attached they would be sold out in seconds.

    there’s just no pent up demand at a price that makes the condos profitable.

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  4. Notorious ART

    Hehehe….My sister wanted to stay in northgate as a renter. I told her to just wait – the Thorton Creek will start leasing because they won’t be able to sell. Initially, they said some will be rented out, but we all know at Seattle Bubble that wasn’t going to be the case. She’s been there 2-3 months now. I believe they gave her a month free rent to entice her, too. I’ll be stopping by tomorrow to see her place…..

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  5. Kary L. Krismer

    By . @ 3:

    there’s just no pent up demand at a price that makes the condos profitable.

    Profitable at the price they paid for the land. For most construction (not necessarily that piece), that’s has a huge impact on possible pricing. The people who probably made the biggest killing in 2007 and a couple of years prior were the people with developable land who managed to unload it prior to late 2007 or so. Developers who bought land at that time were probably took a beating if they couldn’t get their product on the market quickly.

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  6. LA Relo

    I’m waiting for a gov’t reinvestment plan that pays my mortgage if I quit my job AND collect unemployment.

    That’s when I’ll buy.

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  7. racket

    I wonder if you can rent your house to yourself and collect sec8 money.

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  8. Drone

    I had a couple of friends renting there in the non-condo section. Nice enough place, if a bit small. They got a good deal with a month or two of free rent, but just moved out when the incentives expired. They weren’t willing to pay the full rents on an ongoing basis. I wonder how much churn is needed before it becomes cheaper to offer retention incentives rather than new-customer incentives?

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  9. D. in Ballard

    RE: Kary L. Krismer @ 5 – True. The owner of Leilani Lanes and the Sunset Bowl had impeccable timing.

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  10. David Losh

    The project is also built into the buffer of Thornton Creek. Simon Properties saw an opportunity to develop that dirt so they took it. It makes no difference if they sell or not. It is something for nothing.

    It’s a shame that parcel couldn’t have been used for some thing positive, but the city wants tax dollars at any cost.

    In time we can only hope North Seattle Community College is condemned as an environmental blight along with these worthless apartments.

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  11. Erik from Seattle

    To top it all off, “The homes have great outdoor space: decks or patios for weekend lounging, grilling and watching the world go by.” — bogus. One of the reasons we bailed out of apartment in Seattle city limits was that the fire marshal has banned grilling on apartment decks. Of course, another reason we got out of the apartment is for fear of our neighbors burning down the apartment building with idiocy… I’m more pointing out the bad promotional angle than criticizing the fire marshal!

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  12. Mel Torme

    RE: Cheap South @ 1 – How about: “Lost your rent check, we’ll find you a job.*”

    *fine print: ” … fixing our drywall and picking up the teeth that Little Gino (from “Corporate”) knocked out of your mouth.”

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  13. ChefJoe

    Erik from Seattle:
    Apartment grilling bans were discussed in 2004 but they were never enacted in Seattle. My landlord’s lease document now has all sorts of inane provisions (a check for hitch-hiking bedbugs amongst backpacks, shoes, and clothing after visits to friends or family, theaters, or after using public transportation) and they’d probably remind me of a grill ban.
    Balcony barbecue ban gets decked
    Council quickly douses the proposal after taking heavy fire
    Use in Apartments & Cndominiums
    The use of barbecues in apartments, condominiums and single family homes is not regulated by current Washington State law. The Seattle Fire Department recommends the use of one-pound propane cylinders as the least hazardous fuel source, particularly on decks of multi-family residences. However, apartment building owners and condominium associations, through lease agreements and owner’s association rules, may still prohibit or restrict use of barbecues.

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  14. ella

    Oh special. I went to their web site and could not find the prices of the rental units. It seems as though everything is a secret in this town.

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  15. cutienoua

    RE: ella @ 14
    they do have it listedHome Type Rent Range Square Footage
    Studio $1,150 – $1,195 490 – 682 sf
    1 Bedroom / 1 Bath $1,195 – $1,695 588 – 785 sf
    1 Bedroom + Den / 1 Bath $1,795 808 – 857 sf
    2 Bedroom / 1 Bath $1,750 -$1,995 808 – 994 sf
    2 Bedroom / 2 Bath $2,150 – $2,250 884 – 1326 sf
    2 Bedroom + Den / 2 Bath $2,495 1048 – 1261 sf

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  16. Ron Nelson

    seriously… Thats So High

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  17. Macro Investor

    Just another seller, and now landlord, in denial. They’re hoping their marketing makes it sound so good you won’t care what it costs. Hello marketing, meet reality.

    I’m glad nobody bought it before the cold weather exposed their shoddy construction. Thanks to other readers who have cautioned not to buy new construction… let it break in a few years.

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  18. Erik from Seattle

    Thanks for straightening me out there ChefJoe, apologies for passing bad info — I’m disappointed in my old apartment managers/owners for laying off their ban (I’m sure they added it to the lease) and blaming it on the city.
    I guess if I paid what they are asking at Thornton, at least I could have a grill on the balcony!

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