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9 responses to “Case-Shiller Tiers: High & Low Tier Begin Seasonal Decline”

  1. softwarengineer

    October Was a Good Sales Month In Comparison

    Seems to me we still had good weather [Indian Summer] part of that month….now the chronic long Winter rains….I was going to turn off my Christmas lights yesterday, but it was so cloudy and dark I left them on….its partly cloudy with some sun today!!!!

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  2. Carl

    Seems like all the housing indicators are turning up locally and nationally. If we get through the next 3-6 months without a relapse, the housing market is officially recovering.

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  3. Kary L. Krismer

    RE: Carl @ 2 – The President just concluded a vacation in Hawaii, and the House is still out. Everything is fine. /sarc

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  4. Erik Muller

    RE: Carl @ 2
    Housing prices are driven up by low inventory. The Notice of Trustee Sales will drive the housing prices back down.

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  5. softwarengineer

    RE: Erik Muller @ 4

    That and the Welfare to the Rich Mortgage Principle Tax Forgiveness for Foreclosures and Shortsales to Fall Off the Fiscal Cliff Tuesday

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  6. Kary L. Krismer

    RE: softwarengineer @ 5 – Having an article about that now is rather absurd. The time to worry about that was many, many months ago, because you can’t arrange a short sale or foreclosure in a week.

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  7. Erik Muller

    I see that 7 people don’t agree with my comment. Those who don’t agree, please let me know why you don’t agree. I’d like to hear why you think I’m wrong.

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  8. Macro Investor

    RE: Erik Muller @ 7

    I just down voted you because you spell “Eric” with a K, instead of a C. Just kidding :)

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  9. Erik Muller

    Ouch! “k” is the masculine spelling…

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