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Tim Ellis is the founder of Seattle Bubble. His background in engineering and computer / internet technology, a fondness of data-based analysis of problems, and an addiction to spreadsheets all influence his perspective on the Seattle-area real estate market.

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  1. ray pepper

    I do have a bachelor party coming up for a close friend….guess we could use Tim to speak at this event..Not sure what you would say..Might have to speak wearing something weird to draw our attention…just brainstorming..

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  2. softwarengineer

    Hey Tim

    Have you tried Toasmasters?

    The advanced clubs have speaker gigs information to get you on board…..paid too.

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  3. Ray pepper

    Where is dislike button dang it????? Where did it go? Why? I loved disliking posts!!!

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  4. Astro Kermit

    Another is direct consultation.

    I’m sure there are many potential buyers out there who would get a lot of value from your advice. You can offer historical data, customized comps, take into account their financial background and make revised recommendations on homes/areas they are looking for. You can also make forecasts in terms of timing.

    While I have a home that I’m happy with, I used analytics to my advantage creating my own comps and a custom database that pulled more information than the NWMLS and Redfin. I read your site because I love the analytics you put together (I wish you were daring with making more forecasts). If your services were available to me in the past, I would have jumped at the opportunity to get your undivided attention.

    I’d probably still offer to hire you just for a chance to talk over coffee and exchange notes.

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  5. Blurtman

    RE Porn?

    The 1998 Forrester report pegs the online adult content market at $750 million to $1 billion, which was an increase from its initial estimate of $150 million.

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  6. David B.

    RE: Ray pepper @ 3 – Maybe it’s Tim’s way of discouraging trolls. Despite some trolls’ protests to the contrary, negative feedback is a form of feedback, and getting feedback of some sort is the whole point of trolling.

    The most discouraging thing to a troll is not getting negative points. It’s getting ignored.

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  7. Macro Investor

    By David B. @ 6:

    RE: Ray pepper @ 3 – The most discouraging thing to a troll is not getting negative points. It’s getting ignored.

    True enough.

    However, in “live” conversations you get feedback in the form of facial expressions. If the person you were speaking with just sat there like a corpse, the conversation would die down quickly. That is the problem with online forums. Like/dislike buttons return some of the normal give and take.

    Trolls are dealt with in both “live” and “online” conversations. The excessive negative feedback they get USUALLY convinces them to behave. However, there are always a few jerks (we all know who they are) who need that punch in the face before they understand annoying people can be hazardous to their health :)

    Without the like/dislike feedback, I predict the site will lose interest. The trolls will no longer be discouraged and will behave worse.

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  8. NoahFect

    RE: Astro Kermit @ 4 – Good point. I’d hire him.

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  9. cutienoua

    thanks a bunch!

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  10. ChrisM

    Donation completed. Out of curiosity, how much information do you get from squareup? I dabble in e-commerce – their requiring a phone number struck me as interesting…

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  11. Jonness

    It came to me in a flash. It was like a light went off, and suddenly it all made sense.

    1) Ray Pepper loves to eat at Claim Jumper.
    2) Ray has eaten at Claim Jumper often enough to where the wait staff know him by name.
    3) Every time, while driving home after eating at Claim Jumper, Ray’s stomach cramps up, and he has to pull over and make a mad dash for the bathroom.
    5) This pattern started gradually and became more severe over ensuing months until it finally reached the point where Ray had to stop eating at Claim Jumper altogether.

    Question: What is the missing piece to this puzzle?

    Answer: The wait staff at Claim Jumper have been putting poison in Ray’s food in retribution for getting stiffed on their tips.

    Think I’m kidding? A girl I know who works at a very popular restaurant (not Claim Jumper) told me one of the male servers there always carries a bottle of poison just in case the customers get out of line. When they do, they end up on the toilet for hours.

    Here are some tips: Always treat the wait staff how you would like to be treated. Always leave a good tip. Never, ever, ever send the food back to the Chef to be fixed or reheated! :)

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  12. ChrisM

    RE: The Tim @ 11 – I use NoScript, so my experience is mostly likely different. Did you get the message?

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  13. ChrisM

    RE: Jonness @ 12 – I can actually confirm this story!!! When I was young & stupid I had a non-PC conversation in a restaurant about how the waiters were treated. My waiter misinterpreted my (too public) remarks and my iced-tea was spiked.

    For the record I believe that waiters (and other staff) deserve a decent wage, but that the current incentives make that impractical.

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  14. Jonness

    Sorry I got off on this subject of retribution for bad tipping. Nothing personal Ray. You know I love you, but I also love to milk those Claim Jumper stories. :)

    OK, so The Tim is not going to chase anybody down and ruin their day for not leaving a tip. But after all the hard work he has done to keep this site interesting, educational, and enjoyable, it makes good sense to help support the site.. :)

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  15. Ray pepper

    RE: Jonness @ 12 – haven’t been to claim jumper for so long but do miss my waitress Kathleen. It’s all been Cheesecake Factory. And yes those cramps that cause me to bead up and get the horrid splatters. I think I narrowed it down to the cheese they use. But, not sure if I told you, nothing causes me problems with my bowels then the spicy chicken at Popeyes. I simply cannot eat there. Even when I drive by and see the 1.99 for 2 pc and a biscuit I must keep going. The wrenching back, sweating, bowel cramping, and horrid feeling of the shriveling scrotum I can easily say that you will no longer EVER see me at Popeyes drive thru.

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  16. Peter Witting

    RE: Ray pepper @ 16 – FTW! Comment of the day, Ray! I’m giving Tim a tip on the basis of this lovely converstation starter alone.

    Thanks, guys!

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  17. Erik

    RE: Ray pepper @ 16
    Thank you for the update on your bowels. Go see a naturopahtic doctor. They are experts on the bowel system and I bet they could fix it…. serious.

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  18. Ira Sacharoff

    RE: Erik @ 19
    The problem with that is that a naturopath would tell Ray not to eat at places like Popeye’s, The Cheesecake Factory, or Claim Jumper.

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  19. Erik

    RE: Ira Sacharoff @ 20
    Ha ha. Yeah, that is true.

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  20. Macro Investor

    RE: Ray pepper @ 16

    Gee, I wonder why so many folks are over weight, or have heart disease/cancer? Eating the chemicals these corporations sell as food might have something to do with it.

    Bonus point question — how do you think they can sell a $1-2 sandwich/meal and still make a profit?

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  21. Erik

    RE: Macro Investor @ 22
    Genetically modify the food source to produce more volume. This process reduces vitamins and minerals, but increases volume. Also spraying the crops with pesticides helps yield higher returns but contain toxins. Make as much product as possible with corn, since corn is the cheapest and yields high volume.

    Pump this crap into people and we wonder why we have so many health problems. Seems kinda obvious to me.

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  22. Ray pepper

    RE: Macro Investor @ 22 – rude sucker. I’m not over weight. I just like wearing clothes with elastic bands as a personal preference.

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  23. Ira Sacharoff

    By Ray pepper @ 24:

    RE: Macro Investor @ 22 – rude sucker. I’m not over weight. I just like wearing clothes with elastic bands as a personal preference.

    It’s not just a personal preference. Face it.You’re a trendsetter. Now they laugh. But in a few years they’ll all be wearing expensive, designer label elastic waistband pants.

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  24. Ira Sacharoff

    As far as donating to Seattle Bubble, there are so many good reasons to do it. Sure, it’s the useful content of Tim’s posts. But where else can you read Erik’s declarations that he must be a genius because so many people have given his posts thumbs downs, because of a gang out to discredit him? Or Ray declaring that “they’re all coming back”, though he might be referring to the cheese dip he just ate? Or Corndogs broadcasting his continuing success, but you’re an idiot?, Or Software Engineer talking about the appeal of Kansas and the dangers of illegal immigration, or that Ira guy babbling on inanely about whatever’s in that pea brain of his?
    Very few blogs last eight years. And the Tim has a lot to put up with, namely us. So donate, dagnabbit!

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  25. Jonness

    You guys are seriously funny! :)

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  26. MichaelB

    RE: Ray pepper @ 3



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  27. Dirty Renter in Banjo Country

    My favorite ‘dislikes’ were for the posts complaining about receiving ‘dislikes’.

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  28. Erik

    RE: Dirty Renter in Banjo Country @ 29
    i am glad you enjoyed my posts.

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