Eight Years

Wow you guys. I just realized that today is Seattle Bubble’s eighth anniversary. I launched this site on August 8th, 2005 with a simple goal:

…to post news stories and generate discussion about the real estate/housing bubble and specifically how it affects the Seattle area.

To be honest, the main reason I’m starting this blog is to collect information for my own interest, and I just figured that if I’m this interested in the subject, maybe some other people in the area are too. I hope you find this to be a useful resource.

Eight years and one massive national housing bust later, here we still are.

Here are a few stats from our first eight years:

  • 2,913 posts (not counting open threads)
  • 5.3 million visits
  • 12.5 million pageviews

I guess it was a subject that other people were interested in after all. Hopefully a few people have gotten some value out of this site.

Here’s to many more great years to come. Thanks everybody!

Birthday Cake

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About The Tim

Tim Ellis is the founder of Seattle Bubble. His background in engineering and computer / internet technology, a fondness of data-based analysis of problems, and an addiction to spreadsheets all influence his perspective on the Seattle-area real estate market. Tim also hosts the weekly improv comedy sci-fi podcast Dispatches from the Multiverse.


  1. 1

    Thank YOU Tim for the outstanding insight and being the voice of reason over the last eight years. This is a fantastic blog that provides real value to its readers. Great job, and PLEASE keep up the great work! Pink Ponies 4-Ever!

  2. 2
    Erik says:

    Thanks for keeping this going. And I apologize for talking smack about North Everett.

  3. 3
    Blurtman says:

    Happy Birthday SB! When does the cable show debut?

  4. 4
    David Losh says:

    Thank you for providing this forum. It’s been great information that has changed many of my views about the Real Estate Industry.

  5. 5
    Kim SJ says:

    Thanks Tim, you provide some of the best deep insight for the Seattle housing market.

  6. 6
    wreckingbull says:

    Thanks Tim. This really is one of the few real estate sites I have found that provides real information. What is really telling is that the site remained exactly the same both before and after your real estate purchase. You are one of the few who can maintain an objective viewpoint regardless of your personal interests. Many other real estate blogs, usually run by real estate salespeople, are an attempt to reduce their own post-investment cognitive dissonance. In other words, “I am up to my nuts in real estate investment, so real estate will surely go up in the future!!!”

  7. 7

    There aren’t that many blogs anywhere that have lasted eight years, continue to stay relevant and generate lots of reader comments. Huzzah!

  8. 8
    patient says:

    Happy anniversery Tim. One of the first posts I read here was an idea of funding a billboard to counter the cheerleading during the bubble. There’s been god info here over the years but for me it was creating a forum for some really bright commenters especially the early days that has been the biggest asset. Watching them take on some of the most arrogant bullies and finally proving them to be spectaculary wrong was priceless entertainment.

  9. 9

    Happy Birthday Seattle Bubble!
    Thanks for all your hard work on the site, Tim.

  10. 10
    Blake says:

    Congrats Tim! A truly valuable site and most impressive effort.
    Really helped me sort through all the noise and BS before deciding to buy my house in 2011.
    Thanks, Blake

  11. 11
    No Name Guy says:

    Happy 8 years The Tim.

    It sure is an interesting site – glad you did it, and weren’t afraid to call the bubble what it was back in the day. I’m sure few could hear you with all that froth drowning out the sanity. Here’s to another 8 years worth.

  12. 12
    UrbanDweller says:

    This site gave me the unbiased information that I needed to purchase my place in March of 2011. I also appreciate how The Tim was never a perma-bear or perma-bull. You can tell the facts shape his opinions and his outlook on the Seattle housing market. And for that, I am grateful. Thanks Tim! Keep up the good work!

  13. 13
    joe dirt says:

    I hope the next 8 years will be boring.

  14. 14
    redmondjp says:

    And to think, that I was just a cubicle wall away from The Tim when he started this – congratulations and keep up the great work! Who knew back then that the EE who was designing circuit boards and firmware would end up working for a real estate company!

  15. 15
    David B. says:

    RE: wreckingbull @ 6 – “What is really telling is that the site remained exactly the same both before and after your real estate purchase.”

    That’s because Tim seems to have bought a house for the right reasons: because the long-term stability and the freedom to make the house his own was worth the cost and commitment. Not because “homeownership builds equity, while rent is just money down the toilet”, “only losers rent”, “real estate is a great investment, they’re not making any more land” or any other BS.

  16. 16
    fd0 says:

    Thank you Seattle Bubble and “The Tim” for your poignant insight into the “data” of all this mystery called real estate.

    I was always questioning why prices were skyrocketing but never had the insight into the why.

    Your site gave me that information and helped inform me of the facts and base my decisions off that; not by “everyone” else who told me to buy before it’s too late…

    I’m looking forward to the next eight years!


  17. 17
    Lynn says:

    This blog gave me the information I needed to rent from 2007-2011 and buy in August of 2011. I am very happy with both decisions. Thank you Tim.

  18. 18
    macDog says:

    Congrads! Thanks so much for doing this site. It helped me feel less lonely and crazy during those days when everyone and their dog teased me I was dumb and crazy for not buying a 1 bdrm condo for 500k. Your information confirmed my sanity and saved my hide while my best friend stopped talking to me for a week over this. I owe you a lot of beer, man.

  19. 19
    Jay says:

    Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for providing useful real estate information for people like me. Please keep up the great work!

  20. 20
    The Tim says:

    Thanks, all!

  21. 21
    Saulac says:

    Congratulation! And thanks for a job well done.
    This anniversary is especially special because the Seattle market price is almost exactly the same as when you started the blog! (I anticipate the CS Seattle Home Price Index for 06/13 will be the same as 07/05)
    Tim, I would love to know what you think about the current market vs. the market when you start SB. You see bubble back then, do you see one now?

  22. 22
    ARDELL says:

    Happy Anniversary Tim! I think almost 10,000 of those page views were me, as I can’t imagine a day without SB. I can’t tell you how invaluable it has been to read the many perspectives of both you and your readers over these many years. Congratulations…and many more.

  23. 23
    Voight-kampff says:

    Many thanks, and much praise to seattle bubble… The pink pony rides on!

  24. 24
    nwbackpacker says:

    Congrats! You really stumbled on a topic that will be relevant for years to come. It’s one of only a few sources of ‘real’ real estate news I regularly check. Love the discussion in general, though I’m not a fan of the same troll(s) dominating the conversation.

    PEOPLE WHO HAVEN’T POSTED BUT READ REGULARLY: If you haven’t already, share your perspective, add to the conversation. Especially if you’re on the fence like I’ve been for the past few years.

    For me personally, it’s THE HARDEST choice I’ve had to make in life: whether to buy a house in Seattle.

  25. 25
    ray pepper says:

    This is a personal story about how the bubble has helped me physically.

    For 8 years now at nearly EXACTLY 8am I go to the Bubble and/or side excursions to either tube8 or various other stops. As I read The Bubble I relax and then it occurs. My colon flexes and it triggers my morning bowel movement.

    I know this is true because when I travel and I don’t have the Bubble my entire morning BM is irregular and the time shoots from 9am to quite possibly the NOON HOUR! I’m forced to consume these L’il Critter Fiber Gummy Bears from Costco when not tuning into the Bubble.
    The Lil Critter Fiber Gummi Bears cause me add’l problems as some post here…..http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1555392&forum_id=2&PHPSESSID=2846c3c0e96ced44478d7dde6424a61b

    So Tim Happy Bday and God Bless your existence!

  26. 26
    Ron says:

    As with Ray’s bowels, i to have become a regular here. Sage advice from you and your readers on the topic of real estate but in the area of social policy, I’m surprised to discover that so many of your followers are myopic neanderthals. It’s as if they parachuted into Seattle and hope to take us back in time.

  27. 27
    Scotsman says:

    Yummy cake! And Happy Birthday! Thanks for helping so many to better understand a complex situation. And for helping me to buy and the bottom (so far!). Keep your seat belt buckled.

  28. 28
    ChefJoe says:

    Thanks for the site. Like #18 up there, I too enjoyed this site for a dose of sanity when I had friends trying to suggest I should be buying a house with my (very non-romantically involved) roommate rather than rent a 2 br apartment.

    Also, the cake is a lie.

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