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5 responses to “Poll: In the upcoming election for Seattle Mayor, I support…”

  1. Jacob Beaty

    McGinn sucks, someone new whomever that is, although I don’t live in Seattle.

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  2. David B.

    McGinn’s handling of the police department sucks, and would make him unsupportable except for the fact that Murray keeps coming across as someone who has compromised his principles, decided to pursue power for its own sake, and is willing to kiss the *ss of the powerful in order to achieve said aims.

    But I don’t live in Seattle so I can’t vote for or against either one.

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  3. Ira Sacharoff

    I live outside the city limits so can’t vote in the Mayoral election. But I am something of a political junkie. McGinn can’t win. He POd too many people early on in his administration. Yes, Murray comes off as an uptight doofus, but get used to it.

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  4. David B.

    RE: Ira Sacharoff @ 3 – “He POd too many people…” Yeah, the people that in general are responsible for making Seattle suck.

    “… but get used to it.” Thankfully, I don’t have to, since I moved out of city limits.

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  5. Rhonda Porter

    I have no clue who I’m going to vote for… I did vote for McGinn – mainly because of his view on the viaduct… but now… I really don’t know.

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