A California Comparison, Part 2

Yesterday I compared King County to San Diego County in order to address some of the reasons we commonly hear that the Seattle housing market will remain strong. The focus of this post is slightly different than Part 1, where I used San Diego as an example to show that certain positive local attributes will […]


A California Comparison

Since Mr. Kelly did such a poor job of actually comparing the Northwest to California, I’d like to get my own idea of how the two compare. For the illustrative purpose of this post, I’m going to be comparing the regions of Seattle and San Diego. Here in King County, the median home price (condos […]

Elizabeth Rhodes: Master Of Misdirection

Wow, Elizabeth Rhodes is on a real anti-bubble roll this weekend. Did one of you submit this letter to her “Home Forum” Q & A? Q: I keep reading that home prices aren’t expected to decline in the Seattle area. Aren’t you overlooking the possible effect of “suicide loans” — those adjustable-rate mortgages that are […]


Area Foreclosures On The Rise

Even though our area doesn’t have as high of a foreclosure rate as you might expect, the toxic loans and suicide financing are still having somewhat of an effect… In Seattle’s hot real estate market a growing number of people are losing their homes in foreclosure. For most people losing their homes, there are several […]


No Foreclosure Deals… Yet

In a real estate advice column this weekend, Everett Herald reporter Steve Tytler explains the difficulty of finding good foreclosure deals in Seattle’s still-at-least-lukewarm market: Question: Where can I learn about investing in foreclosures?D.E., Renton Answer: There are some truly extraordinary bargains to be found in the foreclosure market. Unfortunately, finding these bargains is like […]


Foreclosures On The Rise In King County

I generally dislike giving any attention to self-advertisements (a.k.a. “press releases”) on here, but I thought that a bit of info contained in this horn-tooting by Default Research was worth mentioning: Foreclosures increased by 2.04 percent in January in King County, according to Default Research…” 2.04% might not be really a big enough number to […]