What’s Your Interest in More Homeowner Topics?

In a recent comment thread a few readers expressed interest in occasional posts on some more homeowner-focused topics, including finishing the “knife catcher” series of posts I began back in June about my personal homebuying experience (yes, that’s my home pictured at right behind Crystal, the Seattle Bubble Mascot). Here are some of the potential […]

Thank You For Your Support!

I just wanted to take another moment to again say thank you to everyone who answered my request for financial support for Seattle Bubble this week. Thank you: Conrad S. (2x!), Raul B., William P., Todd W., Kurt O., Aleta K., David L. (4x!), Ahmed S., Tri P., Charles C., Stan B., Ira S. (2x!) […]

The Return of the Pink Pony!

The Return of the Pink Pony!

So I’ve spent most of this weekend attending the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) at the Washington State Convention Center downtown. Yesterday there was a sight on Pike street that was just too good not to share with you: The pink pony has returned to Seattle! I swear I had nothing to do with this. Turns […]