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    Scotsman says:

    I’m speechless- who would have guessed a bubbble in Bethlehem? And let me guess- the Pharisees were involved? Threw the money changers out, did they? And shortly thereafter the Roman empire fell? Well, not much has changed in 2,000 years, has it?

    Unfortunately, it turned out Obama wasn’t Jesus- he was just a puppet dressed up as a community organizer. But his teleprompter was good, even when he wasn’t. Now it’s someone elses chance.


    And a Happy New Year to y’all!

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    Happy New Year to Ya Bubbleheads

    And yes there is a positive to depopulation planning implemented ASAP, like a relief something sensible is finally done to prop up wages in the future [and later home prices too]. After about 50 years, perhaps the world’s population can get down to a sustainable 3 billion, with trees, water, oil and good pay for all in a vibrant global economy…..meanwhile, imagine the wars taperring off, hunger gradually going away and yes the Pink Pony Seattle eventually thriving as never before and we don’t even care its Pink Pony anymore, because we’re all making it well….

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