Looking back to look forward: Snohomish Co.

I want to talk about Snohomish Co., not that there’s anything wrong with King Co. (hey, I grew up on 23rd and Prospect on Capitol Hill, so I know the area). Not everyone in Snohomish Co. drives Ford trucks, has big hair/mullet and listens to Cinderella or Quiet Riot. Yeah, cheap shot. Moving on… The […]


A Dose of Reality from the Everett Herald

I picked up this article off of The Housing Bubble this morning and thought it was worthy of a blog post.  This is probably the least rosy depiction of the local real estate market I have seen from any of our local MSM outlets in the past few years. Selling a house? What to do now With […]


News Quickie: Snohomish Building Boom Over

First up in today’s news quickies is word from Snohomish County that—guess what?— the housing boom has ended. No, seriously. The party is over. Snohomish County’s housing boom is over. Builders are laying off workers, houses are staying on the market longer, and the overall number of permit applications has dropped by hundreds compared to […]