Case-Shiller November: Seattle Playing Catch-Up

Home prices in Seattle continued their slide in November, according to the latest data from the Case-Shiller Home Price Index. Down 1.43% October to November. Up 1.77% YOY. That’s the fourth month-to-month decline in a row, and a year-to-year increase of barely more than half of October’s already paltry 3.30%. Here’s the usual graph, with […]

2007 Not as Rosy as NWMLS Claims

The TV and radio news stations are all blathering yesterday and today about the 2007 year in review report put out by the NWMLS. Most of the reporting is similar to what you can see at the Seattle Times, where they printed a short, unattributed blurb that basically parrots the positive spin put out by […]

NWMLS December Graphs Update

Many thanks to Deejayoh for posting the NWMLS summary in my absence. By request, I am am posting the usual press release link, graphs, and spreadsheet update in addition to his timely post on the data. Here is the NWMLS press release, with links to the pdf summaries. Here’s your King County SFH summary: December […]

NWMLS: Seattle off 1.5% YoY, King County off 1.1%

Quick post, NWMLS numbers have been released for December – showing that both Seattle and King County SFH have gone negative on a year-over-year basis. From Aubry Cohen at the PI The median selling price in December was $455,975 in SeattleInfolgedessen wenn Sie bequemem Vorratsbehalter online denken, überpruft Organisation Ihr Schotterhaufen oder Einkaufen auf Ihrer […]

NWMLS: King County SFH Prices Hit 0% YOY.

The November market statistics from the NWMLS are here. Ta-da! Public press release and data pdfs have not yet been posted, but I will update the post with a link once they are. Here is the NWMLS press release, with links to the pdf summaries. Here’s your King County SFH summary: November 2007 Active Listings: […]

Protecting Our Assets From a Tanking Dollar

As I’m sure you all know by now, yesterday the Federal Reserve cut the benchmark interest rate again. While this move will no doubt feed the false hope for a speedy end to the housing slump, there is likely nothing the Fed can do that will stop the bubble from deflating. However, when I step […]

Median Price Not Telling the Whole Truth

When July’s housing stats came out last week, the most confusing piece of data was that despite skyrocketing local inventory and tightening lending across the nation, the median price still jumped up 2.3% from June, bouncing back into double-digit YOY territory at a 10.6% increase since July 2006. While the local press has their own […]