Boeing Mural on Colby Street in Everett

Top 10 Future Uses for the 98-Acre Boeing Everett Factory

With the future of Boeing airplane manufacturing inevitably moving to less expensive states (sped along the way by last night’s Machinists Union vote), we may as well start work now on determining a new use for the 98-acre Boeing Everett Factory, currently the world’s largest building by volume. Here are my top 10 proposed future […]

The Tim’s Top Ten of Twenty-Twelve

Here’s the last post in the “Top 10 of 2012″ series: Tim’s Ten Favorite Posts of 2012 (in no particular order). The Future of Seattle… According to 1962 – The Seattle Times graciously released their entire 1962 World’s Fair souvenir edition paper as a pdf for anyone to download, and in addition to the general […]

Top 10 Most-Viewed Posts of 2012

Next up in the “Top 10 of 2012″ series: the most-viewed individual posts. Note of course that this only counts how many times people clicked through to each post’s individual link, excluding all the views they may have received on the front page. 3,016 pageviews, 02/19: Agree or disagree: 2013 will be a better time […]

Top 10 Most-Commented Posts of 2012

This week is getting off to a slow start thanks to the holiday, so like last year I’ll be posting a few “filler” items like this one. First up, the top ten most-commented posts of 2012, excluding open threads. 128 comments, 01/03: December Stats Preview: Inventory Erasure Edition 131 comments, 02/24: Buy vs. Rent: A […]

Top 10 Reasons NOT to Buy a Home

We spend most of our time on here focused on home buying—prices, economics, neighborhoods, etc.—but I thought it might be nice to have a brief reminder that buying a home isn’t for everyone. For many people, renting is simply the better choice, even if home prices are at a reasonable level supported by the local […]

The Tim’s Top Ten of Twenty-Eleven

Here’s the last post in the “Top 10 of 2011″ series: Tim’s Ten Favorite Posts of 2011 (in no particular order). Friday Flashback: Why Second-Guess Forbes & Moody’s? – As you can probably guess, I love pretty much the entire Friday Flashback series. It’s a near-endless supply of amusement to me to look back at […]