The Tim’s Top Ten of Twenty-Twelve

Here’s the last post in the “Top 10 of 2012” series: Tim’s Ten Favorite Posts of 2012 (in no particular order).

City of TomorrowThe Future of Seattle… According to 1962 – The Seattle Times graciously released their entire 1962 World’s Fair souvenir edition paper as a pdf for anyone to download, and in addition to the general entertainment value, there were a few enjoyable real estate tidbits contained therein.

Avondale Albatross Finally Unloaded at 52% of ’07 Price – I started following this spec home near Redmond way back in June 2006—less than a year after I started this blog. It’s had a long, winding path, but hopefully the current owner will fare better than the 2007 buyer.

Seattle Population, Kids, & Ownership vs. Top 100 Cities – This one took a while to put together all of the data, and the results were an interesting way to look at the size of Seattle in a variety of different contexts.

Knife-Catcher: Year One Recap of Tim’s Home Purchase – It was nice to look back over the first year and share what I have learned. The discussion on this post actually spurred me to look into refinancing barely a year after we bought our home, which actually ended up saving us quite a bit of money. Interest rates are insane right now.

Advice From an 11-Year Veteran Landlord – In response to an earlier reader question asking for recommended reading for landlords, a landlord wrote in with a wealth of advice based on over a decade of his own experience. This is a great example of the reason that I still keep Seattle Bubble going after all these years.

Friday Flashback: "You will never see a major housing price crash here." – The whole Friday Flashback series is enjoyable, but Steve Tytler’s classic was especially fun thanks to his May 2007 invitation: “You can save this email and throw it back in my face 5 years from now if I am wrong, but I’ll bet you a beer that I’m right.” Heh.

LeakFrogPro Tip: LeakFrog to the Rescue – Speaking of first-hand experience, this little green gadget caught a few minor water issues in our house before they had a chance to become major issues. Highly recommended.

Real Actual Listing Photos: What. The. Heck. – I love the entire series of Real Actual Listing Photos posts, but this one is my favorite of 2012, hands down. Ghost jogger, creepy dolls… This home has it all. On a related note, after being on the market off and on since July 2007, this home finally sold on December 17. Honorable mention in Real Actual Listing Photos goes to The Lonely Pianos.

False Advertising: Home Builder Renderings vs. Reality – Speaking of photos, it was amusing to see just how different the new homes in home builder advertisements are from what they actually build. There’s nothing quite like a good old fashioned bait and switch.

Buy vs. Rent: A Real Life Pre-Peak Example – Theories and assumptions can only get you so far. Once in a while it’s instructive to look at a real life scenario to put some hard numbers to the kinds of scenarios we regularly talk about on these pages.

Well, that wraps things up for my 2012 Top 10 lists. What were your favorite posts?

About The Tim

Tim Ellis is the founder of Seattle Bubble. His background in engineering and computer / internet technology, a fondness of data-based analysis of problems, and an addiction to spreadsheets all influence his perspective on the Seattle-area real estate market.


  1. 1
    Mad John says:

    Its wonderful to see your favorite posts of the year. Especially the LeakFrog is a perfect idea for every house and I will go and buy it. The damage water can do if left unrepaired is just too big to bear.

    Since I´m working in a real estate (but not as an agent) my primary interest is in the blogs of such matter. Among the posts that definitely grabbed my attention are: Why I do it on GreaterFool. Then I enjoy reading The Burning Platform and I´m also a fan of urban art, like this example: Graffiti in Toronto

  2. 2
    softwarengineer says:

    RE: Mad John @ 1

    Leak Frogs Work After You Check Them

    But lets say you flush the upstairs toilet with a suddenly stuck open valve [happens all the time, especially the cheap ones] and too much toilet paper, etc….then rush down to go out to dinner with the family…..hours later you come home to a destoyed downstairs ceiling and other water damages….

    I’d install a drain(s) pouring out of the upstairs on all upstairs bathrooms and water heaters too…sounds like a $500 upgrade bill compared to like $5000 in damages for likely mishaps in a two story house.

    Single story houses without a basement are much safer in this regard, especially if the heater ducting is on the floor and allows the water to drain down into the crawl space and there’s a sump pump down there too.

  3. 3
    Howard says:

    Don’t know if it would work in the above mentioned scenario..or how much they cost

    I think the floor drain under the washing machine is code now… but that is a no brainer right there.

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