Friday Flashback: Suzanne Researched This

Here’s a fun Friday Flashback. How many of my readers remember this classic 2006 Century 21 TV commercial?

“Suzanne Researched This” became a big inside joke among those who didn’t buy the hype at the peak of the bubble. This commercial was so egregious that even Slate wrote an article headlined “The Nastiest Wife on Television.”

Friday Flashback: “It’s no wonder people are confused.”

Today’s Flashback comes from March 2008: Area’s housing isn’t doom and gloom, experts say

Area real estate professionals and politicians want to clear something up.

Now is a good time to buy and sell real estate in Snohomish County, no matter what people may be hearing about the national market.

The panel of industry experts held a town hall meeting in Lynn­wood on Thursday for that purpose that drew about 200 people.

Friday Flashback: “The Market is Returning to Normal”

After mentioning how much the real estate reporting in the Seattle Times has improved, I thought it would be fun to take a look at a classic piece from November 2006, less than a year before home prices in the Seattle area peaked (emphasis mine). Home sales drop, not prices Prospective homebuyers who’ve been frustrated […]

Friday Flashback: “We’re going fight the media”

Here’s a gem in a KOMO article from July 2008: "Open House" — sign of the times in Snohomish County Real estate agents in Snohomish County are now resorting to a “shock treatment” for slouching home sales in their area. Realtors advertised more than 400 open houses over the weekend. Agents say they hope playing […]

Friday Flashback: “Homeownership in Jeopardy”

It’s been a couple of months since our last Friday Flashback. Here’s one from an April 2006 Seattle Times article written by our old friend Elizabeth Rhodes: $405,000 Median house price in King County Ann Dickhoff’s house purchase typifies a milestone in more ways than one. Like many other parents of adult children, Dickhoff was […]

Friday Flashback: “Prices more than held their own.”

Six months after home prices in the Seattle area began declining from their July 2007 peak, the annual report from the NWMLS led to a series of amusingly rosy stories in the local press in early 2008. Here’s a typical example from the Seattle Times: ’07 home prices not so bad after all With all […]

Friday Flashback: “What more can you ask for?”

Here’s an excerpt from an a Q&A with the then-president of the Thurston County Realtors Association Bill Hutchinson that appeared in The Olympian in February 2008 (now available only behind their archive paywall): Q: Given where the market is today compared with a couple of years ago, what would your advice be for sellers and […]