Condomania in Tacoma!

Tacoma: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to sell 1,500 high-end condos in 14 months:

Hundreds of new, pricey condominiums exclude young singles needed for a thriving city core, according to the author of a study analyzing the downtown housing market.

Builders and developers say land costs and water views push prices beyond the mid-$200,000 range generally considered doable for the first-time buyer. And even though the number of unsold units remains high in some neighborhoods, they say demand is strong for high-end condos. Tacoma’s average new condominium price, according to the study, was $348,893 at the end of last year.

The 149-page report, finished last week, identified three kinds of future condo buyers: female baby boomers, young professionals, and married folks with no children at home. It recommended adding edgy lofts and more small spaces that Generation Y buyers can afford.

As of December, all six neighborhoods surveyed averaged 14 months of condominium inventory, which measures how long it would take to sell everything built and approved.

A healthy market for new construction tends to be in the six- to 12-month range, said Deanna Sihon, the study’s author.

Since 2004, nearly 400 condos have been sold downtown with another 525 for sale and about 1,500 proposed, according to the study.

A year ago, a hot market meant condo shoppers had to make rapid buying decisions, said RE/MAX real estate agent George Pilant.

Not so now.

“Buyers have so many choices they don’t feel a sense of urgency,” he said.

As in any type of residential real estate, demand is driven by population and job growth, said Paul Turek, an economist with the state Employment Security Department.

But condos are a niche product that at higher inventory levels, he said, raise this question: Will good-paying jobs needed to sell such downtown housing continue to be created?

“I suppose that’s where the gamble is,” he said. “In the Tacoma area, we have some high-paying jobs. Whether there’s enough to support the building of the condos remains to be seen.”

Good luck with that. Seriously.

(Devona Wells, Tacoma News-Tribune, 03.25.2007)

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  1. 1
    Pegasus says:

    I am sure the crime rate in Tacoma won’t affect the sales and will really help their property values in the future. Maybe they should build on Hilltop where there is a great view. That way the occupants won’t have to worry about watching TV every night. One, someone will steal their TV before they get completely moved in and two; they will have their own entertainment with almost not-stop drive-by shootings every evening.

  2. 2
    refractedthought says:

    Tacoma’s average new condominium price, according to the study, was $348,893 at the end of last year.

    I stopped right there and busted out laughing.

  3. 3
    EconE says:

    I guess Tacoma is even more special than Seattle.


  4. 4
    pika says:

    Um, you guys haven’t been to Tacoma lately, have you? I moved here from Seattle six months ago, and lo and behold, it’s a nice little city.

  5. 5
    EconE says:

    Um, you guys haven’t been to Tacoma lately, have you? I moved here from Seattle six months ago, and lo and behold, it’s a nice little city.

    Funny…I hear that about every place discussed on this blog.

    There are special little places I believe…not that won’t necessarily go down in value but it won’t matter if they do.

    Hunt’s Point. Westside W/ Olympic Views.

    Evergreen Point ditto.

    Medina waterfront.

    Laurelhurst waterfront.

    The uber rich don’t really give a rats ass if RE tanks because that is a relatively small part of their portfolios…not to mention…they’ll probably be the ones that make out like bandits on the downturn also.

  6. 6
    refractedthought says:

    it’s a nice little city.

    There’s a huge disconnect between “nice little city” and $350,000 condos. In time, gravity will reassert itself, and you too will understand.

  7. 7
    matthew says:

    Tacoma was voted least livable city in the U.S. a year or two ago… Based on crime, weather, unemployment and cost of living…

  8. 8
    pika says:

    My comment wasn’t intended to convey that condo prices in Tacoma might not go down – they probably will, and that would be great for their affordability and even for downtown Tacoma on the whole. My point was that Tacoma’s a good, interesting (even safe, in most neighborhoods) place to live and combat some of the ill-informed slander that based on conjecture and believing everything you read (I thought the whole point of this site was skepticism about media hype, albeit of the housing boom).

  9. 9
    matthew says:


    Crime was up over 3.08 percent last year in Tacoma. It leads all cities in Washington in Violent crime, and has more crime than just about every city it is compared to in the FBI uniform crime report (Sacramento being higher).

  10. 10
    Pegasus says:

    Pika…..”My point was that Tacoma’s a good, interesting (even safe, in most neighborhoods) place to live and combat some of the ill-informed slander that based on conjecture and believing everything you read (I thought the whole point of this site was skepticism about media hype, albeit of the housing boom).”

    And my point was to point out that builders will build anywhere as long as they know another fool will come along and buy their wares at greatly inflated prices.

    Tacoma is so safe according to you and I am just spouting “ill-informed slander” and not facts that perhaps you should ignore the crime rate and warnings and prove me wrong.

    Why don’t you take a little drive this evening and park yourself up on Hilltop tonight while you enjoy the gorgeous view of the city, bay and lights. If your car is still in one piece and you are undamaged and alive at sunrise I will retract my previous comment. How’s that? Oh I know you don’t want to listen to any warnings for your safety but make sure you’re wearing the right color bandana while you enjoy that view.

    Good luck and I really hope you prove me wrong because the alternative is not a pleasant thought.

  11. 11
    Sven says:

    Pika is correct in the assertion that there are very nice parts of Tacoma, but there are also very sketchy parts of that city that must be avoided (like Hilltop and the Portland Ave. areas). The area north of 6th to Point Defiance is a very nice older home community particularly around the Proctor and Old Town areas. NE Tacoma around Brown’s Point is also a very nice area.

    However, Tacoma is also very over priced in some areas with an even larger disconnect from median income level to home price than in many parts of Seattle (the recent overpriced article lends some tangential evidence to this). There is also some truth to parts of North Tacoma being a bedroom community for commuters to Seattle. The price of those condos is laughable considering the typical clientele of Tacoma and adds proof to the builder’s disconnect to geographical supply and demand…

  12. 12
    Scott says:

    I posted a few thoughts on this topic over at Greater Seattle metro housing market-condos. I agree that an average condo price of $348k in Tacoma is absurd, which would at least partially explain why there is a 14 month supply of condos in the downtown core at current selling rates. The gist of my commentary is that Tacoma could develop a sound condo-oriented housing market, if builders plan their developments correctly. Geographically, Tacoma isn’t all that different from Seattle itself in that it is on the Sound and mountains are nearby.

  13. 13
    flotown says:

    But its a downtown, urban location relative to 99% of seattle metro area, and therein lies the value. It has the bones – streetgrid, infrastructure, zoning -to be one of the few urban, walkable locations in the region. If there are 3 million people in the region and some small percentage want an urtban walkable lifestyle, there aren’t many options.

    that said the prices are high, but construction costs are what they are and aren’t likely to fall. I think many people on this blog underestimate the support provided to prices by high replacement costs

  14. 14
    wreckingbull says:

    Hey Flo,

    I just don’t buy that today’s prices are the result of higher construction costs.

    Can you price out what it costs to build a new 2000 square foot home of average quality on a standard lot? (i.e. not clinging to a hillside) I have not built anything since 2002, so I can’t comment on this.


  15. 15
    Sven says:

    …and some small percentage want an urtban walkable lifestyle, there aren’t many options.

    Exactly why I consider the North Tacoma area as my favorite next to West Seattle (Admiral, Junction, and Alki areas). Walkable with great amenities, good schools (which Seattle can’t boast) and a great community feel.

    Replacement cost is a good point, but often that cost is hard to measure while using location as a check/balance. Like the developer mentioned, the cost of land is what really put one project so far out of whack with the norm, not necessarily construction cost as that’s mainly a given.

    Sorry, I may have misled with the geographical location statement. I have a primarily social geography eduction so I consider physical, social, and environmental considerations as all part of the same over arching classification (basically how humans interact with a given environment).

  16. 16
    rentalbliss says:

    Sven; I would highly disagree with Tacoma having a good school district. Where are you getting this info.?

  17. 17
    Sven says:

    Most of the information I’ve seen about the school districts in Tacoma has been from online review sites, test score publications, and interviews with current and former employees and parents I’ve had seperately. A lot of it is very location dependent and having no children in school, I can’t give a completely informed opinion.

    I did notice that the reviews varied quite a bit for different schools and there seems to be a remodel hangover for Stadium. So, real experience would trump what I’ve researched since I’ve no real test for the information until I put a kid in the system…

  18. 18
    flotown says:

    “Can you price out what it costs to build a new 2000 square foot home of average quality on a standard lot?”

    I can’t speak to that but I can speak to multi-family construction. The most efficient layout, in terms of hard cost and land cost, is 5-over-1 construction. I just got bids on hard costs for the podiums (blended rate of plain vanilla shell retail and non-heated parking) at about $120/sf, below grade parking at $85/sf and woodframe above the podium at $150/sf. We assume 5% escalation over the construciton period. this is an all-in per SF unit cost. then we add financing costs, insurance (15k pr unit), marketing and sales (6-8% of net sales), permitting (3% of hard), contingency (7%), and project management costs (5%). So that’s $250/sf all in plus the pro-rata share of the parking (lets say one stall) at $50k including soft costs. 900 sf condo at $225,000 replacement plus $50k parking equals $275k total replacement cost. Lets make it simple, ignore costs of funds and discounting and assume a 15% margin on cost at delivery – $316,900.

    Not even talking about anything fancy in terms of amenitieslet alone concrete and steel construction

  19. 19
    rentalbliss says:

    I have compared many school districts on Washington state report card, and Tacoma has shown the lowest test scores and highest dropout rate in the PNW.

    Heres a link


  20. 20
    Eric D. says:

    I agree that condos are way overpriced in Tacoma, but there are actually parts of HillTop that you can hang out all night and not worry (e.g. The Tempest)- the crime rate here is greatly exagerated and is very relative. Compared to most cities in California the crime rate in Tacoma is not bad. Compared to rich, white Seattle it is, big surpise.

  21. 21
    Sven says:

    When investigating that issue, I limited my research to the schools that were in particular neighborhoods of my residence interest. Schools, by nature of being in neighborhoods, are very location sensitive in performance and evaluation. The sites I used were about specific schools, (Washington/Hoyt, Mason, Sherman, Statium, Wilson, etc…) instead of the district wide stats. To base a decision on district wide stats is a bit of a stretch in my opinion, but definately good information to have on hand.

    From the site you posted one can dive deeper in to the specific schools and see individual performances. That is the real value of that survey, not necessarily the overall rating.

  22. 22
    EconE says:

    The new Tacoma mantra should be…or maybe the future.

    “I am not white trash…my counters are granite…I am not white trash”

    Face it…Tacoma Sucks. Always has…always will.

    same with Everett.

  23. 23
    flotown says:

    Econ, thats a stupid, ignnorant comment and adds nothing to the conversation.

  24. 24
    EconE says:

    mmm….must have hit a nerve with you Flotown.

    I’ll show you something that doesn’t contribute to the conversation…

    [i]but construction costs are what they are and aren’t likely to fall[/i]

    have you checked the price for copper & lumber lately? Probably not.

    I believe that construction costs are going to fall.

    I believe that the builders will continue to build even as they bury the existing homeowners in their houses as they start to offer the same thing for less.

    I also believe that Tacoma still sucks.

    call me elitist I don’t care. Tacoma sucks and I’m glad I never had nor ever will have to live on “that side of the tracks”

  25. 25
    pika says:

    Thanks, Sven for starting a rational discussion. Pegasus, I actually hang out on Hilltop on occasion — walking over there at night sometimes (!), and it’s not that different than Seattle’s 23rd and Madison was until recently — you have to be a bit more alert than you do in most Seattle or north Tacoma neighborhoods, but it’s just not that big a deal if you mind your own business. Like somebody said, there are some good places to eat/hang out there including but not limited to the Tempest. That may not have been the case 10 years ago, but it’s the case now.

  26. 26
    drizell says:

    I lived in Tacoma from 2000 to 2002. During that time, I never once experienced crime, heard a gunshot, or was even harassed on the street. I visited Seattle every couple months, and EVERY SINGLE TIME I went there something bad happened to me, whether it was being mugged in broad daylight downtown, spit on by homeless person, yelled at by drivers at intersections, or ticketed by the infamously brutal SPD for frivilous offenses. Tacoma does have some crime problems, but I feel much safer there than Seattle. Much of the crime is the direct result of a Department of Corrections policy to locate a far higher share of prisoner work release facilities in Pierce County than in other counties.

  27. 27
    tacomagirl says:

    It seems many of you prefer to live in neighborhoods that are not racially, socio-economically, or culturally diverse such as Tacoma’s downtown or Hilltop neighborhoods. As an owner of a less than $350,000 condo in downtown Tacoma and a lovely house in the Hilltop (where I’ve never experienced crime, just racist and classist stereotypes from folks like you), I am completely offended and thankful that most of you live up north where you can be open-minded but never have to encounter people different from yourself. Enjoy the ignorance — many say it’s bliss.

  28. 28
    jen says:

    Tacoma’s school district has open enrollment, meaning as long as there is space available and parents can provide transport, kids can go to any school in the district.

    There are some great programs available, such as Bryant’s Montessori curriculum, and Grant’s arts-based curriculum. On the High School end, there’s Tacoma School of the Arts.

    Tacoma does have a large percentage of children below the poverty line, which historically has been associated with higher drop out rates and lower test scores. I don’t think these things necessarily equate to “bad schools” so much as schools faced with very difficult circumstances.

    At any rate, parents who have the means to do so have a choice of where to send their kids to school.

    Stadium High, the closest high school to the condo developments, was rated a 9 out of 10 in overall performance on Greatschools.net last year.

  29. 29
    Pegasus says:

    tacomagurl..If you check with your local police dept. you will find out Hilltop is still a high crime area which requires extra police patrols to subvert the criminal element that frequents there and thinks drive-by shootings are a form of artistic expression.

    you said…”where I’ve never experienced crime, just racist and classist stereotypes from folks like you”.

    Perhaps you are the racist here as no one else has brought that up. Maybe you can only play the race card when all of the facts prove you to be wrong.

    Jen said..”Stadium High, the closest high school to the condo developments, was rated a 9 out of 10 in overall performance on Greatschools.net last year.”

    And didn’t Stadium just have an in-school gangland style execution? Sounds like a great place to send your kids.

  30. 30
    drizell says:


    “gangland style execution?” Man, you are one mentally ill individual if you glorify school violence to try to portray one place as somehow “better” than another. A tragedy is a tragedy, not a reason to claim that Seattle is better than Tacoma. None of us Tacomans started bad-mouthing Seattle just because some psycho killed 7 people in Capital Hill a year ago.

    The negativity of all the Seattle people on this blog makes me even more determined never to join your ranks and move north. I’m perfectly content staying down south.

  31. 31
    Pegasus says:


    Amazing that you and others have twisted my words to suit your agenda of deception. I merely exposed a heinous crime that occurred in a school that someone else here claimed was a great school. I do not glorify the crime nor do I condone it in silence. When crimes like this occur within the school and it DID OCCUR you stop covering it up and DEAL WITH THE PROBLEM. You can join the crowd of hiding and manipulating the truth to serve your own purpose which is to mislead(sucker) potential buyers into believing everything is wonderful in Tacoma. There is no crime and the schools are wonderful. NOT! Start telling the truth instead of lying and covering the facts up so that one day you can unload your property on a uninformed buyer. Try fixing your problems instead on lying and pointing fingers at people who tell the truth. I have not identified where I live nor what race I am but that seems to be the only way to discredit me here without dealing with the facts. Now get up and go out and clean up your neighborhoods and schools before you make up any more lies because crime does affect your property values and most importantly your quality of life.

  32. 32
    Carmen says:

    “Perhaps you are the racist here as no one else has brought that up. Maybe you can only play the race card when all of the facts prove you to be wrong.”

    Very well said. I agree wholoheartedly.

  33. 33

    Historically, there has been this tendency for Seattle folk to put down Tacoma for whatever reason, like needing to feel superior about something?
    But most folks concur that Tacoma has seen a lot of improvements in recent years. Sure, there are some parts that are more dangerous than others, and that’s true in Seattle as well. I lived in the Central District in Seattle from 1986-1998 owning a home in a not so great street. Never once got robbed or had anything of a criminal nature happen to me. I mentioned that to one of my neighbors a few months before moving out, and he mentioned something to the effect of ” The gangsters live on this street, they just don’t sh*t in their own backyard.”

  34. 34
    101 says:

    As the muders and crime continue in Seattle in 2008…

    Seattle: 8 or 9?
    Tacoma: 1

    Haven’t seen Tacoma on the news very often and we know how Seattle news loves to report Tacoma crime.

  35. 35

    Just for belated reference, the “gangland style execution” was a mentally ill guy (not a gang thing) at FOSS High School, in South Tacoma, not Stadium. Stadium isn’t a dream school, but nothing in Seattle is either.

    There’s some institutional crime on the Hilltop, but it’s improved drastically. Downtown is actually kind of safe, mostly because it’s kind of deserted. The Stadium District is both urban and safe. There are pleasant, Seattle-or-less crime level neighborhoods like North Tacoma, most of West Tacoma, and most of Northeast Tacoma.

    Personally, I think Proctor and Old Town would hold up as prized areas even in Seattle. The school situation in North Tacoma is really good, although at the high school level it does become more socioeconomically diverse, and consequently there are more difficulties.

    As for Pegasus’s comments, the Tacoma police publish the number of drive-by shootings on the Hilltop every year. I’ll leave you to look it up. Hint: This year, it is not divisible by itself.

  36. 36
    TacomaMom says:

    I would just like to know where you get your stats. What part of Tacoma has drive bys everynight. I have lived in all parts of Tacoma the last 39 years and have never heard of or seen these nightly drive bys you speak of. You must not live in Tacoma
    (One, someone will steal their TV before they get completely moved in and two; they will have their own entertainment with almost not-stop drive-by shootings every evening.)

  37. 37
    TacomaMom says:

    Tillicum is worse than Hilltop. Parkland and Spanaway in my opinion are bad. There are certain places that are not good to be at in any neighborhood.Crime seems to be higher at night also. I live in Hilltop and I learned what areas to avoid. Parkland to me is a very scary place. I live by some new condos and I think they have sold maybe 4. They are still building more. They are having a really hard time selling them. They need to start renting them out. They are way over priced

  38. 38
    UPS student says:

    so the only reason I started to look at living in Tacoma was because I now go to school here. After being here for a while, I’m gonna have to agree that Tacoma sucks…. pretty bad too. I have never hated an area so much, coming back here after breaks is just depressing!

  39. 39
    Bob says:

    RE: Pegasus @ 1

    Hahahah, this post is like a time machine from 1990! You’re clueless.

  40. 40
    Bob says:

    RE: matthew @ 7

    Provide a link please. Oh wait you can’t because you just made that up. Tacoma was voted “most livable” city in washington in 2004 you idiot. There IS NO “least livable” list (which anyone can google to see themselves) so you’re talking out your ass.

    Tacoma has some problems like every city, but the best thing Tacoma has going for it is all the whiny pansy jackasses live entirely up in Seattle, which you can see any time you go online and see mention of Tacoma. Funny how you NEVER see seattleites talking smack in person.

    As for this talk about the Hilltop, the Hilltop WAS a warzone in the late 80’s very early 90’s. It was seriously, seriously bad. But by 93 or so the worst crime and gang violence was all up in south Seattle. Specifically White Center. I worked in white center in the late 90’s and it was terrible, easily as bad as late 80’s Hilltop. Hilltop today is a joke as far as crime. Parkland and Lakewood, Tillicum and the East Side are all wayyyyy worse.

  41. 41
    Rollin' back says:

    After living in West Seattle for years we moved to Tacoma 2.5 years ago. During this time my wife and I didn’t experience any crime. The house we live in is just wonderful and we’re living in the nice part of T-town.

    Nonetheless, we are short selling the house and will relocate back to Seattle. I really tried to make this town home but I have to agree with some of you that Tacoma truly sucks. T’town is like a bottle of 2 buck chuck; if you’re never lived anywhere else or you come from a remote area, you’ll probable like this city. Myself I lived in Amsterdam, Seville, Copenhagen and Seattle over the past 12 years. Adapting to Tacoma just was a mission impossible for me, even though I really tried. I do believe this city has a bright future but it is just not my cup of coffee.

  42. 42
    Randy253 says:

    Rollin’ Back. I completely agree. I grew up in Seattle, moved to Tacoma, then to Amsterdam and now am back in Tacoma. This place has “potential” but doesn’t think like a true city. And that’s its problem. I love many of the people, geography, and older architecture, but this place really does get you down after a while. I live in the Hilltop and as often as possible, go to the nicer areas of Tacoma, patronize my local businesses, and am active in city politics. But this place really doesn’t progress as quickly as it ought to. It does progress. And by no means is it in the Midwest or the South. Thank God. And I love being only a train ride away from Portland and Seattle. The crime is not bad. The schools are not bad. We just have had a legacy of being Seattle’s dumping grounds. Thanks to some influential politicians on the state level, that is no longer the case, but my God, we have a long way to go to clean up our past and before we really have the opportunity to start functioning as a city. I will be here for five more years and in that time, I hope to leave my mark (something I can do in Tacoma–not so much in Seattle) and make it a better place. I do see myself living where the lights are brighter in the not-so-distant future, but I hope that at some point in my life I can come back to Tacoma and live in a true CITY. At the rate things are going, I’m confident it will happen in my lifetime. Good luck Tacoma, and thank you for the experience.

  43. 43
    xxx says:

    In Parkland, at the University Park Apartments near PLU on February 23rd, 2015, a man whose sleep was disturbed by a neighbor’s loud sound system, got in a fight with the man over the noise and stabbed the man to death. Members of my family have been present at three gang shootings in Parkland and Spanaway. The one I was present at was in August 2014 at the Spanaway McDonalds. We arrived right after the shooting, with five children in our van, right before a single Pierce County deputy rushed up and brandished an assault rifle. My brother was present at the gang shooting at the Parkland McDonalds on January 21st, 2013. My nephew, who is a child, was a bystander at a drive-by shooting in a residential neighborhood in Parkland. This is not a good place for bringing up children.

  44. 44
    xxx says:

    In case you don’t already know, you should be aware that the Tacoma area has a terrible public disturbance noise problem. I am mainly referring to the following: 1) Loud subwoofer thumping noises that are blasted through walls and into homes by vehicles and can be heard for several blocks. 2) Loud exhaust noises from vehicles with mufflers removed or with loud “sport” mufflers. 3) Loud sound systems playing inside homes that can be heard inside homes that are many houses away. 4) Fireworks exploded any random time, day or night, 365 days a year, even when no holiday is near. The people doing this are intentionally trying to harass and menace everybody in the community! This is criminal behavior and there is a serious lack of enforcement of the Pierce County Code Chapter 8.72. Loud subwoofers heard from 50+ feet away are illegal. Unmuffled or loud vehicle exhausts, are misdemeanor crimes. The law is very clear and explicit here. The residents of Pierce County do not have to accept this criminality! Please read the law and contact government officials, including law enforcement, and demand that the law be enforced! Loud low-frequency thumping in particular causes violent and explosive emotions in people. There have been many violent incidents and even killings, occurring here and around the nation, that were touched off by loud music being forced into people’s homes. No wonder decent people do not want to move here, crime is high, property values are low, and criminals figure if they can get away with public disturbance, they can get away with any other crime. We do not have to accept this constant disturbance of the peace. It is illegal! The quality of life will remain low here until the residents do something about this.

    Clips from the current version (2016/2017) of the Pierce County Code Chapter 8.72:
    8.72.040 Mufflers. It is unlawful for any person to operate, or for any owner to permit any person to operate, any motor vehicle or motorcycle upon the public highways which is not equipped with a muffler in good working order and in constant operation.
    8.72.070 Exhaust System. It shall be unlawful for any person to operate any motor vehicle upon any public highway if the vehicle exhaust system exceeds the maximum permissible sound levels set forth below for the category of vehicle, as measured at a distance of twenty inches (0.5 meter) from the exhaust outlet under procedures established by the State of Washington in Washington Administrative Code Chapter 173-58-080, “Close Proximity Exhaust System Sound Level Measurement Procedure.” Motorcycles 99 dB(A)/Automobiles, light trucks, and all other motor vehicles 10,000 pounds or less 95 dB(A).
    8.72.090 Public Disturbance Noises. It is unlawful for any person to cause, or for any person in possession of property to allow to originate from the property, a public disturbance noise. The following sounds are public disturbance noises:…
    C. Frequent, repetitive, or continuous sounds from starting, operating, repairing, rebuilding, or testing of any motor vehicle, motorcycle, dirt bike, or other off-highway vehicle, or any internal combustion engine, within a rural or residential district, including vacant property adjacent thereto, so as to unreasonably disturb or interfere with the peace, comfort, and repose of owners or possessors of real property…
    F. Any loud and raucous sound made by use of a musical instrument, whistle, sound amplifier, or other device capable of producing or reproducing sound which emanates frequently, repetitively, or continuously from any building, structure or property, such as sound originating from a band session, tavern operation, or social gathering and which unreasonably disturb or interfere with the peace, comfort, and repose of owners or possessors of real property in the area affected by such noise…
    H. Public disturbance noise from portable or motor vehicle audio equipment: While in park areas, residential or commercial zones, or any area where residences, schools, human service facilities, or commercial establishments are in obvious proximity to the source of the sound, it is unlawful for any person to negligently cause, make, or allow to be made from audio equipment under such person’s control or ownership the following:
    1. Sound from a motor vehicle or vessel sound system, such as a tape player, radio, or compact disc player, which is operated at such a volume that it could be clearly heard by a person of normal hearing at a distance of 50 feet or more from the vehicle or vessel itself;
    2. Sound from audio equipment such as a tape player, radio, or compact disc player, which is operated at such a volume that it could be clearly heard by a person of normal hearing at a distance of 50 feet or more from the source of the sound;
    8.72.120 Enforcement… C. The Sections of this Chapter relating to motor vehicles and vessels and noise emanating from vehicles and vessels, shall be subject to enforcement proceedings with or without a citizen’s complaint.
    8.72.130 Violation – Penalty. A. Any person violating any motor vehicle performance standard of this Chapter, or who shall create, keep, maintain, or allow to occur any noise related to motor vehicle performance standards, as defined herein, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

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