Weekly Twitter Digest (Link Roundup) for 2009-10-03

  • RT @mattgoyer: New blog post: Brix Auction Results: $344-$500/Sq. Ft. http://bit.ly/twuKP #
  • Seattle Times on Mastro Bankruptcy: Hundreds of local investors lose big as real-estate magnate falls http://is.gd/3Jz2L #
  • Zillow + Windermere = BFF http://is.gd/3Lb97 #
  • Interesting take on some possible unintended consequences of the $8k homebuyer tax credit: http://is.gd/3LRvd #
  • Only 2 of 20 Case-Shiller tracked cities didn't show increasing home prices from June to July. Las Vegas and… Seattle. #
  • I'm starting to sense some probable great deals on real estate in Everett in the coming years… http://is.gd/3OQxN #
  • Seattle developer Mastro pulled some pretty shady moves with his assets leading up to the bankruptcy: http://is.gd/3Pfqp #
  • Another WaMu last days story http://is.gd/3QtvH #
  • The NWMLS should make a rule to stop random people from talking about listings *offline*. It's only fair to sellers. http://is.gd/3QTjf #
  • Is Seattle a "hot youth magnet," and even if it is, are "hot youth" going to be buying expensive Seattle homes? http://is.gd/3RsCz #
  • New sales material for Dick Beeson: US News & World Report ranks Tacoma as the #1 market "ready to rebound." http://is.gd/3RsEH #
  • Current recession now sports the largest % loss of jobs post-WWII. See last chart here http://is.gd/3SpLC #
  • Seattle Times says area rents are getting and will continue to get cheaper: http://is.gd/3Su9v #

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  1. 1
    disbelief says:

    “somethin’ just don’t add-up” with that “Brix” auction. 200 people clamoring to outbid each other to end up paying 300 grand for a one bedroom and a half-mil for a 2/2 condo…

    In this financial climate/lending environment!?

  2. 2
    Kary L. Krismer says:

    RE: disbelief @ 1 – I felt the same way about the local news stories of men paying some espresso stand women $80 to flash them. At least the people bidding on the condo got something tangible (that lasted longer than five minutes).

  3. 3
    DrShort says:

    I’m looking at an older craftsman in seattle in the $750K range. It doesn’t have any off street parking, but street parking looks plentiful. Any thoughts on how the lack of garage/parking should impact its value?

  4. 4
    rojo says:

    RT @mattgoyer: New blog post: Brix Auction Results: $344-$500/Sq. Ft. http://bit.ly/twuKP #

    I am surprised that these condos sold for 344-500/SF!! What were they at the peak?

    Also, how does $/sf compare between condos & SFH & Townhouses? Is it comparable?

  5. 5
    Joel says:

    I think sidewiki idea is great. I’d thought of the idea several times, but always dismissed it because it would be totally worthless unless tons of people had it installed.

  6. 6
    Esol Esek says:

    It’s a lot less damaging to lose 80 bucks than 300k. Plus it could be amemory that last a lifetime, instead of a nightmare. I dont know if anyone’s bothering to look, but the Brix has a condo going up across the street which is going to block its western view and light, and turn that part of broadway into a tunnel. Gonna be some FUN traffic around those buildings. This town has got some loose zoning. Anyone notice that all those sweet pio sq. 1st ave condos that had the sweet decks with the Olympic views are all going to be blocked by a new project coming up where the viaduct is coming down? Buy a condo, and get screwed, except with serious diligence.

  7. 7
    Kary L. Krismer says:

    By Joel @ 5:

    I think sidewiki idea is great. I’d thought of the idea several times, but always dismissed it because it would be totally worthless unless tons of people had it installed.

    Maybe I have it setup wrong, but so far I’m not impressed. The notification of entries seems weak.

  8. 8
    Seattle Homes says:

    Sounds like many of the Brix condos went 20%-30% off current list price. This was prety close to where regular buyers were buying those condos for right before the auction.

    Good ol Mastro…..you make the community so proud. Maybe I can pick up one of those 20-carat rocks he bought for his wife….pawn shop maybe. Anniversary’s coming up.

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