Real Actual Listing Photos: Dinosaurs Play Scrabble?

It’s time for another installment of Real Actual Listing Photos. Once a month (or so) I round up some of the most bizarre listing photos from around the Seattle area and post them here, with brief excerpts from the real actual listing description, and probably a bit of snarky commentary.

The idea for this series stems from the ongoing forum thread Detrimental Listing Photos, which is where you should post your nominations for next month’s Real Actual Listing Photos post.

No theme this month, just a random assortment of high quality sales material. Most of these were submitted by readers. Thanks, and keep them coming.

Enough explanation. Let’s get to the photos! Click the photo to view the Real Actual Listing.

8610 Delridge Wy SW Seattle, WA 98106“Value in the land”

The only question I care about isn’t addressed in the listing: Is the Target shopping cart included?

3235 Magnolia Blvd W Seattle, WA 98199“waiting for new owner to open up sound & mountain view.”

Is it just me or does this photo make it look like the interior of the house and the sky behind it are ON FIRE?

3438 22nd Ave W Seattle, WA 98199“Don’t miss this lovely Magnolia home on a quiet street.”

Note that this is the only photo on the listing. And yes, I am showing it here at full size.

4033 83 Ave SE Mercer Island, WA 98040“Existing home needs extensive work, either tear down or Remodel.”

So really, why would you even want to see inside, right? (Also the only photo on the listing.)

14802 Stone Ave N Shoreline, WA 98133“Improvements in last 5yrs: high efficiency furnace, earthquake retrofit, refinished hardwood floors, copper pipes, fresh paint.”

Hmm, no mention of the black hole that appears to be sucking this home into oblivion. (Someone needs to step away from Photoshop’s auto-stitch panorama feature.)

4068 W Mercer Wy Mercer Island, WA 98040“Warm & inviting, house sits back from WMW and offers large living spaces…”

Scrabble-Playing DinosaurThat is one odd staging job. Best I can tell, sitting on the floor there is a toy dinosaur, on top of a VCR, next to an in-progress game of Scrabble.

Let me know if you have an idea for the next “Real Actual Listing Photos” theme.

About The Tim

Tim Ellis is the founder of Seattle Bubble. His background in engineering and computer / internet technology, a fondness of data-based analysis of problems, and an addiction to spreadsheets all influence his perspective on the Seattle-area real estate market.


  1. 1
    Robyn Armani says:

    I could’ve gotten in trouble at work for how hard I was laughing at the photos and your comments. Hysterical.

  2. 2
    redmondjp says:

    So an average sized lot on Mercer Island with no view is priced at $650K, even in this market?


    And yeah, that second picture is definitely the work of Thomas Kinkade, house-painter of light ;<)

  3. 3
    ChrisM says:

    What’s even better is that there’s a “virtual tour” where you slowly pan over the exact same awful photos for the shopping cart house!

  4. 4
    Peter Witting says:

    There also appears to be a halo of light coming off the little statue of Jesus. Perhaps the house is haunted?

  5. 5
    ChrisM says:

    What would be behind the price history of the Magnolia property? I know county appraisals aren’t exactly accurate, but it is appraised at 564, whilst listed for 275?

    It is bank owned – if I were a shareholder in whatever bank owns this place, I’d be furious at how it is being marketed.

  6. 6
    redmondjp says:

    Regarding the first listing in Seattle, Tim, you should have instead posted the last picture showing the across-the-street view of the oh-my-gosh awful-looking condo building. Oh, the visibility!

    And that picture of the back yard fireplace in the same listing is curious as well. My guess is that was used to burn household garbage at some point in its history. Maybe it was originally a patio fireplace?

    On a serious note, I don’t see a problem with accurate (but unflattering) pictures of a property that is almost certainly a teardown (which is usually the only way that the numbers pencil out, assuming the lot can be divided or multifamily housing built, as in the case here).

  7. 7
    m-s says:

    Wow, that bedroom is so big, it makes a triceratops look puny!

  8. 8
    Lake Hills Renter says:

    Dinosaurs will kick your ASS in Scrabble.

  9. 9

    The 1st Photo of “The Land” is Classic

    Those Non-Indigenous Blackberry Weeds grow everywhere now and getting the roots out of the land to stop them from re-popping up with razor sharp pricks takes a medium sized bull-dozer and complete top and bottom soil removal down 5-10 feet. This horrifying black berry weed has literally killed off the real Washington State indigenous [and much more tasty] black berries I used to pick in the woods when I was a kid.

  10. 10
    Drone says:

    Was I the only one who saw the games on the floor, and immediately thought “I wonder what kind of carpet damage they’re hiding” ?

  11. 11
    RottedOak says:

    Maybe the point of the dinosaur is to show off the square footage of the “large living spaces”. The living room is so big, a huge dinosaur looks tiny inside it!

    Edit: Darn, someone above beat me to the joke!

  12. 12
    Matt says:

    That Magnolia house with the single photo was literally the first one I saw when I started house hunting. There is really no other good view of the house. 18-unit apartment next door, townhouses and swamp behind, full bath off the kitchen… just tragic all around.

  13. 13
    Oberon says:

    The Magnolia house is clearly a tear-down and build townhouses kind of lot (it’s multi-family zoned, it would not be a good investment to renovate a house that will one day be surrounded by tall townhouses). There just aren’t that many people building townhouses these days, and the price on a lot needs to get pretty low for the investment to pan out. It is pending, though.

  14. 14

    […] home actually made an appearance in a previous episode of Real Actual Listing Photos, but since that time the listing agent has cranked the dial up to eleven, so I decided it’s […]

  15. 15
    Patrick Bouge says:

    May you can beat some of these dinosaur with this ;p
    RE: Lake Hills Renter @ 8

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