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Here is your open thread for the mid-week on November 28th, 2012. You may post random links and off-topic discussions here. Also, if you have an idea or a topic you’d like to see covered in an article, please make it known.

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Tim Ellis is the founder of Seattle Bubble. His background in engineering and computer / internet technology, a fondness of data-based analysis of problems, and an addiction to spreadsheets all influence his perspective on the Seattle-area real estate market.


  1. 1
    Blurtman says:


    “Payments on 11% of student-loan balances were 90 or more days behind at the end of September, up from 8.9% at the end of June, a rate that now exceeds that for credit cards. Delinquency rates for all other consumer-debt categories fell or were flat.”


  2. 2
    softwarengineer says:

    RE: Blurtman @ 1

    Yes Blurtman

    I remember reading an article recently stating the beginning avg wages of college graduates was like $33K [about $15/hr], but has recently plummetted to $29K [about $13.5/hr]….you can’t afford to live/rent in Seattle on thoses paultry wages; especially if there’s no medical benefits. So how in hades do they pay their college loans off, peddling newspapers at midnight [oh that’s right, those jobs are gone now too with newspapers tanked].

    I found the EPI information on recent college graduates wages to cheer the feint hearted to an early grave on student loans; they’re plummetting downward the last 10 years:


    Scroll down to the Figure 4AJ, hades the 2000 graduates [Ivy league included] made more than now.

    They brainwash us on TV to believe college graduates make like $25K more a year than high school graduates…pure hogwash. In SE King county I noticed the old high school credentials for hiring firemen is now documented as a lot of 4 year degrees….we can use all that college learning to drive trucks, rescue victims and climb ladders…LOL

    I s

  3. 3
    Blurtman says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 2 – Thanks. I will read the link. I think in the future, the average cab driver will have an MD, PhD.

  4. 4
    redmondjp says:

    By Blurtman @ 3:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 2 – Thanks. I will read the link. I think in the future, the average cab driver will have an MD, PhD.

    Well, all those aged-out former Microsoft employees have to find something else to do!

  5. 5
    softwarengineer says:

    RE: redmondjp @ 4

    Young Pups Too

    Albeit, the future wage shock to them will be mitigated doing lower skill labor, they were already there…..I’d add too that MSFT’s future [any tech company or agency for that matter] is totally dependent upon the old farts with the decades of technical experience mentoring the new employees,

    They don’t teach almost all of this direct work experience in any college in the world….now let’s see if MSFT will pay the piper [old farts] to get them training the lower paid inexperienced newbies and its gonna take a good decade of training in high tech skills….no magic two week seminar or insourcing magic replaces learning the plethora of applications through in company mentoring, especially from the code specialists.

  6. 6
    Macro Investor says:

    By softwarengineer @ 2:

    RE: Blurtman @ 1

    They brainwash us on TV to believe college graduates make like $25K more a year than high school graduates…pure hogwash.

    I s

    It still pays very well to have a college education. But you have to get THE RIGHT college education. Science and engineering degrees have always paid off, and likely always will. “Fun” majors were never worth anything in the job market. Nothing new there.

    I agree that TV is brain washing. But it’s not hard to see through it. Young people can still choose to work hard and move up the career ladder. The ones taking junk majors are choosing to borrow and party for a few more years. If their parents are stupid enough to fund that lifestyle, that is their business. Essentially, they are blowing their retirement to let the kids go to Vegas.

  7. 8
    Blurtman says:

    You couch potatoes are missing a great Springsteen tour. Another great show in Portland.

    Kill the Bankers!

    Death to My Home Town

    No cannonballs did fly
    No rifles cut us down
    No bombs fell from the sky
    No blood soaked the ground
    No powder flash blinded the eye
    No deafening thunder sounded
    But just as sure as the hand of god
    They brought death to my hometown
    They brought death to my hometown

    No shells ripped the evening sky
    No cities burning down
    No armies stormed the shores for which we’d die
    No dictators were crowned
    High off on a quiet night
    I never heard a sound
    The marauders raided in the dark and brought death to my hometown, boys
    Death to my hometown

    They destroyed our families’ factories and they took our homes
    They left our bodies on the plains
    The vultures picked our bones

    So listen up, my Sonny boy
    Be ready for when they come
    For they’ll be returning sure as the rising sun

    Now get yourself a song to sing and sing it ’til you’re done
    Yeah, sing it hard and sing it well
    Send the robber baron’s straight to hell
    The greedy thieves that came around
    And ate the flesh of everything they’ve found
    Whose crimes have gone unpunished now
    Walk the streets as free men now

    And they brought death to our hometown, boys
    Death to our hometown, boys
    Death to our hometown, boys
    Death to our hometown

  8. 9
    softwarengineer says:

    RE: Macro Investor @ 6

    More Brainwashing to Mitigate Insourcing Cheap Foreign Tech Replacements IMO

    If engineers for instance are so scarce; how can outsourcing about 80-90% of our automotive engineers [the backbone of America’s manufacturing BTW], recently closing down NASA and hades, we don’t make anything hardly in America anymore [why do we need engineers anymore?] NOT lead to a massive glut of engineers in America?

    I know….we’ll put ’em all to work making video games and cell phones….LOL

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