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Tim Ellis is the founder of Seattle Bubble. His background in engineering and computer / internet technology, a fondness of data-based analysis of problems, and an addiction to spreadsheets all influence his perspective on the Seattle-area real estate market. Tim also hosts the weekly improv comedy sci-fi podcast Dispatches from the Multiverse.


  1. 2251
    David says:

    RE: Bumble @ 2249 – You may go to Grammar (dot) com and input the phrase and feel shame. Or click here to see the results: https://imgur.com/a/HwuF7RJ

    There are many exceptions to the usage.

  2. 2252
    David says:

    RE: NWA @ 2246 – See above or click here: https://imgur.com/a/HwuF7RJ

    Being a non-native speaker has its disadvantages.

  3. 2253
    sfrz says:

    We’re gonna need bigger boxes. 38,000 loan officers applied- only 36 were denied. Marmol is a poster boy for the current crash.

    “While stories like Marmol’s are relatively uncommon, brokers who bend the rules are not. According to Grant, raising the bar for entry into the industry would help reduce the number of individuals polluting it.

    Citing data from the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System, Grant says that of the almost 38,000 applications to become licensed loan officers received by the NMLS in 2019, only 36 were denied.

    “This just goes to show you that as an industry, we are not focused on creative, value-based, financially literate, and fiscally responsible mortgage advisors. We are only interested in collecting licensing fees, and the consumer is always going to be negatively impacted by this,” he says.

    Grant explains that before becoming a licensed cosmetologist, a person needs to amass 1,600 hours of education and experience. To become a licensed mortgage professional – who, unless you’re a Kardashian, carries significantly more responsibility – that same person needs 20 hours of education; none of which, according to Grant, “teaches you anything about actually providing financial advice or guidance.”

    “We need to change this for the consumer’s sake,” he says.”

  4. 2254
    Juststoppedby says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 2247

    It’s called common courtesy.

    Nothing complicated or magic about it. Just plain old common courtesy…

    Blather on and on, just like the loud-mouth drunk know it all at the bar – both of you have the right to do it, and you’re both equally painful.

  5. 2255
    David says:

    By Erik @ 2237:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 2224
    The foreclosure moratorium has been extended in king county until September I believe, and that includes the city of CHOP. I’m waiting for that moratorium to lift so I can own some of that CHOP prime real estate. I just want condos on the third floor so they can’t get vandalized.

    I confirm that I am saving my money now to take advantage of some of these distressed sales in CHOP. I want to buy the homes out from under these crazy people and rent it back to them for double while they pay my mortgage for me.

    Landlord pockets matter!

    After the City Council not enforcing loitering for drugs & hoe’s, Cap Hill is going to be a desolate Rat City.

  6. 2256
    DavidE says:

    Oh boy….

    Effective June 26, a statewide order requires individuals to wear a face covering in indoor public spaces such as stores, offices and restaurants. The order also requires face coverings outdoors when you can’t stay 6 feet apart from others.

    This will surely cause a V shaped recovery in the economy.


  7. 2257
    Eastsider says:

    RE: DavidE @ 2256

    Masks required when dining in restaurants? When not enforce facemasks in CHOP? Or just ban the Coronavirus!

  8. 2258
    don says:

    By DavidE @ 2256:

    Oh boy….

    Effective June 26, a statewide order requires individuals to wear a face covering in indoor public spaces such as stores, offices and restaurants. The order also requires face coverings outdoors when you can’t stay 6 feet apart from others.

    This will surely cause a V shaped recovery in the economy.


    Most people with more than about a gram of brains have been wearing masks in those situations for months. The surprise is that the gov had to order it.

  9. 2259
    Blurtman says:

    Nice interior accents but there is no getting around the small rooms. Definitely a find for rapellers avoiding the COVID spreading elevator. Instead of paying the $9500 yearly HOA dues, throw the money off the balcony and watch the fun begin. Seller is losing money, after paying the previous seller a 13% yearly return. Hot Potato!


  10. 2260

    RE: DavidE @ 2256
    I Just Bought a Plexiglass face shield for $10 on AMZ

    You can wear the face shield and breath and talk and wear glasses driving ordering Kung Flu Take Outs from your cars.

    The surge in Kung Flu Cases is HORRIFYING….I hear the airlines want the Government to buy all its middle coach seats now to survive. I’d like to know who wants the other two seats breathing sealed recycled air in a plane? Masks are useless then, the Kung Flu germs enter your lungs through the mask porous holes…

    So fill your mugs with caffeine and read the brief:

    “… Seattle firefighters are battling a large blaze in the Chinatown International District. The smoke is drifting across nearby freeways, forcing ramp closures. Check back for updates on this story and see today’s traffic here…”

    SWE’s take: Complete freeway disruptions in Seattle are the new normal now; now its the Asian communities in flames…what started the fire or fires?

    “… How should policing change? Here’s what Seattle-area cops say
    John Hayes had been stopped by police multiple times over the years and questioned about robberies, drug deals and other crimes he never committed. Then he became a Seattle police officer, rising to the rank of captain and chairing the National Black Police Association. The killing of George Floyd and the fallout for police are incredibly painful, he says. Hayes is among current and former officers in Washington who are talking about what needs to change, and what shouldn’t. (Photo: Erika Schultz / The Seattle Times)..”

    “… Baa-aa-aaa? People who follow Washington’s mask order are “sheep,” Lewis County’s sheriff said through a bullhorn yesterday. He’s among critics who are chafing at the order. Know when you are and aren’t required to wear a mask, and how to wear it properly…”

    SWE’s Take: I’m still trying to figure out how a barber can cut hair with mask straps around your hair? Even my plexiglass face shield doesn’t help there. Does Dimslee have a clue?

    “…Capitol Hill residents and businesses are suing Seattle for failing to disband CHOP and leaving the protest zone “unchecked by police.” CHOP is shrinking, but it’s not going away. Take a walk through it with this photo gallery…”

    SWE’s Take: Resident and business owners are now chanting at CHOP, personal property rights matter more…LOL

    “… Boeing is reacting to a racist incident at its Everett plant…”

    SWE’s Take: Call the FBI the innocuous door cord was not really the door opener at NASCAR since October 2019…it was obviously a KKK noose…

    “…President Donald Trump will try to shore up support today in the battleground state of Wisconsin, which looks awfully different from the last time he was there. His plan for a July 4 display at Mount Rushmore is drawing heat from Native Americans, who call the monument a symbol of white supremacy. Democrats, meanwhile, laid out how their nearly all-virtual convention will work.

    SWE’s Take: Tear Mount Rushmore down, its RACIST now too. Wisconsin in 2016 phony polls Trump was similarly FAR behind then too, then won by 23000 votes anyway. Fake News?

    “…Changes to Boeing’s 737 MAX must go beyond fixing the flawed flight control system that brought down two planes, safety regulators in Europe and Canada say. The additional changes could come at a substantial cost. Boeing will be required to make them and retrofit the worldwide fleet only after the MAX returns to service…”

    SWE’s take: The 737 A/C design has always shuttered and shaked, we just called it air turbulence

    “… Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan made the right decision to reopen the East Precinct and wind down the CHOP protest zone, writes The Seattle Times editorial board. It should have happened sooner…”

    SWE’s Take: Mayor Durken thinks cutting the Seattle police budget by $20M should fix it….LOL

    Good News: We most all think Mayor Durken is cold stone nuts…LOL….and Erik is picking out his destroyed CHOP Condo to remodel and rent out again….


  11. 2261
    Blurtman says:

    “SWE’s Take: I’m still trying to figure out how a barber can cut hair with mask straps around your hair?”

    You got that right, SWE. That’s why I am going with the ponytail. Helps me fit in with both the CHOP crowd and the rednecks as well. :>))

  12. 2262
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 2255
    Great! If I can get a couple nice multi family buildings in capital hill during this time, I’d be thrilled. I would evict the drugged up hoes and loiterers and get those units rented out for top dollar.

  13. 2263
    David says:

    By Erik @ 2262:

    RE: David @ 2255
    Great! If I can get a couple nice multi family buildings in capital hill during this time, I’d be thrilled. I would evict the drugged up hoes and loiterers and get those units rented out for top dollar.

    I personally would not live in Cap Hill, but I hope it works out for you! Just make sure they are not producing meth in your units.

    The problem with condos is you cannot control the outcome relative to other owners at a certain point.

  14. 2264
    Al says:

    So are home prices going down or up? With$600+ ending soon and scores of people jobless, is it going to hit the real estate? Are we going to see a 2008 style crash any time soon?

    I want to buy a house in gig harbor, but I’m worried there will be a housing crash, but I’m sick of renting!

    Should I wait for price drop in winter?

  15. 2265
    wreckingbull says:

    By David @ 2263:

    By Erik @ 2262:

    RE: David @ 2255
    Great! If I can get a couple nice multi family buildings in capital hill during this time, I’d be thrilled. I would evict the drugged up hoes and loiterers and get those units rented out for top dollar.

    I personally would not live in Cap Hill, but I hope it works out for you! Just make sure they are not producing meth in your units.

    The problem with condos is you cannot control the outcome relative to other owners at a certain point.

    Of all the ways to invest in RE, condos are the worst. His own cash flow statements would validate this. For the average one bedroom, the first five hundred dollars or so of any gross profit gets handed right over to the HOA. I have always requested examples of condo investing working in Seattle but no one on this blog has ever been able to show it pencils out.

  16. 2266
    Justsomedude12 says:

    RE: Al @ 2264 – I doubt the end of the $600/week will have much effect (or affect, I just don’t know anymore!!) on the local housing market. The people relying on that (service industry, etc…) most likely weren’t in the potential buyer pool to begin with.

    In all honesty, if you’re really thinking about buying I recommend just stepping away from this site for a while, and stick to un-biased sources. Just clear your head of all the bias on here. That being said I also wouldn’t recommend trying to time the market, as I don’t think it’s possible. If you find a home you like, can comfortably afford it, and plan on staying there for many years, I think buying makes sense. Just my $.02

  17. 2267
    David says:

    RE: wreckingbull @ 2265 – I had a condo I made quite a bit of cash flow on as an AirBnB. But it was a low-cost condo in Atlanta. First floor with exterior access.

    I will NEVER do that again. The Condo Board wanted me to stop AirBnB’ing it. They held a special meeting where they voted to outlaw AirBnB and announced it to me as I walked in. I let them finish and move onto other business. Then I raised my hand toward the end of the meeting and reminded them that mine was a commercial/residential unit and for all first-floor units and their votes only affected the uses of the residential units above. The roars of HATE were staggering!! I was IN heaven!!!

    The Board had responded emotionally, whereas I had read the covenants and bylaws thoroughly.

    Later, I sold it to a real estate agent who – in turn – AirBnb’s it again!

    I had some lifelong enemies with that and LOVED every second of their hate!!


  18. 2268
    David says:

    RE: wreckingbull @ 2265 – Let’s also have goodwill toward Erik and hope he is indeed in a good place with his investments.

    I don’t take any joy in someone of goodwill trying and it not working out.

    I do take great joy in fools suffering as fools however (‘hoisting themselves upon their own petard.”)

  19. 2269
    Erik says:

    RE: wreckingbull @ 2265
    My last investment was a drug house in south Seattle. I plan to go back to condo investing because the initial investment is so low.

    I bought my first condo in Kirkland for $92k and Ardell sold it for $233k almost exactly 2 years later. I used that money to buy 5 more condos in Seattle. My Alki condo I paid $300,500 for in 2014 and Ardell sold for $630,500 in 2019. There’s 2 data points of big money made in condos that got me to the much better financial position I’m in today.

    I was barely hanging on financially when I bought my first condo and now I have what I think is a lot of money in the bank and 5 great investments including 2 houses and 3 condos. Cash flow is barely negative and will be positive in a year. That’s honest data. I’m sure I’m gonna to able to make a lot more money by simply repeating the same process until I no longer need to work for money. In the end, I’d like 10 remodeled condos in Seattle without a mortgage. I’ll get there, it takes time and persistence and not listening to crabby old men like you.

  20. 2270
    David says:

    RE: Erik @ 2269 – Amazing!! Inspiring.

  21. 2271
    Bumble says:

    RE: David @ 2251

    Can you spot the subtle grammatical errors your website missed in my sentences?


    The website is worthless, though briefly entertaining, and you are still wrong. Don’t trust everything you read on the internet.

    Type your sentence into Microsoft Word. It will change “effected” to “affected.” Word does a pretty good job, but also gets it wrong sometimes. We all do, David.

  22. 2272
    David says:

    RE: Bumble @ 2271 – You don’t know the exceptions to the rules – obviously.

    You also don’t seem to understand that this a conversational website.

    You also don’t seem to understand that I am just dragging you along as a petty fool with very little effort.

  23. 2273
    David says:

    RE: Bumble @ 2271 – You also don’t seem to know that English has ZERO organizations that create grammar rules. It is all based upon traditions and style guides.

    English is not a science “Effect” is to be used at the end of a sentence where the end result is announced – not ‘Affect’ according to style guides of old.

  24. 2274
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 2270
    Thanks David. I use to live in the condos and fix them up as inexpensively as possible so I could rent them out or sell them. I maxed out 0% interest rate credit cards on them at first condo, and it was scary because I wasn’t use to money. Now I’m trying to learn how to choose contractors and do it with less work.

    I’m saving money now, so if the market tanks, I can grab onto more rentals. The key for me is to get a really good property manager and treat them well. My job is to buy low with as little money out of pocket as possible. Condos are probably going to go down in value the next few years, so I’m going to try and get my 10 properties so I can bundle them into one loan and then get 9 more properties. It’s all just a process once the team is setup.

  25. 2275
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 2267
    I’ve been in battles with the HOA every condo I’ve sold. I keep my cool and end up winning in the end. I recommend Attorney Bruce Fine to represent you if you get in trouble and Ardell DellaLoggia to sell for you because she use to manage condo complexes in California and she knows the rules. Having an agent that use to manage condominium complexes sell your condo is powerful. She plays by the rules and wins.

  26. 2276
    Brianna says:

    RE: Al @ 2264

    Here’s a bit of analysis from a mortgage blog I follow:

    “Moody’s Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi told CNBC he thinks the housing market will “cool off a bit later this year.”

    He added that he doesn’t expect a “sharp downturn,” noting that “there are some very solid underpinnings” giving the housing market strength.

    I tend to agree – it’s not 2008 all over again. However, at some point in coming years it might be.”


  27. 2277
    OA says:

    By Justsomedude12 @ 2266:

    RE: Al @ 2264 – I doubt the end of the $600/week will have much effect (or affect, I just don’t know anymore!!) on the local housing market. The people relying on that (service industry, etc…) most likely weren’t in the potential buyer pool to begin with.

    In all honesty, if you’re really thinking about buying I recommend just stepping away from this site for a while, and stick to un-biased sources. Just clear your head of all the bias on here. That being said I also wouldn’t recommend trying to time the market, as I don’t think it’s possible. If you find a home you like, can comfortably afford it, and plan on staying there for many years, I think buying makes sense. Just my $.02

    100% agree, timing the market right is a game of luck and chance. Go with your affordability and assume you’re living here long term.

  28. 2278
    Erik says:

    RE: OA @ 2277
    That’s what someone says that tried to time the market right and failed. Expansion is about over. Next up is hypersupply and then recession. COVID will cause issues temporarily and create some buying opportunities. Then the market will go up on artificial legs, followed by a major collapse around 2024-2026, my originally predicted collapse date.

  29. 2279
    Eastsider says:

    Seattle is losing residents! Who could have seen this coming… LOL

    I generally advise against market timing for primary residence. That said, my current advice is to stay put for next 2 years. At a minimum, wait til the election.

    A Record 27% of Homebuyers Are Looking to Relocate, as Pandemic Accelerates Trend Toward Affordable, Less Dense Areas

  30. 2280
    Erik says:

    RE: Eastsider @ 2279
    This is a short term emotional response. This will revert back in 3 years when everyone forgets about COVID.

  31. 2281
    Brianna says:

    RE: Erik @ 2280

    It’s not just about covid – I think covid is affording people the opportunity to finally live farther away from their workplaces, and escape the expensive living, horrible traffic, and terrible policies effecting Seattle. Seattle is a mess, and I don’t know if it will get any better…

  32. 2282
    Eastsider says:

    Here is some reality check. According to the latest Black Knight report, WA ranks fourth from the bottom in mortgage delinquencies in the nation. The May-20 delinquency rate has risen to 4.91% from 1.67% in Jan-20. YoY change in May is 148%. 1 in 20 mortgages in WA is currently delinquent. (Oregon ranks second from the bottom at 5.12%.)

    Delinquencies at Nine-Year High

    Black Knight reports another breathtaking increase in mortgage delinquencies in its “first look” at May loan performance data. The rate, which soared by 90 percent in April, grew another 20.4 percent, to 7.76 percent of all active mortgages. This puts the rate, which had been declining continually to near all-time lows before the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, up by 130.8 points from May 2019. This is the highest delinquency rate since late 2011.

    Delinquency rates have more than doubled in some states. Oregon’s rate rose 169 percent year over year; Washington’s is up 148 percent; Florida’s increase was 155 percent and New Jersey rose 150 percent.

  33. 2283
    Eastsider says:

    More reality check.

    TransUnion Launches CreditVision Acute Relief Suite to Help Lenders and Insurers Identify and Support the 106 Million Accounts in Relief Programs

    Number of accounts in relief programs continues to grow

    Data from the CreditVision Acute Relief Suite point to the ever-changing number of consumers in either a forbearance, deferred payment or a natural disaster situation. As of May 31, the number of accounts in such programs totaled 106 million, nearly three times higher than the 35 million accounts observed on April 30. Accounts in such status included auto loans, credit cards, home equity lines of credit, mortgages, personal loans, retail credit cards and student loans, among other credit products.

    Recent TransUnion consumer research found that three in four (74%) consumers who have a financial accommodation are extremely or very confident that they understand the terms. However, financially impacted consumers who have received an accommodation are more concerned about paying bills/loans (90%) vs. those who have not had an accommodation (60%). These individuals also are closer to being unable to pay bills/loans (4.9 weeks vs. 6.4 weeks for those without an accommodation).

  34. 2284
    Erik says:

    RE: Brianna @ 2281
    Your logic makes sense. At one time I used logic to predict where I thought the market was heading. After being wrong multiple times, I abandoned that strategy and now I use history. Historically, tech hubs like Seattle get bigger and more expensive as new ideas come out. I think when the next big leap comes, Seattle will fill with people and prices will climb.

  35. 2285

    Hey Its Another Weekend, Hot Today and Rain and Cold This Weekend, Tip Your Mugs over your MANDATORY Kung Flu Mask and Gulp the Soothing Caffeine Down in Huge Swallows and read the brief:

    “… Nearly one in five Seattle-area renters doubt they can pay rent in July
    As scary as that statistic is, local renters are still in the best shape among tenants in the nation’s 15 largest metro areas. In one U.S. city, nearly half of renters think they won’t be able to pay. FYI Guy breaks down where the situation looks worst, and how it varies here with race, household size and more. (Photo: Amanda Snyder / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s Take: Its Fake News to blame 2020 Kung Flu for 2020 Seattle Area rent eviction, since the HUGE rent eviction surge occurred well before Kung Flu in 2019.


    $24/hr [$50K/yr household] barely afforded Seattle rent in 2019 before Kung Flu….read the article. Hey Erik, you’re right, this tenant eviction protection ends June 30, 2020. Ya got a milestone marker now to grab up CHOP foreclosures. The average per capita pay in the Seattle area is about $20/hr and the average household income has 1.2 workers; about $50K/yr….

    “… “Really bad things are going to happen.” Some states are slamming the brakes on reopening as virus cases soar. Cases in the U.S. are likely 10 times higher than reported, the CDC’s chief says. His math leaves around 95 percent of us vulnerable to the virus, meaning the pandemic is in its early stages. The CDC also changed its list of which Americans are most at risk of getting severely ill. Find today’s live updates here…”

    SWE’s take: The CDC Clowns are horrifying us with innocuous “nothing burger” case number increases [without a concurrent Kung Flu death-rate] to scare us to spend more on healthcare or helping the economy put our kids back in real schools this Fall?


    Here’s the Kung Flu Death Rate Curve the last 3 months for America…..its definitely trending way down….look at it [scroll down] with MOM regression analysis. There was an anomalous week to week spike after the Floyd Demonstrations this month, but we expected that. The MSM and the CDC failed 9th grade algebra too…LOL….they blame everything except death-rate trending reality and the actual case number trending due to excessive testing has accuracy problems too..


    This whole Kung Flu thing is a political camouflage and/or fuzzy math…

    “…The Trump administration urged the Supreme Court to overturn the Affordable Care Act yesterday, the same day the government reported that close to half a million people who lost health insurance in the pandemic have gotten coverage through the system that would be dismantled. It was a busy day for the White House, which also proposed drilling on more than two-thirds of the nation’s largest swath of public land….”

    SWE’s Take: Yeah affordable heath care? Medicaid [Wash St Apple-care] is like having no insurance at all and decent private health insurance costs $15-20K per family, like Blue Cross. Obamacare never worked from day one…

    Good News: SWE was teasing the Snow Flakes yesterday before today’s Dimslee MANDATORY Kung Flu mask law slaps cardboard over your mouth to suppress FREE SPEECH? I wore my handkerchief rubber-band Kung Flu mask while driving my Red Dodge Charger to WINCO…then glared meanly at the Leaf and Prius drivers without Kung Flu masks on for being selfish and unthinking…LOL…I wore it at WINCO too and the politically correct lemmings were all smiling at me, I had them fooled. Its all the fault of the Trump Rallys…the rioters are immune little angels?

  36. 2286

    Dimslee and Biden Agree: Making 100% of all of us in America wear Kung Flu masks all the time and closing all the schools this Fall is good for America this 2020 election.


    It slows Trump’s 2020 stock market and Seattle RE prices/sales down….LOL

  37. 2287

    Biden Wants a Virtual DNC Convention With No Debates With Trump?


    Check out the DNC convention highlights: this should fix everything; no wonder Trump is lagging in the phony poll numbers…LOL…meanwhile at the Seattle farm its 100s camping inside CHOP today and the Seattle mayor showed “police teeth” by begging them to leave? Who pays for the CHOP porta potties, garbage cleanup, destroyed buildings and graffiti cleanup, the Seattle income tax this Fall?

  38. 2288
    Brianna says:

    RE: Erik @ 2284

    I hope you are right, and I wish you success. But I see both a global economic downturn looming, and an insane city mayor and city council, with socialistic policies- an increasingly hostile environment for thriving businesses. Businesses are going to leave, along with fed up residents.

  39. 2289
    Erik says:

    RE: Brianna @ 2288
    All of my properties except 1 are in the city of Seattle, so I’m bias.

    I also suspect a global economic downturn is looming. I’ve read that we have had 2 consecutive quarters of negative GDP and are already in a recession. Investors are hoarding cash to buy at the bottom.

    The victims here are Seattle business owners and I feel bad for them. All their hard work and life focus is being torn from them by Jenny Durkan and Kshama Sawant.

    Here is a quote from our Seattle mayor:

    “I want to acknowledge that much of the violence and destruction, both here in Seattle and across the country, has been instigated and perpetuated by white men.” -Mayor Jenny Durkan

    Jenny Durkan does not like white males and is trying to blame rioting on them.

  40. 2290
    Justsomedude12 says:

    By Brianna @ 2281:

    RE: Erik @ 2280

    It’s not just about covid – I think covid is affording people the opportunity to finally live farther away from their workplaces, and escape the expensive living, horrible traffic, and terrible policies effecting Seattle. Seattle is a mess, and I don’t know if it will get any better…

    I do agree with Erik that what makes intuitive sense doesn’t necessarily transpire. The flight to the burbs/outlying areas is a popular narrative at the moment. Historically more the opposite has occurred. Maybe this time is finally different, but I kind of doubt it.

  41. 2291
    Joe says:

    RE: Eastsider @ 2282

    I’m not surprised. Washington Mutual (WAMU) was one of the first banks to go belly up during the last mortgage crisis. People in Washington like fancy cars and expensive homes, but they don’t how to manage finances. It’s always been a boom bust area.

  42. 2292
    Joe says:

    So, how many jobs will be lost at local HQ because of the permanent shut-down of Microsoft Stores? There is speculation they may be shutting down the Surface division next, given the declining distribution channel.

    At Boeing, I think the MAX has been stalled again. More layoffs?

  43. 2293
    Blurtman says:

    RE: Erik @ 2289 – “I want to acknowledge that much of the violence and destruction, both here in Seattle and across the country, has been instigated and perpetuated by white men.” -Mayor Jenny Durkan.

    Wow! What a bigot! What would folks think about this statement from the inept mayor?

    “I want to acknowledge that much of the looting, both here in Seattle and across the country, has been instigated and perpetuated by black men.” -Mayor Jenny Durkan.

    She needs to seek counseling and resign.

  44. 2294
    Joe says:

    RE: Blurtman @ 2293

    Politicians would do well to focus more on poverty as an injustice.

  45. 2295
    Juststoppedby says:

    By Joe @ 2291:

    RE: Eastsider @ 2282

    People in Washington like fancy cars and expensive homes, but they don’t how to manage finances. It’s alway been that way.

    Actually, historically that’s not true.

    Outside of Bellview, Seattle was a place where people with money were relatively unpretentious.

    As we’ve gotten more of the California imports and people from overseas, there’s been a pretty dramatic shift over the past decade or two.

    Now, for instance, it’s much more common to see people driving their Audis, BMWs, Mercedes, Lexuses, yada yada yada….

  46. 2296
    David says:

    By Blurtman @ 2293:

    RE: Erik @ 2289 – “I want to acknowledge that much of the violence and destruction, both here in Seattle and across the country, has been instigated and perpetuated by white men.” -Mayor Jenny Durkan.

    Wow! What a bigot! What would folks think about this statement from the inept mayor?

    “I want to acknowledge that much of the looting, both here in Seattle and across the country, has been instigated and perpetuated by black men.” -Mayor Jenny Durkan.

    She needs to seek counseling and resign.

    This is exactly why CHAZ-CHOPenis needs to be supported and endure as long as possible.

    Seems like everyone shot in CHAZ was black though? The stats will return to their norm unless the white males rise-up and fight back at some point.

  47. 2297
    Juststoppedby says:

    Holy Toledo…

    Nearly 1 in 5 Seattle-area renters doubt they can make July’s rent



  48. 2298
    Eastsider says:

    Another day. Another company. This time a billion dollar company.

    I’m Leaving Seattle for Texas So My Employees Can Be Free
    The West Coast’s high cost of living is measured not only in dollars but in stifling conformity.
    https://www.wsj.com/articles/im-leaving-seattle-for-texas-so-my-employees-can-be-free-11593211124 (paywall)

    I’m moving my business headquarters off the West Coast. We tried San Francisco. We tried the Seattle area. Both were wonderful in their own ways, especially in natural beauty and personal friendships. But both have become hostile to the principles and policies that enable people to live abundantly in the broadest sense.

    That’s why my company is in the final stages of purchasing office space in Austin, Texas. By the end of the year, I hope to move dozens of employees to the Lone Star State and to be ready to hire hundreds more. While uprooting a big part of a billion-dollar company isn’t easy, the decision to move to Texas wasn’t hard. Our staff and their families will be able to flourish to a much greater extent.

    Will it be tough to make this move? You bet. But heading to Texas is the right thing to do for my team and their families, and their outpouring of support has been telling. They want to be in a place where they can live to the fullest extent. And I’m convinced that the sooner they are, the stronger the company will be.

    Mr. Rex is founder and CEO of Rex Teams, a tech, investment and real-estate firm.

  49. 2299
    Blurtman says:

    So 50% of renters in your Miami condo building stop paying rent. What could go wrong?

  50. 2300

    Time to Break the Dimslee Kung Flu Mask Law and Yank it Off to Drink Coffee, Read the brief:

    “… Mask up, Washington: New order is in effect
    Gov. Jay Inslee has ordered Washingtonians to wear facial coverings in public, with several exceptions, as coronavirus cases rise. Here’s when you need them, and when you don’t. Let’s brush up on masks with a video tutorial on making your own, plus guidance on how to wash them and wear them correctly, because many people fumble this part…”

    SWE’s take: Biden announced he wants Kung Flu Masks on MANDATORY 100% of the Time You Leave Your Front Door…That Means Driving Too. Dimslee and Jerkan agree, even though the Kung Flu Mask law is impossible to enforce [drinking coffee and eating, let alone breathing and talking]….We Must COMPLY and click our heals to the new KGB in America. LOL…I drove to Maple Valley yesterday and not only was compliance in cars about 0%, but almost no customers wore masks at the Elephant Car Wash and even the oil changers pulled them off their noses so they could breath while working. IOWs, I’m a Trump Supporter and if Biden/Dimslee pushes this “cold stone nuts” unenforceable law on us, what’s next in their KGB bag of fake news to destroy our lives? Biden points to the bogus poll numbers that 2/3s of us support mandatory Kung Flu Masks worn 100% of the time….goes to show how bad the polls are written, poll this, “how many break the mask laws anyway” [most all of us]….LOL…this is a good example of how the polls and election results are apples and oranges.

    “…Seattle police Chief Carmen Best was not Mayor Jenny Durkan’s first choice for the job. But in the face of intense pressure by protesters and the community to reform the department, they’ve tried to present a strong unified image. Read more….”

    SWE’s Take: They can let Seattle go to rot and as long as phony polls and “image” dominate common sense and actuals, we keep “brainlessly” voting the Snow Flakes in power…that “useless” Seattle police chief should have been fired a long time ago over CHOP alone, IMO.

    “…A statwide ban on events with more than 50 people, recommendations against gatherings of 10-plus and a standing mandate to maintain social distancing have taken their toll on the travel industry. But if working from home has you going stir crazy, here are drivable destinations where you can get some sun — while getting away from other people. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: Go to a State Park or Beach this weekend [if it stops raining…LOL] and check out how many wear Kung Flu masks now…about 0% huh….LOL..Auburn Flaming Geyser State Park yesterday had 0% flu mask compliance actually. Drive to a Seattle area park and see with your eyes if you don’t believe. I had my mask on as a joke and everyone stared at me like I was a cheater shaming the Snow Flake cheaters…LOL….

    “…Here are some of the Seattle-area Pride events, most of them happening online. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: They had no flu masks on in the photo, no social distancing and the two ladies celebrating elbow to elbow looked about as happy as folks at a funeral. The crowd was scant to non-existent too…

    “…Two UW athletes have tested positive for COVID-19 as players return to campus. Football is looking increasingly less certain, with colleges nationwide reporting positive tests. Read more….”

    SWE’s take: Cancel Husky Football the Kung Flu Scares on cases are surging and we can blame it all on Trump to win the 2020 election for “do nothing” Basement Biden….BTW IMO, it does appear likely [the CDC Clowns don’t address it] Kung Flu has normally mutated this Summer and become FAR more innocuous….most flu follows this mutation pattern.


    Good News: This mandatory Kung Flu masks law initiated yesterday is a complete joke and we’re most all defying it anyway…Hades, many Biden supporters are switching to Trump on this issue alone….LOL….I asked them. They’re called the “Silent Majority”….they just want jobs and schools back, not phony election polls and fake news driving the unemployment rate upward.

  51. 2301

    Its FAR worse in Seattle, Hades the average household income [about $50K/yr] barely affords the average Seattle rent [about $2000-2500/mo], how the Hades would they buy in this ritzy area working at “Panda Petes” for $14/hr….LOL…and the Baby Boomers ain’t sellin’ either..

    A survey of 2,000 American homeowners found that 52 percent are constantly concerned about making their mortgage payment on time. Forty-seven percent of the poll say they’re considering selling their home because they can’t afford their mortgage anymore.

    Researchers say 35 percent of U.S. homeowners admit they’ve missed a mortgage payment during the pandemic. The same amount of respondents said they worry about losing their home because of the financial situation COVID-19 has put them in.

    Maybe they’d move sooner if they had money to move? Period. LOL

  52. 2302

    Mariner Star Pitcher Felix Hernandez Put His Home on the Market


    Will he sell at a loss?…MSM won’t say.

  53. 2303
    Blurtman says:

    By whatsmyname @ 1927:

    By Blurtman @ 1925:

    Thanks for reading, but do try to comprehend as well.

    Here is your statement: “For example, two of the terminated Minnesota policemen are persons of color. I guess they were racist?”

    Kueng is a Chinese name, but perhaps the one drop rule comes into play for you here.
    And what about the other fellow? Not even the weakest response there.

    You advanced the absurd suggestion that a black millionaire who says he could have been the victim here “is admitting to having been convicted of armed home invasion, and to a fentanyl and cocaine habit?”

    Naturally, it’s a struggle to find some context for this line of thought that isn’t pure, sublimated racism. So far, it seems neither of us has succeeded.

    You must acknowledge your repressed racist feelings, which blind you to reality. Seek counseling.

    Black cop charged in George Floyd’s death joined force to stop discrimination

    The black officer charged in the death of George Floyd had joined the force to protect other young black men from police abuse, arguing more cops like himself could change the Minneapolis force.

    Now J. Alexander Kueng is being denounced by members of his own family.

    Kueng’s mission to change the reputation of the department was rooted in seeing friends — even a sister, Taylor Kueng — treated badly by law enforcement officers, the New York Times reported.

    Still, Kueng defended authorities, including the sheriff’s deputies who arrested his sibling, telling his friends and relatives the best way to fix the department was from within, not by public demonstrations.

    “Don’t you think that that needs to be done from the inside?’” Joni Kueng, who is white, recalled her son saying years ago after he watched protesters block a highway. “That’s part of the reason why he wanted to become a police officer — and a black police officer on top of it — is to bridge that gap in the community, change the narrative between the officers and the black community.”

    Besides Kueng, three other officers have been fired and charged in Floyd’s death. At 26, he is the youngest and had the least experience — only three days on the job.

    Taylor, along with sister Radiance, called for the officers to be arrested, including their brother. Radiance has pledged to change her last name.

    “I don’t care if it was his third day at work or not,” she said. “He knows right from wrong.”

    Joni Kueng tried to talk her son out of joining the police. But he couldn’t be persuaded, friend Darrow Jones told the Times.

    Kueng believed his background would let him bridge the gap between white and black worlds, so he signed up as a police cadet.

    A few months into his training, Taylor had a confrontation with sheriff’s deputies. She and a friend saw deputies questioning two men about drinking in public. They intervened. Taylor Kueng recorded the deputies on her cellphone.

    Kueng reminded his sister he wasn’t joining the sheriff’s department and criticized the deputies’ behavior, his mother recalled.

    On May 22, Kueng officially became one of about 80 black officers on a police force of almost 900. Floyd died May 25.

    The day after, Jones learned Kueng was one of the officers and called him. They both cried.

    “I’m feeling a lot of sadness and a lot of disappointment,” Jones said. “But though I feel sad about what’s occurred, he still has my unwavering support. Because we grew up together, and I love him.”


  54. 2304
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Blurtman @ 2303 – Well, let’s look at the reality we can glean from this article: A fellow with a white mother, a Chinese name, and Asiatic features is potentially 25% black, and therefore is a “Black cop”. This is the one drop rule, which surmised that you were using. Apparently the Post uses it too. Thanks for confirming what I said.

    The “Black cop” says he was motivated in becoming a cop by the mistreatment his sister received, yet sides with the Authorities who supposedly mistreated her. He says he wants to create change from the inside, which he demonstrates by being an insider who stood by doing nothing while an officer killed a definitely black man.

    You do a nice job of cut and paste on an article that doesn’t internally corroborate its stated evidence and implied conclusions. Then you hold that up as “reality”, and imply refutation of a number of points that you in no way addressed. But that’s about par for the course with you, so no surprises there.

    I like, but am not familiar with, your gravatar image. Is it from some cult film?

  55. 2305
    David says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2304 – Weren’t all of the shooting victims in CHAZ black?

    One was shot 5 times; complained the cops didn’t enter the cop free area to ‘rescue’ him; and blames it on the Klan.

    As we all know, the Klan roams free & wild in downtown Seattle! Just blending right on in and no one notices.

    Let’s get real – the bros shot him but he wants Seattle to pay him a huge settlement.

    Quoting Yoda: “The crime statistics reverting to there norm they are.”

    Again 100% of the shooting victims were BLACK.

  56. 2306
    Justsomedude12 says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2304

    Black when convenient
    Claim not Black when that’s useful

  57. 2307
    whatsmyname says:

    By Eastsider @ 2298:

    Another day. Another company. This time a billion dollar company.

    I’m Leaving Seattle for Texas So My Employees Can Be Free
    The West Coast’s high cost of living is measured not only in dollars but in stifling conformity.
    https://www.wsj.com/articles/im-leaving-seattle-for-texas-so-my-employees-can-be-free-11593211124 (paywall)

    Looks to be a start-up Redfin competitor which has been unable to penetrate the market here, but is active in more southern and eastern locales. The “hundreds” he is looking forward to hiring would be agents all over the country in any event. Hope the newly free employees are not hurt by Texas fast growing Covid infections.

    Have you invested in this dynamo?

  58. 2308
    whatsmyname says:

    By David @ 2305:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2304 – Weren’t all of the shooting victims in CHAZ black?

    One was shot 5 times; complained the cops didn’t enter the cop free area to ‘rescue’ him; and blames it on the Klan.

    As we all know, the Klan roams free & wild in downtown Seattle! Just blending right on in and no one notices.

    Let’s get real – the bros shot him but he wants Seattle to pay him a huge settlement.

    Quoting Yoda: “The crime statistics reverting to there norm they are.”

    Again 100% of the shooting victims were BLACK.

    I think that’s pretty close to the same ratio as lynching victims.

    Shooter of the dead guy and the critically injured guy was reported to be WHITE. I think that typically the shooters are more the problem than those shot. I’m sure you agree when the shooters are black.

    Haven’t seen the guy who was complaining that the cops didn’t come in. But I would agree that if you’re presentation is accurate it would be a wrong argument. It’s not the one that I’m making anyway, so your use of it here is a red herring.

  59. 2309

    IMO….What Race in the World Doesn’t Defend Its Own Race? Its called SOP for the Whole World and If That’s Your Definition of RACISM, the Whole World is RACIST Then. America Melting Pot is no different or we’re bucking the GLOBALISM tide.

    Now….Rip Off That Useless Kung Flu Mask Off and Gulp Some 7-11 $1 Coffee and read the brief:

    “…Prior recessions killed jobs across many industries and demographic groups, but layoffs in the COVID-19 era have been concentrated among workers who were often behind economically before the pandemic, among them workers who are less educated, lower-paid and non-white. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Creating manufacturing/IT high paid jobs back from Asia and Europe to America is gonna take 5-10 years of on-the-job experience our subpar service economy lacks and its getting better, but it doesn’t happen if you don’t get Congress supporting Chinese Tariffs and protecting our aerospace and high tech trade secrets, as we develop new American trade secret methods with more safety engineering they haven’t innovated yet and with legal American citizens too. Colleges are useless. Use our unemployed 2020 high school graduates as interns, training is SOP, not optional. Use STEM college graduates sparingly as stress analysis and statistics experts mixed in.

    “…Editor’s note: Excerpted from “The Salmon Sisters: Feasting, Fishing, and Living in Alaska,” by Emma Teal Laukitis and Claire Neaton. Published by Sasquatch Books (2020, $24.95). FISHING BOATS TRAVELING west out the Aleutian chain toward the Bering Sea remember passing an unexpected site among smoking volcanoes, treeless hills and wild whirlpools: two girls waving from […] Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: Fresh Alaska salmon is basically all that’s left of good fish now, the farmed salmon tastes like pink mush in comparison.

    “…A lot of numbers get thrown around when we’re trying to understand the impact COVID-19 is having. Here, we explain what the most common ones mean and what they tell us about the state of the pandemic. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: Sounds like all fuzzy math using crystal balls, not statistics, to plan our way out of a CLEARLY “declining Kung Flu curve death rate” contrasting with a Fake News extrapolation/exponential surge in testing this month simultaneously making cases increase and causing TOTAL CONFUSION. Hades…has the medical community ever considered Kung Flu has mutated to an innocuous strain this month? They sure repress that historical flu strain SOP analysis option don’t they…..God Forbid we open schools by Fall or Huskies go back on the field in a month or two; it may help Trump….LOL…Biden/Inslee say strap on masks 100% of the time mandatorially after ya leave your home as a 2020 campaign AGENDA, who does? The Tooth Fairy? LOL

    “…Coronavirus killed the tourism industry, and with conventions and cruises cancelled, Seattle’s tourism-dependent small business owners are struggling to stay afloat in a very tough climate. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: Ask Erik, anyone can make money in Seattle with a good financial plan and brains to do it. Grubhub is doing great during the Pandemic and so is Netflix. Ya got more locals on staycations now….cater to ’em…use new SOPs.

    “…Because of COVID-19, Pride was bound to be unique this year, in Seattle and around the United States. But the current protests against police brutality make the celebration of Pride all the more timely. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: What has tearing statues down and burning flags got to do with pride. Explain Seattle Times.

    “…Reopening phases in Washington state: When you can get a haircut, go to the gym, or eat at restaurants as coronavirus lockdowns are lifted…”

    SWE’s Take: Don’t expect a clear milestone path ahead with Kung Flu fear politically motivated now. Add in this “baseless” fear that MSM on Kung Flu is scaring us all [and killing us all off with stress] as we mask and quarantine this endless/useless WAR [reminds me of Obama’s Afghanistan WAR]. IMO, its got us all at each others’ throats now…LOL

    “…How to properly wear a face mask to slow the spread of coronavirus…”

    SWE’s take: Throw the useless cardboard in the trash and breath again…LOL

    Good News: It may be 54 degrees in Kent this morning, but at least its raining with no wild fire smoke pollutions.

  60. 2310
    whatsmyname says:

    By Justsomedude12 @ 2306:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2304

    Black when convenient
    Claim not Black when that’s useful

    Interesting mirror. I think that Blurtman and the Post have taken have taken a very far reach in misrepresenting this officer in order to downplay yet another casual killing of an already subdued human by those who supposedly “protect and serve”. I have attempted to address the contrast between that representation and the facts and circumstances used to justify it.

    If you have an argument against that, please make it.

  61. 2311
    justsomedude12 says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2310 – We’re just lucky that you’re here to let us all know who can be considered black, and who can’t.

  62. 2312
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: justsomedude12 @ 2311 – Context counts. Only liars have a problem with that.

  63. 2313
    Juststoppedby says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 2309
    Blather, blather, blather…

    “I am interesting and I’m smart!”, says the loud mouth drunk at the bar.

    “Really, just ask the neighborhood teenagers (who still don’t understand the difference between conviction and wisdom), they’ll tell you!

  64. 2314
    justsomedude12 says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2312 – My comment was snarky and I feel bad about that. No hard feelings.

  65. 2315
    Blurtman says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2310 – Really, you can’t deal with a reality that conflicts with your shallow belief system. I do believe it is because you harbor racist thoughts that you deny and also project out.

    You state that I and the NY Post have “taken a far reach in misrepresenting this officer.” I assume that also refers to his mother who describes her son as black?

    “That’s part of the reason why he wanted to become a police officer — and a black police officer on top of it — is to bridge that gap in the community, change the narrative between the officers and the black community.”

    Seriously, what is it about you that cannot read plain English, or accept reality that conflicts with your erroneous belief system?

    If a black officer who became a cop to combat racism is involved in the death of Floyd, could it possibly mean that no racism was involved?

  66. 2316
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Blurtman @ 2315 – So how did he change the narrative as he stood by while an immobilized man was killed? His siblings think he should be arrested.

    He likely intended well, but reading plain English does not mean taking a guy at his word, especially when his word is difficult to reconcile with the facts. Maybe he is too busy bridging to actually change the narrative. Maybe he’s scared. The cop who killed that guy had zero emotion over killing him.

    That crack about “shallow” would be hurtful if it weren’t coming from a guy who could drown in a teaspoon.

  67. 2317
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: justsomedude12 @ 2314 – Don’t feel bad. I make a lot of snarky comments. No hard feelings here.

  68. 2318
    Juststoppedby says:

    Life is short.

    Make sure that you spend as much of it as possible arguing with people that you don’t know over the Internet!😂

  69. 2319
    Erik says:

    RE: Blurtman @ 2293
    Seattle doesn’t like white males, while the white males are making the area nice. I’m not sure how these people get into office, but they do.

  70. 2320
    David says:

    By whatsmyname @ 2308:

    By David @ 2305:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2304 – Weren’t all of the shooting victims in CHAZ black?

    One was shot 5 times; complained the cops didn’t enter the cop free area to ‘rescue’ him; and blames it on the Klan.

    As we all know, the Klan roams free & wild in downtown Seattle! Just blending right on in and no one notices.

    Let’s get real – the bros shot him but he wants Seattle to pay him a huge settlement.

    Quoting Yoda: “The crime statistics reverting to there norm they are.”

    Again 100% of the shooting victims were BLACK.

    I think that’s pretty close to the same ratio as lynching victims.

    Shooter of the dead guy and the critically injured guy was reported to be WHITE. I think that typically the shooters are more the problem than those shot. I’m sure you agree when the shooters are black.

    Haven’t seen the guy who was complaining that the cops didn’t come in. But I would agree that if you’re presentation is accurate it would be a wrong argument. It’s not the one that I’m making anyway, so your use of it here is a red herring.

    Lynching victims? LOL. There have been 0 lynching victims in my lifetime.

    In the 100 years of lawless lynchings in the early 1800s-1900s, there were 3,500 black lynchings and 1,500 white lynchings.

    That is 35 victims per year who are black

    There were 15,000 murders last year in the USA.

    Don’t drink the KoolAid of Brown Supremacists.

  71. 2321
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 2320
    Could you provide a link to your data source please? It sounds like an interesting read.

  72. 2322
    David says:

    RE: Erik @ 2321 – The stats are easily found by Google search, etc, but here is an easy link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynching_in_the_United_States

    Also note that many of these illegal lynchings were in retaliation for violent crimes the victim actually committed. They were extra-judicial killings.

    The numbers vary by source but are in the general ballpark.

  73. 2323
    David says:

    More shootings & death at CHOPenis of CapHill !! Please do not shutdown CHOPenis. If the Libs are going to do the work for the rest of us, why stop now?

  74. 2324

    Hey David They’re Testing More to Make Florida Look Worse

    The death rate in Florida is slowing in June 2020 but the cases are simultaneously surging [with drastically more testing] closing South Florida Beaches This 4th of July will be ruined by Fuzzy CDC/WHO math IMO. No firework shows scheduled in Seattle area this year? Just a depressing black sky with no Independence Day Celebrations?

    Read the brief:

    “… On the fly, an Amazon building in Kent took an outsized role in pandemic precautions
    Amazon workers entering a cavernous fulfillment center are greeted with masks dispensed through a shield. From self-cleaning door handles to infrared cameras that take workers’ temperatures, this facility has become a proving ground for new safety measures, with the successful ones exported across Amazon’s empire. But coronavirus has not left the fulfillment center alone. Go inside to see the dramatic changes. (Photo: Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s Take: More useless precautions to slow the RE prices in Seattle and Trump economy down?

    Good News: I’m so glad the flu curve death rate declining, the only trend that matters.


  75. 2325
    David says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 2324 – Florida doesn’t care what they do.

  76. 2326
    David says:

    RE: Erik @ 2321 – “Over time, the cumulative effect has been staggering. Justice Department and FBI statistics indicate that between 1964 and 1994 more than 25 million violent inter-racial crimes were committed, overwhelmingly involving black offenders and white victims, and more than 45,000 people were killed in inter-racial murders. By comparison 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam, and 34,000 were killed in the Korean war.”


    – circa 1995. – meaning there are 25 more years of this data to add to the numbers.

  77. 2327

    Even Covington Outlawed Class C firework sales for homes, Kent already did this years ago


    4th of July fireworks are Independence Day Celebrations and should be tore down like historic statues now…LOL….black skies this 4th of July= depression. Kneel in dishonor when patriotic music is played. Burn a flag instead?

  78. 2328
    Blurtman says:

    Durkan needs to be recalled. Who tolerates an armed camp of lawbreakers in a city anywhere in the world? Now two teenagers are shot and one is dead. What segment of the Seattle voting public thinks she is doing a good job?

    And where is Dimslee? He is always quick to blast Trump on a lack of leadership, but the empty barrel makes the most noise, clearly. And Dimslee expects a seat in Biden’s inner circle? Good grief!

  79. 2329
    Juststoppedby says:

    By David @ 2323:

    More shootings & death at CHOPenis of CapHill !! Please do not shutdown CHOPenis.

    You are one strange cat

  80. 2330
    David says:

    By Blurtman @ 2328:

    Durkan needs to be recalled. Who tolerates an armed camp of lawbreakers in a city anywhere in the world? Now two teenagers are shot and one is dead. What segment of the Seattle voting public thinks she is doing a good job?

    And where is Dimslee? He is always quick to blast Trump on a lack of leadership, but the empty barrel makes the most noise, clearly. And Dimslee expects a seat in Biden’s inner circle? Good grief!

    How many people have died because one cop in Minneapolis screwed up?

    -Quite a few dead cops.
    -Several dead black folk in Seattle (the young fellas killed last night were also black and killed by a white guy apparently. Where’s the riots and burning of Seattle?)
    -Billions of destroyed property.

    This on top of the normal slate of 15,000 annual murders – mostly committed by young(ish) black men.

    The State can put me on death row, but I will be killing as many looters as possible that try to burn down my house.

  81. 2331
    David says:

    RE: David @ 2330 – Thsi will be me, cept I’ll be wearing camo shorts from Costco: https://twitter.com/hollandcourtney/status/1277646216482807808/photo/1

  82. 2332
    David says:

    BUT, how can two young black children be shot by white boys with guns in CHOPenis and get away with it?

    Why isn’t Seattle burning the hell down? Why aren’t they shutting off the water to highrises and setting the place ablaze like in Gone with the Wind?

    The voice of justice cries out for action and vengeance does it not ?!!!!

    Are Seattle’s black children worth so much less?

  83. 2333
    wreckingbull says:

    By Juststoppedby @ 2329:

    By David @ 2323:

    More shootings & death at CHOPenis of CapHill !! Please do not shutdown CHOPenis.

    You are one strange cat

    The SB comment section has turned into the CHOP of blog comment sections. We used to have some pretty good RE and macroeconomic discussion here. Now it is race baiting and incoherent ramblings.

  84. 2334

    If Law and Order Don’t Return to Seattle In a Month or Two

    I predict a collapse of SEA RE prices…as the domestic terrorism worsens it makes even the Snow Flakes reach for a AK-47 to protect their castle….I like the comment, Erik will buy the CHOP foreclosed condo units cheap only on the 3rd floor…so his tenants can pour hot oil on the hoards of violent eyed castle aggressors clutching axes….LOL

    Now, we can gulp some horrifying dark over cooked acid coffee from the work drip maker [comes with Kung Flu germs on the glass carafe handle] and mix lots of milk in it to soften the blow while reading the brief:

    “… Look up: A big moment for Boeing has arrived
    A 737 MAX lands at Boeing Field yesterday, capping the first of three days of test flights that mark a major step toward returning the jet to passenger service. Test pilots and engineers from the FAA and Boeing are aboard. All eyes are on Boeing’s proposed changes to the flight control system that activated erroneously on two jets that crashed, killing 346 people. On the down side yesterday, Norwegian Air scrubbed a $5.5 billion order for Boeing’s MAX and 787 jets. (Photo: Mike Siegel / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s Take: “…“While the certification flights are an important milestone, a number of key tasks remain,” the FAA said in its statement. “FAA is following a deliberate process and will take the time it needs to thoroughly review Boeing’s work. We will lift the grounding order only after we are satisfied that the aircraft meets certification standards.”..”


    The FAA certification completion date this Summer or TBD….your crystal ball knows….LOL…sounds like Norway and the EU prefer Airbus over Boeing now.

    “… Dr. Anthony Fauci is testifying before Congress this morning as the coronavirus surges. Follow along in today’s live updates.
    Did the protests drive COVID-19 cases way up? Local health investigators say they don’t appear to be a significant factor, although some public health experts have a different view. We looked at the case numbers before and after the protests began, and dug into what contact tracing tells us…”

    SWE’s take: Latest information from the CDC Clowns:

    “…Actual Cases and Deaths Worldometer has analyzed the data provided by New York City, the New York State antibody study, and the excess deaths analysis by the CDC. Combining these 3 sources together we can derive the most accurate estimate to date on the mortality rate for COVID-19, as well as the mortality rate by age group and underlying condition. These findings can be valid for New York City and not necessarily for other places (suburban or rural areas, other countries, etc.), but they represent the best estimates to date given the co-occurrence of these 3 studies…”


    Ya see why I call this crystal ball gazing fuzzy math….and why don’t they define if/when virus mutation can make Kung Flu benign…its definitely an analytical flu strain historical statistical possibility…cat got the CDC Clowns’ tongue? Reminds me of 1400 when Spain thought the world was flat and real science was witches to burn. They’re tearing “the round Earth” Columbus statue down too….LOL, this will fix what?, certainly not African American civil rights related at all.

    “… Washington state may need federal loans to cover unemployment claims by year’s end. But “benefits never run out,” the state says…”

    SWE’s take: Panda Pete has a big florescent sign begging for workers in Covington at $14-15/hr….why is everyone flocking to unemployment? Covington is begging for new workers and many of the burger flipper joints like have only one or two folks working inside with 5-10 car waiting lines for take out.

    “…Home prices in the Seattle area zoomed up faster in April than in any large metro area in the country except for one, according to a new report out today. You’d never know we’re in a pandemic, judging by the number of home-sales listings in our Coronavirus Economy daily chart…”

    SWE’s take: LOL, last April was before the Floyd Riots and Kung Flu impacts hit…how about Jun 2020 SEA RE price trending data…..look for it, its mysteriously missing folks….where’s Waldo?

    “…A 14-year-old boy is in serious condition today after a shooting in Seattle’s CHOP zone that also killed a 16-year-old boy yesterday. The shooting amplified calls to bring police back to the East Precinct and shut down CHOP…”

    SWE’s take: When youth can’t play at CHOP zone parks and such without getting shot…the CHOP zone is inner city Detroit violence.

    “…Summer in Seattle doesn’t really start until after the Fourth of July. That’s holding true again, as “we’ll be in the soup” for part of this week before things heat up. Tongue-twistingly, here’s your forecast for the Fourth and four ways to celebrate (you can still find fireworks). Plus, a dog trainer offers tips on keeping your pooch peaceful amid the loud booms. ..”

    SWE’s take: Ya can find fireworks if you buy them and shoot them at Indian reservations in Auburn Boom City. All the big public displays in Seattle area are cancelled. Your dog shouldn’t be a problem at all.

    “…Traveling this summer? Public health experts have safety tips for you, from picking your route (here are four good ones) to minding your “bubble.” Plus, Travel Troubleshooter lays out guidelines on sticking to your budget. The much revered road trip will be the spark that reignites travel, but it’s also an example of unequal access for all — and that deserves a harder look. (Photo illustration: Stephanie Hays / The Seattle Times)…”

    SWE’s Take: Since when is traveling by car in America coined “unequal access”? More rage RACISM, now its over cars?

    “…U.S. intelligence officials told President Donald Trump in a February written briefing that Russia had paid bounties to Taliban-linked militants to kill U.S. troops, two officials familiar with the matter said, contradicting the White House. A furor is growing over revelations that the administration knew about this assessment for months but authorized no response to Russia. Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had a chat with the Taliban’s chief negotiator last night…”

    SWE’s Take: The National Security Agency (NSA) concurs with Trump, they have not briefed him yet. This is fake news.

    Good News: The Seattle area home price predictions will be much better, they bought a new crystal ball. Flu Death rates Tracking should improve too now with a new Ouija Board in place. The CDC Clowns are cleaning up their act.

  85. 2335
    Blurtman says:

    Thanks to wide-ranging RE surfing, I receive Redfin property feeds from around the USA. I am seeing more back on the market listings than before, just an anecdotal observation. Also seeing price drops in a few areas including Hawaii, which may be understandable as tourism dries up, and second home purchases may be under siege along with crumbling buyer finances. But here is a real GEM, that I could see myself enjoying: https://www.redfin.com/HI/Keaau/15-1540-10th-Ave-96749/home/88399296

    Close enough to the ocean for outrunning the lava flow. Not sure if one can insure against that. Looks like it might be hard to unload as well, when it comes time to sell. But locked gates and a handy Kel-Tec KSG 12, and BLM loons and anarchist looters can likely be kept at bay.

  86. 2336

    RE: David @ 2325

    The Kung Flu Snow Flake Compliance Police are Fining Folks for Not Wearing a Mask While Swimming [eating too? LOL]. Fun at the South Florida hot beach and a piece of cardboard over your nose and mouth don’t mix…David and his beach bums will all get flu mask tickets now?


    Dimslee will hand out traffic tickets if the State Patrol sees ya driving without a mask now?

  87. 2337
    Blurtman says:

    So Durkan had no problem with the vandalism, looting and murders, until the BLM anarchists showed up at her house. Now that is going too far!


  88. 2338
    David says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 2336 – I went to a Flea Market a few days ago where a booth was selling face masks. Everyone working in the booth had their masks pulled down to their chin because it was HOT !

  89. 2339
    David says:

    By Blurtman @ 2337:

    So Durkan had no problem with the vandalism, looting and murders, until the BLM anarchists showed up at her house. Now that is going too far!


    I will laugh hysterically for days if they burn that wenches house to the ground.

    AGAIN, why no riots and burning when Seattle residents are murdering black children?

  90. 2340
    Justsomedude12 says:


    “Cities with the strongest annual price gains were Phoenix, Seattle and Minneapolis. They reported increases of 8.8%, 7.3% and 6.4% respectively. Twelve of the 19 cities reported higher price increases in the year ending April 2020 versus the year ending March 2020.”

  91. 2341
    ruxpert says:

    Business in CHOP to sue Seattle for abandoning the area ?

    Seattle Mayor vs Sawant/rent-strike ?

  92. 2342
    Justme says:

    >> home-prices-continued-to-heat-up-in-april-sp-case-shiller-say

    Common misconception. CS for end-Apr 2020 is based on contracts entered into approximately Jan-Mar, and the Covid19 lockdown in mid-March affected only the last 2 weeks of this period.



  93. 2343
    Juststoppedby says:

    RE: wreckingbull @ 2333

    This place often reminds me of a phrase that we used to use to describe the knuckleheads at the local bar…

    “Stuck on stoopid”

  94. 2344
    Eastsider says:

    RE: Blurtman @ 2337

    This is the democrat way LOL.

    Demonstrators established an autonomous zone outside what they believe is Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s apartment Thursday morning, but Portland police officers moved in quickly and tore down the barrier.


  95. 2345
    David says:

    RE: Juststoppedby @ 2343 – Actually I just want them charging those white boys with murder to clear out some more units in Cap Hill and get prices to go down.

    Finna get me ghetto discount.

    Again, why is a Minneapolis Cop being charged with murder and white boys in CHOPenis can shoot to kill two black children? JUSTICE demands the death penalty in this case!!!

  96. 2346
    Juststoppedby says:

    RE: David @ 2345

    David, you might be under the impression that I read what you write and give it some thought. Maybe SWE does, too.

    I don’t.

    I barely skim through your type of posts (if that) curious to see if anybody has anything relevant to say about real estate.

    Sometimes certain trends catch my eye, but that’s about it when it comes to what you folks write.

    Life is too short.

  97. 2347
    Blurtman says:

    James Altucher

    Let’s see: six shootings, two teenage deaths, and
    still says “it’s an arts festival”. THEN, the CHAZ threatens to take over her 5,000 sq ft house worth $7.6 million after her new addition. A DAY LATER, she brings in the police, “end the chaos!” #Leadership #Comedy

  98. 2348
    David says:

    RE: Blurtman @ 2347 – RIP CHOPenis. They took your ballzack.

    Will this diminish values in this target area for mob activity evermore? Considering how many black children lost their lives here, it should be a target area for gang revenge.

  99. 2349
    Blurtman says:

    A $7.6 million dollar house, and an abysmal law and order record guaranteeing a spot in Biden’s inner circle, the mayor is certainly one of the people.

    As Bugs would say, “What a bunch of maroons!”

  100. 2350

    RE: Blurtman @ 2328
    They Don’t Need SWE Comments Anymore We’ve Got Blurtman Doing a Duet With SWE now…LOL

    I see that subpar police chief was doing a belated photo op at CHOP in full uniform with “shiny Gold Stared” police chief hat on yesterday too….LOL….police retake CHOP with guitars singing campfire songs…what is their remodeling bill for the Seattle Police East Precinct building? $1M? More? LOL….we can raise taxes or defund the police to pay that…LOL…they carry squirt guns now to fight the armed violent protesters carrying rocks and bottle to throw at them? They cleared the protesters out now? LOL…and I’ve got a bridge I can sell ya too…

    Now, grab your mugs of Sanka to clear the caffeine nervousness from your stomach and read the brief:

    “… As COVID-19 cases climb, Snohomish County might move back to the first phase of reopening. And in King County, where young people account for more than half of new cases, the sustained increases threaten to prevent advancement to Phase 3. Even in a fabled town at the ends of the Earth, cases are mounting. Find today’s live updates here.
    “You’re taking away our freedoms”: Loud protesters heckled Gov. Jay Inslee over coronavirus restrictions, forcing him to move indoors to finish yesterday’s news conference in Pasco…”

    SWE’s Take: We have to get the kids back in school ASAP [early start] to makeup for months of closed school attendance….this is destroying the mental health of our kids and is worse than Kung Flu many school officials now allege. Dimslee does not address public schools opening BTW. Which Dimslee Phase? Phase VI or VII? LOL

    “… This is not the time for a big July 4 gathering, the southwest Washington city of Longview says. But organizers are pushing forward, with one saying he’s “ready to die for this.”
    How the school day may look: Seattle has laid out more details of a plan for days that start with a new routine and could end with a chilly bus ride home…”

    SWE’s Take: Do any of you have faith that Durkan will fix this any better than she fixed CHOP? Whose gonna pay for class size reductions? The Tooth Fairy? Cold buses? They turn the heat off in school buses to freeze the students off? This should help…LOL

    “… Inside the body, the coronavirus is even more sinister than scientists had realized. They’ve discovered how the virus sets off a ghoulish transformation involving zombie cells…”

    SWE’s Take; The cartoon pictures of the Kung Flu strain are all Fake News…the virus is way too small to see on even an electron microscope…its all International Hollywood Fairy Tale picture book make believe…these journalists should write science fiction books…LOL

    “.. Nordstrom is laying off thousands of workers, even as it reopens most of its stores…”

    SWE’s take: They say only 20% will go back to their office work, even when the offices are reopen. 20% of the school teachers aren’t comin’ back either…no one talks about that likely horrifying possibility.

    “…Flying without a mask? If you’re on Alaska Airlines, expect a yellow penalty card, for starters…”

    SWE’s take: You can fly without a mask, they don’t hand out violation criminal tickets with court dates…

    “…Sorry, but cross more fun things off the calendar. Bumbershoot is canceled (which could be a blessing in disguise for the music fest), Leavenworth’s Oktoberfest isn’t happening, and Minor League Baseball is benched for the season…”

    SWE’s Take: Not to worry…MSFT has introduced a new game set and the play at home cartridges will go down to $100 each…LOL….Pizza Hut delivers for $30/pizza with Grubhub charges too…its all good. A good therapist to cure your chronic isolation depression are mostly closed now, but should open this Christmas when we hit Dimslee’s Phase VII.

    “..It’s July! And it’s a day of fresh beginnings, halfway through 2020. Seattle Aquarium, above, is open again. The Mariners report to spring training, King County Library starts curbside pickup and Woodland Park Zoo reopens. At the aquarium, there’s an odd beauty to the new coronavirus restrictions: If you go, you’ll practically have the place to yourself. Here’s what a trip to the aquarium is like these days. (Photo: Steve Ringman / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s Take: The mom has her “mandatory” Dimslee flu mask on…but her Kung Flu vulnerable toddler has no mask on…kill the kids off and save the adults? LOL

    “…Boeing downplayed danger on the 737 MAX, according to an Inspector General report coming out today. The report describes how Boeing consistently underplayed the details of the flight control system that later helped bring down two jets, killing 346 people — and how the FAA entirely missed the significance and danger…”

    SWE’s Take: Hey Seattle Times, you just contradicted yesterday’s overly optimistic Fairy Tale Fake News report on the 737 MAX. I see Trump slashing the FAA engineering budget, defund this agency, its useless anyway with Japanese drawings. Bring Auburn Fabrication back with engineering drawings in English again or its MASS Boeing/FAA jobs down the toilet…even Airbus announced 15000 layoffs because of Kung Flu alone.

    “…Four ways to celebrate the Fourth of July even if local fireworks shows are canceled..”

    SWE’s take: Popups, sparklers, caps and snakes are available at WINCO…enjoy :-0

    “…If you travel this summer, here are some COVID-19 safety tips from public health experts..”

    SWE’s take: Go to Ocean Shores, but don’t use the pools, restaurants or casinos….hey ya can walk outside and enjoy the ocean fog wearing your Dimslee face mask…bring lots of Black Label and Legal 21 and stow your Pay Station game sets for the room. McDonalds is still open there for take outs…

    Good News: We just gotta open the schools normally again or our kids will turn into depressed monsters..LOL

  101. 2351
    Eastsider says:

    RE: Blurtman @ 2347

    Capitol Hill residents and businesses should organize a peaceful protest march to Sawant’s home and neighborhood. That’s the only way to stop the nonsense. LOL.

    “One of the reasons Durkan wants Sawant investigated is because someone spray-painted “ACAB” and “Fuck Cops” on Durkan’s property”


  102. 2352

    RE: Eastsider @ 2351
    Personally, if violent protesting is going on in Seattle

    I wouldn’t go there without a M1 tank and my National Guard Lt Col brother-in-law inside the tank with me….LOL

  103. 2353

    Let’s See to Buy a House With Mortgage Payments, Ya Now Need 30% Down?

    That comes to $210K $CASH$ down to take a $500K principle in a loan now….

    “…Lenders are saying we needed to put 30% down’

    Chan said all her mortgage discussions were done over the phone or online, given the unprecedented environment. “I’ve never thought it would be like this,” Chan said. She was also surprised by the down payment requirements, which have become tougher, thanks to the pandemic.

    “We’re putting 20% down, which is fine, but one of the first banks we talked to asked us to put down 25%, which I believe has become standard,” Chan said. “I didn’t go with that lender.”…”

    SWE’s take: There are Seattle area buyers galore that can afford these MASSIVE down payments on Seattle area mortgages, the Tooth Fairy told me, its legit…

  104. 2354
    David says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 2352

    The “Enis” will rise again !!!

    CHOPenis proportionally killed more Black people than the Confederacy ever did.

  105. 2355
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: David @ 2354 – Did you come into some money, or did you just “find” a bunch of meth?

  106. 2356
    Justme says:

    Seattle Jun-2020 median asking price for a 2-bedroom apartment is down 15.3% since the peak in Apr-2016(!). The median asking price is $2250 as of June.


  107. 2357
    David says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2355 – CHOPenis has suffered the same fate as the Indians. They were fighting, raping, and killing each other until the white people from the East Precinct came in and tamed the heathens.

  108. 2358
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: David @ 2357 – You really want to be careful with the meth. Your teeth aren’t the only thing it will rot.

  109. 2359
    ruxpert says:

    you guys are so clazy you prolly like this?:


    ‘How Dare You’!

  110. 2360
    Eastsider says:

    Manhattan home prices dropped 17.7% yoy in the second quarter. Note that the price drop occurred prior to Covid-19 lockdown – “90% of the closed sales in the second quarter went into contract before the Covid-19 lockdown began.”

    Methinks Seattle is not immune. Sure, Seattle prices lag national trend but we will get there soon enough…

    Manhattan Home Sales Fell at Fastest Rate in 30 Years in the Second Quarter

    There were only 1,357 sales in Manhattan during the three months from April to June, a 54.1% decrease year-over-year, the highest percentage decline in 30 years, according to the quarterly market report by Douglas Elliman released Thursday.

    The median sales price was $1 million by the end of June, falling 17.7% annually. That translates into a $215,000 drop from a year ago, the largest annual decline in a decade, according to the report.

  111. 2361
    Eastsider says:

    If the economy shrinks, expect tech to shrink too…

    Job Anxiety Spills Into Tech Sector

    Nearly half of the technology workers at companies world-wide are worried about losing their jobs this year as employers downsize to cope with the economic aftershocks of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a recent study.

    Roughly 42% of 2,300 tech professionals surveyed in May by online tech-recruiting firm Hired Inc. said they were at risk of being laid off within the next six months.

    Respondents were also split on the likelihood of finding a new job, with 39% saying they are afraid to leave their current position.

    “Despite what some may think, IT professionals are not immune to economically-driven anxiety,” said Mehul Patel, Hired’s chief executive.

  112. 2362

    Good News on Kung Flu and the MSM Website isn’t Pay-per-view Like the Seattle Times


    SWE’s take: Scroll down and check the national Kung Flu death-rate plummetting down; even over tested case surge data trending down over-all too. Now smile, put your MAGA hat back on and stop “insanely” blaming Trump for the declining Kung Flu cases and death-rates in June 2020….Great Britain hospitalizations of coronavirus is dwindling to zero too…Biden groggedly egresses from his 3 month basement shelter [with his half there stare] and shakes his fist at this “uplifting” actual data and wildly calls it “Russian Witch Hunt Trump terrorism”…LOL

    “… Bad sign for college reopenings: At least 80 UW students in frats test positive for coronavirus
    The University of Washington’s Greek Row has been hit hard by an outbreak of COVID-19, with at least 12 fraternities involved and hundreds of test results pending. It’s a troubling signal of what may be in store if colleges reopen in person, as UW hopes to do. Why are we seeing a surge in young people testing positive for coronavirus? There’s a perception that they’re throwing caution to the wind, but several other factors are at play, too. (Photo: Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s Take: Time to tear down that big RACIST “W” statue at the U of W….its painted black…LOL

    “… Researchers say they’ve uncovered the best non-medical face mask for protecting against coronavirus. With the help of a mannequin head and fake sneezes, they compared how four common face coverings stack up. And does wearing a mask pose health risks? Not for most people.
    Coronavirus autopsies are stunning the professionals and opening up new mysteries. This is the story of what they’re learning from 38 brains, 87 lungs and 42 hearts.
    Jobs have been coming back, new U.S. numbers out today show, but spiking coronavirus cases are jeopardizing that progress. Washington state is defying the national trend, as unemployment claims rise and Seattle-area job listings trail the nation as a whole…”

    SWE’s take: Buy a Klear Stand plexiglass face shield on Amazon for like $12 delivered each…the user rating is 4.5 stars and the cheap “as seen on TV” $3 each hat attach plexiglass shields were like 1-2 star rated and they fell apart. I got the $12 each 4.5 star USA made product [with built in head band] and it looks like one shield will last at least a year with soap and water washing. I don’t mind wearing the plexiglass full face mask [you can wear your glasses driving too] but hate the cardboard/cloth mouth/nose masks, they get wet/clogged from breathing after an hour, if ya can breath or talk legibly at all…LOL….has anyone tested the cardboard/cloth masks for Kung Flu germ osmosis right through the porous holes after they get damp from mouth spray, after an hours use? Does anyone clean their cloth masks in the wash or do they put the “slimy
    things” back on after using them? If ya want something done right, let American engineers design and make it..LOL…stocks surging past 26000 DOW gain…its all good. Jobs are springing back like Summer Corn now….LOL

    “…The Seattle City Council took a major step toward a new tax on big businesses, voting yesterday to advance a plan expected to raise more than $200 million per year. A final vote is planned for Monday. ..”

    SWE’s take: Seattle politicians love NEW income taxes and ever higher property taxes.

    “…Boeing’s 737 MAX is a big step closer to returning to service after completing flight tests yesterday. But there’s a long to-do list before it can be cleared. ..”

    SWE’s Take: Boeing should get this fixed [if the whole 737 program isn’t cancelled before then] by 2025 or later…LOL

    “…With heads rolling at the U.S. Global Media Agency and its Voice of America and other networks, President Donald Trump is squandering hard-won credibility of American-funded journalism abroad, writes The Seattle Times editorial board. Congress should intervene and reaffirm the value of independent, unbiased, ethical journalism organizations…”

    SWE’s Take: Partisan MSM noosed their own neck. Congress never does anything anyway about anything…

    Good News: My hair dresser is back open now…LOL…and restaurants don’t require cardboard/cloth nose/mouth damp shields while eating. And stick that “icky/germy” mouth sprayed cloth Kung Flu mask in the wash, before ya put it back on every hour…LOL…the cardboard ones ya can trash can like gum wrappers…bring extras with you…if you’re wearing a plexiglass face shield, ya can put it back on after eating. Dimslee will smile if you comply.

  113. 2363

    I seen this phenomena at WINCO before Kung Flu, This is mot New. Young people aren’t dating and aren’t getting married anymore. Its worse now.


    I walk into WINCO the last few months and push my “single guy” grocery cart through the store with just a few things for one in it…there’s “consistently” single women the last few years in the store not shopping and follow me to the checkout lines. The single men aren’t shopping there either…they apparently get all their food from Grubhub, many of them simply can’t cook…LOL…I’m polite to the lonely women there, but careful too. Many have “fatherless” kids or just plain look too young..ask for picture ID in that case….its high rent and low wages folks…now its Kung Flu on top of that too. Everything evolves to affording a roof and car even with low pay….it all floats downstream. Maybe even the “single” older folks with money appear much saner/safer to women now too..LOL

  114. 2364
    Blurtman says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 2363 – COIV-19 and the shakey gig economy are nefarious boomer plots to get the women for themselves. Let us now if it works.

  115. 2365
  116. 2366
    Erik says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 2363
    These lonely single women can smell your lifetime of frugality on you and want your resources. You could make a deal with one of these women. Your resources for her cooking/cleaning and maybe even romantic services. It’s something to consider.

  117. 2367
    Notme says:

    RE: Blurtman @ 2364

    Boomers easy prey
    their nefarious boners
    always ruin it

    -a boomer bubble haiku

  118. 2368
    Al says:

    “We’re putting 20% down, which is fine, but one of the first banks we talked to asked us to put down 25%, which I believe has become standard,” Chan said. “I didn’t go with that lender.”…”

    What about FHA loan? Are those hard to get as well?

  119. 2369
    David says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 2363 – Watch out for ‘women’ from the current generation or two.

    I’m not sure, legally, you can annul a marriage without property division taking place if:

    1) Your honeymoon isn’t going well
    2) Because you unexpectedly had to push aside an ‘enis’ on the way to ‘her’ lady bits.

  120. 2370
  121. 2371
    TJ_98370 says:

    RE: Justsomedude12 @ 2340

    From wolfstreet.com

    “There Sure’s a Lot of Brain-Dead Misreporting About the Case-Shiller Home Price Index….”

    “……The Case-Shiller Index operates on a “three-month rolling average” basis. And the price data is collected from public records. So the release today, titled “April,” was the three-month moving average for deals whose data became available in the county deed recorders in February, March, and April.

    There is also a time-lag between when a deal closes and when the data becomes available in the county deed recorders…..”

  122. 2372

    RE: Blurtman @ 2364

    Yes, Blurtman. the single sly Baby Boomers planned the whole thing while you older Millennial and X-Gens”Pointexters” were only looking at a women’s credentials and pay to afford double incomes for $700K mortgage loans…ooo…ahah…Baby Boomers are diabolical…LOL…The single gals start out young and attractive [when ya married ’em] and after a couple decades of office work or flipping burgers many start to fatten up and look 20 years older in no time [especially if their mothers look like hags too, I imagine we look as bad or good as our older fathers too]. We all age and fatten up in bunches….LOL

    Check out Nikkis cocktail lounge in Covington [if Dimslee ever opens it again for dancing in herds]…its full of Baby Boomers with young attractive women. Its been that way for years too.

    Hey, its like Seattle area sung by Dire Straits, “Money for Nothing” and the chicks are free…LOL…

  123. 2373

    RE: TJ_98370 @ 2371
    Hey You Understand “Rolling Average” In Statistics Charting for Rate Decreases, Like Kung Flu 7 Day average data.

    You passed 9th grade algebra, great math analysis…have you seen the Kung Flu case growth chart the CDC Clowns use lately on CNN and MSNBC cable news, FOX deleted them recently BTW…they use nefarious terms like cases “rise or raise” in 36 states as their 7 day average data is the trend in the rate decrease on both case and death rate lately. I guess its “MDM” Math Doesn’t matter…LOL

    Phony polls use the same dummy tricks….poll a “worded” question so you control the outcome of the poll..many Americans are such lemmings and fall for it too.

  124. 2374

    RE: ruxpert @ 2370
    I’m No Fan of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

    Especially U3 and U6 unemployment calculating completely different totals.

    But there’s one thing, however accurate BLS is on jobs added, Obama used BLS too, so its comparable to Trump’s actuals to date…underemployment and working two jobs per capita and counting it as two folks working was a big error Obama factored in too.

    When did unemployment get measured two ways?

  125. 2375

    SWE is getting His hair Cut Today, I’m Going With a Trump Cut

    I like it longer on top now, I can die it orange and comb it over the back where the hair grows thinner. Hey, laugh at me, but have you seen this site?


    Its all good.

    Now….Go to the thong bikini barista coffee shack and get yourself a “hot” mug and read the brief:

    “… COVID-19 hits new high; Inslee toughens rules for masks and more
    As Washington state reported its most coronavirus cases ever in a single day, Gov. Jay Inslee yesterday barred businesses from serving customers who don’t wear facial coverings. He also hit the pause button on his reopening plan and tightened restrictions on bars. Here’s what you can and can’t do in each county now. Expect more measures from Inslee early next week, and find today’s live updates here. (Photo: Ellen M. Banner / The Seattle Times)…”

    SWE’s take: Dimslee didn’t use 7 day average trend tracking either. We need to let SWE dance again with kids in real schools again too…LOL

    “…. “This is not the time” for Fourth of July barbecues, officials in Washington state and across the nation warn. As coronavirus cases rise in 40 of the 50 states, they’re urging special precautions if you gather. The surge has been blamed in part on Americans not following safety advice as lockdowns lifted. One particular cause for concern: Hospitals are getting overwhelmed.
    Fireworks are exploding around President Donald Trump’s not-socially-distant show at Mount Rushmore today. Tensions are erupting over coronavirus risks, fire dangers and the memorial itself. His D.C. celebration tomorrow will feature one of the largest fireworks displays ever. As many as 300,000 face masks will be given away — but no one will be required to wear them. A mask-averse Trump says he did try one on, though, and liked that he “looked like the Lone Ranger.”..”

    SWE’s take: Fireworks and 4th of July matter.

    “…A court order and a city law didn’t stop Seattle police from using pepper spray and projectiles as they cleared the CHOP this week. Meanwhile, The Seattle Times and other media are fighting a Seattle Police Department subpoena for raw footage and photos of May 30 protests…”

    SWE’s take: Mayor Durkan’s worst nightmare was when an African American father of a recent CHOP shooting murder complained no one thought that a Black Life Mattered and ignored him, even the Seattle Mayor ignored the Floyd type killing too…until Trump called the mourning father up and consoled him…then Mayor Durkan did a reset and called in a sympathy call too….hypocrite.

    Good News: Dimslee is struggling with his fuzzy math abilities in Kung Flu statistics and his stringent lock-downs with “hourly” contaminated spit masks now must be worn wet 24/7s with various types of breath germs all day at work and while driving now too…I bet no one washes the cloth ones hourly either, they slip them back on soggy with spit [or just dried out with various germs]…LOL…wearing spit masks means “COMPLY”…LOL

  126. 2376

    RE: David @ 2369
    Yes David

    Stay single. There’s rich single women professionals that think community property shoudn’t all go to newer spouses either, but liberal judges in the Seattle area have made this a dice game. This problem affects both genders, but with “fat cat” males its especially dangerous.

    But how can you have relationships that last longer than ten years without co-habitation? When will SWE get married anyway just to land a healthy younger care giver in retirement? Time will tell, its a 50/50 proposition now, loneliness or more stress risk…you make the call. I imagine our eye health and driving when we get real old will decide for us too. My eyes are in good shape now, haven’t had cataracts either….keep out of the sun and wear radiation UV blocking dark shades in sun, I hear vitamin C and E prevents cataracts too, legal 21 is good for glaucoma prevention. I hear bifocals are bad for eyes…if you need to read, take your glasses off…I never wear mine now, I can sit very close to the TV and “totally” avoid glasses that way.

  127. 2377

    RE: Erik @ 2366

    Yes Erik and keep your wife….any women that can live with a male Flipper and not complain much is worth her weight in gold. But single or married, it all can be good.


    Erik, is Seattle next? Maybe if this happens the Seattle area foreclosed will sell for 80% reductions in price, then rent them out for profits? Bad economy can also mean great Flipper investment opportunities.

  128. 2378
  129. 2379
    Erik says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 2377
    The wife just made me food and now she’s working out to keep a hot body for me. Unfortunately, you probably won’t find that in the Puget Sound area. I had to travel to the Midwest to get this wife and it’s paying off.

    I do think condos are going to go down in value in Seattle and I’m looking forward to it. Condos are my favorite investment because they are so easy.

  130. 2380
    David says:

    RE: Erik @ 2379

    Do you know what you call a hot girl in Seattle?

    A Californian.

  131. 2381

    RE: Erik @ 2379

    Happy 4th of July!

    Hey..there’s plenty of fireworks at Boom City, Muckleshoot Indian Reservation in Auburn, leave early the roads will be clogged…

    My daughter scored a good spouse in Kansas City too Erik.

    The cases of Kung Flu may rise, but the total number is way higher,,,the symptoms are so mild now, few get tested this month. MSM mostly omits that salient fact. They want to demonize Kung Flu and blame it all on Trump…LOL..

    Good News: Erik can now buy future condos much cheaper and easier now for flipping later…its all good…LOL

  132. 2382
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 2380
    Men are getting a bad deal in Seattle.

  133. 2383
  134. 2384
    Blurtman says:

    White supremacist in luxury car mows down Non-Binarians confused about Earth’s roadway pedestrian customs!


  135. 2385
    David says:

    By Blurtman @ 2383:

    RE: Erik @ 2382 – Take a knee, you racist!


    At least in Iran, they put the fat girls in burqas.

  136. 2386
    David says:

    RE: Blurtman @ 2384 – Dawit Kelete is a FREE if they put me on that jury.

    I want to thank him for deleting that hideous beast.

  137. 2387

    David Was Right, Florida Now #1 Retirement State in America Now


    Washington State did horrible as a good place to retire, we’re #35 in the nation.

    Hades, avg home prices in Tampa are like $150K.


    You didn’t tell us this Dave, you guys are hiding all the good Flippers from Erik…LOL

    No wonder Dave’s so adamant about Florida…that place rocks for good RE prices. I saw 2 folks from Seattle move to Florida after they retired, now I know why. Save the money you were going spend on that new roof, chimney, deck and rotted side wood in your Seattle mildew home ….buy yourself a newer fresh smelling Florida home instead…..the lots look much bigger too from the RE listing pictures out there too.

    Now, stop gloating at your insanely high King County property tax statement, like its some kind on “badge of honor” and grab your coupon discounted mug of Arby’s coffee while using your special July 4th weekend “40% off entire food order discount” from your email, it expires today…read the brief:

    “…As the Black Lives Matter movement sweeps the country, some evangelicals are having an awakening. “There’s got to be something more you can do,” an African American pastor told a group of Seattle-area leaders. They agreed. Read more. ..”

    SWE’s take: The Bible is clear, all have sinned and are heading down the wide road to Hades without forgiveness…by all, I mean all ethnic groups too. Sin is not just cop brutality, its black deaths by blacks at CHOP too. BLM.

    “…When a mysterious virus began racing around the globe early this year, scientists at the University of Washington’s newly created Center for an Informed Public described it as the perfect storm for bogus information, both innocent and malicious. So what’s the situation six months later, now that the coronavirus pandemic is playing out in tandem […] Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Lord only knows, but my best guess on Kung Flu to date is it has mutated to a much more benign state the last month. My proof is 3 months of historical cases “generally” surging down [curve apex peaking nationally about late May] in June 2020 with no symptoms [adds even more untested positive] and hence not tested at all…an ambiguous ‘partial” number that makes this whole exercise “fuzzy math”. Seven day average cases counted to date nationally and death rate are all surging down now. Perhaps Ancient Aliens is right about flu viruses? Before ya put a “tin hat” on SWE consider this Ancient Alien history actual, a meteor [carrying Kung Flu virus dust?] crashed 130 miles from Wuhan China two months before China admitted to the outbreak late last year….around October 2019. The Ancient Alien observation is backed up by the fact that 1000s of tons of space virus debris crashes to Earth every year this way [its not a theory, its fact, ask Bill Clinton who saw the living cells in meteors from the Mars area]….AA theorizes that bats got infected by the meteor dust then and were subsequently extracted from the Wuhan virus laboratory infected bats. AA also theorizes that the virus invasions are alien sourced/caused from space, but will mutate benign normally [almost all flu virus does this BTW, its SOP] so it doesn’t kill the hosts…us..LOL…MSM would never advance these theories/facts. It contradicts the “flat Earthers” that man is the center of the universe and the Earth is round…we’re obviously not and we’re not alone in the universe as far as life goes either, live with it.

    “…Want a great takeout food deal? When dining rooms closed due to coronavirus, many Seattle-area dumpling restaurants started selling bags of frozen dumplings. To pick the very best ones, our critic fried, steamed and boiled dumpling after dumpling after dumpling just so that you don’t have to. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: Make sure you enroll in all “Fish Bowl” free meal deals by giving them your email addresses at as many restaurants that have “Fish Bowl”. Arbys Fish Bowl sent out a 40% off entire order email coupon July 3rd for the 4th and 5th weekend…I’m using my email copy today. Ya get free birthday dinners this way too. If it ain’t deeply discounted food deals, ya paid too much..LOL

    “…The road trip holds a nostalgic place in the hearts of many, and the coronavirus will likely lead to a resurgence of its popularity this summer. But some things about this great American tradition need to change. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: RVs are selling like hotcakes now, so are luxury boats suddenly. The Hades with the excessive RV/Boat payments and RV/Boat storage costs…LOL…we want our Summer fun back again, whatever it costs.

    “…A recent rise in racial tensions and an increase in hate crimes against people of color over the last few years have made some people who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color) feel unsafe while traveling around the Pacific Northwest. But is a new Green Book the right solution? Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Have ya been to Fresno California to see Yosemite Park lately? Its all Latino and fast food restaurants in Fresno. No place to get an American style steak dinner. Check Yosemite National Park out; not only is it almost all white caucasion tourists there…there’s decent steak restaurants [packed with white caucasions] are only near Yosemite too…the fresh fruit stands in Fresno rock too and many Latino run those….but eat dinner out of town [unless ya like mostly beans and rice…LOL]…LOL

    “…The North African staple maaqouda, are little fried mashed potato cakes or fritters, often sold on the street, either on their own or stuffed into bread with harissa or tomato sauce. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: Yeah, I tried African culture food, its mostly potatoes, they like hard boiled eggs too and weird tasting sauces. You probably won’t be back for more..LOL

    Good News: New Ancient Aliens episodes should be back next season.

  138. 2388

    Here’s a Kung Flu Theory Ya Need a “Tin Foil” Hat to Preach:


    My Gosh: Microsoft and Fauci are teamed together on Kung Flu for immediate world population reduction now? LOL

  139. 2389
    ruxpert says:

    The Seattle Times
    Sunday Morning | How to inoculate against an ‘infodemic’ of false rumors
    John C Durham:
    I really like this story.



    “Forty-six Sheridan Medical Lodge residents and thirty-two staff members tested positive

    for COVID-19 during routine facility testing on May 25, 2020. All residents and staff

    members are asymptomatic.”

    “We retested eighteen staff members and two residents today. All twenty tests came back


    What to do, what to do?

  140. 2390
    ruxpert says:

    Talk about Tin Foil …

    BREAKING NEWS: States Ordered To Fraudulently Inflate COVID-19 Cases 15 Times Actual Rate

    Musk weighed in today with a Twitter response to a GeekWire story that focused on Washington’s rising number of COVID-19 cases as well as Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”
    Musk: “There are a ridiculous number of false positive C19 tests”

  141. 2391
    ruxpert says:

    ‘The commercial and residential property markets are on the brink of collapse. And central banks’ promise to print unlimited amounts of money will not solve the problem, but trigger a major financial crisis. ‘

    V-shaped recovery of financial markets is a myth: They will be destroyed by a credit default tsunami

  142. 2392

    RE: ruxpert @ 2389
    If You’re Dimslee You Ignore the Negative Results as Bad Test Kits Caused not By Evolving Science Anomalies, But Blame it All on Trump’s Mishandling of Kung Flu

    If you’re a Babe for Trump you laugh at Dimslee for the false testing agenda…who do you believe the Babes or Dimslee?

  143. 2393

    99% of the Kung Flu Cases are Mild and seemingly Non-existent Now?

    The ones that just died caught the bad mutation about a month ago? Its anyone’s guess now and do any of you believe the little guy Fauci? Trump looks like a HUGE MONSTER in size in comparison. Now get your monster size mug of coffee and read the brief:

    “… Amid calls for racial justice, first-time youth activists rise to the front
    Katie Neuner had never attended a protest before George Floyd’s death, but for most of June, she found herself in the center of CHOP with a megaphone in hand. Neuner is among a new generation of leaders and activists springing from the protests in Seattle, an emergence that echoes social movements throughout history. (Photo: Erika Schultz / The Seattle Times)…”

    SWE’s Take: I believe in Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) for all races and all Americans. BLM too, whether the life was snuffed out by police brutality or violent CHOP demonstrators with guns. When you’re dead its not whether the killer is a political stigma in your eyes. It all floats down stream.

    “…BREAKING: The Supreme Court ruled against Washington state’s “faithless electors” this morning in a case that could have profound consequences for the presidential election. The ruling means states can pass laws mandating that presidential electors vote for the presidential candidate that voters choose, contrary to what three Washington electors did in 2016. ..”

    SWE’s Take: Profound impact on election from 3 errors in voting? Did I miss something here?

    “…The hit-and-run that killed a protester on I-5 over the weekend isn’t the only time Seattle marchers have been targeted by drivers, they say: “Cars try to run through us on a daily basis.” Summer Taylor, 24, died and Diaz Love, 32, is hospitalized after Saturday’s crash. Earlier that night, an off-duty Seattle police officer drove her personal vehicle through the demonstration…”

    SWE’s Take: I’d need to talk to the defense attorney on this case, did the car mow the demonstrators down or did the demonstrators run in front of the car? Makes a big difference in a court of law.

    “…Why aren’t Seattle schools more racially diverse? Look at the neighborhoods, FYI Guy writes. He breaks down what’s going on in Seattle’s most and least diverse schools, and offers a tool that shows how diverse each school is (or isn’t)….”

    SWE’s take: Bubbleheads are the fault, they purposely buy their homes where schools are better. And why is this wrong?

    “… President Donald Trump says 99% of coronavirus cases are “totally harmless,” but that doesn’t match up with the suffering of millions of COVID-19 patients. Read the fact check. And no, garlic can’t protect you from the coronavirus. Here’s myth-busting about what can and can’t help.
    COVID-19 meets Election 2020: As we’re seeing, a superstorm of misinformation is raging — and it will only get worse, UW’s new Center for an Informed Public says. Know the simple, effective ways to inoculate yourself against falsehoods…”

    SWE’s Take: The hospitalizations for Kung Flu in Wash St way down to date. I see Yakima H-2C foreign farm slaves are the only hospitals with Kung Flu action recently, how about 99% the rest of the State’s hospitals? Cat got your tongue Democrats?


    “…King County sets an urban-growth boundary in 1992, as required by the 1990 Growth Management Act, to prevent uncontrolled development and protect farmland and open space from sprawl. The boundary draws a jagged line between the urbanized western parts of the county, where “urban growth” is directed, to the rural eastern portions, where limited development is allowed. Although there have been minor tweaks, the boundary remains essentially where it was drawn…”

    SWE’s take: The only urban growth restrictions I see in King County are mountains, swamp green belts and mountain cliffs where ya can’t build homes anyway. They mow all the trees down too.

    Good News: Rent for 2 bedrooms apartments is like $1000/mo in Auburn, near Green River College. Hey average pay $20/hr per capita can squeak by that rent payment. Now ya gotta buy, insure and maintain a car and eat and pay utilities…you’re still sucked dry….LOL

  144. 2394

    To Be Fair Here’s the MSM That Contradicts SWE on Kung Flu


    Kung Flu is a like a “never ending” Establishment Afghanistan War and it costs trillions, so it must be depicted as justified, ask the NWO. Or ask Bolton, he’s a good source…LOL…

    No wonder this flu anomaly is turning part of America into nervous rats that lost their minds…LOL…does SWE really know all the answers? Hades no and either does Dimslee.

  145. 2395

    Seven Day National Average of Kung Flu Deaths to Jul 5 2020

    Down 40%….break out the Black Label! Cases exclude most cases available,no symptoms, hardly no testing…positive with no symptoms can’t be measured.

    Cases went up 135% the last week, so what?

    My brother-in-law knows a 71 YO man that died of Kung Flu. IMO, he may have died because he got the bad strain, before it naturally mutated benign this Summer. My brother-in-law agrees, until we untangle why cases can rise when deaths QUICKLY plummet, we’re shooting from the hip.

  146. 2396

    RE: Blurtman @ 2378

    Great 1970 Band Blurtman

    A unheard band in the 1970s was called the “traveling wilburrys” and these brothers did a song called “End of the Line”


    part of the lyrics:

    “…Well it’s all right, even if you’re old and grey
    Well it’s all right, you still got something to say
    Well it’s all right, remember to live and let live
    Well it’s all right, the best you can do is forgive…”

    Tom Petty wrote part of the lyrics and this CD is somewhat unknown and rare, now ya know what to grab up on iTunes, LOL…have a great day Blurtman and in 1970 we still had lots of big boats moored in marinas…LOL

    The old music had better guitar IMO.

  147. 2397

    RE: ruxpert @ 2390

    I Agree With You and Michael Moore Too

    Follow the recycling trucks to the landfill and watch them mix it all in with all garbage anyway.

    Go to the hospitals [if they let you inside, many don’t now] and check out the Kung Flu Death allegations with your own eyes, never trust the MSM. The hospitals are empty right now. They’ll never admit it.

  148. 2398

    RE: ruxpert @ 2391
    Well I’d Say a DOW 29000 down to 19000 and back up again to 26000 is “V” Shaped

    The change happenned the last couple weeks too.

    We still have more jobs to fill, but we must make working a better financial alternative than unemployment. I see more PPE Kung Flu supplies manufactured in America now. That’s helped the economy too. Trump’s plate is full, no wonder Obama HORRIBLY aged in clumps as President…Trump lost some weight, but he’s gained it back, the guy loves his Big Macs and fries…LOL…Biden already looks likes he’s 80 and half there now and mumbles gaffes too much. Reagan had Alzheimers too…I wonder if Biden’s getting it too? Reagan’s wife used Astrology and looked like she was skin and bones anorexic. At some point these old dogs better pass the baton to the younger ones that still have a brain…LOL

  149. 2399
    ruxpert says:

    IS COVID MUTATING? into the kitty cat it always wanted to be
    The Thrill of It All · Sniffles ‘n’ the Tears

  150. 2400
    ruxpert says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 2399

    Jun 20, 2020 – Coronavirus has downgraded from a “tiger to a wild cat” and could die out on its own without a vaccine
    By Phoebe Southworth

    Media Ignores 90% Coronavirus Death Collapse In Country

  151. 2401
    ruxpert says:

    Layers of Lies Part 1: Coquete 1919


    BUSTED: Eight NIH Coronavirus Treatment Experts Disclosed Financial Ties To Gilead – National File

  152. 2402
    uwp says:

    NWMLS June stats are out; for those who don’t like Case-Shiller because of the lag.

    SFH inventory is down almost 50% YOY in King County (All-time June low?) and pending sales are actually up. Take from that what you will. Sitting at 1 month of SFH inventory.

  153. 2403
    Ohd1122 says:

    RE: uwp @ 2402

    I suppose this is good news if you’re looking to spend a couple mil on a Medina/Clyde Hill/Mercer Island pad (10% price declines). For everyone else (me!) it’s neutral at best but likely bad. Even with restricted inventory prices in north Kirkland were flat. So…there’s hope? Maybe?

    One other potential bright spot: apparently there are almost 8 months of inventory in Belltown (presumably all condos?). Condos are down across the board. Could be an interesting Fall in the condo market.

  154. 2404
    wreckingbull says:

    By softwarengineer @ 2396:

    RE: Blurtman @ 2378

    A unheard band in the 1970s was called the “traveling wilburrys” and these brothers did a song called “End of the Line”

    No. Late 80s / Early 90s and incredibly popular. Popular as in 3x Platinum.

  155. 2405

    RE: wreckingbull @ 2404
    Thanks wrecking bull for the music history

    Was Tom Petty a Wilbury bro too? Or did he just write some of their song’s lyrics perhaps decades before the Wilbury bros sang it too?

    I know this ‘End of Line” song was played on the radio a lot in the 90s, so you’re probably right.

    They don’t do concerts today, even as older musicians…that I do know. If you’re right it should be available on iTunes.

  156. 2406

    The New Democrat Agenda?

    Tear down all the history statues and take down Confederate flags at military bases [are there any to tear down?]…that will fix RACISM. Yeah, we could similarly burn all the Seattle home stock down and the loans would all default; that will fix it so many more can afford it…LOL

    Violent RACISM is a spiritual disease in my book and no political party can control our ethics and fix it that way, only God can in my book.

  157. 2407
    ruxpert says:

    The Tony Robbins Podcast on Covid-19 | Facts Over Fear
    COVID-19 Facts from the Frontline | Facts Over Fear, Part 3: A panel of doctors, M.D.s,
    and a Nobel Prize winner unmask the science you aren’t hearing on TV

  158. 2408

    The June 2020 MOM Investors Report Was Released Today

    Jun 0.06% 0.63% 1.99% 4.00% 3.44%
    YTD 0.59% 6.08% (3.15%) (5.85%) (11.08%)
    Last 12 mo 1.54% 8.65% 7.41% 0.84% (4.82%)

    Long-term CDs, Long-term Bonds, American Stocks, Foreign Stocks, Foreign stocks

    The “V” recession recovery has started. Stocks showing positive gains in June, even foreign stocks. Time to join Dave in the stock market now? Dave was hiding the great retirement prices of homes in Florida, he doesn’t want us all moving down there and destroying Florida, like Seattle? LOL

    Safe $CASH$ savings interest rates are a 1.6% YTD joke now….switch to 0.5% Money Markets instead, avoid lock boxed 401Ks, they’re somewhat totally useless now? Load your flipper gun 45s with 45 bullet $CASH$ cartridges now…you can pull the “wire money” trigger immediately for $CASH$ now that way. You can beat Erik that way [probably not, he’s too savvy]..LOL

    Time to guzzle your favorite coffee brew and read the brief:

    “… Trying to buy a house? Good luck.
    Seattle-area home shoppers are seeing the worst of both worlds: rising prices and far fewer houses for sale. Bidding wars abound as homes sell faster than they have since early 2018. If you’re selling, expect a “feeding frenzy,” one broker says. (Photo: Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s Take: Since 2018? Doesn’t Seattle Times live in 2020 with Kung Flu at the RE prices throats? They day dream and hope its reality?

    “… Starting today, Washington businesses must turn you away if you’re not wearing a face covering. (Here’s what researchers have found about the most effective non-medical masks.) The state confirmed 1,087 additional coronavirus cases yesterday, noting the numbers were not just from the past 24 hours. Find today’s live updates here…”

    SWE’s Take: Hades, attacking folks not wearing masks a match to violent protests, stoking division? Most all of us like to breath without spit cloth/cardboard strapped over our mouths/noses spreading like bathroom germs, i.e., Strep…LOL…now you “germy” mask wearers know what “hard of hearing” SWE feels like without his hearing aids on…you can’t understand a word they mumble now. Hearing aids won’t help mask wearers either…LOL

    “… The Seattle City Council has passed a new tax on big businesses that’s expected to fund economic relief and core services during the coronavirus crisis, and raise more than $200 million per year in the long term. Here’s who will pay the “JumpStart Seattle” tax and where the money will go. ..”

    SWE’s Take: Its cold stone nuts to raise taxes now, its like throwing gas on a fire to put it out.

    “…A 10-ton Confederate memorial in Seattle has been toppled. It’s unclear who took down the monument at Capitol Hill’s Lake View Cemetery over the Fourth of July weekend. It had been defaced frequently amid calls for its removal…”

    SWE’s Take: Tearing all the statues down will fix RACISM….how about makes it FAR worse?

    “…Thousands of international students going to college in Washington state may have to leave the country or transfer to another college if their schools go online-only, under a new ICE decision. So far, only one public college in the state is putting all of its fall classes online, but concerns are growing amid the COVID-19 outbreak on UW’s Greek Row…”

    SWE’s Take: They’ll lose all the foreign students, not because of computer based training banning foreign students; they’ll lose all the foreign students because online colleges suck…the foreigners aren’t that stupid, they’ll return to their Motherlands in droves now.

    Good News: We can use our own minds to think, we don’t need MSM brainwashing us with political lies.


  159. 2409

    RE: ruxpert @ 2407
    Its the high Cost of Obamacare In My Book That Caused This Mess

    Practically no one can afford medical treatment anymore…hence, empty dentist offices and such…hospitals too. And hospitals experiencing some high traffic; regular diabetes, heart disease and cancer patients putting off medical treatments until now [after the Kung Flu rush], MASSIVE Kung Flu death decreases. The facts are not clear at all and the last person I’d believe is a medical professional. They close the hospital doors to all visitors now, so we can’t peak inside and see the empty tombs?

  160. 2410
    N says:

    @ ohd1122 2403 – I don’t know about you but I’m not reading too much into June’s numbers. These are April and May pendings. If you think there will be a shift which is quite possible it’s too early to really know. A lot has happened since May – on the one hand things have opened somewhat, on the other hand plenty of layoffs including some white collar (Nordstrom, Boeing). If things don’t change I’m concerned about many of our white collar jobs. Comparing June over June for inventory seems difficult given last June you had the spring selling season to build up some of that inventory when you didn’t this year. Other factors like all time low interest rates are huge too. It’s interesting to see the new listings for June being strong (is June this year’s April?)

    I don’t know how many people look at the MAI data (market strength) linked on the front page of SB, but for the Seattle zip codes I follow it’s been decreasing for a while, granted much of that is West Seattle where the bridge is a big factor. They peg West Seattle condos as a buyers market.

    The detailed breakouts for June condos supplied by the MLS is interesting, showing as much as 6 months of inventory in some areas.

    Rental data shows rents falling YOY and from the high in 2018 as much as double digit % as well.

    Maybe everything gets back to normal and the good times continue but either way it always takes longer to know then this.

  161. 2411
    ruxpert says:

    Coronavirus: Nearly half the U.S. population is without a job
    Almost half of the U.S. population does not have a job

    Will such effect RE prices?

  162. 2412
    ruxpert says:


    SHOCKER: CDC admits COVID-19 ‘positive result’ just means you’ve previously contracted the “common cold”

    “… a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called coronaviruses), such as the one that causes the common cold.”
    July 7, 2020
    — In what can only be considered a pre-orchestrated top-down worldwide pyramid scheme also involving The Executive Office of the President of the United States, President Donald Trump, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, and others who’ve defrauded the American people yet once again after it has been revealed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that a positive COVID-19 test result merely shows that the testee was once infected with the common cold and nothing more.

  163. 2413
    Ohd1122 says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 2412

    This is specific to antibody tests which test for prior infection vs. a test for current infection. Yes, there are a number of issues with antibody tests.

    I am ashamed to admit I clicked on and read part of the article you linked to.

  164. 2414
    ruxpert says:

    RE: Ohd1122 @ 2413

    No need for your shame / theatrics.
    Please simply make your case regarding antibody vs viral tests,
    and how such counters the articles premise!
    So we can understand your premise.

    Test for Past Infection (Antibody Test)

  165. 2415
    ruxpert says:

    some tin foil re: ‘Why’s This Fraud Happening’, albeit some interesting info regarding testing
    Garbage science, garbage tests
    David Crowe and Andrew Kaufman MD


    I asked a friend if he knew:

    How are covid-19 case numbers determined; via viral testing or antibody testing ?

    His response:

    “I think both. And there is some new thing where they “infer” that you are positive from

    hanging out with positive people. So the number of cases is likely way overstated.

    The important statistics are the number of hospitalizations and deaths, which are both



    I found this, it lists variety of tests, but does not specify which are used
    (thus nor percentage of which used)
    ( which used to determine case surge determination?

    Washington State Testing Strategy for COVID-19 (PDF)

    The lack of specificity/accountability is problematic.
    Anyone know of where to find the information needed to access such?

  166. 2416
    ruxpert says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 2409

    Yes, the negative impact of the Lockdown is Monstrous.

    There’s an interesting presentation of such, that I am trying to find again to share.

  167. 2417
    Ohd1122 says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 2414

    The intellihub article you linked to is making a completely false equivalency between a test for past infection (blood test) and a test for current infection (nasal swab). The conclusion is that the CDC admits nasal swab COVID tests only test for the common cold since there is a section in the blood test Q&A (NOT THE SAME THING) that warns that antibody tests aren’t super reliable since they also identify if you’ve had a cold, sometimes. Given that these are two separate pages I’m left to assume the author of the intellihub article is just lying his arse off to galvanize people.

    Definitions of past and prior infection tests come from the CDC site you linked to.

  168. 2418

    RE: Ohd1122 @ 2417
    You Bubbleheads are Great Commentators, All

    You’re as suspicious of Kung Flu lies as SWE…LOL….we should write a new Wilbury Brothers song: Call it “End of the Lies” instead of “End of the Line”…LOL

    “Well, its alright now
    Even if they cook the books
    Its alright now
    No matter how weak the data looks…”

    Now, tip your caffeine mugs and read the brief:

    “… Washington’s businesses begin requiring customers to wear masks
    A new order took effect yesterday mandating that businesses refuse service to customers without face coverings. How did it go? In some areas, it was no big deal. But in others, where wearing masks has been less common, the day brought a “very tough” shift. If you’re new to this mask thing, here’s what you should know about picking one that’s effective, wearing it properly, making your own and getting it clean. (Photo: Steve Ringman / The Seattle Times)…”

    SWE’s take: Do more online orders, you don’t need a spit soaked mask over your mouth and nose…I just went to JCP.com and ordered new clothes and without a pesky germy mask…

    “… Washington state coronavirus hospitalizations are rising. But they’re still far below the spring peak, our analysis shows. The numbers provide a window into who’s getting infected and how that’s changed in a surge that “seriously threatens” local reopenings. Find today’s live updates here…”

    SWE’s take: How far did the Kung Flu hospitalizations fall in King County from last April? 90%? 99%? Seattle Times won’t tell us. The crystal ball I found in the trash last month may help here, it will help put Fauci/WHO/CDC medical health care management and his fortune telling seers in charge….LOL

    “…Traffic alert: Four lanes of southbound I-5 near Highway 516 are blocked this morning after a fatal crash involving a semi-truck and a pedestrian. Check traffic here…”

    SWE’s take: Pedestrians mowed down by semi trucks on I-5? The fun goes on and on…

    “…Seattle’s City Council may make deeper cuts to the police budget than the $20 million proposed by Mayor Jenny Durkan. The council meets this morning, and four members have said half of that budget should be redirected. Here’s how the Police Department spends its money. ..”

    SWE’s take: Defund the police, that should totally destroy home values in Seattle now. My neighbor built a new fence and alleges the home down the block listed for $300K. I asked her how potential buyers can afford like 30% down Kung Flu bank loans for mortgages now for modulars on a postage stamp sized lots. The Tooth Fairy knows….LOL….hey Dave, these same modulars go for $44K each in Florida….LOL

    Good News: Dave is driving his pink Cadillac convertible and laughing his head off at Seattle now…

  169. 2419
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: uwp @ 2402 – Indeed. For the 20 years that Tim tracks, this is an all time low for June inventory. July looks to be tracking for an all time low as well. Early months of the Covid crisis spooked some investors and flippers to accelerate their turn. Now we are in a place where there is just less coming to market. Will be interesting to see how long that continues.

  170. 2420

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2419
    NYC May Give Us a Clue?

    “…Look at 25-year-old Jessica Lee and her husband, who needed four roommates to afford their $4,000-a-month four-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn’s hip Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, a relative bargain in the Big Apple. Now her husband and everyone else in the house have all lost their restaurant jobs and she’s the only one still working—at a company making hand sanitizer. The landlord is threatening

    Read more at: https://www.bloombergquint.com/businessweek/coronavirus-moves-nyc-affordable-housing-crisis-to-breaking-point
    Copyright © BloombergQuint…”

    Seattle’s rent tenants next?

  171. 2421
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 2420 – If we were thinking that $4,000-a-month apartments were soon going to become a “relative bargain”, and that office workers who could work from home would be relocating to detached housing land; it seems like there would be even less reason to bring a house to market now.

  172. 2422
    Joe says:

    RE: uwp @ 2402

    My take is this. If prices aren’t rising when there is a flurry of demand, prices will surely plummet when that flurry of demand turns into a drought going forward as layoffs accelerate and stimulus benefits taper off.

    I just about choked on my oatmeal when you said supply is down to one month, knowing home prices have not risen. Very scary for today’s buyer.

  173. 2423
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Joe @ 2422 – Maybe you are looking at condos? I’m only looking at houses. If you look there, there is no flurry of demand. In fact demand is down. It’s just that supply is down more. Same thing in the previous month.

    Also, home prices are up in nearly all submarkets, and in King County as a whole.

  174. 2424
    Brianna says:

    (I tried to post this yesterday, but never saw it come through, sorry if it’s a repost)


  175. 2425
    TJ_98370 says:

    Source: “The Week” magazine

    “The Houston Association of Realtors has retired the terms “master bedroom” and “master bathroom” because of potential slavery connotations. The terms “primary bedroom” and “primary bathroom” will be used instead. “The consensus,” said the association, “was that ‘primary’ describes the rooms equally as well as ‘master’ while avoiding any possible misperceptions.” ”

    —- A new trend developing in the real estate business?

  176. 2426
    MIKAL says:

    RE: Joe @ 2422 – Who moves during a global pandemic? It works both ways in terms of selling or buying.

  177. 2427
    Joe says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2423

    Supply is way lower than last year because more houses have been sold than listed recently. The inventory reduction should be producing higher prices, but it is NOT. My newsletter from John L. Scott Realtors says single family home median sold prices in Redmond are down 9% year-over-year. The average price is down 3%.

    It seems to me that several sellers out there dropped the price of their homes to get transactions done. Seller price expectations are beginning to drop. The next move will likely be an increase in inventory, and further reduction in prices, as people see a negative trend developing.

    With the economy faltering, risk is clearly to the downside in RE.

  178. 2428
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Joe @ 2427 -The primary reason inventory is strongly down is that fewer people are listing their houses, and have been for months. So many fewer that even lower sales continue to eat into the number. I don’t know that that will change soon. It’s one thing in these times to be a buyer, and go to new houses, empty flip houses, and even a few occupied houses. It’s a very different thing to have a lot of people coming into your house.

    I don’t follow Redmond, but the June numbers by MLS map area are 27 up, and 5 down. That makes you 16% correct about price direction in the Seattle metro market.

    Again, I don’t follow Redmond, but if you were actively working the market you would know that people list at way over market all the time. Their eventual capitulation is not necessarily a reflection on market strength. You would know that more houses are going very quickly, and for above asking.

    I am an active (actually buying) buyer this year. I have seen prices going up in many places. That may change, but that’s what is.

  179. 2429
    DavidE says:

    Good article by Rickards

    “American families are leaving dysfunctional cities such as New York City, Seattle and San Francisco and heading for Montana, Colorado, Maine and upstate New York in the Catskill Mountains among other safe havens.

    Big cities have always offered a trade-off between higher taxes and urban stress in exchange for entertainment, great restaurants, museums and intellectual buzz.

    Today the venues and buzz are gone, the crime rates are soaring and all that is left is the stress and taxes. So people are getting out.

    Changes like this are not temporary. Once people move out, they don’t return ever. Their children may return someday but that could be 15 or 20 years away.

    And those who leave tend to have the most capital and the most talent. This leaves the cities as empty shells populated by oligarchs with personal bodyguards and the poor, who have to deal with the street-level violence.”


  180. 2430
    Blurtman says:

    Boy, this is going to get someone fired! Even under pro-crime mayorJenny, such overt racism cannot go unpunished.

    City of Seattle held segregated training session for black staff aimed at ‘undoing their blackness’ and told them ‘not to take undeserved promotions’ to be better allies for racial justice


  181. 2431
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Klansman @ 2430 – While I sincerely wish for you to experience American black privilege in all its forms and varieties, we’re talking about real estate here.

  182. 2432
    redmondjp says:

    By whatsmyname @ 2431:

    RE: Klansman @ 2430 – While I sincerely wish for you to experience American black privilege in all its forms and varieties, we’re talking about real estate here.

    Precisely. And you apparently don’t see the intrinsic connection between an effective, empowered police force and property values. Unless you live in a gated community that has its own security force, you should be very concerned about what is happening with the rule of law in your jurisdiction, as it has a significant effect on the desirability of property in that area. To think otherwise is foolhardy.

  183. 2433
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: redmondjp @ 2432 – Empowering police to be above the law does not promote rule of law or high property values. See Alabama, Mississippi, the former Soviet block, and most of the 3rd world. Capitol Hill is getting sorted out. Outside the fever swamp, I haven’t witnessed any real repercussions in the larger metro.

  184. 2434
    Joe says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2428

    I don’t disputes your comments, but my point stands. The numbers show prices have declined YOY in Redmond, even though interest rates have fallen significantly and inventory has dropped 40% or so.

    If you are a buyer on the East Side, this should worry you. If you are buying on the upper end of home prices, this should worry you because Redmond is one of the wealthier communities with a good public school system.

  185. 2435
    Eastsider says:

    By whatsmyname @ 2433:

    Empowering police to be above the law …

    Examples? Facts matter.

  186. 2436
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Joe @ 2434 – Possibly so, although as an aberration, it might more directly tie to the rhythms of Microsoft. Speaking of aberrations, area 560 in the same Eastside sub-market is up 16%.

    I’m not looking for top end. That doesn’t make good sense for rentals. If I were a first time buyer, I would be concerned about the low end moving upward, which seems to be happening.

  187. 2437

    Hey….We need a lot more data…like how much down payments rose and credit ratings plummet with missed payments, coronavirus protected or not, with 11% unemployment.

    Its secret now. Take my neighbor’s house for $270K list down the street? If low down payment Fannie and FHA loans aren’t valid on modular homes [IMO they aren’t now]….just how can anyone swing like $60K in down payment to qualify [$CASH$ bag investors without loans don’t normally buy modulars IMO anyway, I wouldn’t either, unless it was half price] ? Maybe the tooth fairy can get the loan? Its all Stephen King “The Fog” now. They tell us nothing…check it out. Would any of you rush in with $60K down payment to buy a mobile home house and lot in SWE’s HOA? You’re all shaking your heads “no” now….LOL….how about any King County house loan with much worse down payment than that for that matter? The data ain’t there folks. Will owners put off costly remodeling now, its most likely money down the toilet? Sounds like remodeling costs way up now [July 2020] in price….more safety costs to prevent Kung Flu IMO. Again, no available data; they zip their mouths. IMO, I’d put off the roof replacement, new kitchen and new fence, etc…unless you’re very rich and use $CASH$ only. Even in 2017 my electric furnace was installed by state inspection code for about $8000 in Kent; I later replaced the gas furnace, central air system and thermostat brand new to code for $4500 in Kansas City on my flipper last year….Seattle remodeling prices suck and they’re getting worse IMO. Lawn care is more expensive in Kansas City than in Seattle though, the Oak Tree roots sprout small trees in your back yard to mow over….ya need a powerful/professional $1000 mower to mow over them…that’s mostly all they sell in Kansas City too. I use a handy man friend of my house manager kids to mow the lawn, he has a hay mower…LOL

    OK…drink your coffee and read the brief:

    “…The Supreme Court has ruled that Manhattan’s district attorney can see President Donald Trump’s tax returns, but Congress cannot, for now. The dispute tested the balance of power between Congress and the president, as well as Trump’s claim that he can’t be investigated while in office. This follows the court’s ruling yesterday allowing more employers to opt out of providing free birth control under the Affordable Care Act. ..”

    SWE’s take: Its clear, the “smear hungry Congress” can’t get at Trump’s tax returns before the 2020 election now after the SCOTUS decision…and I’ve got a bridge to sell you if you believe Trump will go to prison in 2024 after he leaves office over prostitute and jailed attorney Cohen allegations with request for his 1040. This charade will end next year…its a complete joke now. They wouldn’t dare, the Babes for Trump and Motorcycle Gangs for Trump would raise pitch forks and torches if they even tried. The Mueller investigation is over folks. This will have no effect on 2020 election results either; hence no Seattle RE price plummet with Biden’s higher taxes and unemployment assuming Trump loses, he won’t. BTW IMO its the Obama ACA that’s causing Kung Flu exaggeration fears/smears; the hospitals are now hungry for customers who can pay their insanely high salaries’ costs with empty hospitals to date, they’ll continue to lie, kick and steal to grab way too much of our available Seattle RE salary net income $CASH$. The medical professionals generally lie and they’re greedy. This was true years ago too.

    “… How 7 Seattle schools won $100,000 to help students’ families
    “We saw there was a need,” Beacon Hill International School PTA President Callista Chen says, so she helped a coalition of PTAs land funding from the Seattle Foundation to help families pay for rent, groceries and more. In an era when PTAs get criticized for giving wealthy schools an extra boost, these ones are taking a strikingly different approach. One single mom who’s already gotten help from a PTA says that without it, things would have been “disastrous.” (Photo: Mike Siegel / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s Take: So what? $100,000 is like trying to put a bon fire out with a squirt gun…LOL

    “…The first week of July was Seattle’s coolest in nearly two decades. But “there’s still time for summer to make a comeback,” a National Weather Service meteorologist says. Here’s what’s ahead…”

    SWE’s Take: Blame it on global cooling…LOL…yes, 58 degree nights in July are good for one thing, the cool nights are killing all the roses off this Summer….lawn growth is down in rate, that’s good and my rose bush is flourishing anyway in the cold nights, its a variety that loves cooler temperatures anyway.

    Good News: WINCO shoppers are all wearing face masks now…we can sleep better now…LOL

  188. 2438
    Al says:

    +Lowest interest rates in history
    +Record real estate inventory shortage
    +Record high number of unemployment
    +Record amount of businesses closing locations (pizza hut, wendeys, Nordstrom, chuckee cheese, brooks brothers, Macy’s, JCPenny, bed bath beyond, Victoria secret, 53% of all restaurants according to Yelp, …)
    +Record high amount of debt
    +Record high amount of real estate prices
    +Record high amount of stock prices (Print baby print!)
    +Record high amount of people surviving on gig jobs (Not with Uber and Lyft anymore)
    +19% paid no house payment first week of this month
    +13% paid only portion of house payment first week of this month
    +HALF of working age Americans are unemployed
    +Miles long food bank lines
    +ban on evictions
    +Food price inflation

    And here we are approaching the end of July, where the $600 a month and eviction ban will stop.

    Seattlebubble? No, this is everythingbubble. Complete insanity to buy real estate. People getting in bedding wars for homes right now are simply in denial. As a Millennial, I feel betrayed by the older generations, most people on this site, for allowing the madness to reach this level. No hope for my or the next generations. My grandfather was able to buy a house right after high school with a job at a factory, my grandmother didn’t need to work because one income was enough. Now? Both spouses need to work and each need to have multiple jobs JUST to break even. Majority of Americans are one flat tire away from bankruptcy.
    Damn I went on a rant!

  189. 2439
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Al @ 2438
    One good thing at least; half of working age Americans are not really unemployed. They are just not employed. This is perfectly natural.


    As you can see from the chart, the highest level of employed Americans ever was less than 65%. What is interesting is that the 64.7% peak around 2000 was much higher than the “full employment” Trump economy, which never broke 62%. The real Trump miracle was that it escaped media notice that the percentage of Americans working never did more than scratch he worst of every day business under Clinton and Bush. However, this was probably not unknown to the legions of homeless and underemployed.

    One more thing to add to your list should be the $2.2T in stimulus approved. That should do wonders, for asset prices at least.

  190. 2440
    Eastsider says:

    By whatsmyname @ 2439:

    What is interesting is that the 64.7% peak around 2000 was much higher than the “full employment” Trump economy, which never broke 62%.

    You still haven’t responded to your previous lie. Now more lies…

    In 2000, 13% of population is 65 years and over. Today, it is 17%.

    Yes, prior to Covid-19, we have “full employment” and historic low unemployment among Blacks and Hispanics.

  191. 2441
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Eastsider @ 2440 – I will leave it to the reader whether they saw or knew under-employed and homeless people; how that compared to previous years in their experience; and whether they consider those conditions to be “full employment”.

    BTW, Were you able to personally purchase a home during the Trump miracle?

  192. 2442
    Eastsider says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2441 – We were talking about employment. Prior to Covid-19, we had “full employment” and low end wages (inflation adjusted) were rising for the first time in a decade or two. Show us your under-employment numbers in Jan 2020 if it was as bad as you claim (yet another lie?).

    BTW, you would have been much better off investing in S&P500 during the Trump miracle. Even in the middle of a pandemic, S&P is up 47.3% since he was elected.

  193. 2443
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Eastsider @ 2442 – This issues with our unemployment calculations are nearly as ubiquitously known and discussed as the instances over many decades of clear and apparent crimes by members of the police force which went unchallenged by the authorities. As with many things, and as you well know; there is no good reporting on underemployment. This is why I trust the readers to know the reality of what they’ve witnessed, while you demonstrate the old saw that figures don’t lie, but liars figure.

    BTW, I do invest in stocks. I’ve done better in real estate. And I never take financial advice from a guy who can’t afford his own house.

  194. 2444
    pedaltothemetal says:

    RE: Al @ 2438

    Housing used to be for… well… housing. Now its for growing moss on roofs and selling the moss to China. Its all we have left. That’s why the prices went up. Pretty sad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwmOkaKh3-s&t=6s

    Anyway, diversity is going well at Amazon India, I moved over here last year, first American, they put me somewhere in the middle caste I think.

  195. 2445
    DavidE says:

    Been looking at homes in South King since the pandemic restrictions were eased. Nothing like the multiple bids that they want you to believe. Some very very nice homes actually sell below asking.

    Been looking at Vancouver and Portland too. Hardly anything is moving. Wolf (from Wolfstreet) has documented how many high paying professionals like doctors, attorneys, nurses, have been furloughed or have no clients. Many will go under by September especially if we go into another lockdown.

  196. 2446
    Eastsider says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2443 – You continue to spread falsehood without evidence. Perhaps you have done better in RE but I doubt it. Data from last 10 years shows S&P500 gained 192% compared to 82% in Seattle RE. I’m laughing all the way to the bank while you work on your house maintenance and repairs. LOL.

  197. 2447
    wreckingbull says:

    By whatsmyname @ 2443:

    RE: Eastsider @ 2442 – And I never take financial advice from a guy who can’t afford his own house.

    I hate to point this out, but most people who can’t afford their own house make monthly payments on it. The entire reason this blog was founded was to counter your unreasonable expectation that RE should be some sort of mandatory investment for everyone.

  198. 2448
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Eastsider @ 2446 – I Invest $100 in S&P, and get 1.92 gain on $100. I invest $100 in real estate and get 0.82 gain on $500. The best part is I eventually also get the $400 initial difference; and you pay it. It’s not even close.

  199. 2449
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: wreckingbull @ 2447 – This is true in the way that most corporations who can’t afford their operating costs use bonds and bank credit.

    I in no way expect home ownership to be mandatory. I celebrate the right of you or anyone to choose to rent. It’s to my benefit to do so.

  200. 2450

    The Starbucks Opened Up Their indoor WIFI, Time to buy a Mug there and Read the Brief on Bubble Online:

    “… Coronavirus throws cold water on summer in Seattle
    Five of Seattle’s swimming beaches won’t open with lifeguards until Wednesday at the earliest, and the rest won’t open at all this summer, the city says. Blame coronavirus concerns and a massive hole in the budget. But clearly, not everyone is heeding the closures, and that has the city parks department worried. (Ellen M. Banner / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s take: A Summer Without Swimming and Dimslee Wants Kung Flu Masks Worn at The parks…so you can breath better.

    “… Washington state’s coronavirus deaths have been in double digits for four days, with officials yesterday reporting 15 deaths and 640 new cases. But daily tallies don’t paint much of a picture on their own. For perspective, here’s a key trend line to watch, and what it’s telling us. Find today’s charts and live updates…”

    SWE’s take: 15 Kung Flu Deaths yesterday? How about alternatively, 15 normal cold germ pneumonia cases that test positive for coronavirus anyway? They mix them together because the test is a joke. Lord only knows. Never question the medical professionals, they’d never lie

    “….“Hogwash”: Washington state won’t be bullied by President Donald Trump into making unsafe decisions, Gov. Jay Inslee said after Trump demanded that governors reopen schools in the fall. The CDC pushed back on Trump, too, saying its guidelines for reopening stand…”

    SWE’s take: It costs $16,000/yr per year per public school student, if the schools are not open normal with live classes….I wouldn’t pay King County school bills either if I were allocating federal budget. Slap an State income tax on us to fund closed schools anyway Dimslee, and watch the torches and pitch forks head toward your governor’s mansion…

    “…A majority of Seattle City Council members now support defunding the Police Department by 50% and shifting the dollars to other community needs. Mayor Jenny Durkan, though, has asked the council to slow down. Here’s the four-point plan…”

    SWE’s take: Hey, you wacky Snow Flakes in Seattle Elect These “Defund the Police Nuts” Year After Year. They are the far left types that even label the area Seattle home owners rich “White Supremist” Liberals..the Seattle Council Now Hates Amazon Too? LOL


    “…Working out with a mask isn’t so bad — if you have the right one. Here’s how three common mask choices stood up to a good sweaty run. (We’ll be steering clear of the one that induced a “particularly gross lower-face flora experience” for our writer, “like you’re sitting inside a slippery, stinky cave that is your own mouth.”) A crucial bit of knowledge: how to clean your mask afterward! Above, a masked Dwight Harris walks his dogs around Green Lake this week. (Photo: Ellen M. Banner / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s take: Its also keeps the wearer from speaking clearly, this is good, it limits free speech that way.

    “…Seattle’s new tax pushes us to a tipping point. Adding an income tax during an economic crisis puts the city at a disadvantage to the suburbs, columnist Jon Talton explains…”

    SWE’s take: Unemployment up, raise taxes, that will lower it? LOL

    “…UW’s season opener against Michigan has been canceled as the Big Ten plans conference-only football schedules … if there are fall sports. Meanwhile, former football coach Chris Petersen is throwing himself into an intriguing new leadership job at UW’s business school. He’s laser-focused on molding Seattle’s future business leaders, columnist Larry Stone writes…”

    SWE’s take: Kiss the U of W Huskies Men’s Football Season Good-bye This year Due to Political Fear Mongering of Kung Flu?

    “…Washington state hasn’t hit bottom in pandemic-related job losses, but the $600 weekly federal unemployment benefit is set to expire soon. Layoffs are coming at REI, and furloughs are expected for tens of thousands of state employees. Meanwhile, other workers who are coming back in person are fearing the health risks. Ugh, this is a lot. Here’s where to find emergency aid, from paying the rent to getting mental-health support…”

    SWE’s Take: While They’re Furloughing All the State Workers, Don’t Forget to Hand Dimslee and Larkan [and chop out the Seattle Police chief why you’re at it] Their Pink Slips too

    Good News: I was at WINCO and saw about 5% non-compliance to 100% Dimslee flu mask rule. I wore a plexiglass face shield and laughed and joked with the “unmasked” families, and kids. We call ’em icky/gooey spit masks…LOL…the kids couldn’t stop laughing…LOL

  201. 2451
    wreckingbull says:

    By whatsmyname @ 2449:

    RE: wreckingbull @ 2447 – This is true in the way that most corporations who can’t afford their operating costs use bonds and bank credit.

    I in no way expect home ownership to be mandatory. I celebrate the right of you or anyone to choose to rent. It’s to my benefit to do so.

    You missed the point apparently. Nothing wrong with reasonable borrowing and real estate ownership. I own multiple properties myself.

    What is wrong is overextending oneself and poor long-term planning, which often involves RE. When an entire nut goes toward real estate, there is no room for retirement savings, emergency savings, and proper diversification.

    Many boomers will be soon deciding on if they prefer Purina Fisherman’s Feast or Grilled Chicken flavor because they followed your dogma.

  202. 2452
    wreckingbull says:

    On another note, we have not heard from Florida Man in a while here in the SB comment section. I hope it is because he is feeling sheepish now that half of Florida’s ICUs are at capacity and not because he is in one himself.

  203. 2453
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: wreckingbull @ 2451 – You beat that straw man down pretty good. However, I have never advocated unreasonable borrowing, overextending, lack of diversification, or poor planning. I frequently mention that I hold stocks and other assets. What’s your real problem here?

  204. 2454
    redmondjp says:

    Today’s RE haiku:

    foreign money here
    safety deposit boxes
    on a narrow street

  205. 2455
    Erik says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2453
    You are wasting your time communicating with wreckingbull. He is not good at investing. He made a ton of cash by programming computers and earned very high pay for many years in the 80’s from his job. If he was a good investor, he would be filthy rich from his very high income.

    On here he just lies and denies to boost his ego. You are smart with money, I can tell. Wreckingbull is not.

  206. 2456
    redmondjp says:

    If you live in Seattle, either sell now or go get in line to buy a gun:


    Oh, and make sure to get some ammo too, it’s already hard to get right now. And probably even harder to get as our national economic situation devolves.

  207. 2457
    ruxpert says:

    RE: Ohd1122 @ 2417

    ruxpert post 2412 excerpt:
    SHOCKER: CDC admits COVID-19 ‘positive result’ just means you’ve previously contracted the “common cold”

    “… a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called coronaviruses), such as the one that causes the common cold.”

    Ohd1122 post 2413
    Tried to distract / obfuscate:

    ‘positive result’ just means you’ve previously contracted the “common cold”
    by stating:
    “Yes, there are a number of issues with antibody tests.”
    agreeing with the article’s premise
    but then demeaning it
    “I am ashamed to admit I clicked on and read part of the article you linked to.”

    I responded:
    ‘No need for your shame / theatrics.
    Please simply make your case regarding antibody vs viral tests,
    and how such counters the articles premise!
    So we can understand your premise.’

    I followed-up via post 2415 with
    ‘Garbage science, garbage tests’
    “I found this, it lists variety of tests, but does not specify which are used
    (thus nor percentage of which used)
    ( which used to determine case surge determination?”

    Washington State Testing Strategy for COVID-19 (PDF)

    The lack of specificity/accountability is problematic.
    Anyone know of where to find the information needed to access such?

    Ohd1122 failed to provide the test-specifics needed & requested!
    Yet continues to distract / obfuscate / lie, and rather hypocritically.

    I present the following toward further clarification:

    “Here’s the problem. We’re testing people for general coronavirus; but we are not testing for any specific strain, such as ‘Covid-19’.
    There are no reliable tests for any specific ‘Covid-19 virus’.
    There are no reliable agencies or media outlets for reporting numbers of actual ‘Covid-19 virus cases’.
    This needs to be addressed first and foremost. Every action and reaction to ‘Covid-19’ is based on totally flawed data.”

    PLANDEMIC 2 – Fear Me Now

  208. 2458
    MIKAL says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 2457 – We won’t really know what Covid really is for years. Some people that get this are having brain damage that will last all of their lives… and they aren’t considered part of the death count. What if everyone that gets this is fine for 10 years and suddenly drops dead? This is all new and I’m willing to roast the economy to keep my family safe. There won’t be sports or school… get used to it.

  209. 2459
    David says:

    By wreckingbull @ 2452:

    On another note, we have not heard from Florida Man in a while here in the SB comment section. I hope it is because he is feeling sheepish now that half of Florida’s ICUs are at capacity and not because he is in one himself.

    0.035% of FL are in the hospital FOR THE WUHAN. BLAH.

  210. 2460
    Eastsider says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2448 – Zillow is projecting a -1.7% price drop in the next year. There is also a 3% interest on the whole loan. That is about -4.7% in one year, about -$3,000/mo on a typical $760k Seattle home. Then there are property tax and other costs. Renting is far cheaper than buying today if you care to run the numbers. I expect to see a flood of short sellers when mortgage forbearance ends. These short sellers are going to lose their down payments and more. Further, 10% in roundtrip RE transaction costs is not pocket change, especially when most people don’t live in their homes for more than 10 years.

  211. 2461
    MIKAL says:

    There will also be a lot of Airbnb houses that will be on the market too. I’m expecting housing to go down in value over the next few years. Maybe twenty percent….maybe more. And the idiot that is comparing the count of people with the virus in Florida… it’s just starting. In February it was close to zero. Today it is 10,000 new cases a day and climbing.

  212. 2462
    David says:

    RE: Eastsider @ 2460 – Does seem like condos are being dropped in price.

    But condos always do this unless the market is rising. You might be able to pick up some really old condos for a lower price in the next year or so. The ones with undulating brick walls and exposed pipes in the hallways.

  213. 2463
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Eastsider @ 2460 – Holy smokes. Are you renting a $760k house? You’ll probably never save up a down payment.

    I was feeling a little sheepish about violating the prime directive of never smarten up a chump. Then here you come to relieve me with a no-harm-no-foul. Thank you!!!

    It’s sad to think we’re bypassing the ARM reset to go straight for the inventory tsunami. I feel bad for the short sellers. They’ll never get a rental approval with no income and bad credit. They’d be far better off pushing their lender for more forbearance. The banks have been through this before.

  214. 2464

    RE Prices Doing Better in Suburbs, the Big Cities are Experiencing Rich Refugees [LOL…..White Supremist Liberals?] Escaping Hades Hole Taxation= RE Price Collapses in Cities; Its a Mixed Bag Nationally Now

    Move Your Poker Chips Around and Wear Shades So You Can Bluff Them With Blank Poker Faces When Selling; Serve Coffee to Potential Buyers and Exaggerate the Home’s Features; Be sure to Point Out the Granite Counters and Stainless Steel Appliances to Add $50K to the Price. As if the $50K+ in Remodeling Costs Helped…LOL

    Hades, I drive around my HOA and see postage stamp lots crammed with “COSTLY” bushes, fences and no lawn space…Glenbrook would look far more attractive without the crammed gaudy flower beds and useless fences [making turning a lawn mower around impossible] making the house look “circus” weird indeed. The lawn maintenance without flower beds is about 10% the cost too, just grow 100% lawn on these postage stamp sized lots…it may fetch ya a better price too…LOL…even SWE did it wrong, I left the flower beds stay. I’d convert it all to lawn now. Have you noticed folks bought flowers for their yards in bulk; and most of the blooms are dead now with our cold 50 degree July mornings?

    “… Coronavirus hospitalizations rising in Washington state
    Amid a surge in the number of residents testing positive for coronavirus, health officials are keeping a close eye on hospitalizations. They’re still far below the spring peak, our analysis shows. The numbers provide a window into who’s getting sick and how that’s changed. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: What percentage lower than April’s Peak Death Hospitalizations? 99%? LOL They omit the data.

    “…Outside the Seattle metro area, where wearing masks has been less common, some business owners voiced concerns. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Do a survey on Kung Flu death rate and find out how many died that wore masks anyway or didn’t wear them all. No data folks. Many countries opened schools with no Kung Flu impacts as children packed together just don’t catch it they say, even without safe spacing with data too.

    “…Seattle police detectives didn’t get to the scene of the fatal shooting to begin their investigation until 7:45 a.m., police said, nearly five hours after the shooting. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: The Police Chief washed her hands like Pontious Pilate after the Crucifix killing.

    “…SCENT IS PERSONAL. While we can share the view of a pretty sunset or the sound of a neighbor’s wind chimes, our sense of smell is intimate, residing solely within our physical self. Fragrance might be invisible, but it’s a powerful element in the garden. Even with my eyes closed, I can tell the time […] Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: What flowers? A lot of the EXPENSIVE nursery stock planted by home owners are “flowerless” now with 50 degree July evenings.

    Good News: A $270K Modular in Kent is Called a condo now, and the price currently ranges from $80-300K? Whatever that means…..a village idiot wrote this RE advice:


    All I know is one did sell [what price?, no data] lately, but was it purchased without a mortgage loan and with a bag of $CASH$? Only the Tooth Fairy knows. IMO the crystal ball range in prices from 80-300 each means one thing. Total confusion…LOL…Hades, these modular homes on its own lot all look the same and that much flux in prices has a flipper like me eyeing the 80K range very carefully with vulture Erik type flipper $CASH$ eyes….LOL

    There’s way too much FOG in Seattle RE to attract any serious flipper’s attention; unless they know what they’re doing. Even during the best of times the Seattle area sees droves of evictions and foreclosures….death, health problems, divorces, etc..don’t stop just because the economy is thriving. The fun goes on and on…LOL….be patient and grab up a sweetheart deal, but ya better move fast with $CASH$ or Erik will find it first….LOL

  215. 2465
    Eastsider says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2463 – It appears that math is not your strong point. Otherwise show us how housing is a good investment when prices are projected to decline 1.7% yoy.

  216. 2466
    Eastsider says:

    RE: David @ 2462 – Condo prices always lead housing decline and lag housing boom.

  217. 2467
    whatsmyname says:

    By Eastsider @ 2465:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2463 – It appears that math is not your strong point. Otherwise show us how housing is a good investment when prices are projected to decline 1.7% yoy.

    Notwithstanding that 1.7% is a pretty inconsequential number that doesn’t begin to cover the variations between our Puget Sound neighborhoods, you seem to have discovered that projections are facts; house purchases follow general projections like the identical hamburgers that they are; and that good investors are market timers. You are wicked smaht. I can only imagine how well you would do in a subject where you had some experience or knowledge – but you should try that sometime.

  218. 2468
    Erik says:

    RE: Eastsider @ 2465
    Buy a house now and go directly into mortgage forbearance for year. No mortgage payment for a year is a pretty big incentive to buy in my opinion. That deal probably won’t be around next year.

  219. 2469
    Eastsider says:

    RE: Erik @ 2468 – Haha NINJA loan?! How did that work out last time?

  220. 2470

    Get your free Mug of Coffee and orange juice with your slugger grand slam [eggs, pancakes, hash browns, sausage, beacon] for $8 total, gulp the slugger coffee down at the booth and pull down your mask, read the brief:

    “…Some Washington Republican leaders fear a 2020 ticket that includes Donald Trump and Tim Eyman would be a disaster. Read more. …”

    SWE’s Take: Stop calling Never Trumpers GOP, they never were….they should switch to Democrat where they belong. BTW, Never Trumpers are like LT 5% of the GOP….compare that too the Democrat Party split in half by Bernie Socialism and Biden’s Progressive NWO policies for the rich. They pretend this division doesn’t exist…LOL…what a charade. Biden copies Trump’s “Buy American” agenda now with no business experience to lead it. He’s a plagiarist.

    “…The conduct they champion has ignited a bitter debate in Portland about the direction that protests have taken in an ongoing drama that plays out nightly in this Northwest city. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Destroying public property and statues is “championing” a cause? What’s the cause called? Destroy America?

    “…Check out our interactive list, sorted by neighborhood, of Seattle restaurants offering takeout, delivery and/or dine-in options during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: The best takeout I found was pickup at Kent’s Dennys believe it or not…$8 bucks gets you the slugger slam with eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, pancakes, large orange juice and large coffee….all the condiments are bagged separately and the meal is packaged nicely in a microwavable container. I check the takeout bag and tip them some if all the food is included right. No insane Grubhub fees either, pick it up yourself. The drinks come with a spill proof cardboard container too. Try it.

    “…• COVID-19 data: What the numbers mean and how to tell if the coronavirus is spreading..”

    SWE’s take: LOL its fuzzy math, use a crystal ball to tell if its spreading, this seer method is FAR more accurate…LOL

    Good News: Biden now preaches the Trump agenda he plagiarized from Trump…Buy American Manufacturing now, where’s Bernie’s Medicare for all? Ya flushed it down the plagiarize Trump’s agenda toilet? LOL…ya hate the NWO like Trump now too? I seriously doubt it. Biden will do anything to get elected.

  221. 2471

    Hey Dave, the Florida Antifa Type Gorillas Attacked Your Florida Area Trump Church With Torches Yesterday, the Same Day LA’s Trump Church Was Attacked Too


    They eye David’s Florida home as their next target? If you protect your home with guns, they demonize and prosecute Dave now too. David’s mad as Hades now? What’s your strategy Dave to thwart them?

  222. 2472
    ruxpert says:

    RE: MIKAL @ 2458

    MIKAL says:
    “We won’t really know what Covid really is for years. Some people that get this …”
    Get WHAT?

    This is an example of the nonsense / fear porn that’s hurting more than ‘it’ otherwise claims to make safe! (apparently to justify the fear induced?)

    Russia’s Official COVID Doctor: It’s just the Flu, It’s all BS

    May 29, 2020 — Alexander Myasnikov was appointed in April to his new role of informing Russians about coronavirus treatment and prevention methods and to battle “fake news” about Covid–19 . . . “It’s all exaggerated. It’s an acute respiratory disease with minimal mortality,” he told TV personality Ksenia Sobchak in the interview for her YouTube project.

    “Why has the whole world been destroyed? That I don’t know,” Myasnikov said . . .

    How Do You Know What You Know?

  223. 2473
    ruxpert says:

    Major Tax Increases Are About To Slam America As Cities & States Want You To Pay For COVID Fallout

    Manufactured Pandemic:
    Testing People For Any Strain of Coronavirus, Not Specifically ‘COVID-19’

  224. 2474
  225. 2475
    Erik says:

    RE: Eastsider @ 2469
    The US government screws renters and this is another example of that. Trump is borrowing loads of money which is driving asset prices up. Then he’s giving smart investors and home owners the ability to not pay their mortgages by making the claim they are affected by covid. No documentation required other than the claim.

    This is worth watching…

  226. 2476
    ruxpert says:

    “Tsunami” of Evictions Could Make 28 Million Americans Homeless This Summer Alone

    With the pandemic continuing to sink its claws into the United States, economic conditions have also failed to improve for millions of people. As a result, nearly one-third U.S. households – representing 32 percent – have still not made their full housing payments for the month of July, according to a survey from online rental platform Apartment List.

    And with public health experts warning people to continue to “Stay at Home,” the slogan is taking on a perverse new meaning as humanitarian disaster looms for some 28 million people in the U.S. who are facing eviction and homelessness in the immediate future.

    the rest: https://www.activistpost.com/2020/07/tsunami-of-evictions-could-make-28-million-americans-homeless-this-summer-alone.html

  227. 2477
    Eastsider says:

    RE: Erik @ 2475 – TDS is as contagious as Covid-19. If Hillary were the potus today, the same game would be played. LOL.

  228. 2478
    whatsmyname says:

    Say, did anyone notice that the June King County median price of $725,000 was the highest for any June ever?

  229. 2479
    redmondjp says:

    By whatsmyname @ 2478:

    Say, did anyone notice that the June King County median price of $725,000 was the highest for any June ever?

    Have you not made the connection between QE-to-infinity Helecopter Ben Bucks and higher real estate prices yet?

  230. 2480

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2439
    I Agree With You

    This underemployment occurred at Boeing in 1978, limiting green experienced degreed engineers to hire in at $7/hr, high school diploma technical draftsman made $6; but in a couple years were getting $10/hr…the degreed engineers were left behind at $7/hr then. The U of W then recommended degreed engineers not work at Boeing then….many changed jobs to PACCAR and wages went up 50% in a couple years; this wage depression against skilled degreed engineer folks is decades old. BTW, the high school diploma Machinists at Boeing were making like $13/hr at the same time then too. Boeing sucks in pay for educated engineering folks, it always has. Even the 5-10 year experienced engineers on the 787 were paid like $30/hr and expected to afford $400K Seattle area homes then….LOL

    Hey Erik, Grab them babies they’re screaming for Daddy to Give Them More Milk, there [they have milk nipples in their mouths] now Erik can Sip His Coffee in Peace and read the Brief:

    “… Blaze on Aurora Avenue North injures several people
    Three people in critical condition at Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center are among those injured in a fire this morning at a building on Aurora Avenue North. The highway is closed. Check back for more on this breaking story and find the traffic impacts here. (Photo: Mike Siegel / The Seattle Times)…”

    SWE’s Take: Call it paranoia, but that fire looked almost non-existent yet injured many people? Don’t they use fire detectors in apartments by King County Code? Maybe the victims had too much Black Label and weren’t able to Awaken with a fire detector whining?

    “… Washington state health officials confirmed 1,438 new cases for Friday and Saturday, and one local city will be mailing masks to every household as cases surge. Find today’s charts and live updates here, as well as a look at how to interpret the data…”

    SWE’s Take: I also heard that 99% of those who got the recent flu experienced mild or no symptoms [it mutated?] as hospitals “totally” empty. School Age Kids don’t get it at all in Denmark, with open schools with no masks or restrictions…you figure. Nothing is constant and the same it all changes.

    “… Are you required to wear a mask on a plane? Are your fellow passengers? It depends. Travel Troubleshooter cuts through the complications. Oh, and business is booming wildly for the corner of the industry that lets rich travelers avoid this issue entirely…”

    SWE’s take: The Uber Rich Seattle Area Home Owners are called by Far Left Activists: “White Supremist Liberals” Now. It appears Bernie’s supporters aren’t on the Biden Train, regardless of Bernie’s Endorsement of Biden….same thing happenned in 2016 election. Bernie’s folks want Medicare for All, free College and guaranteed $2000/mo income, whether ya work or not. BTW, 13% of Bernie’s Folks ended up voting Trump in 2016…I see this % much higher now, to protect Trump’s Phase I tax reductions to the bottom 90% household incomes….it disappears if Biden is elected. Vote your pocketbook folks, no one else will…LOL

    “…Envision a justice system that doesn’t throw people away. Our existing system of criminalization and mass incarceration is not working. As we increasingly look for alternatives, a Seattle program for young people builds community and gives us an example of how transformative justice could work, columnist Naomi Ishisaka writes. Creative Justice is an arts-based approach led by Nikkita Oliver, left, and Aaron Counts, right. They’re holding artwork with youth leader Joyee Runninghawk. (Photo: Steve Ringman / The Seattle Times)…”

    SWE’s take: Yeah and Defund the Police Will Make It All Better…LOL…how about MUCH WORSE. Let’s start to fix this mess by getting the kids in public schools again, so single moms are free to work again.

    “…How much are Seattle’s pricey private schools contributing to inequality? Amid that debate, FYI Guy writes that Seattle ranks very high among big U.S. cities when it comes to the percentage of kids in private schools…”

    SWE’s Take: Public Schools are pricey too, like $16,000/year/student….Hades, lots of pricey private schools will write a contract for that amount. Give us our money back if you won’t open the public schools so we can afford real face to face private schools again, not computer school Looney Tunes fake news just to embarrass/defy Trump’s campaign agendas.

    “…The NFL team in Washington, D.C., is shedding its name. The team this morning announced the retirement of its polarizing and offensive name…”

    SWE’s Take: Ethnic name changes are not new; Funny Face koolaid drink eliminated “Injun Orange” and “Chinese Cherry” decades ago…the Sambos restaurant died decades ago because an alleged ethnic “slur” name too. Most no one cared then….we were thoughtless and cruel? LOL

    “…An Alaska Airlines flight was forced to return to Sea-Tac Airport after a “physically aggressive” man threatened passengers Saturday night. Video shows him walking in the aisle and shouting that he would kill everyone on board…”

    SWE’s Take: Friendly folks in Seattle get up in the airplane and cheer us all up…LOL

    Good News: David is back and he’s bull on stocks…LOL

  231. 2481
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: redmondjp @ 2479 – Bernanke left in 2014, so “infinity” is a bit of a stretch there. Plus recent efforts are more tied to shorter term maturities which further degrades the linkage to mortgage money.

    But let’s take your implication on its own merits – i.e. do you think QE and other stimulus use is going to be going the other direction anytime soon? And by your model, what does that say about future RE prices?

  232. 2482

    Maybe Its the Cold 53 degree mornings in July? Or the extra work to care for kids isolated permanently at home stresses us out?


    If you aren’t urine tested at work, try indica CBT…it cures insomnia.

  233. 2483

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2481

    Yes whatsmyname:

    I made a killing in the Obama’s QE driven stock market, but I would have made much more and much faster with Trump’s lower corporate tax stock market. The trick is, is know “when to pull out” like Kenny Rogers song, “The Gambler”….you sound like a curious savvy investor and Hades, with no profits, the game’s a joke…LOL….just vote your pocketbook, no one else will…LOL

  234. 2484

    What we learned from Disney World’s reopening
    As Disney World opened Saturday after its four-month coronavirus closure, fans found a smaller, much more sanitized and COVID-19-conscious world.

    SWE’s Take: I saw the Disneyland pictures; they’re most all tearing their icky/gooey/germy face masks off anyway…LOL…face masks are much better used in Communist China, where everyone is a government robot and trained not to think for themselves…LOL

  235. 2485
    David says:

    By softwarengineer @ 2471:

    Hey Dave, the Florida Antifa Type Gorillas Attacked Your Florida Area Trump Church With Torches Yesterday, the Same Day LA’s Trump Church Was Attacked Too


    They eye David’s Florida home as their next target? If you protect your home with guns, they demonize and prosecute Dave now too. David’s mad as Hades now? What’s your strategy Dave to thwart them?

    Florida has 3 things that make this unlikely. Floridians will KILL YOUR SORRY A$$ if you go up against them in a scenario of likely inflicted serious physical harm:

    1) You CANNOT be arrested in FL if you claim self-defense. The State has the burden to prove you were not defending yourself.

    A law enforcement agency may use standard procedures for investigating the use or threatened use of force as described in subsection (1), but the agency may not arrest the person for using or threatening to use force unless it determines that there is probable cause that the force that was used or threatened was unlawful. (776.032)

    2) Courts are FORCED to award all expenses against a Perpetrator is he sues you for shooting him or killing him.

    The court shall award reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, compensation for loss of income, and all expenses incurred by the defendant in defense of any civil action brought by a plaintiff if the court finds that the defendant is immune from prosecution as provided in subsection (1). (776.032)

    3) You can sue the police if they arrest you upon claiming stand your ground in Florida.

    Don’t get BLM-cocky in Florida !

  236. 2486
    Erik says:

    RE: redmondjp @ 2479
    That may be. My point is that people who own real estate get a lot of advantages. I’m encouraging you to own real estate because you don’t own a single house. That’s crazy in my opinion.

  237. 2487
    Erik says:

    Anyone have a 1st postition HELOC? Is it simple interest?

  238. 2488

    RE: Eastsider @ 2469

    That would not be a NINJA loan because they would still have to qualify for the loan using the normal Pre-COVID process and parameters. It would be more like the ads you see for furniture purchases at Thanksgiving. NO PAYMENTS FOR ONE YEAR! except there would be interest accruing for that year.

    It would be a normal 30 year mortgage paid in 31 years with no payments during the first year.

    Not recommending this…just correcting that it would not in any way be a NINJA Loan.

  239. 2489
    Erik says:

    RE: ARDELL DellaLoggia @ 2488
    The advantage is to the borrower.

  240. 2490
    redmondjp says:

    By Erik @ 2486:

    RE: redmondjp @ 2479
    That may be. My point is that people who own real estate get a lot of advantages. I’m encouraging you to own real estate because you don’t own a single house. That’s crazy in my opinion.

    You must have me confused with somebody else. I bought my now-paid-off home in 1998. New homes near me are being sold for $2M so I did something right when I picked this location.

    I now get the privilege of renting from King County for only $528 per month. Not including fire/earthquake insurance.

  241. 2491
    Ardell DellaLoggia says:

    RE: Erik @ 2489

    No comment. :) Just saying it has nothing to do with NINJA loans.

  242. 2492
    Erik says:

    RE: redmondjp @ 2490
    I did get confused. I got you confused with Eastsider. Redmond is on the Eastside after all.

    Nobody can argue with an expensive paid off house. Good job. Are you still working? If so, what are you doing with all that extra cash? How long did it take you to pay your house off?

  243. 2493

    RE: redmondjp @ 2490
    Yeah, My Paid Off House in SE King County Still Costs Me

    $200+/mo Property Tax too [hey a $2M property assessment isn’t $500/mo, try like $1500/mo]….add in $200 Water/Sewer/HOA plus insurance that’s doubled recently because its controlled by one company, Foremost….I should thank my lucky stars though, the HOA fees alone on a cheaper Renton condo are $600/mo. So I’m forking out for rent payments with no mortgage too. Maintenance on a 29 year old home with roofs, plumbing, appliances, old furnaces, old central air and that subpar rotted exterior wood glueboard they use ain’t chump change either…Erik has the right idea, keep flipping them past the maintenance bills…LOL…is your house county assessed at like $800K?

    C’mon man give us the total monthly bill for taxes and maintenance and property tax value. Sounds like if my $800K assessment estimate is correct and you have HOA fees and maintenance its more like $1000-1500/mo?

    Most that work at average Joe $20/hr jobs can’t afford your bills with no mortgage or rent payments…LOL

  244. 2494

    OK, Grab a Mug of normal coffee at Starbucks for $3 and read the brief:

    “I was a classic white progressive, which meant I was clueless about racism.”

    SWE’s Take: Uber rich White Supremist Liberals owning $700K Seattle area homes…LOL

    “… Shooting kills Bothell police officer; suspect found hiding on rooftop, police say
    Bothell today is mourning a police officer who was killed in a shooting that also injured a second officer. It began last night with a traffic stop and chase. Hours later, authorities found the suspect hiding on a rooftop, police say. Some roads in the area remain closed as they investigate. (Photo: Elise Takahama / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s take: The Seattle area is fighting this crime by making it worse:


    50% cut means no Seattle area police basically in a lot of cases. Even local prosecutors won’t attack the violent police shooters. Watch Seattle area RE values plummet if/when this happens.

    “…It was a violent night in South King County, too. Six people were injured in a shooting near a Kent bus stop. And in Renton, police are searching for a suspect after a shooting inside the Target at Renton Landing injured a 15-year-old boy. …”

    SWE’s Take: Even SE King County has turned into a “gangland” riot zone. Imagine waiting for your Kent area bus to your $10-15/hr job and spraying bullets turn the bus stop into a blood bath. I saw about ten Kent Police SWAT team with 4-5 cop cars parked near that Kent apartment not far from 104th/108th, clutching AK-47s and bullet proof gear on, at Kent Kangley and believe me, the speed limit was 35 mph, but I got the Hades away from the possible bullet spray with hotrod acceleration and a grim look on my face…HORRIFYING. This reminds me of being in a war zone. Thank God I have a thick 4200 lb steel rocket car to ride in, no wonder the police buy Dodge Chargers too, maybe I should switch to a full size Hummer…LOL

    “…The low-rise West Seattle swing bridge has sprouted cracks that will need repair, like its taller neighbor. It’s the only direct connection between West Seattle and downtown since the city abruptly closed the six-lane high-rise bridge in March…”

    SWE’s take: Would I take the cement bridges of Hwy 99 to the new Seattle viaduct tunnel now? Hades no, the bridge is on the verge of collapse, cracks galore…too risky now. Would you?

    “…Washington state yesterday reported a record daily high of 1,101 new cases. As coronavirus re-invades our state and others that already beat it back once, experts say the resurgences share common causes: “Nobody likes being told what to do.” California’s governor did just that, ordering much of society to shut down yesterday as the state’s biggest school districts said they won’t bring students back soon. Find today’s live updates here.
    “Don’t tell me my kid has to wear a mask”: Anger and fear are colliding as schools slam into the politics of reopening. The Trump administration has cited the American Academy of Pediatrics to make its case — but the pediatricians say they never called for the kind of reopening Trump wants. Here’s what the AAP did say. ..”

    SWE’s Take: How many simultaneous Kung Flu Deaths in Washington State? 0? The virus has mutated innocuous and Fauci/WHO/CDC zip their mouths shut? They omitted Kung Flu deaths in this article. Center on defund the police and rising “cop-killer” and innocent by stander shooting deaths; no God forbid we do that. Then we center on a real problem in Seattle. Public schools wearing face masks are a complete joke; how do they mumble incoherently to each other? I know they can read lips? Not with masks on.

    “…More than 5 million Americans lost their health insurance in just four months, according to a new analysis coming out today…”

    SWE’s take: I thought we all got heath insurance from Obamacare Medicaid or Apple Insurance? LOL…Medicaid for all covers the pill and abortions, what else? LOL Blame it all on Trump…LOL…

    “…Mary Daniel used to visit her husband at his assisted living facility for hours each evening, until March, when visitors suddenly weren’t allowed. More than 100 days passed — then she hired on as a dishwasher to see him, and the tears started streaming…”

    SWE’s Take: Tell me about it…I haven’t seen my 30 year severely Autistic son at his disabled home setting for 3 months now. I wave to him from 20 feet away and bring him take out food and clothes and such. He misses daddy too, he stares at me with worried eyes. He has long hair now, no barbers cut disabled adults hair now. How do they see a doctor now with no medical representatives [me] driving him there? The Tooth Fairy? Thank God I got him to a doctor last October.

    “…A dozen protesters yesterday filed claims against Seattle, King County and the state, alleging excessive force or the failure of police to secure the safety of peaceful protesters. The claimants say they, or their loved ones, were hit by cars, shot, pepper sprayed, tear-gassed, put in choke holds or knocked unconscious. “This is not how people who protest should be assisted,” said Karen Koehler, above, whose firm represents most of the claimants. (Photo: Steve Ringman / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s take: Why the Hades did you allow your family members to join violent protests? Blame it on all on the police and Trump.

    “…Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan wants to zap $76 million from the police budget next year, largely by moving 911 dispatchers, parking enforcement officers and others outside the department. But as the City Council eyes deeper cuts, Durkan is blasting those as irresponsible. Meanwhile, an off-duty officer who drove her car through a crowd of protesters is no longer employed by Seattle police…”

    SWE’s Take: Mayor Durkan reminds me of Communist Chavez running Venezuela into a poverty hole. Hey that insane Seattle area property tax bill just got worse.

    “…Good news for Boeing: The company has landed a $1.2 billion deal for eight F-15EX fighter jets. It’s a massive win for Boeing at a time of historic vulnerability, but it could still fall victim to politics…”

    SWE’s Take: Which foreign country are we selling our military secrets too, Japan I suppose? Maybe China or Iran? LOL

    Good News: I’m finishing Tom Clansy’s 1993 “Debt of Honor” book…

    After a Japanese engineered car gas tank production error killed five:

    Excerpts from book: page 155, Japan slows the import flow of American/European domestic cars by “slowly” inspecting them as they’re unloaded from ships…they flow like slugs in manure that way…LOL…then we do the same to Japanese engineered cars and Japan blows its top….

    Page 157: “…But you don’t understand…our laws are designed to fit our culture. Yours is different…” LOL….sounds like today’s NWO progressive thinking doesn’t it? LOL

    Japan attacks America with ICBM nuclear tipped missiles and shuts down the American stock market for retaliation just like WWII in the plot…LOL

    Enjoy the read…BTW, this Clancy book they didn’t make an international Hollywood movie out of, I wonder why? LOL

  245. 2495
    Blurtman says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 2494 – ““Our budget is almost entirely personnel,” Best said. “I will not sacrifice officers of color for political points.””

    WTF is she saying, that only non-colored officers will be fired?

  246. 2496

    RE: MIKAL @ 2458

    Please provide credible links to your allegations….I like the difference in opinion you project, but call me a RACIST Trump supporter [or RACIST Uber Rich Liberal in Seattle for Biden]…same thing…just because ya read it from progressive medical allegations to stop Trump, do not make it credible allegations at all.

    Do you use an Obamacare tax deduction on your Obamacare $15-20K/yr Blue Cross for the rich elite? I’m sure ya don’t depend on the nothing burger Apple Insurance [Medicaid for all], you sound more intelligent than that…LOL

    I do wish your Biden luck against Trump….but IMO, Trump has already drew 4 aces and is leaving the 2020 campaign Poker table…LOL…Biden just has a pair of jacks….

  247. 2497

    RE: Blurtman @ 2495
    Only Mikal and Tooth Fairy knows for sure. Good news: voter registrations down for progressive far left types….the Bernie folks have given up on voting and have swung to violent revolution instead? They never did vote that much anyway…except in Seattle? We’re different?

  248. 2498
    redmondjp says:

    By Erik @ 2492:

    RE: redmondjp @ 2490
    I did get confused. I got you confused with Eastsider. Redmond is on the Eastside after all.

    Nobody can argue with an expensive paid off house. Good job. Are you still working? If so, what are you doing with all that extra cash? How long did it take you to pay your house off?

    I started with a 30-year fixed mortgage, making extra payments (typically $200/month) towards the principal, and then 7 years in re-fi’d into a 15-year fixed, which I paid off two years early by also making extra payments toward the principal in the early years of the loan. The amount of interest saved by doing this is significant (at least with the higher interest rates at the time).

    Extra money is going into the bank right now. I can’t stomach buying Amazon or Tesla or more real estate at this point in time. I’ve fought the Fed, and the Fed won. Had I listened to certain financial website commenters and “bought the dip” I would be in a much better situation than I am. It’s very difficult to determine what the safe haven is right now. If our petrodollar loses reserve currency status, hold on Betty! You’d better have some sealed cans of coffee and cigarettes to barter with. Oh, unopened bottles of the hard stuff will probably be good to have as well. Only time will tell. Personally I think that the globalist bankers are about ready to spring a new digital cryptocurrency upon the entire world. They are really tightening the screws right now about using cash for any purchases.

    If you look at the financial effects of this current situation on state, county, and local governments, it is very scary. Property taxes can only go up. If my same house was in Chicago, I would be paying somewhere between $15-20K per year in property taxes. We haven’t hit those levels yet here, but I see it in our future. This will have significant downward pressure on real estate prices, along with other idiocy such as defunding the police.

    I have lived in Flint, Michigan during the 1980s which was severely underpoliced, and we were essentially told to stay in our locked dorm rooms and not to go out at night. Many older homes in semi-abandoned neighborhoods there actually have a negative value (cost of demolition plus back taxes that the city expects you to pay once you purchase). Nobody living there in 1950 could have seen that ever happening. And those neighborhoods, unlike many in Seattle to this day, actually had very nice sidewalks on both sides of the streets!

  249. 2499
    ruxpert says:

    Gov. Inslee extends pause of phased reopening plan

  250. 2500

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