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Tim Ellis is the founder of Seattle Bubble. His background in engineering and computer / internet technology, a fondness of data-based analysis of problems, and an addiction to spreadsheets all influence his perspective on the Seattle-area real estate market. Tim also hosts the weekly improv comedy sci-fi podcast Dispatches from the Multiverse.


  1. 2501
    Joe says:

    RE: uwp @ 2402

    My take is this. If prices aren’t rising when there is a flurry of demand, prices will surely plummet when that flurry of demand turns into a drought going forward as layoffs accelerate and stimulus benefits taper off.

    I just about choked on my oatmeal when you said supply is down to one month, knowing home prices have not risen. Very scary for today’s buyer.

  2. 2502
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Joe @ 2422 – Maybe you are looking at condos? I’m only looking at houses. If you look there, there is no flurry of demand. In fact demand is down. It’s just that supply is down more. Same thing in the previous month.

    Also, home prices are up in nearly all submarkets, and in King County as a whole.

  3. 2503
    Brianna says:

    (I tried to post this yesterday, but never saw it come through, sorry if it’s a repost)


  4. 2504
    TJ_98370 says:

    Source: “The Week” magazine

    “The Houston Association of Realtors has retired the terms “master bedroom” and “master bathroom” because of potential slavery connotations. The terms “primary bedroom” and “primary bathroom” will be used instead. “The consensus,” said the association, “was that ‘primary’ describes the rooms equally as well as ‘master’ while avoiding any possible misperceptions.” ”

    —- A new trend developing in the real estate business?

  5. 2505
    MIKAL says:

    RE: Joe @ 2422 – Who moves during a global pandemic? It works both ways in terms of selling or buying.

  6. 2506
    Joe says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2423

    Supply is way lower than last year because more houses have been sold than listed recently. The inventory reduction should be producing higher prices, but it is NOT. My newsletter from John L. Scott Realtors says single family home median sold prices in Redmond are down 9% year-over-year. The average price is down 3%.

    It seems to me that several sellers out there dropped the price of their homes to get transactions done. Seller price expectations are beginning to drop. The next move will likely be an increase in inventory, and further reduction in prices, as people see a negative trend developing.

    With the economy faltering, risk is clearly to the downside in RE.

  7. 2507
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Joe @ 2427 -The primary reason inventory is strongly down is that fewer people are listing their houses, and have been for months. So many fewer that even lower sales continue to eat into the number. I don’t know that that will change soon. It’s one thing in these times to be a buyer, and go to new houses, empty flip houses, and even a few occupied houses. It’s a very different thing to have a lot of people coming into your house.

    I don’t follow Redmond, but the June numbers by MLS map area are 27 up, and 5 down. That makes you 16% correct about price direction in the Seattle metro market.

    Again, I don’t follow Redmond, but if you were actively working the market you would know that people list at way over market all the time. Their eventual capitulation is not necessarily a reflection on market strength. You would know that more houses are going very quickly, and for above asking.

    I am an active (actually buying) buyer this year. I have seen prices going up in many places. That may change, but that’s what is.

  8. 2508
    DavidE says:

    Good article by Rickards

    “American families are leaving dysfunctional cities such as New York City, Seattle and San Francisco and heading for Montana, Colorado, Maine and upstate New York in the Catskill Mountains among other safe havens.

    Big cities have always offered a trade-off between higher taxes and urban stress in exchange for entertainment, great restaurants, museums and intellectual buzz.

    Today the venues and buzz are gone, the crime rates are soaring and all that is left is the stress and taxes. So people are getting out.

    Changes like this are not temporary. Once people move out, they don’t return ever. Their children may return someday but that could be 15 or 20 years away.

    And those who leave tend to have the most capital and the most talent. This leaves the cities as empty shells populated by oligarchs with personal bodyguards and the poor, who have to deal with the street-level violence.”


  9. 2509
    Blurtman says:

    Boy, this is going to get someone fired! Even under pro-crime mayorJenny, such overt racism cannot go unpunished.

    City of Seattle held segregated training session for black staff aimed at ‘undoing their blackness’ and told them ‘not to take undeserved promotions’ to be better allies for racial justice


  10. 2510
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Klansman @ 2430 – While I sincerely wish for you to experience American black privilege in all its forms and varieties, we’re talking about real estate here.

  11. 2511
    redmondjp says:

    By whatsmyname @ 2431:

    RE: Klansman @ 2430 – While I sincerely wish for you to experience American black privilege in all its forms and varieties, we’re talking about real estate here.

    Precisely. And you apparently don’t see the intrinsic connection between an effective, empowered police force and property values. Unless you live in a gated community that has its own security force, you should be very concerned about what is happening with the rule of law in your jurisdiction, as it has a significant effect on the desirability of property in that area. To think otherwise is foolhardy.

  12. 2512
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: redmondjp @ 2432 – Empowering police to be above the law does not promote rule of law or high property values. See Alabama, Mississippi, the former Soviet block, and most of the 3rd world. Capitol Hill is getting sorted out. Outside the fever swamp, I haven’t witnessed any real repercussions in the larger metro.

  13. 2513
    Joe says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2428

    I don’t disputes your comments, but my point stands. The numbers show prices have declined YOY in Redmond, even though interest rates have fallen significantly and inventory has dropped 40% or so.

    If you are a buyer on the East Side, this should worry you. If you are buying on the upper end of home prices, this should worry you because Redmond is one of the wealthier communities with a good public school system.

  14. 2514
    Eastsider says:

    By whatsmyname @ 2433:

    Empowering police to be above the law …

    Examples? Facts matter.

  15. 2515
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Joe @ 2434 – Possibly so, although as an aberration, it might more directly tie to the rhythms of Microsoft. Speaking of aberrations, area 560 in the same Eastside sub-market is up 16%.

    I’m not looking for top end. That doesn’t make good sense for rentals. If I were a first time buyer, I would be concerned about the low end moving upward, which seems to be happening.

  16. 2516

    Hey….We need a lot more data…like how much down payments rose and credit ratings plummet with missed payments, coronavirus protected or not, with 11% unemployment.

    Its secret now. Take my neighbor’s house for $270K list down the street? If low down payment Fannie and FHA loans aren’t valid on modular homes [IMO they aren’t now]….just how can anyone swing like $60K in down payment to qualify [$CASH$ bag investors without loans don’t normally buy modulars IMO anyway, I wouldn’t either, unless it was half price] ? Maybe the tooth fairy can get the loan? Its all Stephen King “The Fog” now. They tell us nothing…check it out. Would any of you rush in with $60K down payment to buy a mobile home house and lot in SWE’s HOA? You’re all shaking your heads “no” now….LOL….how about any King County house loan with much worse down payment than that for that matter? The data ain’t there folks. Will owners put off costly remodeling now, its most likely money down the toilet? Sounds like remodeling costs way up now [July 2020] in price….more safety costs to prevent Kung Flu IMO. Again, no available data; they zip their mouths. IMO, I’d put off the roof replacement, new kitchen and new fence, etc…unless you’re very rich and use $CASH$ only. Even in 2017 my electric furnace was installed by state inspection code for about $8000 in Kent; I later replaced the gas furnace, central air system and thermostat brand new to code for $4500 in Kansas City on my flipper last year….Seattle remodeling prices suck and they’re getting worse IMO. Lawn care is more expensive in Kansas City than in Seattle though, the Oak Tree roots sprout small trees in your back yard to mow over….ya need a powerful/professional $1000 mower to mow over them…that’s mostly all they sell in Kansas City too. I use a handy man friend of my house manager kids to mow the lawn, he has a hay mower…LOL

    OK…drink your coffee and read the brief:

    “…The Supreme Court has ruled that Manhattan’s district attorney can see President Donald Trump’s tax returns, but Congress cannot, for now. The dispute tested the balance of power between Congress and the president, as well as Trump’s claim that he can’t be investigated while in office. This follows the court’s ruling yesterday allowing more employers to opt out of providing free birth control under the Affordable Care Act. ..”

    SWE’s take: Its clear, the “smear hungry Congress” can’t get at Trump’s tax returns before the 2020 election now after the SCOTUS decision…and I’ve got a bridge to sell you if you believe Trump will go to prison in 2024 after he leaves office over prostitute and jailed attorney Cohen allegations with request for his 1040. This charade will end next year…its a complete joke now. They wouldn’t dare, the Babes for Trump and Motorcycle Gangs for Trump would raise pitch forks and torches if they even tried. The Mueller investigation is over folks. This will have no effect on 2020 election results either; hence no Seattle RE price plummet with Biden’s higher taxes and unemployment assuming Trump loses, he won’t. BTW IMO its the Obama ACA that’s causing Kung Flu exaggeration fears/smears; the hospitals are now hungry for customers who can pay their insanely high salaries’ costs with empty hospitals to date, they’ll continue to lie, kick and steal to grab way too much of our available Seattle RE salary net income $CASH$. The medical professionals generally lie and they’re greedy. This was true years ago too.

    “… How 7 Seattle schools won $100,000 to help students’ families
    “We saw there was a need,” Beacon Hill International School PTA President Callista Chen says, so she helped a coalition of PTAs land funding from the Seattle Foundation to help families pay for rent, groceries and more. In an era when PTAs get criticized for giving wealthy schools an extra boost, these ones are taking a strikingly different approach. One single mom who’s already gotten help from a PTA says that without it, things would have been “disastrous.” (Photo: Mike Siegel / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s Take: So what? $100,000 is like trying to put a bon fire out with a squirt gun…LOL

    “…The first week of July was Seattle’s coolest in nearly two decades. But “there’s still time for summer to make a comeback,” a National Weather Service meteorologist says. Here’s what’s ahead…”

    SWE’s Take: Blame it on global cooling…LOL…yes, 58 degree nights in July are good for one thing, the cool nights are killing all the roses off this Summer….lawn growth is down in rate, that’s good and my rose bush is flourishing anyway in the cold nights, its a variety that loves cooler temperatures anyway.

    Good News: WINCO shoppers are all wearing face masks now…we can sleep better now…LOL

  17. 2517
    Al says:

    +Lowest interest rates in history
    +Record real estate inventory shortage
    +Record high number of unemployment
    +Record amount of businesses closing locations (pizza hut, wendeys, Nordstrom, chuckee cheese, brooks brothers, Macy’s, JCPenny, bed bath beyond, Victoria secret, 53% of all restaurants according to Yelp, …)
    +Record high amount of debt
    +Record high amount of real estate prices
    +Record high amount of stock prices (Print baby print!)
    +Record high amount of people surviving on gig jobs (Not with Uber and Lyft anymore)
    +19% paid no house payment first week of this month
    +13% paid only portion of house payment first week of this month
    +HALF of working age Americans are unemployed
    +Miles long food bank lines
    +ban on evictions
    +Food price inflation

    And here we are approaching the end of July, where the $600 a month and eviction ban will stop.

    Seattlebubble? No, this is everythingbubble. Complete insanity to buy real estate. People getting in bedding wars for homes right now are simply in denial. As a Millennial, I feel betrayed by the older generations, most people on this site, for allowing the madness to reach this level. No hope for my or the next generations. My grandfather was able to buy a house right after high school with a job at a factory, my grandmother didn’t need to work because one income was enough. Now? Both spouses need to work and each need to have multiple jobs JUST to break even. Majority of Americans are one flat tire away from bankruptcy.
    Damn I went on a rant!

  18. 2518
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Al @ 2438
    One good thing at least; half of working age Americans are not really unemployed. They are just not employed. This is perfectly natural.


    As you can see from the chart, the highest level of employed Americans ever was less than 65%. What is interesting is that the 64.7% peak around 2000 was much higher than the “full employment” Trump economy, which never broke 62%. The real Trump miracle was that it escaped media notice that the percentage of Americans working never did more than scratch he worst of every day business under Clinton and Bush. However, this was probably not unknown to the legions of homeless and underemployed.

    One more thing to add to your list should be the $2.2T in stimulus approved. That should do wonders, for asset prices at least.

  19. 2519
    Eastsider says:

    By whatsmyname @ 2439:

    What is interesting is that the 64.7% peak around 2000 was much higher than the “full employment” Trump economy, which never broke 62%.

    You still haven’t responded to your previous lie. Now more lies…

    In 2000, 13% of population is 65 years and over. Today, it is 17%.

    Yes, prior to Covid-19, we have “full employment” and historic low unemployment among Blacks and Hispanics.

  20. 2520
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Eastsider @ 2440 – I will leave it to the reader whether they saw or knew under-employed and homeless people; how that compared to previous years in their experience; and whether they consider those conditions to be “full employment”.

    BTW, Were you able to personally purchase a home during the Trump miracle?

  21. 2521
    Eastsider says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2441 – We were talking about employment. Prior to Covid-19, we had “full employment” and low end wages (inflation adjusted) were rising for the first time in a decade or two. Show us your under-employment numbers in Jan 2020 if it was as bad as you claim (yet another lie?).

    BTW, you would have been much better off investing in S&P500 during the Trump miracle. Even in the middle of a pandemic, S&P is up 47.3% since he was elected.

  22. 2522
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Eastsider @ 2442 – This issues with our unemployment calculations are nearly as ubiquitously known and discussed as the instances over many decades of clear and apparent crimes by members of the police force which went unchallenged by the authorities. As with many things, and as you well know; there is no good reporting on underemployment. This is why I trust the readers to know the reality of what they’ve witnessed, while you demonstrate the old saw that figures don’t lie, but liars figure.

    BTW, I do invest in stocks. I’ve done better in real estate. And I never take financial advice from a guy who can’t afford his own house.

  23. 2523
    pedaltothemetal says:

    RE: Al @ 2438

    Housing used to be for… well… housing. Now its for growing moss on roofs and selling the moss to China. Its all we have left. That’s why the prices went up. Pretty sad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwmOkaKh3-s&t=6s

    Anyway, diversity is going well at Amazon India, I moved over here last year, first American, they put me somewhere in the middle caste I think.

  24. 2524
    DavidE says:

    Been looking at homes in South King since the pandemic restrictions were eased. Nothing like the multiple bids that they want you to believe. Some very very nice homes actually sell below asking.

    Been looking at Vancouver and Portland too. Hardly anything is moving. Wolf (from Wolfstreet) has documented how many high paying professionals like doctors, attorneys, nurses, have been furloughed or have no clients. Many will go under by September especially if we go into another lockdown.

  25. 2525
    Eastsider says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2443 – You continue to spread falsehood without evidence. Perhaps you have done better in RE but I doubt it. Data from last 10 years shows S&P500 gained 192% compared to 82% in Seattle RE. I’m laughing all the way to the bank while you work on your house maintenance and repairs. LOL.

  26. 2526
    wreckingbull says:

    By whatsmyname @ 2443:

    RE: Eastsider @ 2442 – And I never take financial advice from a guy who can’t afford his own house.

    I hate to point this out, but most people who can’t afford their own house make monthly payments on it. The entire reason this blog was founded was to counter your unreasonable expectation that RE should be some sort of mandatory investment for everyone.

  27. 2527
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Eastsider @ 2446 – I Invest $100 in S&P, and get 1.92 gain on $100. I invest $100 in real estate and get 0.82 gain on $500. The best part is I eventually also get the $400 initial difference; and you pay it. It’s not even close.

  28. 2528
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: wreckingbull @ 2447 – This is true in the way that most corporations who can’t afford their operating costs use bonds and bank credit.

    I in no way expect home ownership to be mandatory. I celebrate the right of you or anyone to choose to rent. It’s to my benefit to do so.

  29. 2529

    The Starbucks Opened Up Their indoor WIFI, Time to buy a Mug there and Read the Brief on Bubble Online:

    “… Coronavirus throws cold water on summer in Seattle
    Five of Seattle’s swimming beaches won’t open with lifeguards until Wednesday at the earliest, and the rest won’t open at all this summer, the city says. Blame coronavirus concerns and a massive hole in the budget. But clearly, not everyone is heeding the closures, and that has the city parks department worried. (Ellen M. Banner / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s take: A Summer Without Swimming and Dimslee Wants Kung Flu Masks Worn at The parks…so you can breath better.

    “… Washington state’s coronavirus deaths have been in double digits for four days, with officials yesterday reporting 15 deaths and 640 new cases. But daily tallies don’t paint much of a picture on their own. For perspective, here’s a key trend line to watch, and what it’s telling us. Find today’s charts and live updates…”

    SWE’s take: 15 Kung Flu Deaths yesterday? How about alternatively, 15 normal cold germ pneumonia cases that test positive for coronavirus anyway? They mix them together because the test is a joke. Lord only knows. Never question the medical professionals, they’d never lie

    “….“Hogwash”: Washington state won’t be bullied by President Donald Trump into making unsafe decisions, Gov. Jay Inslee said after Trump demanded that governors reopen schools in the fall. The CDC pushed back on Trump, too, saying its guidelines for reopening stand…”

    SWE’s take: It costs $16,000/yr per year per public school student, if the schools are not open normal with live classes….I wouldn’t pay King County school bills either if I were allocating federal budget. Slap an State income tax on us to fund closed schools anyway Dimslee, and watch the torches and pitch forks head toward your governor’s mansion…

    “…A majority of Seattle City Council members now support defunding the Police Department by 50% and shifting the dollars to other community needs. Mayor Jenny Durkan, though, has asked the council to slow down. Here’s the four-point plan…”

    SWE’s take: Hey, you wacky Snow Flakes in Seattle Elect These “Defund the Police Nuts” Year After Year. They are the far left types that even label the area Seattle home owners rich “White Supremist” Liberals..the Seattle Council Now Hates Amazon Too? LOL


    “…Working out with a mask isn’t so bad — if you have the right one. Here’s how three common mask choices stood up to a good sweaty run. (We’ll be steering clear of the one that induced a “particularly gross lower-face flora experience” for our writer, “like you’re sitting inside a slippery, stinky cave that is your own mouth.”) A crucial bit of knowledge: how to clean your mask afterward! Above, a masked Dwight Harris walks his dogs around Green Lake this week. (Photo: Ellen M. Banner / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s take: Its also keeps the wearer from speaking clearly, this is good, it limits free speech that way.

    “…Seattle’s new tax pushes us to a tipping point. Adding an income tax during an economic crisis puts the city at a disadvantage to the suburbs, columnist Jon Talton explains…”

    SWE’s take: Unemployment up, raise taxes, that will lower it? LOL

    “…UW’s season opener against Michigan has been canceled as the Big Ten plans conference-only football schedules … if there are fall sports. Meanwhile, former football coach Chris Petersen is throwing himself into an intriguing new leadership job at UW’s business school. He’s laser-focused on molding Seattle’s future business leaders, columnist Larry Stone writes…”

    SWE’s take: Kiss the U of W Huskies Men’s Football Season Good-bye This year Due to Political Fear Mongering of Kung Flu?

    “…Washington state hasn’t hit bottom in pandemic-related job losses, but the $600 weekly federal unemployment benefit is set to expire soon. Layoffs are coming at REI, and furloughs are expected for tens of thousands of state employees. Meanwhile, other workers who are coming back in person are fearing the health risks. Ugh, this is a lot. Here’s where to find emergency aid, from paying the rent to getting mental-health support…”

    SWE’s Take: While They’re Furloughing All the State Workers, Don’t Forget to Hand Dimslee and Larkan [and chop out the Seattle Police chief why you’re at it] Their Pink Slips too

    Good News: I was at WINCO and saw about 5% non-compliance to 100% Dimslee flu mask rule. I wore a plexiglass face shield and laughed and joked with the “unmasked” families, and kids. We call ’em icky/gooey spit masks…LOL…the kids couldn’t stop laughing…LOL

  30. 2530
    wreckingbull says:

    By whatsmyname @ 2449:

    RE: wreckingbull @ 2447 – This is true in the way that most corporations who can’t afford their operating costs use bonds and bank credit.

    I in no way expect home ownership to be mandatory. I celebrate the right of you or anyone to choose to rent. It’s to my benefit to do so.

    You missed the point apparently. Nothing wrong with reasonable borrowing and real estate ownership. I own multiple properties myself.

    What is wrong is overextending oneself and poor long-term planning, which often involves RE. When an entire nut goes toward real estate, there is no room for retirement savings, emergency savings, and proper diversification.

    Many boomers will be soon deciding on if they prefer Purina Fisherman’s Feast or Grilled Chicken flavor because they followed your dogma.

  31. 2531
    wreckingbull says:

    On another note, we have not heard from Florida Man in a while here in the SB comment section. I hope it is because he is feeling sheepish now that half of Florida’s ICUs are at capacity and not because he is in one himself.

  32. 2532
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: wreckingbull @ 2451 – You beat that straw man down pretty good. However, I have never advocated unreasonable borrowing, overextending, lack of diversification, or poor planning. I frequently mention that I hold stocks and other assets. What’s your real problem here?

  33. 2533
    redmondjp says:

    Today’s RE haiku:

    foreign money here
    safety deposit boxes
    on a narrow street

  34. 2534
    Rob D says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 2405 – The Wilburys were Tom Petty, Jeff Lynn, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, and Bob Dylan, along with some session musicians.

  35. 2535
    Erik says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2453
    You are wasting your time communicating with wreckingbull. He is not good at investing. He made a ton of cash by programming computers and earned very high pay for many years in the 80’s from his job. If he was a good investor, he would be filthy rich from his very high income.

    On here he just lies and denies to boost his ego. You are smart with money, I can tell. Wreckingbull is not.

  36. 2536
    redmondjp says:

    If you live in Seattle, either sell now or go get in line to buy a gun:


    Oh, and make sure to get some ammo too, it’s already hard to get right now. And probably even harder to get as our national economic situation devolves.

  37. 2537
    ruxpert says:

    RE: Ohd1122 @ 2417

    ruxpert post 2412 excerpt:
    SHOCKER: CDC admits COVID-19 ‘positive result’ just means you’ve previously contracted the “common cold”

    “… a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called coronaviruses), such as the one that causes the common cold.”

    Ohd1122 post 2413
    Tried to distract / obfuscate:

    ‘positive result’ just means you’ve previously contracted the “common cold”
    by stating:
    “Yes, there are a number of issues with antibody tests.”
    agreeing with the article’s premise
    but then demeaning it
    “I am ashamed to admit I clicked on and read part of the article you linked to.”

    I responded:
    ‘No need for your shame / theatrics.
    Please simply make your case regarding antibody vs viral tests,
    and how such counters the articles premise!
    So we can understand your premise.’

    I followed-up via post 2415 with
    ‘Garbage science, garbage tests’
    “I found this, it lists variety of tests, but does not specify which are used
    (thus nor percentage of which used)
    ( which used to determine case surge determination?”

    Washington State Testing Strategy for COVID-19 (PDF)

    The lack of specificity/accountability is problematic.
    Anyone know of where to find the information needed to access such?

    Ohd1122 failed to provide the test-specifics needed & requested!
    Yet continues to distract / obfuscate / lie, and rather hypocritically.

    I present the following toward further clarification:

    “Here’s the problem. We’re testing people for general coronavirus; but we are not testing for any specific strain, such as ‘Covid-19’.
    There are no reliable tests for any specific ‘Covid-19 virus’.
    There are no reliable agencies or media outlets for reporting numbers of actual ‘Covid-19 virus cases’.
    This needs to be addressed first and foremost. Every action and reaction to ‘Covid-19’ is based on totally flawed data.”

    PLANDEMIC 2 – Fear Me Now

  38. 2538
    MIKAL says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 2457 – We won’t really know what Covid really is for years. Some people that get this are having brain damage that will last all of their lives… and they aren’t considered part of the death count. What if everyone that gets this is fine for 10 years and suddenly drops dead? This is all new and I’m willing to roast the economy to keep my family safe. There won’t be sports or school… get used to it.

  39. 2539
    David says:

    By wreckingbull @ 2452:

    On another note, we have not heard from Florida Man in a while here in the SB comment section. I hope it is because he is feeling sheepish now that half of Florida’s ICUs are at capacity and not because he is in one himself.

    There are 435 cases of Wuhan in Florida in a state with 20M people. Which explains why I have never met anyone with this Chinese disease thus far in FL.

  40. 2540
    David says:

    By wreckingbull @ 2452:

    On another note, we have not heard from Florida Man in a while here in the SB comment section. I hope it is because he is feeling sheepish now that half of Florida’s ICUs are at capacity and not because he is in one himself.

    0.035% of FL are in the hospital FOR THE WUHAN. BLAH.

  41. 2541
    Eastsider says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2448 – Zillow is projecting a -1.7% price drop in the next year. There is also a 3% interest on the whole loan. That is about -4.7% in one year, about -$3,000/mo on a typical $760k Seattle home. Then there are property tax and other costs. Renting is far cheaper than buying today if you care to run the numbers. I expect to see a flood of short sellers when mortgage forbearance ends. These short sellers are going to lose their down payments and more. Further, 10% in roundtrip RE transaction costs is not pocket change, especially when most people don’t live in their homes for more than 10 years.

  42. 2542
    MIKAL says:

    There will also be a lot of Airbnb houses that will be on the market too. I’m expecting housing to go down in value over the next few years. Maybe twenty percent….maybe more. And the idiot that is comparing the count of people with the virus in Florida… it’s just starting. In February it was close to zero. Today it is 10,000 new cases a day and climbing.

  43. 2543
    David says:

    RE: Eastsider @ 2460 – Does seem like condos are being dropped in price.

    But condos always do this unless the market is rising. You might be able to pick up some really old condos for a lower price in the next year or so. The ones with undulating brick walls and exposed pipes in the hallways.

  44. 2544
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Eastsider @ 2460 – Holy smokes. Are you renting a $760k house? You’ll probably never save up a down payment.

    I was feeling a little sheepish about violating the prime directive of never smarten up a chump. Then here you come to relieve me with a no-harm-no-foul. Thank you!!!

    It’s sad to think we’re bypassing the ARM reset to go straight for the inventory tsunami. I feel bad for the short sellers. They’ll never get a rental approval with no income and bad credit. They’d be far better off pushing their lender for more forbearance. The banks have been through this before.

  45. 2545

    RE Prices Doing Better in Suburbs, the Big Cities are Experiencing Rich Refugees [LOL…..White Supremist Liberals?] Escaping Hades Hole Taxation= RE Price Collapses in Cities; Its a Mixed Bag Nationally Now

    Move Your Poker Chips Around and Wear Shades So You Can Bluff Them With Blank Poker Faces When Selling; Serve Coffee to Potential Buyers and Exaggerate the Home’s Features; Be sure to Point Out the Granite Counters and Stainless Steel Appliances to Add $50K to the Price. As if the $50K+ in Remodeling Costs Helped…LOL

    Hades, I drive around my HOA and see postage stamp lots crammed with “COSTLY” bushes, fences and no lawn space…Glenbrook would look far more attractive without the crammed gaudy flower beds and useless fences [making turning a lawn mower around impossible] making the house look “circus” weird indeed. The lawn maintenance without flower beds is about 10% the cost too, just grow 100% lawn on these postage stamp sized lots…it may fetch ya a better price too…LOL…even SWE did it wrong, I left the flower beds stay. I’d convert it all to lawn now. Have you noticed folks bought flowers for their yards in bulk; and most of the blooms are dead now with our cold 50 degree July mornings?

    “… Coronavirus hospitalizations rising in Washington state
    Amid a surge in the number of residents testing positive for coronavirus, health officials are keeping a close eye on hospitalizations. They’re still far below the spring peak, our analysis shows. The numbers provide a window into who’s getting sick and how that’s changed. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: What percentage lower than April’s Peak Death Hospitalizations? 99%? LOL They omit the data.

    “…Outside the Seattle metro area, where wearing masks has been less common, some business owners voiced concerns. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Do a survey on Kung Flu death rate and find out how many died that wore masks anyway or didn’t wear them all. No data folks. Many countries opened schools with no Kung Flu impacts as children packed together just don’t catch it they say, even without safe spacing with data too.

    “…Seattle police detectives didn’t get to the scene of the fatal shooting to begin their investigation until 7:45 a.m., police said, nearly five hours after the shooting. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: The Police Chief washed her hands like Pontious Pilate after the Crucifix killing.

    “…SCENT IS PERSONAL. While we can share the view of a pretty sunset or the sound of a neighbor’s wind chimes, our sense of smell is intimate, residing solely within our physical self. Fragrance might be invisible, but it’s a powerful element in the garden. Even with my eyes closed, I can tell the time […] Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: What flowers? A lot of the EXPENSIVE nursery stock planted by home owners are “flowerless” now with 50 degree July evenings.

    Good News: A $270K Modular in Kent is Called a condo now, and the price currently ranges from $80-300K? Whatever that means…..a village idiot wrote this RE advice:


    All I know is one did sell [what price?, no data] lately, but was it purchased without a mortgage loan and with a bag of $CASH$? Only the Tooth Fairy knows. IMO the crystal ball range in prices from 80-300 each means one thing. Total confusion…LOL…Hades, these modular homes on its own lot all look the same and that much flux in prices has a flipper like me eyeing the 80K range very carefully with vulture Erik type flipper $CASH$ eyes….LOL

    There’s way too much FOG in Seattle RE to attract any serious flipper’s attention; unless they know what they’re doing. Even during the best of times the Seattle area sees droves of evictions and foreclosures….death, health problems, divorces, etc..don’t stop just because the economy is thriving. The fun goes on and on…LOL….be patient and grab up a sweetheart deal, but ya better move fast with $CASH$ or Erik will find it first….LOL

  46. 2546
    Eastsider says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2463 – It appears that math is not your strong point. Otherwise show us how housing is a good investment when prices are projected to decline 1.7% yoy.

  47. 2547
    Eastsider says:

    RE: David @ 2462 – Condo prices always lead housing decline and lag housing boom.

  48. 2548
    whatsmyname says:

    By Eastsider @ 2465:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2463 – It appears that math is not your strong point. Otherwise show us how housing is a good investment when prices are projected to decline 1.7% yoy.

    Notwithstanding that 1.7% is a pretty inconsequential number that doesn’t begin to cover the variations between our Puget Sound neighborhoods, you seem to have discovered that projections are facts; house purchases follow general projections like the identical hamburgers that they are; and that good investors are market timers. You are wicked smaht. I can only imagine how well you would do in a subject where you had some experience or knowledge – but you should try that sometime.

  49. 2549
    Erik says:

    RE: Eastsider @ 2465
    Buy a house now and go directly into mortgage forbearance for year. No mortgage payment for a year is a pretty big incentive to buy in my opinion. That deal probably won’t be around next year.

  50. 2550
    Eastsider says:

    RE: Erik @ 2468 – Haha NINJA loan?! How did that work out last time?

  51. 2551

    Get your free Mug of Coffee and orange juice with your slugger grand slam [eggs, pancakes, hash browns, sausage, beacon] for $8 total, gulp the slugger coffee down at the booth and pull down your mask, read the brief:

    “…Some Washington Republican leaders fear a 2020 ticket that includes Donald Trump and Tim Eyman would be a disaster. Read more. …”

    SWE’s Take: Stop calling Never Trumpers GOP, they never were….they should switch to Democrat where they belong. BTW, Never Trumpers are like LT 5% of the GOP….compare that too the Democrat Party split in half by Bernie Socialism and Biden’s Progressive NWO policies for the rich. They pretend this division doesn’t exist…LOL…what a charade. Biden copies Trump’s “Buy American” agenda now with no business experience to lead it. He’s a plagiarist.

    “…The conduct they champion has ignited a bitter debate in Portland about the direction that protests have taken in an ongoing drama that plays out nightly in this Northwest city. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Destroying public property and statues is “championing” a cause? What’s the cause called? Destroy America?

    “…Check out our interactive list, sorted by neighborhood, of Seattle restaurants offering takeout, delivery and/or dine-in options during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: The best takeout I found was pickup at Kent’s Dennys believe it or not…$8 bucks gets you the slugger slam with eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, pancakes, large orange juice and large coffee….all the condiments are bagged separately and the meal is packaged nicely in a microwavable container. I check the takeout bag and tip them some if all the food is included right. No insane Grubhub fees either, pick it up yourself. The drinks come with a spill proof cardboard container too. Try it.

    “…• COVID-19 data: What the numbers mean and how to tell if the coronavirus is spreading..”

    SWE’s take: LOL its fuzzy math, use a crystal ball to tell if its spreading, this seer method is FAR more accurate…LOL

    Good News: Biden now preaches the Trump agenda he plagiarized from Trump…Buy American Manufacturing now, where’s Bernie’s Medicare for all? Ya flushed it down the plagiarize Trump’s agenda toilet? LOL…ya hate the NWO like Trump now too? I seriously doubt it. Biden will do anything to get elected.

  52. 2552

    Hey Dave, the Florida Antifa Type Gorillas Attacked Your Florida Area Trump Church With Torches Yesterday, the Same Day LA’s Trump Church Was Attacked Too


    They eye David’s Florida home as their next target? If you protect your home with guns, they demonize and prosecute Dave now too. David’s mad as Hades now? What’s your strategy Dave to thwart them?

  53. 2553
    ruxpert says:

    RE: MIKAL @ 2458

    MIKAL says:
    “We won’t really know what Covid really is for years. Some people that get this …”
    Get WHAT?

    This is an example of the nonsense / fear porn that’s hurting more than ‘it’ otherwise claims to make safe! (apparently to justify the fear induced?)

    Russia’s Official COVID Doctor: It’s just the Flu, It’s all BS

    May 29, 2020 — Alexander Myasnikov was appointed in April to his new role of informing Russians about coronavirus treatment and prevention methods and to battle “fake news” about Covid–19 . . . “It’s all exaggerated. It’s an acute respiratory disease with minimal mortality,” he told TV personality Ksenia Sobchak in the interview for her YouTube project.

    “Why has the whole world been destroyed? That I don’t know,” Myasnikov said . . .

    How Do You Know What You Know?

  54. 2554
    ruxpert says:

    Major Tax Increases Are About To Slam America As Cities & States Want You To Pay For COVID Fallout

    Manufactured Pandemic:
    Testing People For Any Strain of Coronavirus, Not Specifically ‘COVID-19’

  55. 2555
  56. 2556
    Erik says:

    RE: Eastsider @ 2469
    The US government screws renters and this is another example of that. Trump is borrowing loads of money which is driving asset prices up. Then he’s giving smart investors and home owners the ability to not pay their mortgages by making the claim they are affected by covid. No documentation required other than the claim.

    This is worth watching…

  57. 2557
    Mikal says:

    By ruxpert @ 2472:

    RE: MIKAL @ 2458

    MIKAL says:
    “We won’t really know what Covid really is for years. Some people that get this …”
    Get WHAT?

    This is an example of the nonsense / fear porn that’s hurting more than ‘it’ otherwise claims to make safe! (apparently to justify the fear induced?)

    Russia’s Official COVID Doctor: It’s just the Flu, It’s all BS

    May 29, 2020 — Alexander Myasnikov was appointed in April to his new role of informing Russians about coronavirus treatment and prevention methods and to battle “fake news” about Covid–19 . . . “It’s all exaggerated. It’s an acute respiratory disease with minimal mortality,” he told TV personality Ksenia Sobchak in the interview for her YouTube project.

    “Why has the whole world been destroyed? That I don’t know,” Myasnikov said . . .

    How Do You Know What You Know?

    You always listen to Russians? My guess is you have your head pretty high up into your ass to be believing anything coming out of Russia. We are into at best our 8th month of a new virus. It takes years to understand any given virus. This is just the beginning. We should fear why our country has become so poorly educated that some people think covering there face with a mask is stealing their freedom

  58. 2558
    ruxpert says:

    “Tsunami” of Evictions Could Make 28 Million Americans Homeless This Summer Alone

    With the pandemic continuing to sink its claws into the United States, economic conditions have also failed to improve for millions of people. As a result, nearly one-third U.S. households – representing 32 percent – have still not made their full housing payments for the month of July, according to a survey from online rental platform Apartment List.

    And with public health experts warning people to continue to “Stay at Home,” the slogan is taking on a perverse new meaning as humanitarian disaster looms for some 28 million people in the U.S. who are facing eviction and homelessness in the immediate future.

    the rest: https://www.activistpost.com/2020/07/tsunami-of-evictions-could-make-28-million-americans-homeless-this-summer-alone.html

  59. 2559
    Eastsider says:

    RE: Erik @ 2475 – TDS is as contagious as Covid-19. If Hillary were the potus today, the same game would be played. LOL.

  60. 2560
    whatsmyname says:

    Say, did anyone notice that the June King County median price of $725,000 was the highest for any June ever?

  61. 2561
    redmondjp says:

    By whatsmyname @ 2478:

    Say, did anyone notice that the June King County median price of $725,000 was the highest for any June ever?

    Have you not made the connection between QE-to-infinity Helecopter Ben Bucks and higher real estate prices yet?

  62. 2562

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2439
    I Agree With You

    This underemployment occurred at Boeing in 1978, limiting green experienced degreed engineers to hire in at $7/hr, high school diploma technical draftsman made $6; but in a couple years were getting $10/hr…the degreed engineers were left behind at $7/hr then. The U of W then recommended degreed engineers not work at Boeing then….many changed jobs to PACCAR and wages went up 50% in a couple years; this wage depression against skilled degreed engineer folks is decades old. BTW, the high school diploma Machinists at Boeing were making like $13/hr at the same time then too. Boeing sucks in pay for educated engineering folks, it always has. Even the 5-10 year experienced engineers on the 787 were paid like $30/hr and expected to afford $400K Seattle area homes then….LOL

    Hey Erik, Grab them babies they’re screaming for Daddy to Give Them More Milk, there [they have milk nipples in their mouths] now Erik can Sip His Coffee in Peace and read the Brief:

    “… Blaze on Aurora Avenue North injures several people
    Three people in critical condition at Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center are among those injured in a fire this morning at a building on Aurora Avenue North. The highway is closed. Check back for more on this breaking story and find the traffic impacts here. (Photo: Mike Siegel / The Seattle Times)…”

    SWE’s Take: Call it paranoia, but that fire looked almost non-existent yet injured many people? Don’t they use fire detectors in apartments by King County Code? Maybe the victims had too much Black Label and weren’t able to Awaken with a fire detector whining?

    “… Washington state health officials confirmed 1,438 new cases for Friday and Saturday, and one local city will be mailing masks to every household as cases surge. Find today’s charts and live updates here, as well as a look at how to interpret the data…”

    SWE’s Take: I also heard that 99% of those who got the recent flu experienced mild or no symptoms [it mutated?] as hospitals “totally” empty. School Age Kids don’t get it at all in Denmark, with open schools with no masks or restrictions…you figure. Nothing is constant and the same it all changes.

    “… Are you required to wear a mask on a plane? Are your fellow passengers? It depends. Travel Troubleshooter cuts through the complications. Oh, and business is booming wildly for the corner of the industry that lets rich travelers avoid this issue entirely…”

    SWE’s take: The Uber Rich Seattle Area Home Owners are called by Far Left Activists: “White Supremist Liberals” Now. It appears Bernie’s supporters aren’t on the Biden Train, regardless of Bernie’s Endorsement of Biden….same thing happenned in 2016 election. Bernie’s folks want Medicare for All, free College and guaranteed $2000/mo income, whether ya work or not. BTW, 13% of Bernie’s Folks ended up voting Trump in 2016…I see this % much higher now, to protect Trump’s Phase I tax reductions to the bottom 90% household incomes….it disappears if Biden is elected. Vote your pocketbook folks, no one else will…LOL

    “…Envision a justice system that doesn’t throw people away. Our existing system of criminalization and mass incarceration is not working. As we increasingly look for alternatives, a Seattle program for young people builds community and gives us an example of how transformative justice could work, columnist Naomi Ishisaka writes. Creative Justice is an arts-based approach led by Nikkita Oliver, left, and Aaron Counts, right. They’re holding artwork with youth leader Joyee Runninghawk. (Photo: Steve Ringman / The Seattle Times)…”

    SWE’s take: Yeah and Defund the Police Will Make It All Better…LOL…how about MUCH WORSE. Let’s start to fix this mess by getting the kids in public schools again, so single moms are free to work again.

    “…How much are Seattle’s pricey private schools contributing to inequality? Amid that debate, FYI Guy writes that Seattle ranks very high among big U.S. cities when it comes to the percentage of kids in private schools…”

    SWE’s Take: Public Schools are pricey too, like $16,000/year/student….Hades, lots of pricey private schools will write a contract for that amount. Give us our money back if you won’t open the public schools so we can afford real face to face private schools again, not computer school Looney Tunes fake news just to embarrass/defy Trump’s campaign agendas.

    “…The NFL team in Washington, D.C., is shedding its name. The team this morning announced the retirement of its polarizing and offensive name…”

    SWE’s Take: Ethnic name changes are not new; Funny Face koolaid drink eliminated “Injun Orange” and “Chinese Cherry” decades ago…the Sambos restaurant died decades ago because an alleged ethnic “slur” name too. Most no one cared then….we were thoughtless and cruel? LOL

    “…An Alaska Airlines flight was forced to return to Sea-Tac Airport after a “physically aggressive” man threatened passengers Saturday night. Video shows him walking in the aisle and shouting that he would kill everyone on board…”

    SWE’s Take: Friendly folks in Seattle get up in the airplane and cheer us all up…LOL

    Good News: David is back and he’s bull on stocks…LOL

  63. 2563
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: redmondjp @ 2479 – Bernanke left in 2014, so “infinity” is a bit of a stretch there. Plus recent efforts are more tied to shorter term maturities which further degrades the linkage to mortgage money.

    But let’s take your implication on its own merits – i.e. do you think QE and other stimulus use is going to be going the other direction anytime soon? And by your model, what does that say about future RE prices?

  64. 2564

    Maybe Its the Cold 53 degree mornings in July? Or the extra work to care for kids isolated permanently at home stresses us out?


    If you aren’t urine tested at work, try indica CBT…it cures insomnia.

  65. 2565

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2481

    Yes whatsmyname:

    I made a killing in the Obama’s QE driven stock market, but I would have made much more and much faster with Trump’s lower corporate tax stock market. The trick is, is know “when to pull out” like Kenny Rogers song, “The Gambler”….you sound like a curious savvy investor and Hades, with no profits, the game’s a joke…LOL….just vote your pocketbook, no one else will…LOL

  66. 2566

    What we learned from Disney World’s reopening
    As Disney World opened Saturday after its four-month coronavirus closure, fans found a smaller, much more sanitized and COVID-19-conscious world.

    SWE’s Take: I saw the Disneyland pictures; they’re most all tearing their icky/gooey/germy face masks off anyway…LOL…face masks are much better used in Communist China, where everyone is a government robot and trained not to think for themselves…LOL

  67. 2567
    David says:

    By softwarengineer @ 2471:

    Hey Dave, the Florida Antifa Type Gorillas Attacked Your Florida Area Trump Church With Torches Yesterday, the Same Day LA’s Trump Church Was Attacked Too


    They eye David’s Florida home as their next target? If you protect your home with guns, they demonize and prosecute Dave now too. David’s mad as Hades now? What’s your strategy Dave to thwart them?

    Florida has 3 things that make this unlikely. Floridians will KILL YOUR SORRY A$$ if you go up against them in a scenario of likely inflicted serious physical harm:

    1) You CANNOT be arrested in FL if you claim self-defense. The State has the burden to prove you were not defending yourself.

    A law enforcement agency may use standard procedures for investigating the use or threatened use of force as described in subsection (1), but the agency may not arrest the person for using or threatening to use force unless it determines that there is probable cause that the force that was used or threatened was unlawful. (776.032)

    2) Courts are FORCED to award all expenses against a Perpetrator is he sues you for shooting him or killing him.

    The court shall award reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, compensation for loss of income, and all expenses incurred by the defendant in defense of any civil action brought by a plaintiff if the court finds that the defendant is immune from prosecution as provided in subsection (1). (776.032)

    3) You can sue the police if they arrest you upon claiming stand your ground in Florida.

    Don’t get BLM-cocky in Florida !

  68. 2568
    Erik says:

    RE: redmondjp @ 2479
    That may be. My point is that people who own real estate get a lot of advantages. I’m encouraging you to own real estate because you don’t own a single house. That’s crazy in my opinion.

  69. 2569
    Erik says:

    Anyone have a 1st postition HELOC? Is it simple interest?

  70. 2570

    RE: Eastsider @ 2469

    That would not be a NINJA loan because they would still have to qualify for the loan using the normal Pre-COVID process and parameters. It would be more like the ads you see for furniture purchases at Thanksgiving. NO PAYMENTS FOR ONE YEAR! except there would be interest accruing for that year.

    It would be a normal 30 year mortgage paid in 31 years with no payments during the first year.

    Not recommending this…just correcting that it would not in any way be a NINJA Loan.

  71. 2571
    Erik says:

    RE: ARDELL DellaLoggia @ 2488
    The advantage is to the borrower.

  72. 2572
    redmondjp says:

    By Erik @ 2486:

    RE: redmondjp @ 2479
    That may be. My point is that people who own real estate get a lot of advantages. I’m encouraging you to own real estate because you don’t own a single house. That’s crazy in my opinion.

    You must have me confused with somebody else. I bought my now-paid-off home in 1998. New homes near me are being sold for $2M so I did something right when I picked this location.

    I now get the privilege of renting from King County for only $528 per month. Not including fire/earthquake insurance.

  73. 2573
    Ardell DellaLoggia says:

    RE: Erik @ 2489

    No comment. :) Just saying it has nothing to do with NINJA loans.

  74. 2574
    Erik says:

    RE: redmondjp @ 2490
    I did get confused. I got you confused with Eastsider. Redmond is on the Eastside after all.

    Nobody can argue with an expensive paid off house. Good job. Are you still working? If so, what are you doing with all that extra cash? How long did it take you to pay your house off?

  75. 2575

    RE: redmondjp @ 2490
    Yeah, My Paid Off House in SE King County Still Costs Me

    $200+/mo Property Tax too [hey a $2M property assessment isn’t $500/mo, try like $1500/mo]….add in $200 Water/Sewer/HOA plus insurance that’s doubled recently because its controlled by one company, Foremost….I should thank my lucky stars though, the HOA fees alone on a cheaper Renton condo are $600/mo. So I’m forking out for rent payments with no mortgage too. Maintenance on a 29 year old home with roofs, plumbing, appliances, old furnaces, old central air and that subpar rotted exterior wood glueboard they use ain’t chump change either…Erik has the right idea, keep flipping them past the maintenance bills…LOL…is your house county assessed at like $800K?

    C’mon man give us the total monthly bill for taxes and maintenance and property tax value. Sounds like if my $800K assessment estimate is correct and you have HOA fees and maintenance its more like $1000-1500/mo?

    Most that work at average Joe $20/hr jobs can’t afford your bills with no mortgage or rent payments…LOL

  76. 2576

    OK, Grab a Mug of normal coffee at Starbucks for $3 and read the brief:

    “I was a classic white progressive, which meant I was clueless about racism.”

    SWE’s Take: Uber rich White Supremist Liberals owning $700K Seattle area homes…LOL

    “… Shooting kills Bothell police officer; suspect found hiding on rooftop, police say
    Bothell today is mourning a police officer who was killed in a shooting that also injured a second officer. It began last night with a traffic stop and chase. Hours later, authorities found the suspect hiding on a rooftop, police say. Some roads in the area remain closed as they investigate. (Photo: Elise Takahama / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s take: The Seattle area is fighting this crime by making it worse:


    50% cut means no Seattle area police basically in a lot of cases. Even local prosecutors won’t attack the violent police shooters. Watch Seattle area RE values plummet if/when this happens.

    “…It was a violent night in South King County, too. Six people were injured in a shooting near a Kent bus stop. And in Renton, police are searching for a suspect after a shooting inside the Target at Renton Landing injured a 15-year-old boy. …”

    SWE’s Take: Even SE King County has turned into a “gangland” riot zone. Imagine waiting for your Kent area bus to your $10-15/hr job and spraying bullets turn the bus stop into a blood bath. I saw about ten Kent Police SWAT team with 4-5 cop cars parked near that Kent apartment not far from 104th/108th, clutching AK-47s and bullet proof gear on, at Kent Kangley and believe me, the speed limit was 35 mph, but I got the Hades away from the possible bullet spray with hotrod acceleration and a grim look on my face…HORRIFYING. This reminds me of being in a war zone. Thank God I have a thick 4200 lb steel rocket car to ride in, no wonder the police buy Dodge Chargers too, maybe I should switch to a full size Hummer…LOL

    “…The low-rise West Seattle swing bridge has sprouted cracks that will need repair, like its taller neighbor. It’s the only direct connection between West Seattle and downtown since the city abruptly closed the six-lane high-rise bridge in March…”

    SWE’s take: Would I take the cement bridges of Hwy 99 to the new Seattle viaduct tunnel now? Hades no, the bridge is on the verge of collapse, cracks galore…too risky now. Would you?

    “…Washington state yesterday reported a record daily high of 1,101 new cases. As coronavirus re-invades our state and others that already beat it back once, experts say the resurgences share common causes: “Nobody likes being told what to do.” California’s governor did just that, ordering much of society to shut down yesterday as the state’s biggest school districts said they won’t bring students back soon. Find today’s live updates here.
    “Don’t tell me my kid has to wear a mask”: Anger and fear are colliding as schools slam into the politics of reopening. The Trump administration has cited the American Academy of Pediatrics to make its case — but the pediatricians say they never called for the kind of reopening Trump wants. Here’s what the AAP did say. ..”

    SWE’s Take: How many simultaneous Kung Flu Deaths in Washington State? 0? The virus has mutated innocuous and Fauci/WHO/CDC zip their mouths shut? They omitted Kung Flu deaths in this article. Center on defund the police and rising “cop-killer” and innocent by stander shooting deaths; no God forbid we do that. Then we center on a real problem in Seattle. Public schools wearing face masks are a complete joke; how do they mumble incoherently to each other? I know they can read lips? Not with masks on.

    “…More than 5 million Americans lost their health insurance in just four months, according to a new analysis coming out today…”

    SWE’s take: I thought we all got heath insurance from Obamacare Medicaid or Apple Insurance? LOL…Medicaid for all covers the pill and abortions, what else? LOL Blame it all on Trump…LOL…

    “…Mary Daniel used to visit her husband at his assisted living facility for hours each evening, until March, when visitors suddenly weren’t allowed. More than 100 days passed — then she hired on as a dishwasher to see him, and the tears started streaming…”

    SWE’s Take: Tell me about it…I haven’t seen my 30 year severely Autistic son at his disabled home setting for 3 months now. I wave to him from 20 feet away and bring him take out food and clothes and such. He misses daddy too, he stares at me with worried eyes. He has long hair now, no barbers cut disabled adults hair now. How do they see a doctor now with no medical representatives [me] driving him there? The Tooth Fairy? Thank God I got him to a doctor last October.

    “…A dozen protesters yesterday filed claims against Seattle, King County and the state, alleging excessive force or the failure of police to secure the safety of peaceful protesters. The claimants say they, or their loved ones, were hit by cars, shot, pepper sprayed, tear-gassed, put in choke holds or knocked unconscious. “This is not how people who protest should be assisted,” said Karen Koehler, above, whose firm represents most of the claimants. (Photo: Steve Ringman / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s take: Why the Hades did you allow your family members to join violent protests? Blame it on all on the police and Trump.

    “…Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan wants to zap $76 million from the police budget next year, largely by moving 911 dispatchers, parking enforcement officers and others outside the department. But as the City Council eyes deeper cuts, Durkan is blasting those as irresponsible. Meanwhile, an off-duty officer who drove her car through a crowd of protesters is no longer employed by Seattle police…”

    SWE’s Take: Mayor Durkan reminds me of Communist Chavez running Venezuela into a poverty hole. Hey that insane Seattle area property tax bill just got worse.

    “…Good news for Boeing: The company has landed a $1.2 billion deal for eight F-15EX fighter jets. It’s a massive win for Boeing at a time of historic vulnerability, but it could still fall victim to politics…”

    SWE’s Take: Which foreign country are we selling our military secrets too, Japan I suppose? Maybe China or Iran? LOL

    Good News: I’m finishing Tom Clansy’s 1993 “Debt of Honor” book…

    After a Japanese engineered car gas tank production error killed five:

    Excerpts from book: page 155, Japan slows the import flow of American/European domestic cars by “slowly” inspecting them as they’re unloaded from ships…they flow like slugs in manure that way…LOL…then we do the same to Japanese engineered cars and Japan blows its top….

    Page 157: “…But you don’t understand…our laws are designed to fit our culture. Yours is different…” LOL….sounds like today’s NWO progressive thinking doesn’t it? LOL

    Japan attacks America with ICBM nuclear tipped missiles and shuts down the American stock market for retaliation just like WWII in the plot…LOL

    Enjoy the read…BTW, this Clancy book they didn’t make an international Hollywood movie out of, I wonder why? LOL

  77. 2577
    Blurtman says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 2494 – ““Our budget is almost entirely personnel,” Best said. “I will not sacrifice officers of color for political points.””

    WTF is she saying, that only non-colored officers will be fired?

  78. 2578

    RE: MIKAL @ 2458

    Please provide credible links to your allegations….I like the difference in opinion you project, but call me a RACIST Trump supporter [or RACIST Uber Rich Liberal in Seattle for Biden]…same thing…just because ya read it from progressive medical allegations to stop Trump, do not make it credible allegations at all.

    Do you use an Obamacare tax deduction on your Obamacare $15-20K/yr Blue Cross for the rich elite? I’m sure ya don’t depend on the nothing burger Apple Insurance [Medicaid for all], you sound more intelligent than that…LOL

    I do wish your Biden luck against Trump….but IMO, Trump has already drew 4 aces and is leaving the 2020 campaign Poker table…LOL…Biden just has a pair of jacks….

  79. 2579

    RE: Blurtman @ 2495
    Only Mikal and Tooth Fairy knows for sure. Good news: voter registrations down for progressive far left types….the Bernie folks have given up on voting and have swung to violent revolution instead? They never did vote that much anyway…except in Seattle? We’re different?

  80. 2580
    redmondjp says:

    By Erik @ 2492:

    RE: redmondjp @ 2490
    I did get confused. I got you confused with Eastsider. Redmond is on the Eastside after all.

    Nobody can argue with an expensive paid off house. Good job. Are you still working? If so, what are you doing with all that extra cash? How long did it take you to pay your house off?

    I started with a 30-year fixed mortgage, making extra payments (typically $200/month) towards the principal, and then 7 years in re-fi’d into a 15-year fixed, which I paid off two years early by also making extra payments toward the principal in the early years of the loan. The amount of interest saved by doing this is significant (at least with the higher interest rates at the time).

    Extra money is going into the bank right now. I can’t stomach buying Amazon or Tesla or more real estate at this point in time. I’ve fought the Fed, and the Fed won. Had I listened to certain financial website commenters and “bought the dip” I would be in a much better situation than I am. It’s very difficult to determine what the safe haven is right now. If our petrodollar loses reserve currency status, hold on Betty! You’d better have some sealed cans of coffee and cigarettes to barter with. Oh, unopened bottles of the hard stuff will probably be good to have as well. Only time will tell. Personally I think that the globalist bankers are about ready to spring a new digital cryptocurrency upon the entire world. They are really tightening the screws right now about using cash for any purchases.

    If you look at the financial effects of this current situation on state, county, and local governments, it is very scary. Property taxes can only go up. If my same house was in Chicago, I would be paying somewhere between $15-20K per year in property taxes. We haven’t hit those levels yet here, but I see it in our future. This will have significant downward pressure on real estate prices, along with other idiocy such as defunding the police.

    I have lived in Flint, Michigan during the 1980s which was severely underpoliced, and we were essentially told to stay in our locked dorm rooms and not to go out at night. Many older homes in semi-abandoned neighborhoods there actually have a negative value (cost of demolition plus back taxes that the city expects you to pay once you purchase). Nobody living there in 1950 could have seen that ever happening. And those neighborhoods, unlike many in Seattle to this day, actually had very nice sidewalks on both sides of the streets!

  81. 2581
    ruxpert says:

    Gov. Inslee extends pause of phased reopening plan

  82. 2582
  83. 2583
    Eastsider says:

    RE: ARDELL DellaLoggia @ 2488

    I brought up Ninja loan in response to Eric’s idiotic proposition. Buying a home without the ability/intention to service the loan will not end well.

    Buy a house now and go directly into mortgage forbearance for year. No mortgage payment for a year is a pretty big incentive to buy in my opinion. That deal probably won’t be around next year.

  84. 2584

    Raise Your Ninja Sword Loans and Get the Free Flipper Loans then Resell Them Before the Loan Payments Are Do; Similarly Fill Your Mugs With Erik Brand Ninja Coffee and Read the Brief:

    Sounds like a legal plan and pay the Ninja back With Escrow paperwork at Sale. Here’s an interesting math statistics window statistics [by separate science (???) based colleges] of Like 100% Different Results on a Simple Topic, the average pay of Uber drivers, it totally reminds me of the divergent Kung Flu fuzzy math comparisons that we flippantly say are true, because “science” [is this like global warming too?] can be really just “flat Earth” Ouija Board guesses. We have a name for this in engineering/science [the real kind], WILD A_S GUESSES. LOL


    Check out the wage curve data one college analyzed; the wages averaged like $23/hr and the other college alleges like $17/hr minus “personal car costs= like $10/hr”…who’s right? The Tooth Fairy?

    “… Bothell police officer killed in shooting was a ‘local kid through and through’
    Investigators examine the scene where Bothell police Officer Jonathan Shoop, 32, was killed and another officer was injured in a shooting Monday night. The UW graduate had served in the Coast Guard, worked with the state ferry system and managed teams at Amazon, but he’d always wanted to be a police officer, a job he landed a year ago. As relatives and colleagues remember Officer Shoop, details are emerging of the chase and shooting that killed him. (Photo: Mike Siegel / The Seattle Times)…”

    SWE’s Take: I hear they beheaded and dismembered a high tech CEO in NYC yesterday; Bezos and Gates better hire more security police in Seattle and build higher “Trump type” walls around their Uber Rich Mansions…LOL…try that razor sharp barbed wire with electricity to deter violent gang attacks? Hey Dave, I loved that legal brief on “legally” defending your home against violent “weapon toting” hoards with AK47s and such; you’d make a perfect police detective or prosecutor in the Minneapolis “war zone” now.

    “…Slow down, Washingtonians. Counties can’t lift restrictions further for at least two weeks, Gov. Jay Inslee said yesterday, warning that he may roll back parts of the reopening as cases climb. Here’s what you can do in each county now, from haircuts to dining out. Meanwhile, the state is changing the way it counts COVID-19 deaths. Find today’s charts and live updates …”

    SWE’s take: They use our kids as hostages to their “greedy” political agendas of making the Trump economy leashed and blame it on Trump. Good gosh double incomes are screwed affording $700K Seattle area mortgage loans with one at home caring for the “closed school” kids now….with no public school openings.

    “… Will Seattle kids return to school outdoors? The teachers union says the district’s rough plan for some in-person teaching would be “reckless” under the present conditions. A few School Board members are drafting an ambitious alternative…”

    SWE’s Take: Outdoor schools? LOL, close them all down on rainy or windy days? These School Board folks failed 9th grade algebra too…LOL

    “..Early results are promising from vaccine testing in Seattle. The test triggered strong immune responses in a small group of volunteers, preliminary results show, but red flags and big questions remain. Meanwhile, decades of HIV research are boosting the race for a coronavirus vaccine..”

    SWE’s take: I’ve got news for you, flu vaccines were never invented in decades until after the flu curve surged down [about a year of research] and new flu viruses never did have a vaccine, the “flat Earth” medical science had us all fooled for decades…LOL…get your flu shot they wildly allege, as it never did work in the past either. I haven’t had a flu shot for decades and neither have I had the flu for decades too.

    “…The Trump administration has ordered hospitals to bypass the CDC and send all coronavirus patient information to a central database, starting today. The White House says it’s a streamlining move, but some health experts fear the data will be politicized or withheld from the public…”

    SWE’s Take: Who really believes all the Fauci/CDC/WHO Kung Flu “stringent” guidelines using flat Earth science? The Tooth Fairy? What proof? Grimm’s Fairy Tales?

    “.. Two hairstylists had coronavirus and came into close contact with 139 clients — but nobody fell ill. Why? Possibly because of the precautions they took. The effect has stunned researchers.
    Be careful buying hand sanitizer. King County health officials are warning consumers against 11 manufacturers’ products because of the risk of methanol poisoning. Here’s what to look for on the label.
    How risky is using a public restroom during the pandemic? As portable camping potties fly off the shelves of sporting-goods stores, infectious-disease experts are describing their convoluted routines in the “worst place you can go.”..”

    SWE’s Take: This alleged hair cutter had Kung Flu? I wouldn’t rule out common cold either, the testing sucks. I never would use Lysol or Bleach products on counter tops for food preparation either, its toxic poison if we eat traces of it. Use rubbing alcohol instead. The bleach products spray after surface cleaning using goes right into our lungs too…wonderful. These medical experts don’t have a clue about safety engineering handling with toxic cleaners. My son’s disabled home is TOTALLY disinfected with toxic chemicals too [per State code requirements], the place reeks and IMO is a health hazard, they spray the dinner table there too.

    “…In a rare and swift immigration policy reversal, the Trump administration has ditched a plan to strip international college students of their visas if they don’t attend at least some classes in person. The policy had thrown the higher-ed world into turmoil as many colleges moved their classes online…”

    SWE’s Take: The foreign students won’t stay in Seattle anyway if U of W goes circus clown style “flat Earther” like Havard and MIT online…they know what fake schools are. Its a moot point.

    “…Many day camps are canceled, but Kids’ Carpentry Seattle, in the Columbia City neighborhood, is operating with limited numbers and plenty of social distancing. Lorelei Wynne, 6, saws a piece of wood during a recent camp class. Enjoy more photos of the kids and their creations. (Bettina Hansen / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s Take: Is that like a 6-7 year old cutting wood with a real saw..YIKES….sounds like a Child Protection Service report to me.

    “…Dating in Seattle is anything but dull. Enjoy readers’ stories of their standout dates, from the best (a couple who created a romantic sidewalk dining experience) to the worst (a tube of jock-itch cream played a starring role)…”

    SWE’s Take: Rip them masks off and kiss your dates. Good gosh, if ya don’t, you’ll die from mental illness….LOL

    “…Boeing is “a very stricken company”: The launch customer for the new 777X says his giant Emirates airline wants to delay delivery of the jets and swap out some of them with smaller planes. This comes after Boeing lost more than 800 orders for the grounded 737 MAX in the first half of 2020. ..”

    SWE’s take: Last week you alleged the FAA was close to certifying the 737 anyway…your news is unreliable Seattle Times. I don’t believe a word of it. Who does?

    “…Forget concert traffic and overpriced concessions. Drive-in concerts have replaced summer music festivals in the COVID-era, and everyone’s trying to figure out how to do this. This is what it’s like to attend one…”

    SWE’s Take: Simply put decrepit AM radio sound systems that suck in our cars like drive-in movies…that will fix it…LOL

    “…Indulge that sweet tooth. Neighborhood Eats takes us on a scrumptious tour of fluffy doughnuts, towering raspberry napoleons (so pretty!) and other desserts in Bellevue…”

    SWE’s take: Flu isolation is making us all fat now?

    “But a lot of people are not making adjustments, so they’re just going to sit home and they’re going to get fat,” he told the outlet. “They’ll get fat.” LOL

    Good News: Poor Erik is chasing babies around his house now…he won’t get fat…LOL

  85. 2585


    Oh…oh…sounds like pollution smoke and wild fires again fogging Seattle area RE sales vista views and clogging lungs in Seattle again. At a makeshift “dim screened” and poor sound system drive-in theater near you. You may want to avoid a “makeshift” outdoor drive-in in that case, breathing wild fire pollution smoke outdoors is bad for your health too…stay indoors and go ahead, tear off your cardboard mask and kiss a new date…LOL…take a big swallow of Black Label and chill out…LOL

  86. 2586
    Al says:

    Is right now a bad time to buy a first time home? Should I wait for after the election? Maybe Jan or feb 2021? You think prices will go down soon? Tired of paying 3k a month for rent.

  87. 2587
    Blurtman says:

    RE: Al @ 2504
    ● It is certain.
    ● It is decidedly so.
    ● Without a doubt.
    ● Yes – definitely.
    ● You may rely on it.
    ● As I see it, yes.
    ● Most likely.
    ● Outlook good.
    ● Yes.
    ● Signs point to yes.
    ● Reply hazy, try again.
    ● Ask again later.
    ● Better not tell you now.
    ● Cannot predict now.
    ● Concentrate and ask again.
    ● Don’t count on it.
    ● My reply is no.
    ● My sources say no.
    ● Outlook not so good.
    ● Very doubtful.

  88. 2588
    redmondjp says:

    RE: Blurtman @ 2505 – Been digging through the childhood toy box, eh ;) ? I still remember what a big deal that was when it first came out.

    Sadly, I think reading early 20th-century Russian Revolution stories will likely provide better answers, given our current situation.

  89. 2589

    RE: Blurtman @ 2505
    LOL Blurtman

    You had one of those fortune telling eight balls too, Hades they probably have better odds on being right than CDC on case increases data…LOL


    The “CDC Case Increase Clowns” should wear chef hats now….as they cook the books…..LOL

    I’ll add the 8 Ball to my box of RE price estimating tools:

    my crystal ball
    Tooth Fairy suggestions
    Ouija Board
    Teas leaves
    Grimm’s Fairy Tales
    Failed 9th grade algebra analyses
    Wild A_S GUESSES
    MSM Fake News

    Now, raise your mugs over MASSIVE case over-count keeping the kids at home forever with no dating allowed if you’re single and SWE can’t dance anymore because he’s over 62….Erik will raise his “isolation” baby bottle with coffee inside for him this time [the babies finally fell asleep] and read the brief:

    “… Do I have coronavirus? Many who get tested must wait … and wait … to find out
    John Lederer came down with flu-like symptoms, so he and his wife got coronavirus tests in Edmonds. Ten days later, they finally learned the results. Massive backlogs at overwhelmed commercial labs are hitting Washington patients, exacerbating the risk that the virus will spread — particularly in communities that have been hit disproportionately hard by COVID-19. (Photo: Erika Schultz / The Seattle Times)…”

    SWE’s take: Risk? Did he test negative, the article omits that.

    “… King County school buildings should not reopen this fall if virus transmission levels don’t drop, according to a report unveiled by health officials. Community-wide efforts to curb the virus “must improve significantly” to support opening school doors, the researchers wrote. Find today’s charts and live updates here…”

    SWE’s take: Defund the Schools and give it all away to fake flu moochers instead.

    “…The small birthday lunch was the first time anyone but immediate family had set foot in Bill and Serona Schey’s house for months. The Tacoma couple followed Pierce County’s guidelines, inviting just three other people. But everyone at the lunch got coronavirus. Small, clustered outbreaks like this are growing more common…”

    SWE’s take: Beware of fake seers that just know exactly where the flu spread….believe me, it could have come from a million sources [if at all, assuming its false positive data]…no the 8 ball said it was the birthday party, trust me.

    “… Many more businesses are requiring masks. Walmart waded into this divisive issue yesterday, and Kroger and Kohl’s soon followed with their own mask rules. Nearly half of U.S. states have a mask mandate. A loud exception is Georgia, whose governor has forbidden cities from requiring them. And a Starbucks customer is steaming after her refusal to wear a mask changed a barista’s life in a “mind-blowing” way…”

    SWE’s take: Masks/Smasks, we think they’re the answer to fake killer flu case counts, how about “lying political wolves” are the cause of case over counts…eliminate the fake news liars, that will fix it…LOL

    “…King County sheriff’s deputies were involved in a shooting this morning in the Shoreline area. Check back for updates on this breaking story….”

    SWE’s Take: We’ll get the body count tonight?

    “…Deputies are searching for suspects after a 25-year-old man was fatally shot last night in Sammamish….”

    SWE’s Take: The roaming hoards of violent criminal gangs heading into Microsoft country now. They want to attack the” White Supremist Rich Elite Liberals” that own Uber Rich homes in the Seattle area. Time to build your “electrified” barbed razor wire walls around your homes in Sammamish? The home goes way up in value with this new update?

    “…President Donald Trump has weakened a bedrock conservation law in one of the biggest deregulatory actions of his presidency. His move yesterday limits review of federal projects to speed up the permitting of freeways, power plants and pipelines. Trump also replaced his campaign manager amid sinking poll numbers…”

    SWE’s take: Yeah…a new poll came out today, 57% of us believe the polls don’t include secret Trump supporters [or IMO mix in Bernie voters that don’t Biden vote anyway]. IMO poll this: “how many of you want Trump’s Phase II locking in your lower federal tax rates through 2024″…LOL…there’s Trump’s 4 aces at the 2020 poker table,,,game over…LOL…80% of Americans paid lower taxes under Trump.


    The Uber Rich top 20% got taxed more under Trump? Eat cake “White Supremist Uber Rich Liberals” [with your Obamacare tax deduction on Blue Cross no one else can afford], Biden can stop the need for elections with his fake poll numbers. Hades, the rest of you “village idiot” low wage slaves got “Medicaid for all”, I’m sure it covers like opioids and abortions…what else? LOL

    “..What do you miss from the time before coronavirus, and what do you hope never comes back? Seattle Times staffers (currently scattered across the Puget Sound area in tiny, one-person bureaus) sketched answers that may hit close to home for you. One introvert writes that she used to think independence was everything, but the pandemic and a goofy little cat taught her otherwise…”

    SWE’s take: I bet she wears a tee shirt with “OBEY” on it too….she’s been brainwashed. Mental illness too? We know she’s introverted, how about just plain “depressed”.

    “…Family members are mourning the deaths of a couple who were fatally shot and found in multiple bags on a West Seattle beach last month — while also voicing concern that cutting police funding will hinder detectives’ ability to investigate unsolved cases. Jessica Lewis, 35, and Austin Wenner, 27, died of gunshot wounds…”

    SWE’s Take: The stock on body bag companies went way up in share value recently. Defund the schools and police; that will fix it.

    Good News: The political polls were and are a complete joke in political issues the last 4 years.

  90. 2590
    Al says:

    RE: Blurtman @ 2505

    Thanks! I know I can count on this site for good info. It’s not like half the posts are from softwareengineer posting and replying to his own racist tinfoil hat garbage, and the other half are correcting each other’s grammars. Bunch a geezers detached from the realities of the current world, stroking each other’s E-penises. The site is called seattlebubble, and finally seems like shits hitting the fan, this site had the potential to live up to its name, but no, we have to talk about bull shit.
    Forget it, not even worth typing anymore, it’s my fault for thinking I could learn something from this Joke of a site. I’m out.

  91. 2591

    RE: Al @ 2508
    Don’t Forget to Close the Door as You Leave

    We all love your partisan poll numbers leading us astray.

  92. 2592
    David says:

    By Al @ 2504:

    Is right now a bad time to buy a first time home? Should I wait for after the election? Maybe Jan or feb 2021? You think prices will go down soon? Tired of paying 3k a month for rent.

    At this point, unless you see a distinct reduction in prices, I’ would wait. If Biden wins, there will be a very distinct and miserable downturn.

    I can’t see much changing price-wise until the election – which is SOON.

    Builders are going to disappear if Biden wins.

    Personally, I’d be careful about buying a house anywhere close to the inner city. Urban cores were abandoned and went into decay.

    Are you willing to buy a house and wait 40 years for the cultural winds to change in your favor?

  93. 2593
    Erik says:

    RE: Eastsider @ 2501
    May I ask why you think it’s an idiot proposition? Please elaborate why you think it’s not intelligent to take that path.

    People got filthy rich off NINJA loans. Does that make them idiotic?

  94. 2594
    Erik says:

    RE: redmondjp @ 2498
    You did good!

  95. 2595
    Juststoppedby says:

    By Al @ 2508:

    RE: Blurtman @ 2505

    Thanks! I know I can count on this site for good info. It’s not like half the posts are from softwareengineer posting and replying to his own racist tinfoil hat garbage, and the other half are correcting each other’s grammars. Bunch a geezers detached from the realities of the current world, stroking each other’s E-penises. The site is called seattlebubble, and finally seems like shits hitting the fan, this site had the potential to live up to its name, but no, we have to talk about bull shit.
    Forget it, not even worth typing anymore, it’s my fault for thinking I could learn something from this Joke of a site. I’m out.

    Sounds like a remarkably accurate summary of the site lately.

    Well done. Now you just have to realize that there is so much uncertainty, he shouldn’t be looking for other people to tell you what to do…

    Best regards

  96. 2596

    Hey David, The Florida Health Care Scientists (?) Wear Chef Hats Now? Cooking the Case count Books?


    Rasmussen polls show Biden and Trump now tied as of July 15 2020.


    Flashback 2016 polls?


    The RE pricing data trending up/down is inversely proportional to taxes on investment [home], its not an option folks, its a RE equation realtors use. The property tax increases/decreases due to property values are lagged about a year. This year’s 2020 chaos will not show reduction in RE value until 2021. We’re estimating property values on last year’s data now, before Kung Flu. That will change next year.

    I see the SCOTUS may be in change turmoil now, 87 year old Ginsberg liver cancer cropping up again…I hope she can survive, but my gosh, almost 90 years old and still working? Why doesn’t she retire, I would. She looks too thin and anorexic too…

    Good News: The weather is looking better next week, 89 degree high by Wed? I’m going to Flaming Geyser State Park on the hot day….the Green River sure cools things off there. When shopping for a home, you may want Central Air…..I had my portable A/C on in my bedroom last night to sleep better.

    I switched to Maxwellhouse coffee, its $6.48 a 30.6 oz can….the Yuban 30 oz cans went up to $9.38. WINCO was mask compliant yesterday, almost 100% wore them.

  97. 2597
    ruxpert says:

    ‘Shark Tank’ investor Herjavec: We’re about to see biggest exodus from cities in 50 years.

    ‘White people are fleeing the cities, that is what the genius from Shark Tank is telling reporters .’

  98. 2598
    whatsmyname says:

    Pricing is getting pretty aggressive in the more affordable submarkets. July median price should be interesting.

  99. 2599

    Slam Down Your Free Dennys Take Home Large Coffee and Buy a Slugger Slam for $8 With Pancakes, Sausage, Bacon, Hash Browns and Eggs With Large Orange Juice and Turn Into an Isolation Pig Bubblehead With Extra Pounds, Read the Brief:

    “… Wrenching decisions: When should kids go back to school, and how?
    King County school buildings shouldn’t reopen this fall if virus transmission levels don’t drop, according to a report unveiled by health officials this week. Community-wide efforts to curb the virus “must improve significantly” to support opening school doors, the researchers wrote. Will Seattle kids return to school outdoors? A few School Board members are drafting an ambitious alternative to the district’s rough plan for some in-person teaching. In California, many of the big school districts will keep their doors locked this fall…”

    SWE’s Take: Have One of the Working Parents Not Work and Help Educate and Care for the Bored Kids Watching Looney Tunes at home all Day…affording a basic roof in Seattle is unimportant in Seattle for “duel income” families now. Make Them eat cake and blame Trump.

    Double Incomes Affording the $700K Home Mortgages or even $2500/mo Average Seattle Rent Collection Won’t Be Impacted At All If we don’t open public schools…LOL…what a lie. Ask all the two income families in Seattle if they agree with me, poll them, I bet its 80-90% agreement with SWE. This would increase day care costs DRAMATICALLY if that happened. Its a game changer for Seattle home prices estimating and the prices should decrease drastically in about a year or two.

    “…King County prosecutors have charged 37-year-old Henry Eugene Washington with aggravated first-degree murder in the shooting death of Bothell police Officer Jonathan Shoop. Shoop, caught in the crossfire between Washington and another officer, was killed by one of the officer’s rounds. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: Instead of defund the police; Biden tries to “sugar coat it” in his 2020 campaign agenda with redirect police funding…pure malarkey Joe. Good gosh, my daughter’s Kansas City is turning into an inner city Detroit Hades Hole like Seattle too…violent gang hoard murders added up to 700 YOY and a four year old boy was a victim too. I may need to add razor wire and electricity to my Kansas City flipper’s fence now too. It all floats down stream now…

    “…As Washington’s counties progress through Gov. Jay Inslee’s plan to reopen the state, here’s an interactive map that tracks the counties’ progress through the various phases in real time, and tells you what activities you’re allowed to do in each phase. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: Phase II area like Seattle, you can’t date, kiss or dance anymore until Inslee says its OK. Let alone go back to public schools? This sounds like a military prison in China, not America.

    “…Two Tom Douglas places are just the beginning of a long list of restaurants that’ve closed forever during the pandemic … so far. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Hades, 7-11 won’t let ya pour your own slurpies now…its Phase II banned…so are buffet restaurants at Casinos. Its grim Bubbleheads. Empty churches for sale or being foreclosed now too? I imagine donations are way down with just online churches, ask them.

    “…Aching for a getaway, no matter how small? Anxious about getting in the car and getting out of town? Head to the Seattle waterfront and take the ferry for a cheap day trip. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: Last I heard ALL Cruise Ships are banned this summer; but ferries are different? LOL

    “…Do I have coronavirus? Many Washington residents who get tested must wait … and wait … to find out. Massive backlogs at overwhelmed commercial labs are hitting our state, exacerbating the risk that the virus will spread — particularly in communities that have been hit disproportionately hard by COVID-19. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: And never get a fever? They definitely don’t have flu, its “slamdunk” colds without fever; ask a doctor if ya don’t believe me, because that’s who told me this. Maybe a Summer allergy, try eliminating processed food and preservatives, this can reduce allergy symptoms. It works for me.

    “…Is the Trump base starting to crack? Some signs around Washington state point to yes. One of them is a masked Republican who wants to be your next governor, columnist Danny Westneat writes. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: LOL..a much better question is the Biden/Bernie 50% split party vote assumed all goes to Biden. Its all assumed Biden gobbles up all the Bernie vote, even if Bernie folks just don’t vote at all…LOL…another poll question to ask, “how many want their Trump middle income Phase I tax tables to increase per Biden taxations increases”, when 80% paid FAR less Phase I taxes under Trump than Obama/Biden?

    “…Two hairstylists had coronavirus and came into close contact with 139 clients — but nobody fell ill, possibly because of the precautions they took. The effect has stunned researchers. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: How about they had no fever and weren’t flu sick at all…the tests are a joke. Stunned researchers? How about stunned village idiots…LOL..did you know that phony liberal scientist (???) “Mr Science” that predicts global warming has no credible B.S. degree…what was he a dog catcher?


    Ahh… this qualifies him as a Global Warming Scientist; he is a Meteorologist and develops Veggie Tale cartoons…LOL…97% of meteorologists don’t support global warming anyway.


    “… New airport safety measures can help protect travelers and airport employees, and open doors to a phased return to travel. Learn what Sea-Tac Airport is doing to help travelers keep their distance as they think about spreading their wings. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: The Uber Rich skip all this Kung Flu nonsense and ride expensive private business jets instead…without masks…LOL

    Good News: Time to find a new date if you’re single in Seattle, do some banned Kung Flu dancing/kissing and no one catches the flu anyway [but the new couple ignoring Inslee smiles]…LOL

  100. 2600

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2516
    Tip of the iceberg?

    Time will tell.

  101. 2601
    DavidE says:

    Hey Guys,
    What do you make of listings like this that are popping up? Note that it has been listed for 75 days.

    For Cash Buyers only: extraordinary opportunity, $200K below market! Serenity and seclusion on 2+ acres abutting Issaquah Creek. 4bd plus family room plus bonus room plus office plus sunroom! 2.5ba, 3-car attached garage. Trex deck, newer 50-year roof, tankless water heater, backup generator. Home certified structurally sound, but record 2020 rains caused slope challenge. Repair plans and permits in process, so priced $200K below market for CASH Buyer willing to step in!


  102. 2602
    Blurtman says:

    1. It gives me a sinking feeling.

    2.I told that kid not to play the drums so loud!

  103. 2603
    Brianna says:

    RE: DavidE @ 2519

    It sounds to me like a buyer would be unable to get a loan on this one. So, they have to have a cash buyer.

  104. 2604

    RE: DavidE @ 2519
    Couple Your Link With This Anomaly:

    Bank of America’s second-quarter profits were sawed in half. Enough said.


    SWE’s Take: All the folks are suppose be sick with Kung Flu? Gosh, my brother in law knows a 71 year old man that caught it maybe if the test was correct [my sister says he’s recovered fine too]. Gee…my periscope finds no actual Kung Flu victims anywhere in King County [how about the rest of you?] and they better have a fever or its just a cold or allergy they mixed in to inflate the Kung Flu victims. Ask a good doctor and the fever is the proof, not the errant test. Time to get the kids back in school instead of dumbing them down and depressing them with cooked book Kung Flu propaganda….for political reasons to falsely attack Trump.

    I wonder if that single home just sold in my HOA was a $270K $CASH$ purchase too??….they don’t know the bank terms now and 20% down is becoming the new rule IMO, they zip their mouths?

    Here’s where Biden wants to get America buying ASAP…2025 is the deadline now:


    LOL…what American jobs? I see butcher axing of American coal/oil jobs as we become a slave to China producing electric cars and such…cleaner air too? Not if we need coal plants to charge them, try much dirtier than gas cars then. It all floats down stream….

    We’ve been fed this Fake News on green manufacturing producing more manufacturing in America for decades now and its just the opposite folks. We’re sick of the false promises.

    Good News: The hot weather is causing masks to disappear. The singles I see now looking for dates, mostly threw there’s away by now…LOL…its a joke.

  105. 2605

    RE: DavidE @ 2519
    They Don’t Tell Us Anything About Recent 3% Loan Qualifications on Mortgages

    You Bubble heads know what the down payments on Fannie/FHA are now? I heard banks have all upped their down payments to excessive 20% levels now because of MASSIVE loan defaults lately….missed payments….$CASH$ has always been king to the savvy investor, now its morphed to all mortgage approvals? S-crow would know. They zip their mouths.

    My son in law works at home as B of A credit card auditor for compliance…his job should be safe…LOL

  106. 2606
    Mikal says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 2522 – I’ve occasionally read your predictions over the last 14 years and can’t remember one being right. My kid had corona. She is only had a few of the symptoms. Anyone thinking this is some kind of hoax or has been overblown need only look at the refrigeration trucks lining up for the dead because so many more people are dying than normal that there is no infrastructure for this. It’s usually the simple that look for easy ways out.

  107. 2607

    A Picture is Worth a Thousand words


    LOL..swimming with a cardboard flu mask on is a complete joke…I thought the Kung Flu fear mongers thought swimming pools were infected with Kung Flu? More fake news folks…the chlorine in the pool kills it.

  108. 2608
    ARDELL says:

    RE: Brianna @ 2521

    Yes. I was going to add something but not allowed so I will just add one word. Creek. Cost of fix due to proximity to creek needs to be evaluated. I never could say just one word. LOL!

  109. 2609
    Brianna says:

    RE: ARDELL @ 2526

    LOL – I love it! 😊

  110. 2610
    ruxpert says:

    Face masks become mandatory in Washington state starting Friday, Inslee says …
    The Science is Conclusive: Masks and Respirators do NOT Prevent Transmission of Viruses

    Everyone wore masks during the 1918 flu pandemic. They were useless.

  111. 2611
    ruxpert says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 2528

    Maskers concerned for their health:

    Dr. Andrew Kaufman Responds To Reuters Fact Check on COVID-19 Vaccine …

    Time to fact check the fact checkers!

  112. 2612
    Juststoppedby says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, and if Seattle will be following a similar path.


    “San Francisco is now flooded with homes for sale. “Active listings” surged to 1,344 homes in the week ended July 5, up 65% from the same week last year, and the highest number since the housing bust, amid a 145% year-over-year surge in “new listings.”

    There normally is a seasonal surge in active listings after Labor Day that peaks in late October. But this month, the surge of active listings (1,344) has already blown by those peaks in October, including the multi-year peak of 1,296 in October 2019. This is “pent-up supply” coming on the market at the wrong time of the year when supply normally declines (chart via Redfin)”

  113. 2613
    Blurtman says:

    RE: Juststoppedby @ 2530 – Savvy realtors will target the encopretic market.

  114. 2614

    RE: ruxpert @ 2528
    Yes Ruxpert

    I work in the health care field with pick line nurses doing Bioengineering volunteer research work for Precision Picks’ board and visit hospitals regurly. How dry is the mask from normal mouth and nose contamination, as well as tiny air gaps make them useless most of the time anyway, especially “jimmy-rigged” cloth ones or cardboard ones without dry seal (N95), which also have a subpar safety record too, even worn by health care professionals.

    “…Nobel laureate and infectious diseases expert Professor Peter Doherty says the value of widespread mask use has long been disputed.

    “Depending on how good a mask it is, it can get kind of wet, you know, dribbles, snot, mucus … all those things that are so important, but we don’t regard as being of great value. And if your mask is wet, for instance, and if it did get contaminated, well then maybe you want to drop it down around your neck or something when you’re out in really clear and open air … You’re at more risk from the mask.

    “So I think they’re very important for healthcare workers who are up close. I’m not so sure they’re that important for the rest of us.”..” [BTW, even hospitals just made the patients sneezing and coughing wear paper masks in the hospital, well folks don’t need them. Its Standard Operating Procedure in all hospitals.]

    SWE’s Take: The plexiglass face shield is a much better alternative and can be used in schools too, let’s face it, mumbling through a makeshift “spit soaked” hand sewn one all day is not compatible with office, take out work with speakers, telephone work or schools….even the Jack in the Box workers wearing that head phone should switch to a good plexiglass face shield for communication…buy a good one, the cheap ones fall apart. They are legal as a mask replacement too. Just because the Asians like to wear the same paper ones all day doesn’t make it automatically a better way….Americans make the “all day use” plexiglass face shields BTW. Amazon sells them BTW.

    So Pull that dangerous spit soaked mask off and sip some Maxwellhouse now, its on sale at WINCO for 6.50 a 2 lb can….read the brief:

    “…Seattle police say officers were injured and buildings vandalized during a protest downtown yesterday in which they used blast balls and pepper spray. In Portland, the mayor implored federal agents to leave amid worsening clashes with protesters, but U.S. officials refused and the federal officers let fly with tear gas last night. After one Navy veteran asked federal officers to remember their oaths, they broke his hand.

    Seattle is in an official state of three emergencies: homelessness, the pandemic and the closure of the West Seattle Bridge. Today, the City Council is poised to move forward on digging into Seattle’s emergency reserves and tapping the money from a new tax on big businesses. This is how the money may be spent…”

    SWE’s Take: Why even fund the National Guard when we make it impossible to use them anyway? Oregon needs to fight violent crime their police can’t deal with, not blame it all on Trump when he tries to fix it. If I had a home in White Center I’d sell it for a loss right now, if ya wait its price collapse will get much worse I predict…it won’t take long, about a year or two now….

    “…The “Strike for Black Lives” is today. Thousands of people are expected to walk off their jobs in more than two dozen U.S. cities to protest racism and economic inequality.

    A gunman shot and killed the son of a federal judge as he answered the door at the family home in New Jersey yesterday. The gunman also shot and wounded U.S. District Judge Esther Salas’ husband before fleeing, according to judiciary officials. The judge was not injured…”

    SWE’s Take: Salas is a Obama era judge and is liberal bent….the terrorist gangs kill the “rich White Supremist liberals” families too now? It all floats down stream…..

    I do wish the BLM folks luck as as they peacefully protest, but taking off from work to do it requires annual leave too…


    “… The fast-rising tide of new COVID-19 patients is flooding emergency rooms in parts of the United States, and Seattle is feeling the impact. Find today’s charts and live updates here….”

    SWE’s Take: Is this fear mongering on Kung Flu to bring in more health care dollars? The tooth fairy knows…


    We built them uselessly empty and tore them down empty too…but they don’t have a medical care hospital board writing their own spin,and fear mongering and political bent fairy tales for more $CASH$…LOL…BTW, if they list any hospital patient COVID 19 related [even if it isn’t] they get an extra $13K from Trump..you’d lie too….LOL. Never trust a professional allegating about their own profession’s critical $CASH$ needs..LOL

    “… The fast-rising tide of new COVID-19 patients is flooding emergency rooms in parts of the United States, and Seattle is feeling the impact. Find today’s charts and live updates here…”

    SWE’s take: “Fast rising”??? Fact check…false. Its fast decreasing in reality whether ya like Trump or not….schools need to open even if Biden doesn’t like it as he continues his basement campaign.


    “… Alcohol sales have surged amid the stress of the pandemic, and more than a third of people in a new survey reported excessive drinking in April. The study breaks down who’s drinking more, and how much…”

    SWE’s Take: Can ya blame them for guzzling more Black label? The MSM news mess would drive anyone to more booze…LOL

    “…”It’s a calling for me to be here at this moment” to help people who want racial equity and justice, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said yesterday as she appeared in plain clothes at local parishes’ outdoor prayer vigil for racial justice in the Central District. The vigil brought together about 100 people, including religious and political leaders. (Photo: Bettina Hansen / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s Take: She needs to stop political band standing and get back to her embattled precincts wearing her chief uniform and doing her work right for once. Her priorities lack brains or cause.

    “…The pandemic gives us a window of opportunity to make sweeping changes that could allow schools to work better for students of color. But policy alone won’t cut it; local education leaders say educators need “courage to act.” They’re sharing what they learned from helping transform local schools. If you’re a student, we’d like to hear your perspective through our Student Voices project. ..”

    SWE’s Take: 99% of the get back to school again problems have nothing to with redirecting funds for political reasons..its another stall tactic against Trump.

    Good News: No one believes that lie that defund the police and “Bidens campaign agenda” redirect funds from the police aren’t synonyms…its Fake News folks.

  115. 2615
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Juststoppedby @ 2530 – If pent up demand can flood San Francisco to the point of having 1344 active listings, it can surely happen here. We’ll just have to get rid of about 1200 listings first. But, will we also get their $1.8MM June median house price?


    Thanks Zero Hedge.

  116. 2616

    LOL W.H.O. do you believe? The “White Supremist Liberal French” or the “Chinese lapdog W.H.O. Koreans? Their newly released school age child research is diametrically opposite W.H.O conclusions in the recent French study…remember, the S. Koreans lose a a carload of $CASH$ if/when America takes the Hyundai/Kia market back with their own domestic American engineered auto workers educated and plugged back in…LOL…we desperately need real colleges/schools back again to accomplish this trade deficit conundrum. Korea isn’t stupid folks, ask North Korea how their kids conquered three dimensional calculus [Japan and S Korea haven’t got to this educational level yet] to like invent their own hydrogen bomb advanced technology…it wasn’t from closing all the schools down folks… LOL

    Seattle RE price growth in 2021 is directly related to opening the schools normal in 2020 too.


  117. 2617

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2532
    There’s always a Yin to a Yang

    There’s never a clear cut winner. Good observation whatsmyname.

  118. 2618

    RE: Mikal @ 2524
    LOL Mikal

    Doesn’t surprise me at all, that’s why I’m on Trump’s Re-opening King County Task Force and you sit in your basement like Biden in a stupor working on your agenda to defund police and close all the schools…LOL

    Hey….how much of these alleged green energy jobs come directly from China anyway, you’ve been promising us the last couple decades American jobs anyway and it was Fake News and supposedly made in America? Cat got your tongue, you have no idea? LOL

    Do you have a clue about electric grid capacity needing dirty coal anyway going all electric cars and making it carbon worse? No, either did the Dutch. Become stupid and ignorant and it will all be OK…LOL

  119. 2619
    redmondjp says:

    By ARDELL @ 2526:

    RE: Brianna @ 2521

    Yes. I was going to add something but not allowed so I will just add one word. Creek. Cost of fix due to proximity to creek needs to be evaluated. I never could say just one word. LOL!

    And that’s all you need to say. Good luck getting approval from King County to do anything within a few hundred feet of a creek/stream/river/wetland. If allowed at all, it could end up costing several hundred thousand dollars to “fix” this. But they will never let you put in a permanent bank or God forbid a culvert (as used to be common, must protect those precious fishies that theoretically spawn in your local drainage ditches).

    The county should have never allowed that house to be built that close to the creek in the first place. But they like your money, and the builders pay the politicians a LOT of money (BIAW). And then when nature takes its course, they red-tag your house (most likely in this case because the septic system drainfield was in the part of the lot that slid down the hill), and you end up holding the bag. The house itself still hasn’t moved yet, from all appearances. I love the wind-up clock still hanging on the wall in one room.

    Due diligence people! Do your own homework before you make the biggest purchase of your life. I am still amazed that people will pay over $2M for a giant box made entirely out of OSB (sub-floors, exterior sheathing, roof sheathing, you are surrounded by it on all sides). I’m watching one now being built a stone’s throw away from my front door as I type this (it’s already sold). I took a picture of the exterior sheathing a few months ago, in the evening sunlight, to illustrate how much just a little water exposure had swelled and lifted the fibers already. I wouldn’t build anything other than a garden shed or a dog house out of the stuff.

  120. 2620
    Juststoppedby says:

    By whatsmyname @ 2532:

    RE: Juststoppedby @ 2530 – If pent up demand can flood San Francisco to the point of having 1344 active listings, it can surely happen here. We’ll just have to get rid of about 1200 listings first. But, will we also get their $1.8MM June median house price?


    Thanks Zero Hedge.

    I think you might be misunderstanding when I was trying to say.

    Or maybe I am misunderstanding you, because the main point of your post seems really obvious and… well… pointless.

  121. 2621
    David says:

    By ruxpert @ 2515:

    ‘Shark Tank’ investor Herjavec: We’re about to see biggest exodus from cities in 50 years.

    ‘White people are fleeing the cities, that is what the genius from Shark Tank is telling reporters .’

    Can you blame them? Obama’s years were the first time I’ve ever heard blatant anti-white racism EVER. 8 years of celebrating the “Death of Old White Men.” Don’t kid yourself – What that really meant was the celebration of dead white men, women, and children.

    Now the anti-whiters are attacking and destroying – EN MASSE.

  122. 2622
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Juststoppedby @ 2537 – Maybe I did misunderstand you. I thought you were thinking that the large percentage of increase in San Francisco house inventory augured very negatively for SF homeowners as presented in your article, and possibly indicated the same for Seattle.

    I thought that the very low actual San Francisco inventory numbers, and record June prices (as per my source), would probably not cause a lot of worry for homeowners in San Francisco or Seattle; kind of contradicting what I misunderstood your point to be.

    In all honesty, I think that I sloppily compare SF city numbers to King County numbers – not a valid comparison. I have therefore restudied the analysis, and rewritten my comment as per below:

    If pent up demand can flood San Francisco to the point of having 1344 active listings, it can surely happen here. But, will we also get their $1.8MM June median house price?

  123. 2623
    Juststoppedby says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2539

    Thanks for the thoughtful response.

    Honestly, I’m not reading too much into the specifics of the numbers, but rather the general change versus prior years.

    For Seattle specifically, I think a likely scenario is that purchasing demand was like a garden hose with a kink in it…

    After several months of being on the sidelines, the pent-up demand had built up and we’ve been seeing the results over the past month or so.

    I think that there is likely to be a similar but delayed effect on the supply side.

    Not only have a lot of sellers been holding out because they don’t want strangers in their house and the times are pretty uncertain, there have been a significant number of layoffs which could drive people to cash out while the getting is good.

    On top of that, the loss of tourism, particularly from cruise ships and conventions, makes me wonder if there are Airbnb hosts who will be adding to the selling pressure.

    Lastly, i’m still intrigued by the overall impact of the work from home trend. That could cause some changes in a handful of ways, but it’s too early to tell (even though I think it’s pretty obvious that San Francisco and possibly NYC are being significantly impacted by that one).

  124. 2624
    TJ_98370 says:

    Source: The Housing Bubble Blog
    “Since the pandemic, Seattle property management company Blanton Turner has seen two months of losses, said chief financial officer Alan Byars. The company — which manages 70 local retail, office, mixed-use residential and student housing properties — makes a percentage of rent collected. Collections at some commercial properties are down 50%, he said. At student housing, currently roughly half-occupied, collections aren’t much better.”
    “But as clients struggle to meet mortgage and tax obligations, they’re pushing Blanton Turner to cut staff. Future projections, Byars said, ‘are not pretty.’”

  125. 2625
    TJ_98370 says:

    Source: The Housing Bubble Blog
    The Seattle Times in Washington. “An Eastside real estate investor being sued by former associates who say she funded her property acquisitions with money fraudulently acquired in a China-based Ponzi scheme received more than $150,000 in Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loans, according to the federal agency in charge of the pot of cash. A loan database released by the Small Business Administration shows Kung Fu Panda LLC, a business owned by Jialin ‘Kathy’ Niu, received between $150,000 and $350,000 in federal funds to retain employees during the pandemic

  126. 2626
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Juststoppedby @ 2540
    Good response. I think all of those things will have their impacts.

    Additionally, I think working at home will fuel desire for increased indoor space, and for private outdoor space.

    For supply, I think that fewer older people will leave their houses for independent or assisted living communities. At the nursing care stage, there is no choice, but a key to pent up supply is that in most cases, the owners will need a more compelling housing option than the one they have in order to become sellers.

    Also, the $2.2T stimulus is at a scale never before seen. It’s much more oriented to businesses. Forgivable loans can turn expenses in non-expenses, so there will be huge demand for investment assets most of which may not initially lead to housing, but will put pressure an anything that can be an investment asset. So part of it will get there eventually.

  127. 2627
    Erik says:

    RE: Mikal @ 2524
    The hoax is the media equating Coronavirus to a death sentence when it is far from that. We all know the covid is a real flu.

    I’ve seen zero refrigeration trucks of dead people. Where are you seeing these trucks? Seems inhumane to throw people in trucks when they die just because they got the same virus.

  128. 2628
    Juststoppedby says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2543
    Regarding the retirees staying out of retirement homes, my thought process/response went a little something like this…

    1) Wow, really interesting point, I hadn’t thought of that at all!

    2) Wait, who says they would have to stay in their homes up here? Maybe they’d want to go someplace where it’s warm and their housing dollar would go a lot further, like Arizona. Or Florida…

    3) Wait again. If I was in my advanced years are those really two of the states that I would most want to go to right now???

    4) Scratch head with puzzled look on face.

    5) Hmm… maybe older folks will be heading over towards Spokane, Idaho, etc. (like some of my family)?

    6) More head scratching.

    I think #5 might definitely have some legs, but you really did bring up a good point.

    Food for thought…

    Best regards

  129. 2629
    Brianna says:

    RE: Juststoppedby @ 2545

    We went to see a house just listed last week. The owner was there and we chatted with him a bit. He is retirement age, and was selling the home he lived in for 40+ years, to move to a place that was less work to maintain. I didn’t ask where.

    A while ago I read an article that predicted in the next 7 years we should see a flood of homes on the market from the baby boomers. Yes, this generation has aged in place, and kept their homes much longer than the previous generation. But, it’s just a matter of time before the big house and yard get too much to maintain, and a downsize is necessary.

  130. 2630

    RE: Brianna @ 2546
    Hey, I’m 66 Years Old and Feel Like I’m 20 Again….Look at Cher and Dolly at 80 in bikinis….LOL..or Willy Nelson [he does look old though] at 80, smokes pot like a fiend, yet has a black belt in karate and the brains to memorize 100s of songs’ lyrics and guitar chords at his age too….pot destroy the brain? LOL

    Actually, you’re right. I see folks even in their 40s and especially 50+ limping around and look fat, aged, depressed and hobbled…it only gets worse as more decades flash by too…ya age in clumps. Make sure ya don’t wear high heels or pointed boots all your life, get some shoes that preserve your feet.

    Hey…mow the lawn at 80 anyway…it may be the main exercise ya get and it will help if ya can do it. Hiring lawn help won’t help. Women should do more aerobics for their hearts, men should center on weight lifting to preserve testosterone [libido] and muscle mass. Have you seen the stick men that do too much aerobics [like bike riding]…they have less testosterone…ask a good personal trainer if ya don’t believe me.

    The Boomers will stick around if they are the lucky “long-life” DNA owners and try to stay healthy….eat like 1400 calories a day….and limit all carbs except crucial ones, like whole grains and lower calorie vegetables/fruit without useless carbs added. I eat mass milk protein too [I buy it by the gallon every few days]. I still have 16″ muscular arms too. Mow the lawn you wimps…LOL…if your metabolism suddenly goes high, worry, it may be diabetes or cancer.

    Now, have some coffee, I heard it fights lung cancer of all things….and read the brief:

    “…Dynamic of Portland protests shifts as Trump administration ratchets up pressure on cities
    Federal law enforcement officers try to disperse demonstrators yesterday amid protests that have roiled Portland for more than 50 days. The Trump administration’s recent response with federal officers has changed protesters’ focus, but it hasn’t slowed them down. The officers’ actions and President Donald Trump’s talk of sending federal agents to other cities are raising alarms in Seattle and elsewhere. Meanwhile, Seattle saw a much more peaceful rally yesterday as workers struck for Black lives and workplace equity. (Photo: Noah Berger / The Associated Press)..”

    SWE’s take: Now its defund the National Guard? What the Hades does “defund the police” from Biden really mean? He’s as clear as “The Fog” on this allegation and Lord only knows [why is using used “armored” military transport equipment evil to fight this Biden?]. Hey Dave, ya can’t defend your home from violent hoards attacking you with axes and torches with guns…they’ll arrest you, like that St Louis couple were arrested by a rogue “far left” prosecutor yesterday. Do they fine home owners for putting up security fences too? Probably. We’re screwed; a hobbled police force with no political backbone management, no property rights and no National Guard…welcome to Communist Venezuela…LOL….last Sunday the violent Seattle gangs tore up store fronts “like wild” again smashing glass and throwing rocks….more injured and killed. It all floats downstream…

    “… UW researchers say they’ve developed a promising vaccine candidate that induced a strong immune response in monkeys and mice. Trials of the vaccine, created in partnership with a Seattle biotech, may start this summer. Find more news in today’s live updates…”

    SWE’s take: Hey U of W…if ya can allow post graduates to work the laboratories, why can’t you open the whole school with Husky Football again?

    “…Congress and Trump are deeply divided over virus aid as emergency relief for Americans nears its expiration date. Among the toughest issues: school reopenings and a payroll tax cut…”

    SWE’s take: Biden alleges he supports flu masks, but still hugs and kisses his supporters on TV without “safe spacing”…hypocrite. Federal Debt Unemployment extensions with “help wanted” signs all over Seattle now; why is this happening? The lazy freeloaders won’t work? Thoughts Bubbleheads?

    “… An overwhelmed New York hurried to open a new hospital for virus patients, at the cost of $52 million. It treated just 79 people before closing…”

    SWE’s Take: Why is an alleged overwhelmed ICU bed shortage in NYC closing empty hospitals? Fake news? Hey, my Baby Boomer sister had to go to a hospital for a heart check [it turned out fine BTW, she’s home now]…they allow visitors in hospitals now it appears.

    “…Workers have sued Whole Foods, accusing the grocer of discriminating when it barred them from wearing Black Lives Matter face coverings while on the job…”

    SWE’s Take: If I was a business would I want political tee shirts at work likely driving customers out of the store? Hades no, either would you. Work and politics don’t mix, ask the NFL how tee shirt sales are lately…LOL….I don’t see Seahawk shirts hardly at all the last few years since kneeling at the National Anthem became cute.

    “…The flood of information — and misinformation: Lacking federal guidance on how to navigate the pandemic safely, Americans are turning elsewhere: social media, self-appointed experts, TV entertainers. The result is a hodgepodge of practices and beliefs. Here’s advice on inoculating yourself against rumors and not spreading them yourself, along with four myths about masks, debunked. ..”

    SWE’s Take: There’s good and honest doctors you can trust out there…but there’s devil doctors out there too…find a good one. Don’t lump them all together.

    “…Three killings rattled the Seattle area overnight. One person was fatally shot and at least one man was wounded last night in the Central District. Another homicide occurred early today on Aurora Avenue North. And a man was fatally shot today in Skyway…”

    SWE’s take: Defund the National Guard, that will fix it…LOL…the Seattle police are essentially useless now, it will improve if we agree with Biden and redirect funds from using armored military vehicles for Seattle Police? Hades Bubbleheads, would you go to these Seattle area gangland shooting “machine gun” melees without a bullet proof armored vehicle? No, either would I.

    “…The Seattle City Council has OK’d spending $86 million from emergency reserves to help struggling residents and small businesses. The council also laid out its plan for the money from a new tax on big businesses, pointing the lion’s share toward affordable housing projects. The steps came over the mayor’s objections…”

    SWE’s take: Since Amazon, Microsoft and Boeing are the big businesses Seattle wants more taxes from now, kiss them good-bye too?

    “…Having trouble sleeping on these hot nights? Tonight will be better as temperatures drop and cool marine air rolls in. Here’s the forecast for the days ahead…”

    SWE’s Take: Invest in a portable air conditioner and get a “cool room” to sleep in…if you’re housing a “multi generational” rooming house, you’ll need central air for the whole house and its not chump change to afford the electricity either…its also stealing electricity from our grid capacity to prevent charging of too many electric cars coming in 2025? Use coal fired electricity plants that take like 5-10 years to build for like a $Trillion Dollars? LOL..now the CARBON is worse than just gas cars? Sounds like Obamacare, just sign the bill and see if it works later…LOL

    “…What do you wish you’d learned in school? For some students, the answer is more about racial injustices and the experiences of people of color, and less about Christopher Columbus. Amid a national movement demanding justice, calls are growing to instill ethnic studies across all grade levels and disciplines. The calls aren’t new, but the circumstances are. Could it finally happen? (Photo: Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s Take: How about just teach real “Columbus” history and ethnics studies are covered too? Are schools becoming partisan brainwashing centers?

    “…Joe Biden wants to spend more than three-quarters of a trillion dollars to dramatically improve care for older Americans, provide universal preschool and boost low-income families’ tax credits. He’s unveiling the plan today and describing how he’d pay for it. Biden is also joining in warnings about signs of foreign interference in U.S. elections…”

    SWE’s take: How in the Hades can we afford like $8000/mo per capita [about $100K/yr $CASH$] decent nursing home for our elderly with federal debt? The Tooth Fairy? How about repairing the West Seattle bridge first?

    “…It started with one man’s wish to borrow a truck. For the woman who answered his message, it became “easily the most important thing I have ever done in my life.” Now, busy volunteers at a new nonprofit have delivered more than 2.3 million pounds of surplus Washington crops to more than 160 food banks, benefiting hungry people and farmers alike. Here’s how to help…”

    SWE’s take: There’s MASS cows left standing around at meat plants waiting to be butchered and they pour MASS unsold milk down the drain now….the Trump tariffs caused food shortages? LOL…I get my milk for like $1.88/gal now, the meat is going down in price too [I recently saw hamburger for $2.49/lb]…LOL…the least we can do is give the excess to the hungry poor in America now.

    Good news: Its getting colder tonight…

  131. 2631

    RE: redmondjp @ 2536
    Another “Chronic” Problem With Fibered Glueboard on House Construction the Last Several Decades

    They build them at indoor factories this way too…the remodelers and home construction folks refuse to apply simple adhesive between exterior glueboard wood pieces during assembly…my 1991 modular had this defect too. 10-15 years ago, after painting the assembly gaps was a joke not to prevent rot….I squirted adhesive on all my wood connections…my neighbors are replacing all their exterior wood for big bucks and I sit in my porch chair getting a tan laughing at them now…whatever ya do, don’t use plastic siding to cover the rotted mess up, unless ya like breathing toxic mildew with no exterior wood air venting/drying…LOL…the adhesives are cheap too…use the glue gun types…you’ll need training using that glue gun though [they like to explode all over you..LOL]

  132. 2632
    ruxpert says:

    The Four Horsemen Of Disinflation: The Coming Rent-pocalypse

    Millions Of Americans Skip Payments As Tidal Wave Of Defaults And Evictions Looms

  133. 2633
    Blurtman says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 2549 – From the cited NPR story: “”Twenty-five percent of Latinos had already fallen behind with their payments,” she says. “Twenty-eight percent of African Americans had fallen behind. That compares to 12% of whites that had fallen behind.”

    There are white people in Latin America, just as there are white people in Anglo-Teutonic America. A few Latino countries are almost entirely white. Is NPR hiring crackheads to write their jibberish stories?

  134. 2634
    ruxpert says:

    RE: Blurtman @ 2550

    How’bout the numbers of people ‘fallen behind’, regardless of color, … does that check-out?
    That seems the critical issue?

  135. 2635
    Bumble says:

    Tim. TIM!!!!!!!

    At least give us some updated charts. It has been a year! We don’t even need your analysis. Easy peasy.

    Do you see what kind of Lord of the Flies grossness happens here after a whole year when you give us nothing more than one super crappy “I’ll get back to you later” post? You created this thing and then deprived it of nutrition.

    Long story short, I used to think you were cool but i’m breaking up with you. Tears.

    ps – you suck

  136. 2636
    redmondjp says:

    By Bumble @ 2552:

    Tim. TIM!!!!!!!

    At least give us some updated charts. It has been a year! We don’t even need your analysis. Easy peasy.

    Do you see what kind of Lord of the Flies grossness happens here after a whole year when you give us nothing more than one super crappy “I’ll get back to you later” post? You created this thing and then deprived it of nutrition.

    Long story short, I used to think you were cool but i’m breaking up with you. Tears.

    ps – you suck

    The reason he isn’t posting now is because it could/would be seen as a conflict of interest by his current employer (Redfin), where he occasionally does post new articles (have you read any of them?). I sat in the cube next to him when he started this site when we both worked for the same manufacturing company, which had no connection to real estate.

    So if you had to choose between a nice 6-figure job at a great company or updating your blog/website which actually costs you money to keep up, which would you pick? Having known him for a long time I can tell you that he is as frustrated about this as you seem to be, but situations in life change, and having a good job to take care of your family is very important, especially in these turbulent times.

  137. 2637

    Hey…My House Was 3 degrees COOLER Last Night, that’s better than a kick in the rump….now, kick back that coffee mug and read Wednesday’s Brief:

    “… Antibody study will gauge prevalence of COVID-19 in Washington state
    Where has the virus been, and how many people have had it? Nobody knows, but a new antibody study aims to get a clearer picture by scrutinizing Washingtonians’ blood. It stands to inform officials’ decisions on how we reopen. Nationally, new data shows, infections are up to 13 times higher than reported — but that leaves most Americans without antibodies, and highly susceptible to catching the virus. Scientists are astonished by its silent spread through people with no symptoms. (Photo: Erika Schultz / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s Take: The impact of anti bodies keeping the current multiple flu strains [including Kung Flu] has been researched for decades, its not new. IMO, anti body and good DNA relate, but there is no proof, its my guess. Guesses exist all over and that’s why we analyze. Good luck discovering it. Do flu shots prevent flu case number contamination, like vaccines? Lord only knows. I may be wrong, but I don’t get the flu shots because I don’t get flu symptoms. My gosh…imagine if super DNA is controlling this as an evolutionary strong survive and weak die out, Darwin thought so….pick your parents carefully…LOL…would if we find out vaccines are a joke too. IMO, we give up and join the Herd mentality like UK just did. Fighting mother nature is hopeless…LOL…SWE has the good DNA from mixing DNA types known in ancient history? Lord only knows. Too bad we don’t all get the good DNA….it sounds like a roll of the dice to me.

    “…The pandemic isn’t sickening the home-sales market. Homes are flying off the market faster than sellers can list more, our Coronavirus Economy chart shows. ..”

    SWE’s Take: FOX Business channel reported June existing home sales up about 20%…WOWZA!! Hey Erik they’re buying them up like hotcakes now? It resets daily, so never be a pig head. I see stocks are recently about 100 points from the DOW all time high…if this isn’t a “V” shaped recovery, what is? Dave licks his stock profit wolf chops…LOL…it isn’t all dismal like NYC’s slow Kung Flu recovery..they need more masks and less riots causing virus spreading? LOL

    “… Washington state high schools won’t play football until spring. Officials yesterday also decided to turn the normal three seasons into four … but as the virus surges, nobody is writing that in permanent ink. Here’s how it would work.
    The NFL is facing a mega-migraine of a dilemma, columnist Larry Stone writes: Can the mighty titan of pro sports pull this season off? It looks like the first time you’ll see the Seahawks play is Sept. 13, after the NFL yesterday zapped the preseason…”

    SWE’s take: No football? The depression that would cause is harmful and reduces immune response to all flu? Lord only knows.

    Good News: The useless vaccine will be available this Fall?…LOL


  138. 2638

    RE: redmondjp @ 2553
    If I was working now

    I’d be the quiet little mouse in the corner too…there’s too much contradictions and political quagmire out there now. Both sides are risky now for job protection…be neutral.

    I can speak out, I’m retired. The Glenbrook HOA had one sold sign a few weeks ago and three more For Sale signs added since, these cheaper units are not moving fast in my neighborhood. Its all fog lately…stay tuned for resets?

  139. 2639
    David says:

    By Blurtman @ 2550:

    RE: ruxpert @ 2549 – From the cited NPR story: “”Twenty-five percent of Latinos had already fallen behind with their payments,” she says. “Twenty-eight percent of African Americans had fallen behind. That compares to 12% of whites that had fallen behind.”

    There are white people in Latin America, just as there are white people in Anglo-Teutonic America. A few Latino countries are almost entirely white. Is NPR hiring crackheads to write their jibberish stories?

    It has always baffled me that people don’t equate ‘Spanish’ people from Mexico and the rest of Latin America as descendants of Europeans.

    They act as though Spain, Portugal, etc are minorities instead of Europeans.

  140. 2640
    Blurtman says:

    RE: David @ 2556 – Like the NPR writer, a lot of folks mistakenly that think that Hispanic or Latino is a race. The MSM certainly thinks so. So do governments, universities, and employers.

    Uruguay, a country populated by Latinos, is almost entirely white, composed of descendants of Europeans from Spain and Italy, primarily. Latino country Argentina is similarly white.

    Latin America is so-called in order to be distinguished from Anglo-Teutonic America, i.e., the USA and Canada (but not Quebec). Germany has contributed the largest European population to the USA. Quebec is technically part of Latin America.

  141. 2641
    ruxpert says:

    “Celebrities Pimping The Covid-1984 Threat”
    WHO Cares What Celebrities Think – #PropagandaWatch

    WHO cares what celebrities think? WHO cares, that’s who! Or, more to the point, WHO wants
    you to care what they think. Join James for this week’s #PropagandaWatch as he peels back
    the layers on the WHO’s “celebrity influencer” propaganda campaign.
    SHOW NOTES: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=37227

  142. 2642
    Juststoppedby says:

    By David @ 2556:

    By Blurtman @ 2550:>

    It has always baffled me that people don’t equate ‘Spanish’ people from Mexico and the rest of Latin America as descendants of Europeans.

    They act as though Spain, Portugal, etc are minorities instead of Europeans.

    Have you spent much time in South America or Central America?

  143. 2643
    TJ_98370 says:

    RE: redmondjp @ 2553
    Thanx for your post – As a long time reader and sometimes poster (lurker?) of/to Seattle Bubble I’ve wondered what exactly was going on with The Tim. I get it. As as a Boomer, I remember times past when people who did things to be financially responsible were sometimes considered to be “selling out to the man”. I now consider that mindset as being nostalgically naive. I wish the best for The Tim and I hope he finds a way to maintain Seattle Bubble in the future.

  144. 2644
    DavidE says:

    The feared jumbo mortgage debacle is here — thanks to the coronavirus — and ready to pound the housing market


  145. 2645
    Bumble says:

    RE: redmondjp @ 2553

    We have often speculated as much. And yes, I read all Tim’s articles. I recently linked one here.

    If Tim can’t run the blog, that is fine, he should just tell us that. Maybe shut it down. But he shouldn’t tell us that he is “hoping to come back to life soon,” stringing us along.

    He left the place to rot. He didn’t have to do that, regardless of his reason, and notwithstanding any professional noncompete or conflict.

    We’re still broken up.

  146. 2646
    redmondjp says:

    By Bumble @ 2562:

    RE: redmondjp @ 2553

    We have often speculated as much. And yes, I read all Tim’s articles. I recently linked one here.

    If Tim can’t run the blog, that is fine, he should just tell us that. Maybe shut it down. But he shouldn’t tell us that he is “hoping to come back to life soon,” stringing us along.

    He left the place to rot. He didn’t have to do that, regardless of his reason, and notwithstanding any professional noncompete or conflict.

    We’re still broken up.

    Well you must have lived a charmed life then. If you take a new job opportunity that you may not have even known about a month prior, and the new job means not updating your blog that you don’t get paid anything to write, other than an occasional donation (he does have a paying members option but I don’t know if it will even cover his home’s monthly utility bills or not), well to me that is a pretty clear choice. So I disagree that “he didn’t have to do that.” If you have never faced a similar decision, bully for you.

  147. 2647
    Bumble says:

    RE: redmondjp @ 2563

    You aren’t understanding.I have no problem with him taking his position at Redfin. Reread what I wrote.

    My complaint (saying it for a third time) is with the manner of his abandonment. Awhile back there was talk of Deerhawke, Ardell, and a couple other popular posters taking over the blog and posting new content in turns. There was also talk of starting a new blog. There were other ways for Tim to step away besides abandoning the blog without any explanation, and occasionally saying he hopes to be back “soon,” stringing us along as the months become years. If he can’t run the blog, fine, loan it to someone else or shut it down so we can do something else. But then he’d have to remove this from his Redfin bio:

    “In his free time, he runs the independently-operated Seattle-area real estate website Seattle Bubble”

    No. No he doesn’t.

  148. 2648
    Erik says:

    RE: redmondjp @ 2563
    I would have sold out for money as well, but let’s not tell Tim that.

  149. 2649
    redmondjp says:

    Breaking News! Homeowners are bailing on Seattle, film at 11.


    Hmmm, maybe because of this?


    Apparently a giant banner proclaiming “Racism has no place here.” just isn’t enough of a woke statement to keep your business from getting destroyed (almost typed detroited LOL) by the anarchists, oh, sorry I meant peaceful protesters.

    “The owners of Likelihood Seattle, a local business selling men’s and women’s shoes at 1101 East Union Street, said their store was hit by the group, but police told them nothing could be done.”

    If that last statement is true, then shut off the music as the party is officially over in Seattle. Sell NOW. Don’t wait for next spring. Get out while you can, with whatever you can get for your house. Unless you live in a gated community with private armed security, your house or business could be next. Don’t be surprised when you call 9-1-1 and they tell you that you are on your own. Just another reason why gun and ammunition sales have skyrocketed lately (if you are looking for 9mm ammo, good luck to you).

  150. 2650

    Hey, Grab Your Large 7-11 coffee for 99 cents a Mug and Read the brief:

    “… Clashes in Portland, anxiety in Seattle as Trump sends more federal agents into U.S. cities
    A protester is engulfed by a cloud of chemicals deployed by federal officers in Portland, where the mayor was among those tear gassed last night, hours after President Trump announced he’s sending hundreds of federal agents into other cities to confront violence. Seattle is growing anxious over what could happen next here and how to react. In our dispatch from a long night on the angry streets of Portland, a sharp question reverberates: How will this all end?…”

    SWE’s take: This blood letting has been going on for decades in our big cities and both establishment parties did or said almost nothing to stop it; Trump defies establishment Republicans and Democrats by trying to fix it. I’m sure the change in attitude is alarming to some, explain why protecting our cities from violent crime was mitigated all these years by both parties?

    “…Schools go 100% remote: Several of King County’s biggest districts, including Seattle, yesterday said they intend to keep their doors closed this fall. The plans affect more than 150,000 children and leave several urgent questions unanswered. This comes as a new poll reflects many Americans’ deep unease with school reopenings. (President Donald Trump, though, says he’s comfortable sending his son and grandchildren.) Parents nationwide are rushing to hire tutors and create “learning pods” … and that’s raising big concerns…”

    SWE’s take: One Executive Order from Trump will slash $16,000/student from any State that closes face to face public schools; the money can be used for “face to face” private schools instead. I see plexiglass face shields can be handed to face to face public school students, the mouth/nose coverings don’t allow school communications. The plexiglass face shields are legal flu masks too, are their any eye doctors out there that see eye danger if glasses with plexiglass over them all day is harmful to eye sight?

    “… Nearly all of Washington state is “on the path to runaway transmission rates of COVID-19,” health officials are warning as hospitalizations and positive tests rise. Find today’s charts and live updates here…”

    SWE’s Take: Hospitalization [nationally] for coronavirus recently decreasing SHARPLY and this graph proves it:


    Its almost down to zero now. The new flu strain mutated to innocuous the last couple months?

    “…A group of about 150 people looted businesses and started a pair of fires on Capitol Hill last night, according to Seattle police…”

    SWE’s take: Loot and burn? How about vote and learn [open public schools]….a much better alternative. Do any Bubbleheads own Capital Hill homes/condos or apartments, give us your periscope news from home, how bad is it? it sure sounds bad and for local Capital Hill RE prices too.

    “..Turbulence at Seattle Children’s Museum: Layoffs this week have left only a skeleton crew, which is battered by a controversy over social media posts in which the phrase “Black Lives Matter” was edited out..”

    SWE’s Take: BLM is important, buts its also political and divisive when mixed in with other violent protests. The museum closing occurred because its simultaneous violent crimes are political losers and angers most customers? Bubblehead views?

    “…King County plans to shut down its adult jail in phases once the pandemic has been controlled, King County Executive Dow Constantine said yesterday as he spoke of broadly changing the criminal legal system. The jail is housing more than 1,300 inmates…”

    SWE’s take: If they’re killers and thugs let lose among us is this going to make violent crime much worse in the Seattle area now? What are their convictions?

    “…On the streets of Portland, federal agents have ratcheted up confrontations with protesters. This federal intervention must be reined in, and the Department of Homeland Security must face accountability, The Seattle Times editorial board writes. Also, for the Aug. 4 primary, the board recommends Anne Anderson to represent the 44th Legislative District in the state House. She has the best approach to tackling the state budget crisis, pledging to protect education, health care and working families…”

    SWE’s Take: We’ve tried the do nothing establishment method to make it better for decades now; and its just getting FAR worse now, exponentially so too…its time for a new crime reduction approach that works?

    Good News: The new plexiglass face shields can be ordered from Amazon and work much better than cloth mouth/nose coverings…you can talk/breath clearly again…LOL

  151. 2651
    ruxpert says:

    “Tiny houses are ideal for pandemic housing because they are separate. In traditional shelters, people sleep a few inches from each other, so the city of Seattle immediately recognized this and asked us to build more units,” says Aaron Long, a representative from the Low Income Housing Institute.

    Tiny house villages grow as more are pushed out in housing squeeze


  152. 2652
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: redmondjp @ 2566

    KOMO references a Redfin report that net 6,000 more Seattle users are doing searches outside the area than the other way round. On a more tangible basis Redfin also reports growing prices and price wars. They think Seattle prices are up 6% YOY, and Seattle is 8th on the bidding war list with 57% of June Redfin offers facing other bidders. Speaking from experience, this is not buyer friendly.


  153. 2653
    uwp says:

    The people ask, and The Tim provides…
    Hot off the presses, fresh #content from Tim Ellis!


    Key takeaways for the 4-week period ending July 12:
    -Final prices for homes that sold during the period (meaning they likely went under contract in May and June) were up 6% year over year; for homes actively listed during the period, asking prices were up 13%.
    -Pending home sales continued to climb, up 7% year over year but the overall inventory of homes for sale was down 28% as demand outpaced supply.
    -30-year mortgage rates were below 3% for the first time ever, which continued to drive homebuying demand, as mortgage purchase applications increased 16% from a year earlier.
    -“Vacations have been cancelled, and buyers who had previously given up their search are being lured back by low mortgage rates,” according to Washington, D.C., area Redfin agent Kris Paolini.

  154. 2654
    Erik says:

    RE: redmondjp @ 2566
    Cats!!! All my rentals are in Seattle! I bet big on Seattle and lost.

    Oh well, I guess I’ll have to just continue collecting sweaty renter cash and buying Seattle rentals until this thing recovers.

  155. 2655
    ruxpert says:

    Inslee announces rollbacks to some activities to slow COVID-19 exposure
    July 23, 2020

    WATCH LIVE: Inslee gives coronavirus update

  156. 2656
    ruxpert says:

    Professor whose formula predicts bankruptcies has a big warning

  157. 2657
    Redmondjp says:

    By Erik @ 2571:

    RE: redmondjp @ 2566
    Cats!!! All my rentals are in Seattle! I bet big on Seattle and lost.

    Oh well, I guess I’ll have to just continue collecting sweaty renter cash and buying Seattle rentals until this thing recovers.

    If you are willing to share, do you have any non-paying tenants due to the current situation?

  158. 2658
    ruxpert says:

    Four Months of Unprecedented Government Malfeasance
    “The Coronavirus and Public Policy.”
    Heather Mac Donald
    Manhattan Institute

  159. 2659
    Mackenzie says:

    I wonder what landlords are going to do if they have tenants who skipped a few months rent if the over-all demand for rentals has softened? Is it better to forgive a tenant a few months rent, and just eat the loss, so long as they are able to keep making payments going forward (i.e. maybe because they are back at work), or to evict a previously good tenant (prior to their recent pandemic related unemployment) and find a new one at the new lower rental market rate?

    Either way it may never be possible to recover the lost month’s rental payments.

  160. 2660

    RE: Redmondjp @ 2574
    Yes, Great Comment BTW :-)

    We’ve Still Got 250,000 Unemployed in Washington Since April from Pandemic…think about it 250K….Hades, sounds like two Boeing Companies total eliminated from Washington’s job rolls.

    That’s the best data to date, I can find for like July 24,2020….the per capita average income chart won’t be updated until Oct 1, 2020, so I’ll let the Bubbleheads guess what it is today from latest chart for Wash St?

    Date US Washington Seattle
    2018 $33,831 $39,119 $46,204
    2017 $33,187 $37,876 $44,256
    2016 $32,573 $36,922 $43,514
    2015 $31,775 $35,492 $41,497
    2014 $30,672 $33,806 $39,129
    2013 $30,431 $33,117 $38,631
    2012 $29,934 $32,719 $37,660
    2011 $29,884 $32,759 $37,639
    2010 $30,077 $32,737 $37,396
    2009 $30,984 $33,844 $39,153
    2008 $32,255 $35,322 $41,158
    2007 $32,400 $35,240 $40,957

    About $23/hr per capita which apparently eliminates any Bezos/Gates skewing upwards of the useless $90K/Yr average household income. This figure of about $90K is useless because it includes skewing by millionaires/billionaires, it always has. So what the Hades are the numbers of average per capita workers in Seattle per household; last I read about 1.2; but they zip their mouths on this data now. Seattle MSM likes $90K average household income as valid for house buying in Seattle, but it has no verifiable data, Bubble heads’ views?

    “… In 2000, 5.9% of households earned $200,000 a year or more.8 In 2016, 7% did. It’s another indication of the growing income inequality in America. The 2016 Phoenix Wealth and Affluent Monitor found similar trends, although it divided wealth up differently. The researchers reported that 0.9% of U.S. households have more than $5 million in net worth.9

    However, that 0.9% accounts for 24% of the nation’s wealth. 5% of U.S. households own between $1 million and $4.9 million—35% of the nation’s wealth; 25% of households who have a net worth between $100,000 and $999,999 own 32% of the total wealth in the country; and the remaining 70% of households have a net worth of less than $100,000—only 9% of total U.S. wealth is owned by the largest number of households.

    Fuzzy Math, ain’t it…LOL…now pour yourself a $5 cup of coffee based on Seattle $90K/yr average household income that really is $2 /cup when you eliminate Uber Rich $6/mug Starbucks Mochas; and read the brief:

    “… Federal agents sent into Seattle area as clashes in Portland test the limits
    Workers put a wall around the Seattle Police Department’s West Precinct yesterday after a recent protest came to its doorstep. Federal agents are heading into the Seattle area to beef up security at government buildings. This came after Mayor Jenny Durkan said she was told that the agents won’t crack down on protesters, as they’ve been doing in Portland. (Photo: Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times)…”

    SWE’s take: I’ll tell you what tests the limits….letting violent hoards loot, burn and destroy our neighborhoods with an ineffective city run police security system in place for decades now….LOL

    “… WSU and Seattle U. will teach almost all classes remotely this fall, and UW is working on sharply limiting its in-person classes…”

    SWE’s Take: Don’t waste your time online…get out of school, stay out of debt and get some job experience….sounds like a much better plan than wasting time/money on online. Colleges can go to Hades online, but students/clients aren’t stupid. Ask the prospective college students, 97% agree with me on online colleges are a joke, of course ” online college graduates and online schools” think they’re great and equivalent to face to face normal classrooms anyway…LOL:


    “…Forced out: Moving wasn’t a choice for one in four Seattle-area residents who packed up in the past five years, according to a new survey. FYI Guy looks at who’s being pushed out, and exactly why. ..”

    SWE’s take: Hades, if the $93K/yr average household income is a better gauge than average per capita incomes times average # of workers per household= about average $52K/house hold…$25/hr average folks…this is why there is a current 25% eviction rate in the Seattle area? The Tooth Fairy knows….this conundrum happened long before Killer Flu too..

    “… No matter how you feel about it, the humble mask is now the world’s most ubiquitous accessory. Fashion designer Luly Yang and other Seattleites are on the cutting edge, “so excited” about a chance to make things better with their creations — which are quickly becoming a lifeline for the industry. Not since humans invented shoes and undies has a single item of dress caught on so quickly, spanning borders, cultures and generations…”

    SWE’s take: Amazon delivers plexiglass face shields that are made and designed in America now for dollars a piece….ya can breath and wear one all day, instead of mumbling undecipherable and wearing contaminated snot masks all day [you’ll need about 12-20 masks per day to keep them dry from spit and wash 12-20/day daily]. The Amazon face shields are better and totally legal too, they keep you from touching your face [they wash with soap and water ASAP], the main cause of coronavirus they say…if you don’t have one now, get it. Just because Yang pushes cloth masks doesn’t mean she’s not a village idiot on “recent” flu face covering science evolving from America’s recent engineers’ innovation. Have any of you folks ordered from fast food from a cardboard face mask worker wearing the headset or tried to understand a “cloth mask wearer” phone call lately? LOL…its a complete joke now….

    “…Traffic alert: Weekend construction is closing most lanes of Seattle’s Mountlake Boulevard and forcing detours. Check traffic here…”

    SWE’s Take: U of W access closed/destroyed now too?

    Good News: I spotted on a FOX news story a HUGE box of America engineered/fabricated plexiglass shields in a public school room…Trump is trying to give the student approx $105B for Killer Flu school supplies/costs bypassing the State school board waste and it doesn’t have to all be made in China anymore either…sounds like the $105B won’t be going to the State waste basket either…it goes directly to the student families and they can use it for face to face alternative private schools too…just like stimulus checks apparently. Erik smiles…LOL…his new babies are $CASH$ cows now? LOL


  161. 2661

    RE: David @ 2556
    The CIA agrees with you…check out their website…

  162. 2662
    wreckingbull says:

    RE: Mackenzie @ 2576 – Prudent RE investors account for vacancy costs even if it is just using the 50 percent rule as a starting point. Most investors I see today are really just speculators and will be hit hard.

  163. 2663
    Mackenzie says:

    By wreckingbull @ 2579:

    RE: Mackenzie @ 2576 – Prudent RE investors account for vacancy costs even if it is just using the 50 percent rule as a starting point. Most investors I see today are really just speculators and will be hit hard.

    Is it better to forgive the lost rent from an existing tenant who was temporarily out of work during the pandemic, so long as they can pay going forward, or to evict the current tenant (who missed a few months rent) and get a new tenant at a lower rate?

    Which option would most landlords choose?

  164. 2664
    David says:

    I wonder how many sales are taking place (also new listings) in Cap Hill? Are people eager to move into a place where the City Government throws you to the wolves and let murders go on without response?

  165. 2665
    Erik says:

    RE: Redmondjp @ 2574
    All are paying. My leasing agent/property manager works for RPA in Seattle. She said 98% of tenants are paying at the company she works for.

    An investor and agent I trust that buys for me at the KC auctions said King Country inventory is at .7 months right now. He said DOM may increase in downtown or west Seattle this fall/winter, but nowhere else. He’s a smart guy and knows what’s going on. Too bad I’m heavily invested in West Seattle. 😬 That’s my favorite area in Seattle. I was once called West Seattle Erik at the auction.

  166. 2666
    Erik says:

    RE: Mackenzie @ 2576
    Landlords can go in mortgage forbearance by calling up their lender and self attesting they are affected by covid. If tenants don’t pay, landlords can stop paying as well.

  167. 2667
    Erik says:

    RE: wreckingbull @ 2579
    Just stop already.

  168. 2668
    Erik says:

    RE: Mackenzie @ 2580
    A good investor would go into mortgage forbearance and boot the tenant onto the covid infested streets. That way they increase their net worth and get a better tenant.

  169. 2669
    ruxpert says:

    ‘This Whole House of Cards Is Gonna Collapse’: GOP Shutters Senate With US on Verge of Economic Catastrophe
    “The magnitude of suffering this is about to cause is so immense.”

    Investors remain oblivious to gold’s warning – Ep 594

  170. 2670
    Erik says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 2577
    I took a job at the NASA facility outside of New Orleans working on rockets, so I guess I’m out of the Seattle real estate scene for a while. Over here, everything cash flows. I am considering buying more in Slidell Louisiana, but I don’t know… I like Seattle real estate.

    Keep me informed on what’s going on in the Puget Sound. Maybe I’ll be able to buy in Seattle from over here?

  171. 2671
    Corndog says:

    RE: wreckingbull @ 2579 – haha… Wrecked Bung still posting like he knows what he’s talking about and teen Erik has reached puberty. Funny stuff!

  172. 2672
    Erik says:

    RE: Corndog @ 2588
    I knew that wreckingbull was a moron based on his comments, and it was difficult to pinpoint exactly why. Now that I’ve grown up, it’s blatantly obvious wreckingbull is a blithering fool spreading false information on this website. He has no idea how intelligent landlords work and he’s trying to speak for them. I just shake my head and try to continue pulling more money out of the Seattle housing market.

  173. 2673

    RE: Erik @ 2544

    It came in the mail yesterday as a complimentary 20 page issue and is called, “Investing Today”; July 2020 issue, Special Situation Report. It was reported there that the four prominent Billionaires Buffet, Musk, Bezos and Trump have allegedly teamed together since 2011 as follows:

    I did Some Savvy Investor Research on the valid question I asked “Progressive Type Bubblehead Mikal” on “is electric grid capacity SEVERELY limited now in America for a quick shift to all electric cars by 2025?” [CA requirement now BTW] and would possibly require expensive CARBON loaded coal or natural gas thermal power plants; making it worse for the environment than gasoline cars only. The new solar thermal power plant construction Buffet is developing/prototyping is planned for the whole country [about a $250B per solar/battery plant], assuming a single solar/battery plant charges 83,000 cars [offsets 260,000 households electric usage] and needs 700-megawatts, for about $1B a solar/battery plant times about up to 250 plants nationwide, unknown completion date milestone providing coverage for all States needing solar power, assuming its the delta needed recharging at night..or that “New Green Deal” Biden’s hawking to get elected. Mikal…your Biden progressives don’t like the Buffet/Tesla idea to take this “Lithium based” industry from the Chinese and make it in America, Investing Today editorializes.

    The lithium batteries and solar cells are basically all Chinese now:


    Hurdles to overcome in green solar plant development:

    Possible strip mining damage digging the HUGE new lithium deposit of Nevada lithium near the Tesla Plant, reported 3 times as large as Chinese deposits?

    Environmental damage with heavy element contamination over large sectors of land to manufacture the HUGE lithium batteries.

    The solar cells and batteries wear out and require excessive maintenance?

    I’d add too based on Tesla car use today, fires may blow up too often with these HUGE mega-watt lithium power plant batteries?

    Investing Today envisions about 20% will drive electric cars by 2040.

    Bezos is ordering 100,000 electric trucks, so he’s part of the puzzle too, Trump wants American lithium in American Defense Systems [solar cells too?], like for the new Space Force. Will it work, I’d wait for Buffet’s solar/battery thermal power plant to be certified and tested, sounds like 5-20 years from now IMO. Its a TBD milestone right now.

    The Investing Today alleges the batteries’ development may revolutionize military programs in coming decades in America requiring robots and such, eliminating Chinese imports for our Defense Dept.

    OK….Dave’s rushing in to buy Tesla stock now…LOL Let’s gulp coffee and read the brief:

    “… State tightens restrictions on bars, masks and more as virus surges
    Gov. Jay Inslee has announced sweeping new restrictions on bars, restaurants, fitness centers and more as coronavirus cases rise, and a stricter mask order takes effect today. Here’s what you need to know, and where that leaves us on the activities you can (and can’t) do in each Washington county. Our coronavirus resources page has additional information to help you navigate the pandemic safely, from picking a mask to getting a COVID-19 test…”

    SWE’s take: Nursing home and vulnerable folks can die, even if the Killer Flu has weakened or mutated to an innocuous state requiring FAR less hospitalizations since April. Its a BIG POLITICAL issue now, polls say. Pneumonia kills folks, even weaker flu strains with time. No wonder we break the mask rule so much, pneumonia has always standard operating procedure for vulnerable deaths from all flu strains for decades now. Killer flu is no different?

    “…Mayor Jenny Durkan said she feared what has happened in Portland — nightly, violent clashes between protesters and camouflaged federal agents — could happen here. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Are most of the violent attacks with torches and hammers happening at Federal Building property now? IMO, yes. They zip their mouths. BTW, its perfectly legal for the Feds to protect Federal Property from vandalism Seattle Police cannot/refuse to control, ask any attorney. They can’t stop Trump.

    Good News: If you’re an investor like Dave, Tesla stock is a Dodge Charger rocket now…LOL…if you don’t own it, get it…


  174. 2674
    Blurtman says:

    RE: Erik @ 2587 – Congrats on the new job! You are on your way to some great food and music! The USA is a great country to see by car. I’d recommend driving out.

  175. 2675
    ohd1122 says:

    RE: Erik @ 2587

    Congrats on the job! Are you holding onto your Seattle properties or slowly divesting?

  176. 2676
    David says:

    RE: Erik @ 2587 – I was just over that Slidell way recently. The SpaceX rocket that launched this week rattled the heck out of my garage doors. Strange how sound can vary at sea-level (subjectively).

    If there is one place in the USA that has great food, Louisiana is it. I attended the 2019 ‘Petroleum and Seafood Festival’. (Only in Lousiana!!)

    If I were in your shoes, I’d venture down to bayou country and explore around to find some dark, overhung cypress, bayou culture area that hits maximum quirky (assuming it exists – because I have a picture in my head of what I am looking for over there).

  177. 2677
    Erik says:

    RE: Blurtman @ 2591
    Totally. We had the option to fly or drive and I talked my poor pregnant wife into driving so I could see the countryside. 😀

    Hopefully that doesn’t backfire.

  178. 2678
    Erik says:

    RE: ohd1122 @ 2592
    Thanks. I’m holding hard assets longterm because I think there will be major inflation.

  179. 2679

    RE: Mackenzie @ 2580

    In that case, having lots of $CASH$ saved in the bank isn’t an option its a rule.

    Lift up that “spiked” cup of coffee, the violent hoards are heading for your neighborhood to destroy the Federal Building next door and you’re caught in the cross fire and smoke…and read the brief:

    “…Saturday’s demonstration followed a tense several days as politicians, protesters and observers worried federal agents could create a scene like the one that has played out repeatedly in Portland. Read more….”

    SWE’s take: If they beat the terrorists back, that’s “creating a scene”, how about protecting the people for once? The words Seattle Times uses are political fuzzy math…

    “…We’re at a turning point: Will new restrictions slow the coronavirus’s spread, or could Washington go the way of Florida? Here’s what’s going well, what’s not, and what might come next. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: The family picking through the fruit with their bare hands are wearing no masks and breathing spit fumes on the items [with unmasked kids too]….my gosh, spray it with Lysol now, its damaged groceries…washing it home will clean it anyway, but that’s not the issue here. LOL

    “…Applicants had to meet income qualifications and provide documents showing they or an immediate relative lived in the Central District before 2000. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Do applicants have to pay $500K principle mortgage payments with down payments and good FICO scores too…or $2500/mo average rent? That’s the real question…LOL

    “…The new Legislature will have to tackle an $8.8-billion projected budget shortfall through 2023. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: Raise taxes so they can increase the deficit loan to $17B?

    “…To many of us, a summer without the hydroplane races is like Boston without the marathon or Philly without cheesesteaks. The races on Lake Washington … were part of our culture Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Destroy our culture, its all white supremist anyway and it must be tore down or eliminated. LOL

    “…For lieutenant governor, 11 candidates are facing off in the Aug. 4 primary. The top two vote-getters will advance to November. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: One thing is for sure, I’m voting “$30 car tab” Eyeman to replace Inslee for governor.

    “…As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout Washington, restaurateurs say the state needs to provide clearer and more consistent guidelines on what they’re expected to do if an employee tests positive for COVID-19. Right now, there’s not strict policy across the board. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: Just spray them with Lysol in the restaurant, that should fix it. LOL [just like the Seattle Times’ picture depicts]

    “… UW coronavirus vaccine shows strong immune response in monkeys, mice
    The RNA vaccine produced an antibody and T-cell response after a single dose in both young and old mice, as well as in macaque monkeys. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Does that mean were only like 6-8 months from a working vaccine? LOL

    “…Now that COVID-19 economic exigencies have ground the debut of new restaurants to a near halt, it’s easy to feel there’s nothing new under the sun — but it’s a perfect time to revisit some neighborhood favorites. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: The $30 delivered pizza in the Seattle Times picture looks like the cheese/sauce/meat was 1 tsp each and almost all white flour crust…LOL…don’t cut your gums chewing the cardboard crust pizza, gums can bleed that way…LOL

    “…You don’t have to buy sazón — the salty blend that is a pantry staple in homes where Hispanic foods are loved. You can make your own. Here’s how. Read more….”

    SWE’s take: Who buys sazon? The Tooth Fairy?

    “…COVID-19 data: What the numbers mean and how to tell if the coronavirus is spreading..”

    SWE’s take: Any journalistic news item like this should really state the truth. The current flu data is fuzzy math indeed.

    “…• Teaching changed almost instantly due to COVID-19. How long will it take to revolutionize equity in education?..”

    SWE’s take: Let’s just open schools per CDC guidelines and revolutionize diversity later…LOL…OK?

    Good News: The 2nd stimulus contains $200/week [not $600/wk] extensions to eliminate the conundrum ya make more money unemployed than working……Erik smiles at his $CASH$ cow babies now…they’re talking $1200/student [delivered to student’s family] stimulus check if public schools remain closed?

  180. 2680
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 2593
    I also like the houses on stilts in the beach communities. Slidell is a better longterm hold in my opinion, so I was thinking of investing there. Flood areas scare me.

  181. 2681
    David says:

    RE: Erik @ 2597 – Cool thing about that area is you can travel from Slidel all the way through Mississippi, Alabama and into the Panhandle of Florida in just a quick 2.5 hours.

    Fortunately, the South is still sparsely populated down that way past New Orleans.

    And you will NOW be dealing with three big things: 1) Humidity, 2) Heat, 3) Noseeums/Mosquitos. Noseeums are the worst things pretty much ever created.

    Personally I’d explore Gulf Shores, Dauphin Island, AND heavily look around the areas just within the Florida State Parks areas of the Western Panhandle.

  182. 2682

    Its Gonna Be Like 90 degrees something today…94 degrees in Covington today…its always hotter on top of the southeast Seattle hills, grab your ice coffee and read the brief:

    Erik goes car traveling this Summer and chooses Disneyland for the family?


    That’s youngster Erik on the roller coaster in 100 degrees LA wearing a mandatory “wet” flu mask and what’s he holding in his left hand, keys to his new tenants? Erik says the Disneyland lines are much shorter now…

    “.. Washington state hits a crucial point, 6 months into fight against COVID-19
    Will coronavirus cases explode here, as in Florida, or will they flatten and avoid flooding local hospitals? Six months after the first person in Washington tested positive, experts say we are poised to see all the charts and curves go the wrong way — but it’s not too late to stop them. Here’s how the COVID-19 fight is going in Washington, which yesterday reported topping 1,500 deaths. Keep up with today’s charts and live updates. (Photo: Greg Gilbert / The Seattle Times)….”

    SWE’s Take: LOL…everything in this article except data that’ s useful, like declining hospitalizations of Killer Flu cases or empty current Wash St hospitals? What percentage of the deaths were in Yakima where the H-2C farm slaves live in squalor?

    “…Seattle, get ready to sizzle today. It’s likely to be the hottest day of the year so far, and the National Weather Service is warning about fire danger in parts of Western Washington. Here’s a look at the week ahead and advice on the best ways to stay cool, since most of us don’t have air conditioning. Remember to take precautions for your pets, too…”

    SWE’s take: Last night was a scorcher….my house remained in the 80s past midnight. The thinner blood during high temperatures seems to cause insomnia too? I think so….I got most of my sleep after 230AM…LOL

    Good News: Erik bought the Disney Package Tickets and paid only $150/day that way for admission…

  183. 2683
  184. 2684
    Justme says:

    Case-Shiller house price index for Seattle and the whole country is going flat, centered on contracts signed mid-March 2020.


    The only surprise here is that the high end tier did not actually drop already at the mid-March averaging point. I guess virus-fright-suburban-flight and the Amazon bubble is to be thanked for that. It won’t last. The drop is coming in the mid-Apr data release.

  185. 2685
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Justme @ 2601 – There were a lot of flips hitting the market just then. I heard a lot of investors of that ilk were panicked and getting out long term. Subsequent inventory I’ve seen seems to bear that out. Good deals got much harder to find in the months after; it looks like a pretty short dip. It’s already too late to benefit. Maybe the next dip.

  186. 2686

    RE: Erik @ 2587
    Smart Choice Erik

    I be ya even got land..LOL…ya just have to worry about hurricanes and flooding…avoid basements and buy top of hill land only. I hope the job has something they’re abandoning at Seattle area Boeing/MSFT, a pension…but high pay can help equivalently too. I know you Erik, you can save the pension on your own and not spend it. Do spend money furnishing your new Louisiana mansion….the foreclosures out there look tempting to me too….LOL


    Now Erik is laughing at us designing as a rocket scientist…what mechanical engineering area will you be centering? Propulsion, structures, robotics? Trump’s Space Force will need all new and made in America rocket purchases…Trump know’s where the recently discovered HUGE Nevada lithium mine deposit is now [3 times bigger than China’s], that can keep the jobs out of China too. The pieces are fitting together and all American made and manufactured space flight is now possible. Solar cells look like they’re mostly automated manufacturing to produce in America….we need to cut solar cells out of the Chinese diet too…LOL

    Keep flipping and enjoy the real American elbow room, with real American backyards for the kids. How’s freeway traffic there?…I found Kansas city wide open 24/7 at about 65-70 mph too…LOL…changing lanes is really easy there. I’d sell in Seattle and move to Kansas City with my daughter, but my autistic son is set in a POD here and without me here, he wouldn’t be getting restaurant meals, new clothes and proper medical representation…KC doesn’t have these disabled group home services, I checked.

  187. 2687

    Erik’s New 5000 SF Lake View Mansion in Slidell, LA

    Priced at average home price in Seattle, about $700K:


    That home wouldn’t sell in Seattle….even the $1-2M mansions in Seattle aren’t HUGE lake view lots with 5000 SF…WOWZA! Where are they?

  188. 2688

    Grab Up That Cheap Foreclosure, Save Money for Possible inflation and gulp your ice coffee down to cool ya down and read the brief:

    “… Tahlequah, the orca who carried her dead calf for 17 days, is pregnant again
    Tahlequah’s baby bump is visible in a new image taken almost exactly two years after the orca raised worldwide concern by carrying her dead calf for more than 1,000 miles. But the new baby is still a long way from birth, and scientists are calling on everyone who’s on Puget Sound-area waters to help as the orca population struggles to survive. (Photos: SR3 SeaLife Response, Rehab and Research and NOAA’s Southwest Fisheries Science Center in 2019 and SR3 and Southall Environmental Associates in 2020)…”

    SWE’s Take: How much toxic heavy elements like mercury are in the Orcas blood stream from Puget Sound water pollution/overpopulation? The article doesn’t state, go on a whale watch ship and ask the Ocean Scientists there from the San Juans…they know.

    “…Pandemic? What pandemic? Seattle-area home prices keep flying higher, according to a new report out today. But there are signs that the growth may be slowing…”

    SWE’s Take: Ya can’t be wrong if ya speak out of both sides of the mouth opposing views…LOL

    “…A shooting at a Federal Way park killed a teen and injured three other people last night. Steel Lake Park was closed while police investigated and detained a woman.

    Fighting in the streets — and the courts: Black Lives Matter-Seattle King County is accusing Seattle police of ambushing peaceful protesters, and asking a federal judge to hold the department in contempt. Meanwhile, as the Trump administration plans to send more federal agents into Portland, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and other leaders have called on Congress to block U.S. agents from city streets…”

    SWE’s take: Ya can’t be wrong if ya speak out of both sides of the mouth opposing views…LOL

    “…Happening today: Will Washington state see a tidal wave of evictions, and what can renters do? Join our Project Homeless team at 3 p.m. for a live, online discussion with experts and practical advice on navigating housing during the pandemic…”

    SWE’s take: Ya can’t be wrong if ya speak out of both sides of the mouth opposing views…LOL

    Good News: Partly cloudy. High 80. Low 57. Sunrise 5:42. Sunset 8:48. …LOL….About the same temperatures in Louisiana for Erik too:


  189. 2689

    Dave can’t Gulp His Water Bottle Down By Pulling His mask Off Now in Florida?


    The progressive “mask police” have found a new way too get money from Dave in Florida’s Heat Now?

  190. 2690

    Flaming Geyser State Park Had 0% Flu Mask Compliance Yesterday and Was Packed

    We’re all ignoring Inslee lately?


    I wore my flu face shield at the park and was the only one.

  191. 2691
    Juststoppedby says:

    Blather, blather, blather.

    SWE don’t you ever get carpal tunnel or something where you get tired/sore from typing?

    I’ve got to believe that you can’t be doing this all through voice recognition, your ears would get exhausted!

  192. 2692
    uwp says:

    By Justme @ 2601:

    I guess virus-fright-suburban-flight and the Amazon bubble is to be thanked for that. It won’t last. The drop is coming in the mid-Apr data release.

    You still doing those inventory charts? Or do they not matter anymore?

  193. 2693
    ruxpert says:

    “Like Nothing We’ve Ever Seen”: Imminent Eviction Wave Is Coming To These States

    Sweden Defeated The Coronavirus Without A Lockdown –
    Now Its Companies Are Reaping The Benefits

  194. 2694
    ruxpert says:

    Low Mortgage Rates Lift New Home Sales to Highest Since 2007
    Friday, July 24, 2020 A few Comments on June New Home Sales

  195. 2695
    ruxpert says:

    Are Covid-Cultists & Tin-Foil Mad Hatters The ‘New Normal’ ?

  196. 2696

    RE: Juststoppedby @ 2608
    What’s Your Point Juststopped By?

    There’s a cursor to scroll quickly over my comments…..why the Hades don’t ya use it, shutup and stop being a grumpy nut against free speech? Because ya like being a rude B_stard? What’s your comment? Stop SWE free speech? What is it?

  197. 2697

    Juststopped By can skip this comment, but maybe he lacks the IT manners and IQ to use a scroll down button? Gulp your ice coffee and read the brief:

    “… How badly is COVID-19 hitting King County? It depends on where you live
    Jesus Valdez registers a man for a COVID-19 test yesterday at the Sea Mar Community Health Center in Federal Way, where very high rates of positive tests have been recorded. FYI Guy looks at how the coronavirus is hitting differently across our region, and why. Check the interactive graphic to see what’s happening near you, and find today’s charts and live updates here. (Photo: Ellen M. Banner / The Seattle Times)…”

    SWE’s Take: What are these high rates? 2%?…LOL….was there an increase in hospitalizations or any symptoms at all?

    “… Gov. Jay Inslee is extending the pause on reopening Washington counties indefinitely as COVID-19 cases rise. (On average, Washington state confirmed one-third more deaths per day over the week ending July 27 than the week before.) Here’s a county-by-county breakdown of what you can and can’t do…”

    SWE’s take: 1/3 more deaths? Fake news, try 4% more deaths using Wash St coronavirus data.

    1518-1453 deaths July 27 through July 21= 4%, not fake news 33%.


    “…Boeing said this morning that because of the collapse in demand for airliners from the COVID-19 pande”…mic, it will cut more jobs and widebody jet-production rates in Everett and will study the feasibility of closing the 787 Dreamliner assembly line there to consolidate that work in South Carolina. The company announced a $2.4 billion loss for the quarter ending in June…”

    SWE’s take: Sell your Seattle home and move to South Carolina if you work at Boeing Seattle?

    “…Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and three other tech magnates are testifying this morning in front of a congressional committee investigating whether their companies have too much power. Look for live updates here . MacKenzie Scott, ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, has begun giving away most of her staggering Amazon wealth. Here’s where nearly $1.7 billion is going. And speaking of tech money, take a look at who has made $115 billion so far this year…”

    SWE’s take: I’d never sign up in Facebook…they ask for more personal information than my attorney asks.

    Good News: only 10% of Killer Flu tests are positive…there is also the fact that the saliva test is inaccurate. Tests are done on the same patient and do not mean more cases, just duplicate tests on the same patient. Sounds like the Mueller investigation doesn’t it.


  198. 2698
    Juststoppedby says:

    By softwarengineer @ 2613:

    RE: Juststoppedby @ 2608
    What’s Your Point Juststopped By?

    There’s a cursor to scroll quickly over my comments…..why the Hades don’t ya use it, shutup and stop being a grumpy nut against free speech? Because ya like being a rude B_stard? What’s your comment? Stop SWE free speech? What is it?

    Maybe the reading experience is different on a computer screen, but I look at this on my phone.

    Your posts take up a ton of real estate and make it difficult for anybody to keep track of the conversation and have a decent dialogue. Although there isn’t much of that around here lately…

    Again, I give you the analogy of the loudmouth drunk guy at the bar:

    Sure you can have a talk with the other people in the bar, but it’s disruptive when some drunk guy all of a sudden exercises his “right to free speech” and disrupts the flow of conversation.


    It’s called common courtesy, you should try limiting yourself to even just, say, 2-300% of the next most vocal poster and see what that does to the readability of this board (and the quality of your writing).

    I’m reminded of a great quote (this is from memory, so take it with a grain of salt):

    “I’m sorry this letter is so long, I didn’t have time to make it shorter.”

  199. 2699
    Brianna says:

    RE: Juststoppedby @ 2615

    “Your posts take up a ton of real estate…”

    LOL! Taking up ‘real estate’ is the only way he’s on topic for this site.

  200. 2700

    RE: Brianna @ 2616

    Was thinking of you this morning. I was going to park my pre-vacation stats here in comments before leaving for vacation. I always track 4th quarter into 1st Quarter each year pretty heavily to see where Spring Bump of the next season will go.

    I had some of it done and heard a loud bang. My Jesus on the Cross fell off the wall and hit the floor. I put him back up and continued and then the comment froze up before I was finished. The Internet disconnected…which it never does.

    I decided that was a sign to just leave on Friday and do it when I get back. LOL! So I’m packing my bathing suit instead. My daughter decided we would rent a house in Palm Springs instead of going to the hotel on the beach in San Diego where we usually go in August. I think it’s going to be 110ish. I’m more afraid of heat stroke than COVID.

    Regardless of how badly current stats match future intelligent decisions, we will have to begin the process. Could be misperception, but seems to me I’ve seen a ton of random listings out of nowhere recently and unlike the normal cyclical activity, which is why I was posting Active Inventory first. Looks to me like someone’s taking out the trash. Poor locations, etc. Unusual for this late in the year.

  201. 2701
    Eastsider says:

    RE: Juststoppedby @ 2615

    Hmm… that’s a lot of typing on your tiny phone… Just sayin’

  202. 2702
    Brianna says:

    RE: Ardell DellaLoggia @ 2617

    Oh dear! Yes, I agree- you should wait until you get back. I hope you have a lovely vacation! I can’t wait to read your analysis when you return.

  203. 2703
    Erik says:

    RE: Justme @ 2601
    You have been the most incorrect person on this site of all time. You just keep coming back with the same rhetoric.

  204. 2704
    Erik says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 2603
    Staying in Seattle is your only option. You play the cards you dealt in life. You are doing the right thing.

    I’m going to check out the Florida panhandle near the parks, gulf shores and dauphin island as David suggested for more rentals. Maybe today before I need to start work again.

  205. 2705
    Erik says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 2604
    Real estate prices are really low here compared to what I’m use to in Seattle. We are renting a cheap 4br rental in Slidell for now. I’m not going to increase my standard of living until I have passive rental income equal to my earned income.

  206. 2706
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 2598
    I’ll checkout those areas for longterm rentals today if I can get everyone on board for a road trip.

  207. 2707
    wreckingbull says:

    By Corndog @ 2588:

    RE: wreckingbull @ 2579 – haha… Wrecked Bung still posting like he knows what he’s talking about and teen Erik has reached puberty. Funny stuff!

    I might not know jack-shite, but I am now on year six of financial independence. Maybe I did something right. Stopped working for The Man at about Erik’s age.

    My most important advice – You can’t make more time.

    How is Heron’s Key? I hear they have plenty of activities to keep you all busy.

  208. 2708

    When Visiting Florida Erik, Expect a Lot of Rain, Even in Summer

    So bring those light rain suits with hoods with you….my week long visit to Florida in Summer was about half rain, but it always cleared up half the day too. Took the kids to Disneyworld and Univerisal….my autistic son was a $CASH$ Cow at Amusement Parks, his severe disability allowed Lori and I to sneak to the front of all ride lines….we went on dozens of rides per day that way….my son loved that water splash ride BTW…he loved the Jurassic Park ride too….

    We can stay in Seattle and its a OK too, but like ya say, every case is different. Enjoy your new life adventure and may you thrive in Louisiana.

    Time to fill your mugs with what ya like best in caffeine beverages…read the brief:

    “… Shuttered attractions — and region’s blood supply — get an infusion of new life
    Blood donations plunged at the start of the pandemic. Then, out of desperation came a stroke of genius: Bloodworks Northwest decided to hold pop-up blood drives in the very places its donors are missing. The latest pop-up was yesterday at the Museum of Flight, above, and more pop-ups are coming to a winery and a performance hall, where an opera singer will serenade donors. (Photo: Greg Gilbert / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s Take: Give blood, you can possibly pass on your DNA immunity to the sick they say….they’re researching that too.

    “…President Donald Trump is floating a delay to the November election, as he makes unsubstantiated allegations that mail-in voting will result in fraud. Can he do that? Only with an act of Congress…”

    SWE’s take: Its not so funny to delay elections over the Pandemic, just schools and businesses and churches…LOL Ya can’t have it both ways folks.

    “…Seattle police found explosives, smoke bombs and other weapons in a van at the protests that turned violent last weekend, Mayor Jenny Durkan and Police Chief Carmen Best say. The police were in court yesterday defending their response to the protests. Meanwhile, our executive editor is explaining why The Seattle Times fought the Police Department’s subpoena for unpublished protest photos and video…”

    SWE’s Take: Yes. The Seattle Police are doing better now with oversight federal law officers doing audits now. These type of findings end up in courts too, with the City of Seattle getting the lawsuit bills later. It happened after the 1999 Battle of Seattle too when the Populists were rubber bulleted for fighting the NWO WTO.

    “…Federal officers will withdraw from Portland in phases, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown says, but a top federal official is raising doubts about whether that will happen soon. With accusations flying about the feds’ intervention, here’s a fact check on how violent the protests really got…”

    SWE’s take: Let’s ask Homeland Security [feds] this question and they tell us its fake news. They won’t leave until peace is in place. Period. Portland local government is out of their league.

    “… New infections in Washington may be leveling off, but hospitalizations are rising for almost all age groups, health officials say. They also warned of an increasing number of scams related to COVID-19. Find today’s live updates here…”

    SWE’s take: Even Tom Clancy in his 1996 book, “Executive Orders” delves into the Ebola virus used as a Weapon of Mass destruction in a spray can….but uses scientific virus facts that all viruses [even Ebola folks] normally mutate to innocuous strains in like months and stops killing folks. Why is the Killer Flu suddenly a different mutating virus that mutates worse? It sure ain’t historical virus history science. Read the book, its a great HORRIFYING Pandemic book and full of real science that Clancy always uses. Its long BTW, about 1000 pages of tiny print read, they sell the hard covers in new condition for about $5 delivered on Amazon BTW.

    “.. Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are teaming up in the action thriller “Project Power,” one of the new Netflix releases in August…”

    SWE’s Take: Jamie Foxx is my favorite African American male actor…he is experienced and it shows on the screen…I like Tyler Perry as my favorite female African American female actor, she plays a “pig headed” Baby Boomer and has much screen experience, she owns the film studio too…LOL

    I like Mark Wahlberg as the best recent male actor with experience and the female actors out there with screen experience is limited…the leads from Weeds and Bates Hotel are tied…its been a tough decade for women in Hollywood in my book.

    “…We asked Seattleites: How do people prepare for first dates?..”

    SWE’s Take: With masks on or without? LOL…it makes a big difference…LOL

    “…Because the ongoing health crisis demands an experienced governor, and one who prioritizes science-based actions for health and safety, Gov. Jay Inslee should be reelected to one last term, writes The Seattle Times editorial board…”

    SWE’s take: The Police Unions have left the Democratic Party and won’t attend the DNC convention…who else?

    Good News: The political issue isn’t Mueller Probes ending in dead ends. Its dominated by public safety now.

  209. 2709

    Yahoo Just Kicked Free Speech in the Head Today

    They don’t allow comments for their news[???} stories now..that should fix it…LOL…check it out if ya don’t believe me.

  210. 2710
    Erik says:

    RE: wreckingbull @ 2624
    Again, it’s because you started programming computers in the 80’s and made a ton of money and not because you are an intelligent investor. My point is you should stop misleading readers into believing you know how to invest because you never had to be good at it. You could put your money on mutual funds and do fine. That’s not intelligent investing as any code monkey could do that.

  211. 2711
    ruxpert says:

    What Do the Masses Have to Say About THIS Forked-Tongued Nonsense?!

  212. 2712
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 2628 – I thought there was no surprise that people in America maskdebate, but he makes a good point that there is an awful lot of maskdebating going on today, with some people maskdebating on camera. One question; does social distancing tend to increase maskdebating?

    The lengthy debunking of most masks protecting you, while ignoring the argument that masks primarily prevent the spread of coronavirus by you seemed a bit Typhoid Mary to me, but I suppose she is an American hero to some.

    I really got lost in the forced social garment as slippery slope to freedom when so many people in my family have been forced to wear pants in public. For generations!

    But then it all resolved nicely as a gimmick to sell T-shirts. God bless America.

  213. 2713
    ruxpert says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2629

    Mary Mary, quite contrary:
    Spend less time ‘needlessly conflicting in lieu of providing evidence!’

    So your post is more meaningful. ;-) WE may just learn somethingk

  214. 2714
    ruxpert says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 2628

    This man understands the mask lie at a level most can’t comprehend.
    Masks Aren’t Enough:
    Dr. Fauci Says People Should “Probably Use Eye Shields” To Protect Against COVID-19

  215. 2715
    ruxpert says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 2631

    The CDC Says Masks Do Not Work

  216. 2716
    Blurtman says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 2632 – Netherlands agrees.

    AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – The Dutch government on Wednesday said it will not advise the public to wear masks to slow the spread of coronavirus, asserting that their effectiveness has not been proven.

  217. 2717

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2629
    I’m Still laughing at Your Comment, You Put a Smile on My Face, Now, let’s get serious about the mixed message flu data and wipe those political smirks off your face and have some vanilla ice coffee from Carls Jr and read the brief:

    “… When one man tried to stop a bonfire: taking a stand at Portland’s protests
    The protests are in transition, as Oregon state troopers step forward and federal officers prepare to step back from a hugely controversial use of their power. There’s disagreement inside the protests, too, some of it focused on a bonfire that burned where a city landmark had once stood. One man named Linneas decided to put a stop to that: “When you do the fire (expletive) it causes more problems for us.” So he stood up and tried to hold his ground. (Photo: Hal Bernton / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s take: Not to worry, the demonstrator HOARDS are doing a great job of policing and replacing the National Guard and local police to get peaceful again, this sole/single case proves it…LOL

    “…Millions of Americans lose the $600-a-week federal jobless benefit unless Congress acts today, and so far, last-ditch efforts are going nowhere (watch this story for updates). As Washington state’s economy lurches amid the surge in coronavirus cases, workers and employers are facing a possible tipping point…”

    SWE’s Take: Grab up a job at the Take Out restaurants and other businesses if you’re unemployed, I see help wanted signs all over Kent? Unemployment has to end anyway, sooner or later.

    I was using CDC data sites and got a 0.12% July 2020 national Killer Flu death rate compared to the 2014 flu national death rate of 0.17%….maybe my recent math is all wrong, I used CDC recent data…LOL…I’ll go back to maskdebating…LOL

    “….Filling out your ballot this weekend for Tuesday’s primary election? Our voter’s guide has everything you need to navigate this, from coverage of the candidates to ballot drop-box sites and more. And The Seattle Times editorial board shares its endorsements…”

    “…In the 2018 elections, 42.4 million ballots were mailed to voters in states that allow, or in some cases require, mail-in voting. Of those, more than a quarter failed, according to the Public Interest Legal Foundation.

    Using Election Assistance Commission numbers, the foundation said 1.1 million of those ballots were deemed undeliverable to the addresses where they were sent. More than 430,000 others were rejected by elections officials, and more than 10 million — about a quarter of those sent — were “unaccounted for,” according to the data…”

    “…The Mariners’ very weird home opener is tonight against the A’s, with fans safe at home. Look for the fake people, listen for the fake noise and — thank goodness — enjoy a few of the same hallowed traditions. The M’s are coming off their first series victory last night over the Angels…”

    SWE’s Take: Sounds like “Fake Money” coming into the Mariners’ ball camp too…LOL

    Good News: Clouds came in last night…its gonna be cooler today.

  218. 2718
    ruxpert says:

    RE: Blurtman @ 2633

    Thanks for that link, Blurtman.

    Here’s something that might help to lighten the draconian load put on us by the manipulative controlling corruption.:

    The Lone Ranger Goes Shopping In Target

  219. 2719
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 2635 – I think he’s really captured the integrity and materiality of the anti-masker viewpoint.

  220. 2720
    David says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 2631 – I’m selling body condoms for $24.95. Covers your whole body head to toe.

  221. 2721
    ruxpert says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2636

    Woman Maces Couple for Not Wearing a Mask

  222. 2722
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 2638 – I guess it’s fortunate this lady is not as dedicated to the 2nd amendment as to masking. Seriously, I would have to say it seems like very bad behavior for this woman to needlessly get close to, badger, and ultimately pull a can of mace on a couple minding their own business. If all can be taken at their word, it also seems like there is no conflict of mask to anti-mask viewpoint as the couple in question say they were only maskless in order to eat.

    Here’s where I start to question what I see. After the altercation, the lady steps out the entry gate, which is right there. She evidently had to get pretty close to them in order to leave the park and get to her car.

    Watching again, the narrator says the man stepped between her and his wife, and that she attacked. In fact, he stepped into her, and immediately put hands on her. During the attack, he is moving into her, and she is being pushed backward. That isn’t much opportunity to put a “full can of mace” in his face, and that certainly doesn’t remotely appear to happen.

    I still think she was in the wrong pointing that mace, but at the next step, we have a relatively large man, and a definitely small, old lady. And once we reach the point where he starts batting her, there is no reason for hesitation on that button. He’s lucky he wasn’t charged. Some of the male commenters wrote about how they would put her on the ground, punch her in the face, etc. WOW! Proud day.

  223. 2723
    ruxpert says:

    The big fraud: “case” numbers

  224. 2724

    Grab Your Slugger Grand Slam Takeout at Dennys for $8….eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, pancakes, orange juice and COFFEE, buy a bigger “isolation pig” waste size pants and read the brief:

    “… How badly is COVID-19 hitting King County? It depends on where you live
    Brenda Medero walks out to a car to give a COVID-19 test at Sea Mar Community Health Center in Federal Way, where very high rates of positive tests have been recorded. FYI Guy looks at how the coronavirus is hitting differently across our region, and why. Check the interactive graphic to see what’s happening near you. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: The Seattle Times photo of the Killer Flu testing tent is empty at this alleged Federal Way hotspot, one car in the testing lane waiting line, King County thinks you’re all cruel and uncaring…LOL

    “…Washington voters will decide on Tuesday who will face off in the governor’s race. Here’s what you need to know about the primary election. Read more. …”

    SWE’s Take: Anarchist vote counters throw handfuls in trash? How would we know?

    “…The ex-wife of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced nearly $1.68 billion in donations to 116 nonprofits, universities and other organizations. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: Marriage prenuptials are a joke, ask Bezos.

    “…The contributions from younger players, who have been the source of fans’ curiosity since they joined the team, are helping to restore some faith in the Mariners. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Where did they get the contribution money? Their Trump Stimulus checks?

    “…Joanne White of Redmond immersed herself in her gardens while taking care of her husband at home, and her discovery echoes what many have found this year: Gardening during difficult times offers opportunities for respite. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Beautiful garden and artificial water falls landscaping. Where is it gonna fit in our postage stamp Seattle sized backyards?

    “…What’s getting a coronavirus test like? Should you get an antibody test? We’re answering readers’ questions about testing — the kind used to diagnose an active infection and the kind that detects antibodies to the virus. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: How get the test if ya really have flu symptoms bad with high 102 degree or above fever and it not just another common cold/allergy. Otherwise…its a joke?

    Good News: If we trend to no public face to face schools in a month; and they’re all closed by Inslee…ya don’t need to buy school supplies…LOL

  225. 2725

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2639
    Interesting Story, Its a Good Reason for Attorneys Too

    I brought my autistic son to an Asian Buffet in Auburn about ten years ago and he was touching the plastic catsup containers on our way to a table…the rude waiters accused him of touching the food and customers came screaming at him too for false allegations. Its a mad house out there with special needs family members, ask me….it may be a cultural thing too, disabled adults and culture confused folks mix like oil and water…the place is out of business a year later too…LOL

  226. 2726

    RE: ruxpert @ 2640

    Dr Siegel and your Dr Gold will never be broadcast on CNN or MSNBC news…good link ruxpert…here’s a similar one on Siegel wants open schools too:


  227. 2727

    I Found This Video whatsmyname

    A Zorro sword fight over flu masks…my God, we’re at each others throats over this relatively innocuous reason. She threw the flu masked women with a cane who complained about the mask rule on the tiled floor in public.


    The flu mask compliance in Seattle is mixed from my periscope; from no one complying at parks and most comply now in stores…but some still don’t at stores too. Is this a reason for violence? Hades no. I bet the flu mask compliance at bars, guzzling Black Label at outdoor tables, is almost zero too…the masked folks and unmasked folks are at each others’ throats now? Maybe they all need to calm down and stop acting like the Hatfields and McCoys…LOL..they should try legal 21 instead?

  228. 2728

    RE: David @ 2637
    LOL…Ooops…the condom will need breath holes

    Those pesky things tear open or fall off too…maybe a paper bag over your face with eye holes to let the Killer Flu “just” contaminate your eyes is a better alternative? Or none of the above? LOL…you’ll look just like a Peanut cartoon character with a bag over his head now and everyone laughing at you.

    Its cheap too. Those rubber condoms are like $5/ea lately…LOL

  229. 2729
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 2644 – Sudden and brutal assault on a clearly disabled old lady. Hope that person goes away for a little while.

    Probably a week before the NWMLS numbers come out, but it looks pretty strongly like a new low for King County July inventory.

  230. 2730
    Ohd1122 says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2600

    Wow, this is surprisingly catchy

  231. 2731

    The Surge in Testing causes Killer Flu Cases to Surge Too


    Scroll down for a great case growth and flat [near zero in comparison death count] death count.

    They vaguely fog this math result that the immune resistant elderly aren’t getting it and now its the young adults are testing positive with decreased symptoms….i.e., recent case # surge in July. Then go on to an even vaguer theory that younger ones that get it have reduced deaths but still should worry???? We eventually get all historical/various past “fizzled out” flu strains [benign mutated ones now from months/years ago], but didn’t have a fever or severe flu symptoms at all. The answer to this is a decades old problem with flu history, the vaccines come when the symptoms almost vanish. Its standard operating procedure for all historical flu viruses for decades, but now we’re finding out ya can still test positive even if it equals a bogus case? The flu shots and vaccines are a joke; they come after we don’t need them? There is no way the medical professionals would admit it even if it true, it cuts into their revenues? Trust big pharma, they wouldn’t lie to you…LOL

    The math graph above proves it too.

    Hey its a sunny Sunday and I got my Linus paper bag over by head with eye cut outs to see….The Peanuts cartoon version of a flu mask that works but still stays snot dry with more air drying….a wonderful way to comply and shop at COSTCO now…LOL…

    No brief today, its usually regurgitated news on weekends anyway. Yahoo news has no comments allowed now…what a bunch of cowards…LOL

    Quick question, it doesn’t mean its trending but its data regardless…re: sold units this week with upward price growth? None to report from my 140 unit SE King County neighborhood periscope the last two months. I do see new construction going up all over Kent; albeit the homes are getting built much slower now, less workers now? What’s the down payment for new construction homes now? 20%? I did find out that the single home sold last May at my HOA was an all $CASH$ buy…no bank mortgage. I guessed that and confirmed it from the HOA board.

    Good News: The RV dealers are selling vacation units like hotcakes lately. I’d add, the multi generations crammed in your house can “illegally” hide in them if ya park it in your yard…LOL

  232. 2732
    ruxpert says:

    “We’re Screwed”: The Worst Months For Both Renters And Landlords Still Lie Ahead

  233. 2733
    ruxpert says:

    Insane: Seattle Moves to Abolish Entire Police Force

    Seattle Moves To ABOLISH Entire Police Department The Day After Police Seize EXPLOSIVES

  234. 2734
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 2650

    How do we know that Seattle City Council is moving to abolish the entire Seattle Police Department? Why, because Christopher Rufo tells us so. He shows us the document this is based on.

    Some people will say that the move was to identify actions that would only “remove certain functions from the Seattle Police Department”. Where do they get that idea? Perhaps from the first sentence of the first page of that document that Christopher Rufo showed us…. you know, the part immediately after where he stopped underlining.

    This does not rise to even 6th grade thinking. Or even 6th grade deception, if that is the case. How did he know when to stop underlining?

  235. 2735
    ruxpert says:

    We still don’t know exactly what the future will be from the radical lack of accountability, but here’s some more ‘info’ re: the current state of radical hysterical hypocrisy:

    #defundSPD: Going it alone, Sawant to unveil her proposal for immediate 50% cut to Seattle Police budget — UPDATE
    Posted on Thursday, July 30, 2020

  236. 2736

    Hey…I’m back drinking Yuban, here’s my carafe, pour yourself a mug and read the brief:

    “…Thousands of people in Southern California are evacuated after a wildfire east of Los Angeles exploded in size to 31 square miles and forced crews to battle flames in triple-digit heat. The fire was only 5% contained this morning…”

    SWE’s take: The Hades Smoke Clouds are spreading over the west coast again? Hey, not to worry, the view of Puget Sound dimmed by smoke pollution will go away by October…arson/anarchy violence caused? Perhaps.


    “…Witnesses Reported Seeing a Man Starting Fires that May Have Grown Into the Apple Fire

    The fire started in Cherry Valley along Oak Glen Road in Riverside County, along the 9000 block of Glen Road, around 4:55 p.m. on Friday, July 31. It started as two fires that later merged into one…”

    The violent anarchists attack with tools like torches to dry hilled neighborhoods? Later destroying all its homes?

    “… As coronavirus began raging through our area in the spring, King County’s homelessness system quickly changed how it got people into housing. The new system had an unexpected but welcome outcome: More Black people were being helped. Find today’s live updates here…”

    SWE’s Take: What percent of homelessness did this help? 1%, less? I prefer an end to this flu political madness with no end…and its”endless war” fuzzy math models like this news article.

    “… When we do have a vaccine, who will get it first? That is very complicated…”

    SWE’s take: If the vaccine cures the symptoms ya still test positive anyway and can spread the “innocuous” 2nd wave mutated virus to others? They don’t tell us. They zip their mouths. Lower death rate “innocuous” cases still theoretically surge anyway? The fun goes on and on….we have to end this madness.

    “… Crowds of protesters have repeatedly traveled to the private homes of Seattle City Council members to lodge hostile objections to policy choices. This abhorrent, speech-chilling behavior must be denounced by the full council, The Seattle Times editorial board writes…”

    SWE’s take: The protestors lump the Trump deplorables and “Uber Rich Liberal Seattle Home Owners” all together now…none are safe from the violent hoards now. Were windows at Seattle Council private homes smashed with bricks? Their homes spray painted with gang symbols?

    Good News: Building security walls around liberal Seattle Council homes with razor barbed wire and electricity should fix it…another good home improvement idea, hire “armed” security squads to protect you and your property…that should fix it.

  237. 2737
    ruxpert says:

    At least 100,000 people marched in Germany’s
    capital over the weekend protesting the global
    scientific fraud that is stealing their civil liberties.

  238. 2738
    ruxpert says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 2654

    Politicians angry over coronavirus protest in Germany | DW News

    “Demonstrators failed to keep their distance from each other and they didn’t wear masks either. Politicians are outraged”

  239. 2739
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 2655 – Everyone should watch that U-tube, and see for themselves the calm, measured responses of the officials who are included. Then ask, is this outrage?

    Better yet is the newscast section where the resident expert identifies the protesters as anti-vaxers, far right, and neo-nazi’s. So guess who is comparing wearing masks (for everyone) with wearing yellow stars, (for isolating one group)? Superficiality uber alles.

    Can we get back to real estate?

  240. 2740
    ruxpert says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2656

    Better yet: discontinue hypocrisy and get back to how the lack of accountability continues denial / distractions to attempt to avoid how such hypocrisy effects said real estate / economy / our lives.

    Be clear that your labeling is not gospel.
    Please discontinue your holier than though nonsense, and explain to us clearly why you support BLM?

    recall your scolding about problem of less than 6year old behavior,
    What about your ‘less than 5year-old behavior’?
    When do you start caring about how what you spin & support effect others?

    Character: Responsibility at Age 5 | Milestones | PBS KIDS for …
    A responsible citizen looks out for the well being of others and
    understands we all have a part to play in making the world a better
    place. For a five-year-old, …

  241. 2741
    ruxpert says:

    As Rent Moratorium Expires, Landlord-Tenant Battles Begin

    Brings SWAT to a neighborhood. Landlord faces Battery, Obstruction of Justice and Terroristic threats.

  242. 2742
    ruxpert says:

    ‘Western civilization, led by the US government and media, has embarked upon a campaign of mass psychological terrorism designed to cover for the collapsing economy …’

    The Ultimate Divide and Conquer

    Peter Schiff put simply: Solution is Accountability / StopLying

  243. 2743
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 2657 – I’ll be glad to discontinue my hypocrisy if you can explicitly describe where I need to choose one way or the other to maintain integrity.

    Accountability: SPD operated for years under a consent order from the court. This is because there was a strong pattern by the department of rights denial and violence (crime) against African Americans, for which they were unaccountable for many years. This is a matter of record – court record.

    I support BLM because all citizens and residents deserve to lawfully live their lives without state sponsored differences in legal protections, violence, or casual termination of their lives. Most people understand this, at least regarding themselves. Many including some in the police force, do not understand this, even to the point of killing an innocent person when that person happens to be black. The BLM name was to make an impression by emphasizing the most extreme part of denying people’s rights. I presume it was expected that anyone could grasp the issue on these terms. Apparently not.

  244. 2744
    ruxpert says:

    “Center for Disease Control Director Robert Redfield said in a Buck Institute webinar that suicides and drug overdoses have surpassed the death rate for COVID-19 among high school students. Redfield argued that lockdowns and lack of public schooling constituted a disproportionally negative impact on young peoples’ mental health.”
    (and don’t forget that ‘Covid-19 death count’ is ‘padded’ / fraudulent/ propaganda )

    Lawsuits and Supreme Court Decision Regarding Contact Tracing

  245. 2745
    ruxpert says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 2660

    You support BLM (& BLM Supporters) that do not support ‘All Citizens’ … and your continuance to lie about such is abhorrent to ALL Citizens!

    Now, if hysterical hypocrisy, would rather Simply apply Accountability to the police / police incidents that behaved UNaccountably … then we could All enjoy the tranquil benefits of said Accountability.

    But what do we get instead?
    Please stop supporting abusive ruthless-victim racket hysterical-hypocrisy that is causing so much otherwise needless suffering!

  246. 2746
    ruxpert says:

    ‘Trader Joe’s wises up, reverses course, tells the leftist political-correctness mob “no”‘ –
    Some businesses are standing up to the woke mob

  247. 2747
    David says:

    By whatsmyname @ 2660:

    RE: ruxpert @ 2657 – I’ll be glad to discontinue my hypocrisy if you can explicitly describe where I need to choose one way or the other to maintain integrity.

    Accountability: SPD operated for years under a consent order from the court. This is because there was a strong pattern by the department of rights denial and violence (crime) against African Americans, for which they were unaccountable for many years. This is a matter of record – court record.

    I support BLM because all citizens and residents deserve to lawfully live their lives without state sponsored differences in legal protections, violence, or casual termination of their lives. Most people understand this, at least regarding themselves. Many including some in the police force, do not understand this, even to the point of killing an innocent person when that person happens to be black. The BLM name was to make an impression by emphasizing the most extreme part of denying people’s rights. I presume it was expected that anyone could grasp the issue on these terms. Apparently not.

    BLM is a terrorist organization.

  248. 2748
    Whatsmyname says:

    Day before yesterday Aurora PD pulled over a Black family in a minivan & handcuffed everyone inside, including a 6 year old, on suspicion that it was a stolen vehicle

    Except the stolen vehicle they were looking for was actually a motorcycle. Just another day.


    You can always find an extremist, but as a movement, BLM’s demand is to simply to be included in the ALL lives that matter. You must really hate black people to obtusely insist on your perverted misreading of that. Not to mention the desire of all the white people that stand with them.


  249. 2749
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: David @ 2664 – David is a terrorist.

  250. 2750
    Boater says:

    It’s really sad how far this place has fallen. It used to be an interesting place to talk about Seattle real estate.

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