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"S-Crow" (Tim Kane) is co-owner (with spouse Lynlee, LPO-Designated escrow Officer) of Legacy Escrow Service, Inc., an authentic independent escrow firm closing residential purchase/sale and refinance transactions.

Seattle Bubble: Hindering the Market?

Seattle Bubble scaring away buyers, sellers and refinance consumers? I’m really not convinced Marlow Harris of Coldwell Banker Bain feels that Seattle Bubble is all about fear mongering and scaring the public away from buying a home.  I know she mentioned it, but I don’t believe it.   Marlow and many other agents and loan officers […]

Interest Rate Watch APB

Interest rates have fallen into the 5.5% 30 yr fixed range.  This is quite a sweet spot for those who are considering refinancing and purchasing.   At the beginning of this year, when rates were around 5% for a 30 yr fixed, many people took advantage of the opportunity. Please contact your local loan officer.  Our […]

WAMU offering 5% CD’s & other bits

Side Commentary and thoughts: Sorry I’ve been unable to post much over the summer here and at RCG.  I’ve been exceptionally busy with lots of projects and family stuff.   Plus, I’m freaking out that one of my kids is going to be a Freshman in high school starting in a week or so.   But, I’m […]

Local employer Intermec announces 180 to lose jobs.

Mike Benbow reports from The Everett Herald. [Addition from The Tim] As noted in the forums, local construction equipment manufacturer Genie Industries is also laying off “120 full-time workers and an undisclosed number of temporary workers.” The P-I has the story. Genie employs roughly 3,000 people, making it the second-largest employer in Redmond. For what […]