About S-Crow

"S-Crow" (Tim Kane) is co-owner (with spouse Lynlee, LPO-Designated escrow Officer) of Legacy Escrow Service, Inc., an authentic independent escrow firm closing residential purchase/sale and refinance transactions.

Contractors & Tradesmen APB: what’s going on in the trenches?

Speaking of economics, I’d like to hear from people who are in the trades: small general contractors, electricians, plumbers, siders, framers, painters, masonry/hardscapes, landscapers, flooring installers, heat/HVAC contractors, small remodeling contractors, etc.. I spoke recently with a client of ours who is an electrician and the individual mentioned that there were recent incidences of builders […]

I finally said it. Twice. And loud enough to be overheard at the grocery strore.

I was out looking at commercial property and I ventured around Everett’s Silver Lake neighborhood where I bumped into a street (block and a half ) with five real estate signs, indicating five homes for sale. I pulled over and took a flier from a yard sign—a dated rambler, vacant with the yard a mess. […]

The most valuable real estate is that of the mind: bloggers are having an impact.

Note: Once again, if you are looking for data and graphs, this post is not for you. So much could be said about this issue. One of the most fascinating developments to see unfold and the one theme I keep coming back to is how powerful blogging has been in shaping the mind-set of the […]

Short Sale Impact on neighbors: Appraisers please advise.

For many newer homeowners, this is the first correction they have experienced. I’ve been asked a question about short sales in an e-mail. It is a good question for both agents and appraisers to answer. It is presented as follows: Appraisers, please chime in. Fake Scenario: A home is sold as a short sale. It […]

Stare Down: who blinked first? The loan officer or the borrower?

You know the drill. You and your siblings pile in your parent’s 1982 Chevrolet station wagon for the long 10 hr. drive to the summer vacation hot spot. Lots of games took place and many were invented to pass the time: Hold your breath through the tunnel, Stratego (tough in a bumpy ride), card games […]

Snohomish Co. update & thoughts

Sorry no stats or graphs from me, just in the trenches reporting. Snohomish Co. Update: My wife is off providing sterling service tonight in Issaquah for clients who are buying/selling a home, (yes, we do business all over) so I’ve got some free time to do a bit of blogging and research. There are a […]

Saying there are no performance enhancing drugs in professional sports….

…is like saying there was no fraud that took place during the last few years in housing. No loan officers falsified loan documents There was no signature fraud No escrow/title agents producing phantom Settlement Statements No complicit real estate agents in the loop No complicit Notary Public signers No fraudulent appraisals No cash back post […]