Portland worst, Seattle first

In my perusals of real-estate blogs this morning, I ran across a link to Housing Predictor, a site which has recently published a forecast for the top and worst performing housing markets in 2008. Housing Predictor describes their business as follows: We examine more than 20 micro market characteristics in each market place, including income […]

Looking back to look forward: Snohomish Co.

I want to talk about Snohomish Co., not that there’s anything wrong with King Co. (hey, I grew up on 23rd and Prospect on Capitol Hill, so I know the area). Not everyone in Snohomish Co. drives Ford trucks, has big hair/mullet and listens to Cinderella or Quiet Riot. Yeah, cheap shot. Moving on… The […]

NWMLS: Seattle off 1.5% YoY, King County off 1.1%

Quick post, NWMLS numbers have been released for December – showing that both Seattle and King County SFH have gone negative on a year-over-year basis. From Aubry Cohen at the PI The median selling price in December was $455,975 in SeattleInfolgedessen wenn Sie bequemem Vorratsbehalter online denken, überpruft Organisation Ihr Schotterhaufen oder Einkaufen auf Ihrer […]

Rents to Rise, or Home Prices to Fall?

One of the arguments often discussed with respect to the housing bubble is the fact that the ratio of prices to rents has been fairly consistent on a historical basis, but that this ratio has been blown out in the past few years as home prices have shot up. Indeed, this can be seen in […]

October Case-Shiller: Seattle’s Slide Picks Up Steam

The October data from from Case-Shiller has been released, showing that Seattle remained one of only three markets to have positive year over year returns (in addition to Portland and Charlotte), while posting it’s third straight month of declining real estate values: – Down 0.94% between September and October. – Up 3.30% YOY. We now […]

NWMLS: King County SFH Prices Hit 0% YOY.

The November market statistics from the NWMLS are here. Ta-da! Public press release and data pdfs have not yet been posted, but I will update the post with a link once they are. Here is the NWMLS press release, with links to the pdf summaries. Here’s your King County SFH summary: November 2007 Active Listings: […]

September Case-Shiller: Seattle Slide Continues

The latest data from Case-Shiller has been released. Let’s have a look at how Seattle is performing: Down a quarter of a percent August to September. Up 4.69% YOY. Back to back month-to-month declines have as we have now seen from July to September have not happened since 1995. The NWMLS King County SFH Median […]