Freddie Mac: 81% 4th Qtr. ’07 Refi’s exceeded original loan by 5% or more.

Frank Nothaft, Vice President and Chief Economist of Freddie Mac: “In the fourth quarter of 2007, 81% of Freddie Mac-owned loans that were refinanced resulted in new mortgages with loan amounts that were at least 5% higher than the original mortgage balances, according to Freddie Mac’s quarterly refinance review. The revised share for the third […]

2007 Neighborhood Inventory Breakdown

In a lot of the feedback we’ve been getting lately, two recurring themes are a desire for more number-crunching and more neighborhood analysis. So, let’s have some of both those things. Let’s take a more detailed look at single-family house inventory over the last year, broken down by neighborhood. What I’ve done below is to […]

NWMLS Stats: Market Still Crumbling, Sorry.

Wow, January stats from the NWMLS are already here. When the press release with pdf links is released I’ll post it here. (Update: Here it is.)  For now, here’s the summary along with the usual graphs and other updates. Now with bigger chart thumbnails! Here’s your King County SFH summary: January 2008 Active Listings: up […]

Case-Shiller November: Seattle Playing Catch-Up

Home prices in Seattle continued their slide in November, according to the latest data from the Case-Shiller Home Price Index. Down 1.43% October to November. Up 1.77% YOY. That’s the fourth month-to-month decline in a row, and a year-to-year increase of barely more than half of October’s already paltry 3.30%. Here’s the usual graph, with […]

2007 Not as Rosy as NWMLS Claims

The TV and radio news stations are all blathering yesterday and today about the 2007 year in review report put out by the NWMLS. Most of the reporting is similar to what you can see at the Seattle Times, where they printed a short, unattributed blurb that basically parrots the positive spin put out by […]

Inventory Growing Like Gangbusters

As a follow on to Tim’s post yesterday about December stats – the thing that jumped out at me from his post was the growth in inventory. Given that there have been a few comments on the blog about home sales picking up, I thought a data-driven look at what is happening with active listings […]

NWMLS December Graphs Update

Many thanks to Deejayoh for posting the NWMLS summary in my absence. By request, I am am posting the usual press release link, graphs, and spreadsheet update in addition to his timely post on the data. Here is the NWMLS press release, with links to the pdf summaries. Here’s your King County SFH summary: December […]